Many people have tried to turn WordPress into a membership site but in the past it’s been quite tricky.

There are some fabulous plugins out there but you had to “tweak this” and “tweak that” and if you aren’t technical, it becomes very frustrating.

That’s why I was very excited when I saw WishList Member.

It’s a membership solution that was specifically built for WordPress.

The best part is, it has all the features you would want in a membership solution AND it is compatible with all of your other favorite plugins!

So you get the best of both worlds :)

Plus, they’ve added some very cool features to make running and managing a membership site a whole lot easier.

Like I said, if you like using WordPress, then you’ll love WishList Member.

First Google Slap, Now Twitter Slap…

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Don't Get Twitter Slapped

Did you know TWITTER has been suspending THOUSANDS of accounts left and right in the past 3 weeks? There are a number of reasons why.

My buddy Todd Gross and a group of JV Partners put their Twitter accounts in jeopardy by taking their accounts to the limit. Indeed they lost some huge numbers of Twitter followers as these test accounts were shut down. HOWEVER, they learned exactly what YOU can do to make sure YOU don’t lost YOUR Twitter account!

“Twitter Slapped” is a short e-book that tells you exactly how to avoid the NEW wrath of Twitter so you can avoid being Twitter Slapped. Even if you are just a casual user you can get shut down in a hurry from one tiny mistake!

Don’t get slapped by Twitter, get “Twitter Slapped” the e-book instead.

Most incredible copywriting offer ever?

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Stopwatch Copywriting

There’s a reason why pro athletes watch so much game film…you learn more by observing things done “in the field” than you ever will in the lab.

With copywriting it’s the same deal. In other words, you learn more by studying great ads and learning what makes them great, then knocking off those “great elements” and using them in your advertisements and sales letters.

However, the major problem with that is you must know some copywriting fundamentals to distinguish between the good and the bad, and also to understand what’s going on beneath the “surface level” of the ad your studying.

What better than an experienced guide to lead you, step by step, (in video, no less), through some of the greatest advertisements and copywriting techniques?

Discover how you can create ‘near’ world-class ads in less than 3 hours that pull in as high as 13% with Stopwatch Copywriting. Enjoy!

I’m pretty sure that you know that search engine optimization (SEO) can be very beneficial for your website.

Here are some of the benefits.

1. Your website gets seen as an authority in its field if it ranks highly on Google and the other major search engines. People just assume that Google knows best. Hence you get tons of traffic and clicks.

2. People tend to prefer clicking on organic search engine results rather than those pesky Google advertisements on the side. More clicks = more traffic = more money

3. It’s a long-term strategy that continues to give you free traffic everyday as long as you set it up right.

So now the million dollar question is. How can you go about performing search engine optimization for your website?

Simple, there are basically 2 areas for consideration with regards to SEO: On-page factors and off-page factors. From my experience, on-page factors contribute about 25% to the SEO process while Off-page factors contribute the remaining 75%.

So let’s get started on on-page factors first. These are basically the edits that you can perform on your website. Here are some areas that you can change to improve the on-page factors of your website.

1. Page title
2. Meta Keywords
3. Meta Description
4. Internal link structure

Just Google “SEO onpage” and you will see tons of tutorials on getting your SEO on-page all fixed up nicely.

Now off-page factors are a lot more tricky and time intensive. In a nutshell, having quality, relevant and huge amounts of back links from other authoritative websites help in your off-page factors.

Article Writing Assistant

Here’s a nifty online tool that could save you hours of time every day.

It’s something called “Article Writing Assistant” and it’s free. Doesn’t cost anything. What does it do?

It automates big parts of writing articles, and gives you a sort of “template” to go by, via a Q&A format to prompt you along. This way, you can spend more time thinking “What” you’re going to write, rather than “How” you’re going to say it!

Pretty cool.

Web 2.0 Graphics Pack for a bargain.

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Web 2.0 Graphics Pack

Web 2.0 Graphics Pack comes with over 2000 quality Web 2.0 graphics in JPG and PNG formats. They are generic and can be used in virtually any kind of site. Graphics comes in a variety of colors and size and can easily be customized with your own text in any low-end graphics editor. You do not need PhotoShop!

The Web 2.0 Graphics Pack also comes with some bonus graphics called Scribbles which consists of handwritten words and arrows and symbols that you can use to give your web pages a very personal and engaging look.

If you are graphical challenged or simply want to save time and money, then Web 2.0 Graphics Pack is a very wise purchase. For just $17 (this is a dynamic price that counts up, so you’ve to act fast!) you get the library and bonuses and can begin customizing the Web 2.0 graphics and sprinkle them liberally across your sites to give them that valued Web 2.0 graphic look.

QUESTION: What happens when you combine the power of 2 PLR content sources, both with a laser focus on your target market?

ANSWER: You get money-getting content that’s as powerful as nuclear energy.

Now you can unleash this “nuclear” power by combining the Special Report Club and All Private Label Content—2 PLR content providers focused on online marketers and biz owners.

Use coupon code “bestbang” (without the quotation marks) to try these 2 PLR superstars for a mere $10 ($5 for each membership) the first month.

With a membership to these 2 PLR powerhouses, you’ll have enough content to:

– Launch and sell a new e-book every month
– Post to your blog every single day
– Give away a free report, viral checklists and other enticing freebies to build your list
– Create bonuses to make your e-book offers irresistible
– Send an autoresponder e-mail or e-zine every single week

…and all at the fraction of the cost, time and energy it would take to do it all by yourself.

Use discount coupon “bestbang” to get your first month’s membership in both Special Report Club and All Private Label Content for only $5 each. That’s a total investment of $10 to get a head start on your info product business.

Head on over here to use your coupon “bestbang” for the Special Report Club.

Then go here to use “bestbang” again to get All Private Label Content.

Now go claim all this PLR and get the best bang for your buck! ;-)

Mass Article Control

Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker’s Mass Article Control is an amazing DUAL-SOFTWARE package that helps you in so many ways…

* Helps improve your SEO and Google rankings…
* MORE Back Links
* MORE TRAFFIC to your websites, blogs, and social networking pages…
* Tons of great content all over the Web without any Google penalties or blacklisting…
* More sales and money for you!


–> Enables you to get HOARDS of FREE targeted traffic!

–> Create up to and OVER 1000 articles from just *one* main seed article in UNDER 30 seconds!

–> Huge in-built synonym database for ultra quick insertion and replacement processing!

–> Create and use market specific keywords and save to niche specific categories for smart mass article creation which gets better with every use!

–> Get published on hundreds of directories!

–> Generate thousands of backlinks!

–> Dummy proof – NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Training videos included.

–> Free lifetime updates!


–> Automatically submits your article to 10 article directories at once!

–> Takes just 30-40 seconds to submit to all 10 article directories!

–> Submits your article with precision – no errors or funny looking formatting!

–> Easy instruction video on how to use it!

–> Free lifetime updates!

Are you trying to market with video or haven’t dared to take the dive yet? Stop holding back.

You can launch a massively effective video campaign that will draw traffic from Google, YouTube and all other video sharing sites in virtually no time.

How do you do this? It’s extremely simple.

The Video Marketer Pro Master Course doesn’t teach you how to make videos with expensive camera equipment, force you to over come your fear of being on camera or anything else.

You don’t need a $200+ camera to get started.
You don’t need a beautiful face or a beautiful voice to get started.
You don’t even need your own videos.

The Video Marketer Pro Master Course teaches you how to take any video, optimize it and use it to squeeze traffic from video sharing sites (and even Google) to send them to your landing page. More sales, more cash, more conversions, more traffic.

The day has arrived, folks. You can stop slaving over articles, Squidoo lens and every other bum marketing method. Just set up a huge arsenal of optimized videos that work for you 24/7.

Grab this Myth-Busting report.

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Almost everyone agrees that links are super-important for getting top search engine rankings and tons of traffic.

But did you know that there are lots of myths about link building? If you believe these myths, you could be missing out on a pile of traffic.

My friend Neil Shearing has just released a report shattering 10 link building myths and he’s giving it away -> “Top Linking Secrets“.

I believe you already know that article marketing is one of the best ways to generate targeted traffic and backlinks to your website. But there is another powerful tool that can be used to generate even more traffic. It’s called video marketing.

And now for the 1st time in history, you can turn your articles to talking videos in less than 3 minutes!

All you have to do is copy-and-paste your article into the Article Video Robot service and out comes a hot marketable video instantly!

You don’t even have to leave your desk or touch a camera!

Check out a demo of this app in action here.

I think this service is powerful yet easy enough to leave an indelible impression on what it truly takes to do video marketing, which is not a lot of effort.

Killer eCover Scripts

There’s no point in investing in another e-cover design software unless the software has a good reason to better those that came before, and this one is a real surprise.

The Killer eCover Scripts action script collection contains more than 70 unique and creative script that allows you to create a variety of 3D product covers. Guess what, e-covers include a shopping bag, bookmark, CD stack, CD rack, CD leather bag, vouchers, cap and even a keychain.

This is probably one of the most creative packages of action scripts I have seen in a long time. If you are anything like me you will LOVE this package!