Publicity and Press Releases Template Package

Small businesses need to leverage all the marketing tactics available to them to gain exposure and publicity, and one way to do that is publish press releases.

Ron Douglas and Alice Seba have released a Publicity and Press Releases Template Package so that you know how to pitch your story idea, create a buzz for your business and get picked for more coverage in mainstream media as you reach out to your target market.

The package includes:

• Insider’s Strategy Guide
• Media Kit Template
• 50 Smart Ideas for Getting Publicity Checklist
• 50 Reasons to Send a Press Release Checklist
• Press Release Brainstorming Sheet
• Basic Press Release Template
• 5 Specialized Press Release Template
• Press Release Distribution Checklist
• Preparing for an Interview Checklist
• After the Interview Checklist
• Thank You Letter Templates and Sample

You can opt for resell rights to sell these templates as your own product or work on them with your clients and customers!

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7 ways to get free PR

Posted August 30th, 2010 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Press Release

“The cleverly expressed opposite of any generally accepted idea is worth a fortune to somebody,” said F. Scott Fitzgerald.

But how can you use this principle in your PR to get media attention? My colleague, marketing expert Marcia Yudkin, says you can do it by:

1. Taking issue with a survey result.

2. Disagreeing with a common belief or counteract a stereotype.

3. Championing an underdog.

4. Revealing common misconceptions.

5. Making surprising predictions.

6. Exposing flaws in something assumed to be beneficial.

7. Describing the underside of something popular.

Example: Bob Baker and 3 colleagues in the music business collaborated on a press release titled “What’s Wrong with American Idol?”

Their press release criticized the popular U.S. talent show for misleading aspiring musicians and the public about what it takes to succeed in music. Baker’s reward for stirring up controversy: 5 radio interviews that highlighted his status as an expert on careers in music.

For the benefit of understanding the subtle difference between article formats, here are the clear definitions of a press release and an editorial.

Press releases are pro-active media messages designed to inform the public about specific events. They often contain a great deal of information about a product, service, individual, company or organization. They are typically used as public relations tools for notifying the media about what has or will transpire to gain mass exposure of their message using a third-parties distribution network. Press releases convey your message your way—”straight from the horse’s mouth”. Publicity is the most cost-effective marketing tool there is and it’s the only part of a marketing strategy that builds credibility.

An editorial is one writing style used to express an opinion or reaction to news, events, or issues of concern. Most editorials are used to influence readers to think or act the same way as the author, so they can be written to promote the benefits of a product, service or idea. You can build a library of archived Editorials that can serve as an ongoing Newsletter promoting a specific issue or idea.

Brad Callen, author of the vastly popular software, SEO Elite, has recently released an incredibly simple guide on how to write a press release and distribute it. Using the same principles, your press release can catapult your site to the top of Google and Yahoo! for the most searched term.

In Press Release Fire, you will get to understand:

1) The concepts of the press release.

2) How to write your press release for maximum acceptability and impact.

3) Tips on wide press release distribution.

4) Sample press releases—what to do and what not to do. Even a press release template.

5) When you should go for a free press release? What do you get extra when you pay for your press release distribution.

His Press Equalizer software goes one step further and helps you to create your press releases in an interactive format and then lets you submit them to leading online press release sites resulting in a quick burst of traffic and several one-way incoming links for higher search engine rankings and sustained long-term traffic.

Both products will make a lethal combo for your effectiveness in press release distribution.