AdWords Kung Fu

One of the most exciting update has to be Richard Quek’s latest e-book, “Adwords Kung Fu“. If you are marketing on the Internet then you need to generate targeted traffic on auto-pilot. Adwords Kung Fu is full of traffic strategies that are very effective. Hey, the information is easy to comprehend and Richard makes it interesting by relating the strategies to the Chinese Kung Fu techniques. Find out what the Tiger Claw and Drunken Master techniques are all about…and to fight like a Shaolin monk doesn’t cost much…just a drop in the ocean…

Introducing Andrew Hansen!

Posted August 21st, 2007 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Niche Marketing

Andrew Hansen hails from Gold Coast, Australia and is a very successful Internet marketer whose expertise lies in niche marketing.

Andrew’s biggest secret method in identifying and marketing insanely profitable niches has the following 5 characteristics:

1. First, look at search traffic. You want to know how much search traffic something is getting just to know whether it has been enjoying a good amount of attention or not.

2. Look at competition. You want to know how many pages are competing for a keyword or term. You want terms that have under 500,000 results in the Google search engine only. Anything else is too much effort.

3. Look at ‘competitiveness’. You want to know how good the competition in a niche is. Sometimes you can have a niche where there’s not many sellers/affiliates but somehow that small amount of competition there is totally ROCKS and you can’t beat them even if you try. A lot of people don’t realize that! If you know the situation and how to overcome this, your marketing journey will be a whole lot easier.

4. Look what products are in that niche. You want to know that if you enter this niche, there are products that you can either sell or develop easily that will ACTUALLY sell. You don’t want to waste time driving traffic to a site that doesn’t convert visitors into buyers!

5. Look at the ‘nature’ of a market. There are certain features of a market that allow me to know whether people are making money in this market or not. It doesn’t necessarily mean there is competition but by analyzing certain features you can see if people are making money there, then go about making money in that market, but DIFFERENTLY to what they do.

You see, Andrew has a consistent knack for tapping on niches that are small, tucked away, hidden but insanely profitable. He makes his money online without doing hours of complicated optimization or research. The key breakthrough starts with selecting the right market, so everything else becomes easy. You get your rankings faster, traffic faster and make money faster. And not only faster but easier!

* Script Smart *

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Script Smart

If a picture says a thousand words, you should take a sneak peak at the range of web scripts that are built into Script Smart. Putting your own website scripts on your web pages doesn’t have to be tedious, frustrating or expensive…especially not with Script Smart. No more hunting for a website script and wasting your time trying to get it working on your site, this toolbox of website scripts is aimed directly at increasing your sales conversion. You just select a script you need, enter in your values into a form and it gives you the right code to paste into your web page, fast and easy. Version 2 is now ready. Written from the ground up, you can load and save your script variables (very major upgrade). There are also minor changes to other scripts.

Uh…A Business System.

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Hope it doesn’t give you a headache.

Business System

One of the frustrating things about being an international affiliate that wants to sell into the United States using Google AdWords, is the inability to easily find out which ads are showing to US surfers.

Let’s say that you are in the UK. If you search for “car insurance” on Google, the ads that appear are related to your UK IP address. Now if you wanted to promote a US-targeted CPA offer on AdWords, how can you find out what your competitors ads look like?

In the past there where tricks like adding “&gl=us” to the end of the search string, but I found that it wasn’t always that reliable.

Well Google have their own tool to help you out called Ad Preview And Diagnosis.

Take a look, because you can now see what the adverts look like in any country in the world. Yup, even Mongolia!

You really don’t have to be some big-name guru to make thousands a month selling niche information products online.

All you have to do is focus on delivering products that people really want and DESPERATELY need…

Have you ever thought about offering products that fill the void for people in desperate situations?

Because the demand is so great that people are searching to find solutions to desperate problems, and YOU can be the one selling it to them…

Desperate Buyers Only” addresses how YOU can sell to people in desperate situations. And it opens up that whole market W-I-D-E for you…

A lot of members like this one for the real potential it brings to the table…You may also like it too…

Visit this page today if you want to see what we’re talking about…

Article Submitter

As you probably already know, submitting your articles to article directories is one of the very best ways to get quality, one-way links pointing to your website AND build credibility in whatever niche you’re currently in.

Most effective article submission software products cost well over a hundreds dollars, but Brad Callen has finished creating the second major software on the IMWishlist—Article Submitter—and he’s giving it away unconditionally just like the first!

With that said, let’s go watch a video on how the software works and how it’ll help you achieve massive success in Google in a short period of time.