Covert Shirt Store

If you’re into selling t-shirts online, I’ve gotten your attention!

The brand new Covert Shirt Store theme just went ‘live’. Go here NOW and take a look.

This will allow you to run a fully functional self-optimizing t-shirt store, all from a simple 1-click-install WordPress theme.

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TeeSpring Profits Made Easy

Do you know:

– reaches over 714K people in U.S. every month

– The household consumption on clothing and footwear is

Would it surprise you that there

Any marketer who has ever heard about TeeSpring would know there are some crazy success stories in there.

One of these stories was publicly revealed when Chris shared how he drove Facebook traffic to his online t-shirt selling business.

That was 5 months ago.

Today, he’s back with T-Shirt Titan 2.0.

The same automated shirt selling system has just gotten better with a Facebook tool that predicts the winning ads and saves you money.

Plus he’s also giving away a quick-start guide, instructional videos and the original T-Shirt Titan 1.0 course that contains 4 software tools, 1 PDF and 8 hours of training.

All these for pennies on the dollar, but for a limited time!

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Facebook + TeeSpring = $12,938

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T Shirt Titan

Did you see this yet?

It’s the easiest way to sell t-shirts on Facebook!

You can make $30 by selling just ONE t-shirt…

People are doing this daily, so why wait another minute?

This guy Chris…He sold over $10k of t-shirts in 30 days…

And he AUTOMATED pretty much the whole thing!

You gotta see this software that makes the system work.

In this video, he explains how TeeSpring works and gives you a 20-minute demo of all his software.

But, personally, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory really:

1. Facebook is the most profitable opportunity in 2014.
2. You can make $10-30 each time someone buys your T-Shirts
3. T Shirt Titan is the only system for this. Oh, and it’s automated :)

Some quick Q&As on what T-Shirt Titan is all about:


Q: What is T Shirt Titan?
A: It’s THE system on how to profit by selling t-shirts on Facebook.

Q: What’s included with Titan?
A: 4 software tools, 8 hours of training & 1 single PDF document. Everything is there on one page.

Q: Does the software work on Mac & PC?
A: Yes. You access all 4 software from your browser. It will even work on tablets & smartphones!

Q: Why should I buy now?
A: Very soon, the price will increase. It’s possible that the offer may even be pulled.

Q: Will I get another chance to buy if I miss out?
A: Perhaps. But it will likely cost more to get everything on offer today.


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Profit Spring

How does making anywhere from $2000-5000 a month with Teespring sound?

Sounds unreal?

Profit Spring makes sure your very first Teespring campaign is a huge success.

Because it puts you 3 steps ahead of the “average Joe” Teespringer.

Here is how it literally triples or quadruples your profits.

1. PS lets you have complete control on the copy of your Teespring campaign page like a remote control robot.

You decide what you wanna display and when.

Imagine being able to put some scarcity/urgency in your Teespring campaign.

For instance, you could say something like “Price Increases After 45 Minutes”.

And PS automatically makes it like a counter decreasing the time as it passes.

Users feel urgency and instantly buy your shirt, making you reach your goals and giving you more profits fast.

2. PS lets you split test your Teespring page copy so you can instantly know which copy is converting better for you.

Test text, image, call-to-action etc. and make your Teespring copy so highly converting that every next visitor is going to buy your shirt.

3. Lets you build an e-mail list of buyers so you may re-market to them.

For instance, you have this new t-shirt campaign and you wanna reach the goal in a single day.

Why not send an e-mail to your buyers list (consisting of those who bought your shirt earlier), bringing you loads of traffic and making sales the very same day.

Plus lots more cool features.

Profit Spring is a must-have tool of great convenience.

It is now on introductory offer. Grab it fast and finally be the Teespring guy who ACTUALLY makes a killing.

Tee Inspector

The brand new highly anticipated “Tee Inspector” software just went ‘LIVE’!

This new awesome software uncovers the top-selling t-shirt campaigns running on the massively popular Teespring site!

In fact, the product owner and developer, Dave Guindon, made $231,966.31 in just 3 months selling shirts using Teespring.

And he developed this software based on his own methods for selling shirts!

Dave also includes his own full-blown training course showing you EXACTLY how he made over $200k.

Plus, you also get access to a his private “Tee Profit Spy” web application that reveals daily sales for all the best-selling Teespring campaigns!

There is NOTHING like Tee Inspector or Tee Profit Spy available anywhere on the planet!

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