Statistics have shown that between 64-85% people are more likely to buy after watching a video.

More than that, 70% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a TV commercial than they do after reading a newspaper ad.

So moving images sell, but if you tried video marketing and failed, DON’T WORRY!

Everything is going to change because TODAY you’ll find out THE TRICK all the other video marketing experts are using to create HIGH-CONVERTING VIDEOS.

Pixo Blaster

The secret trick is using SPOKESPERSON VIDEOS.

Spokesperson videos convert 10x better than any other videos out there! That’s a fact!

The problem is, you hate being on camera and it can cost an arm and a leg to hire someone and get a nice video produced.

So how do you get that human element into your videos and AVOID all of the headache?

Your answer is Pixo Blaster.

I’m talking about:

[+] Having professional actors on top of all your videos
[+] Transforming any underperforming video into a 4, 5 or 6-figure income stream
[+] Customizing your videos for maximum CONVERSION
[+] Having professional actors close the deals for you
[+] And more…

Check out what Ionut had to say about Pixo: “I used Pixo for my last affiliate promo and the conversions were off the charts! It was my best converting promo in 2017!”

Are you ready to step up your game and 10x your videos conversions and start getting 10x more TRAFFIC?

The “7-Figure Cycle” has just gone ‘LIVE’ and you now have the chance to rapidly replicate a business model that these guys and their students are using to generate millions of dollars each month selling VERY popular products which 99% of online sellers have absolutely NO CLUE about.

The best news is that they have a series of “secret weapons” that will do most of the work without you having to lift a finger. Plus…

– You don’t need to pay for traffic or advertising
– You don’t need a website
– You don’t need to create boring content.
– You don’t need any experience at all.

In fact, all you need is the ability to follow simple, step-by-step instructions.

CRITICALLY IMPORTANT: Only a limited number of memberships are available because they will be working with you personally.

I don’t know how fast they will go…but I am told over 25,000 people are signed up to the early bird list so the doors could literally close at any time.

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IM Checklist

If you haven’t grabbed IM Checklist yet, you’re going to miss out on these time-saving checklists that will not only keep you focused on doing the right things, but also put money in your pocket…

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What to do when you face obstacles in selling

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What holds people back from success in selling their products, ideas, and message?


Fear of…


Hearing that awful word ‘NO’.


But what if there was a simple, yet powerful secret for overcoming those fears?


In his latest video, the Original Shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington, shows you how to overcome the fear of rejection and failure.

In it, he shares how he learned from the great Zig Ziglar to use this secret to build trust and turn objections into sales.

Imagine that!

Turning people’s biggest objections into actual sales.

And when you know this secret and apply it as Kevin shows you how in this video, you’ll learn how to get in front of the right people, close more sales right away, and ultimately 10x or even 100x your sales and your business.

Much of the teaching in this video is never-before-seen content from Zig, who was Kevin’s sales mentor.

That teaching from Zig helped Kevin to invent the infomercial and sell more than $5 BILLION (yes, BILLION with a B) in products in his career.

Let Kevin and Zig help you to get on track towards phenomenal, mind-blowing success so you can live the deeply fulfilling life you’ve always wanted.

Watch this video now and break free from the frustration and that feeling of being stuck where you are.

Refund Request Crusher

It doesn’t matter how hard you work on your online business, if you’re doing selling anything online and using PayPal, your profits can quickly evaporate if you don’t do things the right way.

You see, most sellers don’t even think about PayPal disputes, refund requests, account reserves, or PayPal limitations when they set out to start selling online.

But, it’s an unfortunate part of online business, and if you don’t know how to handle PayPal and protect yourself, you can very quickly find yourself in a bad spot.

That’s where this brand new guide called Refund Request Crusher comes into play. Inside, you get everything you need to stop refund requests and other PayPal issues dead in their tracks.

It’s about protecting yourself and your online business.

Without this, you can have the best online business in the world go up in flames overnight…

And unfortunately, most marketers use PayPal and just accept the fact that people will request refunds, open disputes, and ultimately put your account at risk.

No more!

That ends right here and right now!

Inside Refund Request Crusher, you’ll discover how to stop refunds dead in their tracks, prevent people from getting over on you, and keep your PayPal account safe and up and running.

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This is something you really need to take action on right now (time REALLY is of the essence with this).

For the next 48 hours only, you have the chance to get access to a secret MindMap that reveals the exact process 517 “test students” used to collectively generate $125,014,142 in the past 12 months selling popular but ‘weird’ products online.

The astonishing thing is that this income was created without using websites, without having to deal with any customers directly (phew!)…and the traffic used was hyper-targeted—but completely FREE!

I know it sounds a little unbelievable, but when you read the astonishing stories from these students (including
one a student who by herself generated over $800K in her first year of doing this), it will become very real, VERY fast!

Download the MindMap, get the FULL info about the 7-Step System that was used, and read about all the success stories.


I’m excited to let you know about a brand new, all-in-one cloud-based software that makes it easier than ever for anyone to land $500-$1,000 clients…

The software is called MobilRR, and here’s why you need this:

1) Instantly get leads whose small business websites are not mobile friendly and need your help.

2) Use the built-in e-mail system to send e-mails to leads right inside MobilRR. This makes it easy to send more e-mails, save template e-mails, and ultimately save countless hours of your time.

3) Then use the included templates and built-in mobile site builder to quickly create mobile-friendly websites for your new clients!

MobilRR is a complete system that includes everything you need to start making money right away.

If you’re tired of struggling to get leads, close them, and then deal with fulfilling the service, you’ll LOVE this.

Mobile traffic accounts for over 50% of all online traffic, and it’s still growing.

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Guess what’s happening in less than a few weeks…

That will cause 90% of marketer’s advertising profits to disappear?!

It’s called Advertgeddon and not since Google search engine updates has your profits been in so much danger.

You MUST be compliant before 2/15/18!

You see, on that date Google Chrome (which over 56% of web users use…a HUGE audience) will start BLOCKING ads they deem non-compliant to the Better Ads Coalition.

If YOUR ads aren’t compliant (and we’re talking things like popup ads, WordPress sidebar ads, heck, ANY Ads), Google Chrome will proactively BLOCK them from your audience!

Surthrivor Vol. 2: Advertgeddon

Luckily, my colleagues Barbara Ling and Dennis Becker have released their latest “Surthrivor 2.0: Advertgeddon“.

In this zero-fluff quick read (less than 30 pages!), you’ll discover the easy-to-follow steps you MUST take to ensure Google Chrome reveals your ads.

The danger is real but this powerful blueprint makes surviving this danger easy (they even include a bonus chapter on free tools to create ads as well).

And the enhancements are extremely complimentary:

* GOLD version (Private Label Rights, Resell Rights, Coaching Rights AND Pillar article are included)

* Big Ticket Mastery to increase your total 2018 profits

* Barbara Ling’s personal Marketing Cashboards (she’s been using these now for years, which is one reason why she’s always the first with breaking news)

Invest in this if you want to ensure your ads remain compliant. Start your journey here!

Zig Ziglar’s core sales secret

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There’s something you need to watch right away: “Secrets Of Sales Success” video series by Kevin Harrington and Zig Ziglar.

Kevin is famous for inventing the infomercial, selling more than $5 BILLION worth of products, and oh yeah, he was the Original Shark from the hit TV show, Shark Tank.

And now he is revealing his core sales secret that he originally learned from his mentor, Zig Ziglar.

This one secret unlocks all of the other sales secrets vaults and sets you up for amazing, over-the-top success.

I’ll give you a quick hint at what’s inside: Everything is selling and selling is SERVING.

Did you catch that?

The key to success in EVERY area of life is SELLING. And the key to selling the right way is serving.

THAT is the core secret.

But you’ll want to watch this video to truly understand the implications of what Kevin and Zig are saying.

Watch it now and you’ll see rare, never-before-seen Zig Ziglar content and fascinating lessons from Kevin that unlock this secret.

This video will change how you see selling in powerful, yet practical ways.

Cheat Sheet Cash Blueprint

A great little list building & affiliate commissions-generating course is here…

Cheat Sheet Cash Blueprint” is an A-to-Z guide on how to set up a sales funnel and profit using e-mail, starting from scratch very quickly. It also includes an important step that many leave out…getting traffic.

See the exact system that banks up to $160.08 per day.

There is a new Facebook Ads training product that is simply blowing up on JVZoo right now called Facebook Ads Essentials! This product has been awarded as JVZoo Product of the Day for 2 consecutive days now!

This course is your key to generate more leads and sales (including affiliate sales) with Facebook Ads!

+ 25 Step-By-Step, Short & Simple FB Ad Lessons!
+ Create the Perfect Facebook Ad Every Time!
+ Unlock the Key To Successful Affiiate Marketing With FB Ads!
+ How to Create the #1 ROI Facebook Ad Campaign!
+ Generate more leads!

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Free Case Study (7 Steps To $5.4 Million)

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I highly recommend getting immediate access to this amazing case study that reveals how these guys generated over $5 million dollars in 2017 selling popular but ‘peculiar’ products that most online sellers would completely ignore.

The amazing thing is that the 7-Step System they have developed requires NO website, NO Ads and ZERO customer support.

In fact, one of the big secrets here is taking advantage of a secret pool of targeted traffic (which doesn’t cost a single cent) in order to make consistent, ever-growing sales and profits.

The case study lays out EVERYTHING in full view, so watch the introductory video and download it right now (it will only be publicly available for a very short time).

In case you were wondering…

One of the best things about this is that it is REALLY SIMPLE and literally anyone can replicate this system no matter what their level of experience.

It is a PERFECT system if you are just starting out and are looking to make your fist buck online…

And if you already have an online business, it’ll be VERY easy for you to set up and build out an additional income stream.

Download the case study to find out more.

Software Launch System

What is the most profitable way to make money online?

I’m not entirely sure…

What I do know is that the people who generate the most money on JVZoo use and sell software!

Here’s why: Software is EASY to sell because usually it’s very clear what problem it solves.

People love software because it helps them to automate much of what they do in their business.

There’s a common misconception around selling software though and that is that in order to create software it costs tens of thousands of dollars.

This is simply not true!

Yes, software can be very expensive but it doesn’t have to be.

With the right strategy you can create software for little to no money…

…then go onto sell it for an almost effortless ROI!

That’s why million-dollar software launcher Sam Bakker has created an easy-to-follow system that’s going to show
you how to maximize your ROI…

…all while investing as little as possible into creating high quality software.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how you could create software from scratch even if you have zero development knowledge, the Software Launch System is going to show you how.

You may have heard of the statement “Selling is the oldest profession in human history.”

That’s because selling takes place even at a subconscious level in the course of a day’s mundane actions.

Like a child screaming or arguing about wanting to go to Disneyland. Would you give in?

Or a beggar pleading for spare changes, or a busker performing for some dollars.

The strangest truth may be that some of the greatest ‘salesmen’ in history are people you wouldn’t ever think of as such.

Christopher Columbus.

George Washington.

Thomas Edison.

Martin Luther King Jr.

All amazing salesmen? Yeah.

In this brand new free report “The One Thing You Must Do to Succeed TODAY” from Zig Ziglar and Kevin Harrington, they will share with you WHY each of these people (and dozens more) were qualified salesmen (and women).

After reading just the first few pages, you’ll definitely look at sales and selling differently.

But even more than just seeing sales differently, you’ll learn how to be better at it—whether you’re actually in sales, an entrepreneur, artist, author, plumber or anything else.

Like Kevin says in this report, If you can’t sell, nothing will change!

Grab your free copy today!

Here is a simple strategy that will instantly give you an unfair winning advantage over your competitors.

Everyone is being exposed to so much information right now, it’s getting almost impossible to get your message
heard. But now you can use this simple video strategy to instantly transform your connection with your audience and at the same time, automatically increase sales and commissions.

A. Increase engagement with your audience (through the roof!)
B. Increase sales on your own products and affiliate commissions
C. Skyrocket response to a marketing campaign with a simple 30-second video

Watch how this is done.

There is one traffic source that SWAMPS all others.

– It contains more hungry buyers than any other source…
– It’s more reliable than any other source…
– You can market to it OVER AND OVER again without spending a single dime…

What is it?

E-Mail Marketing.

Get a seat in the 100% free Digital Bootcamp and discover how to build an e-mail business in ANY Niche!

It’s all very well KNOWN e-mail marketing is big. KNOWING that you should be doing it…

But how many of you are actually doing it?

How many of you can say you’ve generated millions of dollars using nothing but an e-mail list…

Because Anik Singal can.

Anik has sold millions of dollars in products online in 10 different niches all while generating over 4 million leads.

He’s gone through a LOT of trial and error, but he now has a simple 5-step process he wants to share with you FOR FREE.

Start your Digital Bootcamp video course that breaks down the exact process you need to follow if you want to be successful with e-mail marketing.

A whole new kind of PLR

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You’ve seen just about every type of PLR out there. Bad PLR. Old PLR. Ugly PLR. Okay PLR. And maybe even some PLR that was pretty good.

But at the end of the day, most of the PLR materials floating around out there are either outdated, ugly, badly written or all three. And in the case of videos, they’re cheap looking, awkward, and have horrible voice-over quality.

The whole point of Private Label Rights material is to acquire a valuable business asset, without the cost of developing it yourself, and then capitalize on that by selling it or using it as a gift to build your list. The PLR you use is going to be the face of your business and your brand and usually the first impression someone has of you. So unless you want to harm your reputation, you need to make sure the private label material you collect is of high quality and real value.

That’s where Viking PLR comes in. Viking PLR is a brand new line of gorgeous, expertly developed, high quality private label products that you’ll actually be proud to offer to your audience. Right now, you can go grab their premium, flagship product, worth $500, for just a few dollars. It’s jam-packed with value and it comes with full white label rebranding rights.

Viking E-Mail Marketing PLR

Go check out “Viking E-Mail Marketing PLR“.

Imagine knowing 72 killer Internet marketing techniques, ideas, and tactics…and how much money can be made online?

All of these are compiled into one best-selling book, and written by an author who has been marketing since 2003, and whom has spoken in 11 countries as an authority of Internet marketing.

72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits” is NOT some kind of free Internet marketing e-book that can be found just about anywhere online.

This is instead a REAL best-selling book that’s available in all good local bookstores. And because it is a real book, the author is only giving out a limited amount of copies for free (no fake scarcity).

The strategies shared inside are based on tried and tested methods to build a solid and successful brand on the internet, and it has worked for more than 10 years now.

Hope you like it.

With Google handling more than two trillion searches a year, and nearly half of those having local intent, it’s safe to say that having a local presence for your business is HUGE.

And that all starts with a “Google My Business” listing.

Getting a local business listed on “Google My Business” (GMB) and other online directories is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a local business to start showing up for local search results on Google.

Google My Business PLR

“Google My Business” PLR encapsulates all the sneaky tricks and secrets you need to optimize your listing and the rights that allow you to resell the material or teach your clients in your own training.

It contains the following modules:

Module 1: Hypnotic Sales Demo Video
Module 2: Conversion-Driven Sales copy
Module 3: Result-Oriented Training Guide
Module 4: Stunning Professional Minisites
Module 5: Credibility Boosting E-Mail Swipes
Module 6: Full Set of Animated Banners
Module 7: Professionally designed Graphics

+ 3 Fast Action bonuses you cannot miss!

BONUS #1: Cheat-Sheet
BONUS #2: Mind-Map
BONUS #3: Top Resources Report

Everything is ready to go and you can start making money within the next hour.

1. Download the product.
2. Add your name and order button on the sales copy.
3. Upload on your server.
4. You’re in business.

Grab your package on a dime sale now!

Zig Ziglar’s top sales principles

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The most important part of the sales process is the salesperson.

Zig Ziglar taught that fact religiously.

He said, “The prospect might buy you and still not buy the product, but he won’t buy the product unless he has first bought you.”

If you understand this foundational principle of selling you will be light years ahead of most people selling their ideas, products or services.

Like anything in life, if you learn a few foundational principles of selling your confidence will soar, you’ll handle objections with ease and you will never struggle to find qualified prospects.

For decades, Zig Ziglar distilled these principles with his trademark wisdom and charm.

And now you can get Zig’s Secrets Of Selling absolutely free.

If you are serious about learning how to effectively sell your ideas, product or service, mastering these essential lessons is step one.