Jimmy Roos has launched his Exclusive Giveaway in which he is giving away lots of quality products that are sold elsewhere on the Internet for between $27 and $97.

Most of these products come with Master Resell Rights as well as Private Label Rights. This means that you can use these products yourself or you can resell them, making a handsome profit in the process.

Note: Exclusive Giveaway does not accept Hotmail and Yahoo! addresses.

Perry Marshall Interviews Top Strategists

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Perry Marshall is doing a whole series of interviews with world class marketing geniuses. He already kicked off Friday the 12th with Ken McCarthy and then will also feature Yanik Silver, Jason Potash, Paul Myers, Bob Serling, Jim Edwards, Bob Bly, and a number of others as the guest list grows. Each of these interviews will cover a different topic and if you sign up you’ll get notifications and access to the calls and the MP3s. Free access!

Mobshot #2: Guru meets Guru

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Jolly Tan and Richard Quek

Uncle Jolly lives just a block away from me and is very good at event management, networking for business contacts and defining business processes. If I need to look up to him for help, he treats me to a drink instead…

Mobshot #1: Guru meets Gooroo

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Richard Quek and me!

About 2 weeks ago, Mr. Richard Quek dropped by so together with old friend Jolly Tan, we had supper!

Past encounters were rather brief so this time we had a great chat for more than 2 hours. I had tears in my eyes from laughter and breathlessness as he related his own adventures online, the good…MAINLY the bad and ugly crossfire-style. OMOM…

I promise you more mobshots in the future. You should take pictures for fun too.

Richard previously launched his TIMM eSeminar physical package in October 2006 for $497. Since then he received many requests for an online version that is more affordable.

So as a way of welcoming 2007, he has prepared all the softcopy versions of his materials ready on offer—the TIMM eSeminar online version. If you are interested in learning the basics of Internet marketing without all the hype, take a look here.

This is a MUST for Internet Marketing beginners.

Easy Member Pro goes gold!

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Easy Member Pro

If you’ve been pondering about setting up a membership site, just to let you know you can watch an exclusive demo of how you can get Easy Member Pro up and running in minutes with all your preferred settings. It’s supposed to be ‘easy’.

Easy Member Pro is a cutting-edge membership site software created by Kim Standerline & Anthony Hull. You can handle administration of multiple subscription periods—monthly, 3-month, 6-month, 12-month and 1-time and different payment options for each level, to the extent that members can get a discount for signing up for longer periods (a good flexible feature). There is also a whole lot more you can do to communicate with affiliates and plain paying members separately.

If you have been pondering a membership subscription model for your online business, this should come just in time.

The Autopsy: Latest report by Scott Boulch

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The Autopsy

Remember Scott Boulch from “The Death Of AdSense”? He released the notorious report and 2 follow-ups to generate 37,500 opt-ins and spawn some copycats with his “I pay you for leads” approach :)

Get the details of how he planned and executed the biggest viral explosion of 2006. “The Autopsy” report is in there when you login.

Another appropriate gift to start the new year. Marlon Sanders’ assistant Lisa has put together a nifty little website checklist. With more than 20+ sites of under his company’s belt, Marlon sure knows how to keep them up-to-date and error-free, that’s why he feels this is an essential read for all website owners.

Does your website:

* Look like it was designed in the 90’s?
* Contain more than ONE animated image?
* Have a bright colored background?
* Use multiple font colors? (example)
* Have “welcome to…” written on any page?
* Use tiny fonts that were popular in 2004?
* Have opt-in forms that haven’t been tested in the last 30 days?
* Have a copyright notice?
* Have an OUTDATED copyright notice?
* Have outdated contact information?
* Display your e-mail address using basic text?
* Have a flash intro page? (without the SKIP INTRO link)
* Have popup windows created using Javascript?

If you answered yes to even ONE of those questions, it’s time to consider giving your website, affiliate pre-sell pages, landing pages or sales pages an extreme makeover :) And of course, if your website WAS designed in the 90’s then it’s definitely time for a complete re-design.

Website checklist addresses all these questions and provide the ultimate solution…Download the file now and find out what the solution is!

From Baby To Man.

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A surefire way to succeed at something new (especially in business) is to use a systematic ramping-up process of “crawl – walk – run”.

CRAWL – Understanding how “one thing” works and how it could work for you.

WALK – Getting that one thing to work and produce results for you through direct measured effort.

RUN – Making the one thing work hands-free, independent of you to put the results on autopilot.

Small successes from crawling inspire and motivate you to move forward to experience success from walking which build further momentum that allows you to experience even greater success from running.

Trying to do too much too fast is like trying to boil the ocean, and more times than not, it sets you up for failure.

So jumpstart 2007 with Crawl – Walk – Run!

Crawling is about “understanding” ONE specific thing out of the many you can do, to grow your business or change your life.

Walking is about gaining “knowledge” in that specific thing so you can actively apply it to your business or life and measure results to see if it works for you.

Running is about having the “wisdom” from crawling and walking and putting what you have tested and proven to work, on autopilot so you can repeat the the “crawl – walk – run” system on something else to grow your business or change your life.

So, crawl – walk – run yourself into amazing success in 2007 and beyond.

Another dose of inspiration from Stephen Pierce.