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Yours FREE: Rich Schefren’s First Report in 5 Years…

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The Profit Prophesy

It’s not every day I have something this phenomenal to share with you…

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The “Guru to the Gurus” Rich Schefren, just released his NEW free report TODAY.

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Considering Rich’s last 7 free reports were packed with marketing predictions that came true…

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I would drop what you’re doing and read it now.

Because this NEW report reveals the biggest threat to your business in 6 years.

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Inside this report, Rich also reveals…

* What he calls the “mind virus” that has swept the Internet space, and why it’s killing what could be successful businesses.

* Why the majority of hard-working entrepreneurs still constantly struggle (hint: It’s not because of any character flaw).

* The two critical advantages you MUST have if you want to maintain a successful business in 2012.

Again, don’t wait. There’s no charge. No opt-in.

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One of the best and most superior ways of generating quality, targeted leads is by using a blog. It’s not the most sexy of topics that we could discuss, but the reality is that it works like gangbusters…when it’s done properly.

I don’t hide my love for blogging because it’s something every entrepreneur should be incorporating into their “traffic strategy”.

I want to share with you some of the most important areas that you should be focused on when it comes to blogging. The game is always changing and if you’re not keeping your pencil sharp, it’s an area where one can get lost in the dust rather quickly.

5 blogging tips one must be aware of:

1. Keep your content completely unique. Google LOVES content…when it’s unique and not just copied/pasted from another site. They will punish you for duplicate content. Make sure it’s written by you…and no one else!

2. Write content that’s not only optimized for the search engines (so prospects can find it), but also make sure it reads well. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s a set of human eyeballs on your blog – how do you treat material that doesn’t read or flow well? Incorporate your personality into your writing, make sure it’s grammatically correct and make sure it flows well.

3. Have RELEVANT incoming links. The days of link farms and irrelevant incoming links are behind us (and will never return). If you have links that are coming in from other sites (or forums, blogs, etc), make sure they are relevant to what your blog is all about. If your blog is about weight loss…don’t have incoming links from a site or blog that’s talking about blueprints to build your own cabin. Google wants relevant incoming links that pertain to what your content is about.

4. Writing Frequency. Google doesn’t want to see a ghost town. When you make a commitment to blog – act on it and don’t take that responsibility lightly. If your main purpose is for lead generation, write as many times a week as possible…if you can do it daily, that’s awesome. If not, try to consistently write at least 2-3 times a week.

5. The Power Of Social Media. More and more the big G is looking for content that’s being shared, liked, etc on the various social media networks. Make sure you have the appropriate plugins installed on your blog (I like Shareaholic and Social Sharing Toolkit

WP News Flash

You have seen this before: as you watch the news, you see a string of words scrolling horizontally at the bottom of the screen.

Your eyes almost always goes straight towards it.

Yup, that’s the news ticker.

Does it grab your attention? Of course it works BIG TIME.

How would you like to have your very own marketing news ticker running at the bottom of your blog, and thus increasing clickthroughs and conversions?

Get the WP News Flash plugin today!

Your free copy of Jeff Johnson’s brand new “Tube Traffic Secrets” cheat sheet is now ready for download.

Grab your free “Tube Traffic Secrets” Cheat Sheets here.

He also created a brand new training video for you.

It reveals the 15 quickest and easiest ways to grab more free traffic from YouTube.

Here’s the best part: your “Tube Traffic Secrets” cheat sheets lay all of them out for you in a step-by-step fashion and you can use it as a “checklist” to make sure you are using all 15 of them to build your business.

It’s definitely 100% rock-solid training that you can put to use in your business starting immediately.

Grab your free PDF cheat sheets and training video here.

Crazy Starbucks Video Goes Viral!

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I just finished watching a video shot in Starbucks that’s gone VIRAL.

This girl showed the world exactly how she made $3.75M in Clickbank commissions.

Watch her secrets revealed.

Kindle Cash Flow 2.0

If you want to be taught by the best there is when it comes to Kindle E-Book Publishing read this before its to late…

Publishing e-books to Amazon’s Kindle platform has been all the rage for the past 2-3 years and the earnings potential is only getting stronger by the Day…

Think about it. Amazon has:

1 – More than 20 Million customers a day (yes a day!)

2 – Has over 300 Million credit card numbers on file

3 – Is one of the world’s largest online outlets

So doesn’t it make sense to be able to ‘partner’ with them since they are giving you the opportunity?

Typically you only hear about opportunities like this ‘after’ it has passed, but that’s not the case here.

Publishing e-books for Amazon’s Kindle is going STRONG and its moving full steam ahead.

In fact, you can do really well publishing Kindle e-books but the only way you’ll ever really get to the next level is by:

A – Making sure you stay on top of what currently works and…

B – Avoiding the outdated methods that most people are teaching these days.

When it comes to testing what works and what works TODAY, I know no one else who is better at it than the gentlemanly marketer known as Ty Cohen.

Last year he blew the Internet marketing landscape to pieces by teaching thousands of people the “correct way” to publish on Amazon and this year he is back with a ton of great info that he is calling Kindle Cash Flow 2.0.

You’ll want to immediately take a look at this because just like he did last year, he is revealing tried and tested tips that you can immediately start using to do very well by publishing e-books to Kindle.

The video is online and is available RIGHT THIS MOMENT FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

I have never seen a plugin so easy as this one for creating membership sites in under 2 minutes that are fully functional and totally automated.

The only problem is that WP Member Champ works with just Aweber and PayPal. But if you use both of those and want to set up a membership site, then this plugin is just the answer!

Want to know how to legally steal authority, trust and cash from Pinterest?

In this free 69-min webinar, discover the PinAmaze theme that make your entire Amazon store look just like Pinterest!

Also review the method to generate traffic without without Google, Pay-Per-Click, PPV, Content Creation (like video or article marketing), forum marketing or any other common overused method.

No complicated setup and no special knowledge is required. Use our easy method to make extra money!

Twitter Profits Fastlane

Twitter has been around for 6 years now, Still, most people are just not aware of the POWER behind Twitter. This massive social media system carries our

The best bonus to come out of a seminar, ever…free to you!

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What Happens In Vegas...Changes Everything!

Since mid-August, Dennis Becker has been working on a book, compiled from the 2012 Earn1KaDay seminar.

It’s called “What Happens In Vegas…Changes Everything!

No cost, no obligation, Dennis is letting me give it to you.

Inside the book are detailed notes transcribed from the presentations of all 15 speakers.

In addition, there are insights into what influenced the speakers and many of the attendees in achieving their success.

You’ll read things like:

1) Mario Brown’s story of early childhood struggles, then coming to the U.S. with very little money in his pocket, how he used Google to start his trek from zero to $40,000 per month income.

2) Connie Ragen Green’s formula for building e-mail relationships, including how she was able to build a 6-figure IM income from a list of only 651 e-mail subscribers.

3) Gene Pimentel’s formula for profiting from buying and selling domain names…yes, just the names.

4) Colin Theriot’s copywriting trick of creating top converting sales pages by answering just 4 questions.

5) There’s a whole lot more, both in the form of inspiration and step-by-step plans, and you can get access to the entire book for free today, while other attendees paid to get into the seminar last August!

After you download it, you’ll want to also pass it around to others, and that’s totally permissible. I have a mission to put this incredible information into as many Internet marketers as possible.

It’s really that good, as you’ll see.

Have a spectacular day!

Is Your Facebook Page Screwed?

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Double Your LikesThe whole point of creating a Facebook Page for your business is to build a fan base of people interested in your product or service, right?

Facebook Pages are a great tool for interacting with your fans on a regular basis and for them to discover whether or not your product or service is right for them.

But to build a HUGE fan base you need people clicking the all mighty “LIKE” button…Yep, the tiny little button sitting at the top of your page. :)

Gone are the days of “Become a fan”. Today, it’s all about the “LIKES” and YOU WANT THEM (a lot of them!).

Because without them…you have ZERO reach. If you have zero reach, you make ZERO dollars.

And this is where most Page Admins fall flat on their face.

Let me explain…

Have you ever visited a Facebook Page for a business, only to land on their “Wall” where you see the comments and status updates?

If so, did it make you want to “LIKE” the page?

Probably not.

Allowing your visitors to land on your “Wall” is the #1 mistake Page Admins are making all across Facebook.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Because as a Page Admin, you have the ability to create a custom landing page AND set this page as your “Default Landing Tab” for your Page.

You’ll first need to install an iFrame application into your page (which is beyond the scope of this post unfortunately). This will allow you to create a custom tab on your Page.

Once you have your custom tab, you will want to create some type of “offer” along with a “call to action” to entice people to “LIKE” your page.

An example offer would be something like this:

“Click Like Above To Get Access To _______”

It’s proven that you will get more “Likes” just by making this one small change to your Facebook Page.

If you have a Facebook Page and want more people clicking your “Like” button and becoming a fan, watch this video to discover the ‘tweak’ that bumped this guy’s conversion rate by 52.94%.

Unique offline business opportunity: $99/client for a SIMPLE deal

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Local Review Formula

You wanna know the secret to crushing it offline?


Membership CubeDo you think you know what a membership site really is?

Here’s all a membership site is: a place where people can login using a username and password to get to their stuff.

Membership sites DON’T have to be this thing where people pay you month after month to get access!

I hope that gets you motivated to make your first, if not next membership site, because it suddenly got a lot easier.

If you have a one-hour video, just ask $47 for it. People pay 47 bucks one time, then get their login and can watch your video.

If they refund, they’re kicked out. Simple as that. No further payments after that first one.

Then let’s say you made a second follow-up video. Put it in the membership site so it shows up after 14 days.

Now, everyone who pays 47 bucks gets that first video, then after a couple of weeks they get the next video.

You CAN have sequential content delivery and only have a single payment.

Now let’s say you create a 3rd video, and you schedule it at the 30th day mark. Now you have an instant video, a 14th day video, and a 30th day video, but at this point, you’re ready to raise the price.

Instead of simply doubling the price to $97, make it a 2-payment plan. Now they pay $47 and get a video instantly, they stay in and get the 2nd video after 2 weeks, they get billed again and receive the 3rd video.

The people you sold to early on get all this stuff for free…but the new buyers have to pay both payments, and if they cancel at any time, they’re locked out.

If they let it ride till the end, they get lifetime access to all 3 of your videos.

Isn’t that a better way of looking at drip content? Instead of struggling forever to create months and months of content, worry about creating the first month…then the second month…and so on.

Then change the payment button so you add more payments or a higher price for new buyers. That way you can stop at any time.

I want to show you the exact step-by-step plan to accomplishing EVERYTHING we just talked about in the last couple minutes, right here.

MemberSpeedIntegrating an affiliate program to your site is one of the most effective ways to achieve more sales and additional traffic!

The MemberSpeed affiliate management module is a very powerful affiliate management solution that gives you the ability to easily set up and run your own affiliate program for your business.

This fully automated and flexible system allows you to draw in, motivate, and reward affiliates quickly and with the minimum of effort.

Affiliate marketing is very effective solution, because it allows you to base advertising on a pay-per-performance model.

Instead of paying advertisers and “hoping for the best”, you can use your program to pay only when advertising results in an actual sale.

Your affiliate program will be one of the best and cheapest ways to increase sales and get targeted traffic.

And there’s added benefits too, such as better search engine ranking (by building your network of affiliates, more affiliates will place your website links on their web pages).

As a result you’ll receive an increased number of links pointing to your site a factor that search engines like Google, use as a measurement in ranking web pages.

No coding or programming is required. Test-drive your affiliate program for $1 now!

One of the best ways to create passive income is to turn your passion, knowledge, message or expertise into packaged products and programs. Once you

Learn copywriting skills at very affordable price!

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Copywriting Mastery

Copywriting is one skill that defines the calibre of a marketer, and it is a form of communication that can make a break the marketer

New Cool Social Media Training Alert!

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If you are (or would like to be) in any one of the following businesses, then this training is for you.

1. A local business marketer

2. A coach of any kind

3. A Social Media Expert or consultant

4. An Information Marketer

This week my good friends Bill Crosby and Gabe Strom are hosting a FREE webinar where they reveal the Top 5 Ways Successful Businesses Use Social Media to Get Traffic!

It is really going to help you if you are in one of the 4 businesses listed above.

Once again it’s free and you can register by clicking the link above.

Page One Profits

A number of products have touched on Kindle book creation, and getting a Kindle book listed in Amazon is a procedural affair. Getting ranked on page one or even the no. 1 position in the search listing is another matter.

Seems like Mario Deal has cracked the code.

He has been working intensely hard over the past few months to ‘reverse-engineer’ Amazon’s algorithm.

And I have to say, he has solved it…

He’s managed to get his (and his client’s) Kindle books ranked into the top positions of the Amazon Kindle search results in incredibly competitive niches such as the “weight loss” and “make money” niches.

The most impressive part of the case study was seeing one of his books titled “Weight Loss Motivation” come in at #1 for that search term…and it ranked within 45 minutes.

The ability to rank this high, and this quickly in a marketplace with millions of people simply cannot be underestimated.

Watch the video here and learn more about Amazon SEO.