Every BIG guy uses membership site…and you should too!

It’s the most powerful way to brand yourself, host your info-products, use it to hold content, etc.

And as you’ll see, with a membership site you can create multiple streams of passive income faster, easier and with long-term continuity than ever.

But let’s be honest. Building them is a pain…

Even the latest and greatest WordPress themes are CLUNKY.

But this brand new membership theme called AmazeTheme is coming out to solve it.

AmazeTheme is super flexible, fully responsive and loaded with tons of amazing features. It’s fully customisable: theme color, header layout, menu style, archive variations, etc…you CAN change and customise them!

Let’s take a look at the features:

– Fully responsive
– Top floating bar
– Retina ready
– Font icons ready (retina ready icons)
– Products/banners slider
– Custom login page
– Extra content (above and below content)
– Custom logo
– Custom favicon
– Custom header & footer script
– Pre-made color schema
– Unlimited color options
– Custom body background (color or image)
– Custom text link color
– Custom CSS and Javascript feature
– Sidebar position options: left or right
– Social media profiles
– Multiple header variations
– Multiple archive variations
– Dropdown menus
– Boxed and wide layout
– Multiple menu variations
– Works with ANY other membership plugins
– Flat and modern design
– Translation feature
– Typography settings
– Protected page and post settings
– Opt-in form design ready: vertical and horizontal layout plus customisable design
– Full width page template
– Menus with icons
– Backup, restore and import theme settings
– and many more…

WOW that’s great! And it’s not limited to membership sites; you can use it to build a professional blog.

AmazeTheme is designed to make your blog and membership site look attractive. It’s going to make other webmasters and bloggers go green with ENVY!

InstaThemeAre you looking to set up a WordPress-based membership site? You are at the right place at the right time.

Every BIG GUN uses membership sites. It’s the most powerful way to brand yourself, host your info-products, use it to hold content, etc.

And as you’ll see, the membership business model has always been lucrative. With membership sites, you can create multiple streams of online income faster and easier than ever.

Setting them up and getting them to run properly used to be a clunky and painful process, especially when you had to customize your preferred theme a lot, which when it was first released, was likely not oriented towards membership design and features to begin with.

Well, lessons are learned and the technology evolved. You’re about to discover why all the membership themes and plugins out there today, even OptimizePress, are about to become as ANCIENT as your granny’s sewing machine.

InstaTheme is what you have been waiting for. It is the FIRST 100% drag-and-drop WP theme out there…

And you will be able to create jaw-dropping, unique, and professionally designed membership sites in less time than it takes to hire a designer.

When I say “Drag & Drop”, I mean you can drag and drop any element where you want it, DOWN TO THE PIXEL!

Want to move your video up a touch? DONE.

Want to change the width of your headline? DONE.

You can click and drag ANY change you want.

You can resize anything.

Change the color, change fonts, use any video format, upload images…you can do it all.

InstaTheme’s secret weapon is The Most Advanced VISUAL Editor in the world.

Imagine clicking and dragging any video, headline, text, bullets, ANYTHING you can imagine.

Then dragging it ANYWHERE you want on the page.

And what you see is EXACTLY what it looks like when you click “Publish”.

Unbelievable? Not when you see the demo we’ve got for you.

InstaTheme is also loaded with custom icons and graphics.

It is totally customizable and works seamlessly with ANY membership software.

We’re talking serious WordPress ENVY here.

This is something you DON’T want your competitors to have.

Click here and find out what the BIG deal is.

InstaMemberInstaMember is the newest WordPress plugin that takes the hassle out of creating membership sites.

It lets you build high-profit, high-performance membership with unprecedented speed and functionality.

With the membership sites you can create almost instantly with InstaMember, you can turbocharge your sales campaigns and enjoy long-term, recurring profit streams.

InstaMember lets you do it all! It’s your hassle-free key to building high-powered membership sites that bring you fast and easy profits month after month!

InstaMember is the WordPress plugin you’ve been waiting for, and the day has finally arrived! But it won’t be available at its special introductory pricing for very long, so if you want to be one of the select few who have access to this incredible tool at this great price, you have to act fast!

Here’s hoping you get in on time!

A Membership Site In 5 Minutes? YES!

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You can finally enjoy the month-by-month, semi-passive income that only membership sites are able to generate, because it does NOT take a PhD to get one up and running anymore! Take this incredibly simple, yet powerful membership plugin and create a membership site (no matter how simple or complex) in 5 minutes!

Member Rocket also has full Amazon S3 integration, built-in autoresponder, support desk and more, so you save money by not having to use complicated and expensive 3rd-party solutions!

Special price until December 10th before it is taken off the forum for the ‘retail’ launch!

I have never seen a plugin so easy as this one for creating membership sites in under 2 minutes that are fully functional and totally automated.

The only problem is that WP Member Champ works with just Aweber and PayPal. But if you use both of those and want to set up a membership site, then this plugin is just the answer!

Membership CubeDo you think you know what a membership site really is?

Here’s all a membership site is: a place where people can login using a username and password to get to their stuff.

Membership sites DON’T have to be this thing where people pay you month after month to get access!

I hope that gets you motivated to make your first, if not next membership site, because it suddenly got a lot easier.

If you have a one-hour video, just ask $47 for it. People pay 47 bucks one time, then get their login and can watch your video.

If they refund, they’re kicked out. Simple as that. No further payments after that first one.

Then let’s say you made a second follow-up video. Put it in the membership site so it shows up after 14 days.

Now, everyone who pays 47 bucks gets that first video, then after a couple of weeks they get the next video.

You CAN have sequential content delivery and only have a single payment.

Now let’s say you create a 3rd video, and you schedule it at the 30th day mark. Now you have an instant video, a 14th day video, and a 30th day video, but at this point, you’re ready to raise the price.

Instead of simply doubling the price to $97, make it a 2-payment plan. Now they pay $47 and get a video instantly, they stay in and get the 2nd video after 2 weeks, they get billed again and receive the 3rd video.

The people you sold to early on get all this stuff for free…but the new buyers have to pay both payments, and if they cancel at any time, they’re locked out.

If they let it ride till the end, they get lifetime access to all 3 of your videos.

Isn’t that a better way of looking at drip content? Instead of struggling forever to create months and months of content, worry about creating the first month…then the second month…and so on.

Then change the payment button so you add more payments or a higher price for new buyers. That way you can stop at any time.

I want to show you the exact step-by-step plan to accomplishing EVERYTHING we just talked about in the last couple minutes, right here.

MembershipPeng Joon is at it again! He has been working with the great Alex Mandossian on a membership model that’s now making them well over $7,287,574.

And guess what, most of the membership sites are on niches which he’s not an expert in!

Most of us work our butts off to generate sales every single month. But these guys have come out with a blueprint whereby you’ll be able to have recurring sales every single month instead of relying on a one-off payment model.

What does this mean?

It just means that your customers will be paying you monthly, every single month (while absolutely loving you for it!) and your income will snowball exponentially.

I know right now you’re thinking…

It’s too good to be true.

I’m not an expert in my field.

Doing a membership site is too time-consuming.

This will cost way too much.

Peng Joon and Alex knows these challenges too and they will show you how to overcome them. See how these guys get it done here.

Membership Site Secrets

If you’re of those marketers who earns lots of money online one month, only to have your earnings drop the next month, OR…

If you’re just looking at finally making some money online, then running your own membership site may be the answer for you…

With your members paying you each month for access to your website, you can very quickly build a steady full-time income from your site.

The trouble is, setting up a membership site can be very daunting for some people…

The scripts can be complex; getting members can be perplexing; and making the site profitable can seem way out of your reach.

Membership Site Secrets is a 12-part, step-by-step video series takes you from the very basics through to advanced concepts.

Once you understand how membership sites work and what people want from them, they are surprisingly easy to set up and run.

In fact, you can even set them up to run on autopilot, depositing money in your PayPal account every month with no interaction from you at all!

Get your copy of Membership Site Secrets now and find out for yourself.

Subscription Mate

When you first started your business, did you say to yourself, “I think I’ll choose the hardest, most frustrating business model that puts the least money in my pocket?”

Of course NOT.

And that’s why you shouldn’t try to start a membership site using one of those clunky, complex and expensive scripts.

Just ask countless others who’ve spent time “fiddling” and “tweaking” their scripts for so long that they never even got their membership sites off the ground.

No members, no money, no fun.

Fortunately for YOU.

There’s a Better, Faster and Easier Way to Create a Profitable Membership Site…

Jimmy D. Brown and Adrian Ling have joined forces to create Subscription Mate, an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that allows you to turn any blog into a powerful membership site in just minutes from now.

It’s incredibly easy to install and use, even if you don’t have a single tech bone in your body. All you have to do is:

– Log into your WordPress Dashboard, upload the plugin from your computer and click “activate”.

– Choose from one to five membership levels (such as free, bronze, silver, gold and platinum) and then set your prices and links through

– Upload your content and tag it to indicate which membership levels can access it.

And BAM, You Now Have a Fully Functional, Hands-Free Membership Site!

Get all the details here.

IMPORTANT: Are you interested in selling this powerful new WordPress plugin? They are offering a limited number of resale rights licenses. Details for the licensing are on this different page.

Membership To GoEveryone knows that having your own membership is a major shortcut to a sustainable Internet business. Getting paid month after month as members are AUTOMATICALLY rebilled gives you a major security blanket. You KNOW the money is coming in each month. Sales are guaranteed as long as you keep members happy.

There’s just one problem: Starting a membership can be a time-consuming, overwhelming task for a lot of people.

What if I told you there was a way to “speed up” the process? You’d like that, right?

Well, you’re in for a treat today because I’ve got some exciting news that will allow you to get your own membership site up and running in 90 minutes or less!

How is that possible? It’s simple really: you ‘clone’ someone else’s existing membership site. That is, you purchase a license to their entire site (member content, salesletter, marketing materials – everything they use!) and set it up at YOUR site.

The steps are very easy: buy the license, enter your order link, setup your autoresponder, upload the files.

You’re in business.

Instant membership site.

Sounds great, right? But, uh, where do you buy the license to legally clone someone’s membership site?

Jimmy D. Brown, the guy who started the PLR (private label rights) industry, has released a “ready-to-go” PLR package to an entire membership site! This has never been offered before and it includes EVERYTHING you need to get started, including private label rights to the membership content, its salesletter, presell report, articles and other marketing materials.

In other words, you get to buy a license to everything, set it up as your own membership site and keep 100% of every sale you make!

And, in case you’re wondering, NO this isn’t going to cost anywhere near what you might think. It’s actually priced amazingly low. You couldn’t hire a budget copywriter to write a decent salesletter for the price you’ll pay for the ENTIRE package.

Grab your “Membership To Go” license now as there is only a limited number of licenses being offered. Once they are gone, they are gone for good. Jimmy is very well known for keeping his promises on limits. No exceptions.

The Ultimate “Done For You”

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If all goes well, here is your demo video of that super quick & easy Membership Site software…MEMBERSNAP!

Now who doesn’t want a membership site with the monthly income which it brings? It is THE way to go, with normally a BIG problem: They are hard to set up!

Almost every single successful marketer that I know has a membership site that keeps them with a base of income.

Membersnap is a “snap” to set up. 30 seconds, no kidding…and 10 minutes if you tweak it.

If you pick one of the ready-made businesses, you get everything, the squeeze page, the teaser product, the loaded membership, the built-in pay options for your customers, and the price is crazy-low.

Check this out while they test the low price point.

Simple Membership Site Tips To Start With

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Looking for ways to build a strong income online? You’ve probably guessed that selling things is the best way by far but there are few limits about what you can sell. How about creating a membership site of your very own and selling other people membership to that site? This will be the place where you’ll be delivering value to your members for a price. You must make every effort to keep your members happy every month by delivering consistent content of the highest quality. Follow these 3 tips to make sure your membership site is top notch.

The most important thing you need to do and always keep in mind is give your membership subscribers exactly what they want. People generally will not have any reasons for leaving if they’re always getting what they want. Lend your ear to your customers and ask them what kind of content they are looking for. For example, if your find a few of your members asking you to write an article on a certain topic, then go ahead and do it. This approach can be powerful because they’ll only feel good about it, and then they will be inclined to stay with you. This kind of approach is tremendous due to it being what your target audience wants. A good way to engage your members is to run a private forum in the members area. Your subscribers will appreciate having a special place only for them. This way they would get in touch with other members and create a network. Your membership site will become much stronger as a result of these friendships. The stronger the bonding, the better it is for everyone including you. If your subscribers and forum members can easily communicate with each other, like private messages, then of course that only strengthens the bond. It’s quite possible to think of creative ways to engage your subscribers in the forum.

Last but not the least; the information you provide in your membership site shouldn’t be hard to find. Think about a year from now and how much content you’ll add in that year, and then you’ll see why you cannot make navigating your site a pain to do. If your members find your site easy to use, then they will want to be a part of it for a long time. Giving them a good user experience should your topmost priority. The word of mouth advertising you start getting will really help you to build. Running a membership site requires a lot of work but there is a lot of profit potential too. Launch your site the right way by following these insightful tips.

Membership Sites Produce More Earnings

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Membership websites have become very profitable and there are actually many reasons why you should consider starting a membership site. This is because members pay you a continuous fee whether it’s monthly, bi-monthly, bi-yearly, or annually. There are membership sites that offer items like music, movies, programs, information, and the like. Network site or places to meet people are also membership sites, but the most profitable membership sites are those that are selling information. By utilizing membership marketing, you can create for yourself a nice steady stream of monthly income.

This type of site is one of the top means to make profits online. People want valuable information and to access that information people search for it online.

If you continue to add quality information to the website these people will continue to be members to your site thereby producing passive and recurring revenue for you. This is why membership sites are so hot among Internet entrepreneurs.

What specifically are Membership Sites?

It is a website like other sites but differs in that it caters to a certain set of people or niche and offer quality information as regards to that particular topic and will permit to readers have access to that subject for a certain membership fee.

To find a niche start researching for what readers are searching for and how you can address this need. The best place to start is by making keyword searches and identifying what exactly people are looking for.

Why do people prefer Membership Sites?

A membership site provides a win-win solution for both members and owners. For the members, this site provide a convenient way to access information that they want without having to spend hours online looking for one. For the owner, the chief and beneficial reason would be the recurring income. These sites provide specifics and information that has been assessed and examined for its members.

Two Types of Membership Sites

There are paid and free membership sites. The paid membership site obviously earns money through fees made by the members whereas the free membership site makes money through ads.

Both paid and free membership sites can make money in a variety of ways, however, paid memberships have a limited number of members and free sites have an unlimited number of members.

How do Membership Sites Make Their Money?

A good relationship will be created between the owner and the readers especially if these membership sites continually offers useful information to its members. This relationship develops trust which is what every Internet marketer wants. When your members begins to see you as the expert in your field, these members are more willing to buy other products from you.

This is when you can begin promote affiliate marketing programs, which is where you offer items from other companies that relate to your site and in return get commissions. There are many ways that you can use membership sites to increase your earnings. You can sell e-books, audio files, movie clips, and other products in the field that relates to your website.

This is a great way to begin your home business and produce money online especially because membership sites have become the latest growing trend on the Internet nowadays. If used in the right way there is an unending list of ways to make a profit from a membership site, and these sites take on all forms from dog lover sites, to teacher information related sites.

Member Money Magnet

Wow, that's impressive! $1.4 million in 22 months is what Jack Humphrey has done with simple membership sites.

Jack's been running membership sites for 5 years and his total earnings are $2.5 million.

Well, he's decided to release his secrets in a course that's launching today.

It's called Member Money Magnet and it’s the closest thing to a million-dollar blueprint I’ve ever seen!

Jack is giving you an A-to-Z course, software to run up to 5 membership sites and specific training on outsourcing the whole thing.

If that’s not enough he is also giving you 128 membership ideas you can use RIGHT NOW to get started!

In this course you’ll learn:

* The 3 components every membership site must have for long-term success and profits!

* Dozens of ideas to keep your members paying you month after month.

* A plan for site promotion with social marketing that will all but GUARANTEE your success!

* How to find rabid markets that are willing to pay for your content!

* The partnership model where you find the expert and they provide the content and you do the marketing!

And much more…

I gotta tell you the best thing about this course is the price! It’s not one of those $2000 coaching programs and I think you’ll be surprised at Jack’s ‘renegade’ approach to pricing a course like this!

Rather than reveal it here, I want you to check out the site right now before he shuts it down…

Why am I contacting you?

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Ultimate LicenseI am seeking motivated people for a new program.
I don’t want freebie chasers.
I don’t want people who think they can make money for free.
I don’t want people who are going to do nothing and then complain when they don’t make money.
I don’t want people who can’t help others.
I definitely don’t want quitters or program jumpers

I do want people who have been burned in the past.
I do want people who want to work from home.
I do want people who can afford $37 one-time payment.
I do want people who are going to stick with the program.
I do want people who are tired of the hype and lies of working online.

If you qualify, get a free “Ultimate License” account at the URL below, upgrade and let’s get moving! :)

My friends Lance Tamashiro and Robert Plank (the membership site kings) are giving away a WordPress plugin.

You don’t often come across this as a free plugin. It turns your blog into a membership site.

Download the best free membership site plugin on the market here!

One of the most powerful tools you can have is the WPDrip plugin, which allows you to provide specific content on specific dates to your members.

This plugin easily turns your WordPress blog into a membership site that releases content incrementally so your members will not be overloaded with information, and can better progress with the knowledge they can receive at a steady, scheduled pace.

Think about it…

Your membership site ACTUALLY works like a virtual assistant giving your members access to the information when you want while you are doing the things that matter most to you.

But there is even more. There are some incredible NEW features and strategies that you NEED to know to start using immediately if not sooner.

Stupid, Simple Membership Profits

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5 Minute Membership Site

You’re not going to believe this: how about setting up a membership site in 5 minutes? Is that record-breaking or what?

My friend Justin Michie has put together the ultimate push-button solution for raking in recurring cash online.

There’s nothing cheapskate in the quality of these sites. In fact, Justin is now making $3000 to $5000 from just 5 minutes of work!

If you’ve ever wanted your own membership site that rakes in profit on autopilot and takes minutes (literally) to setup and run, go check out the “5 Minute Membership Site” system ASAP!

A free membership gift for YOU!

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I just got access to about 600 info-products and managed to get this link that can get you in the backdoor for free!

It’s like 91.2 GB of material…You can create your next bundle firesale out of this free membership!

Let me know what you think!

WP Sales Automator

If you’re selling digital products or considering starting a membership site, this VERY powerful WordPress plugin could make it all a whole lot easier for you.

Here are a few of the options you have with WP Sales Automator:

– Add as many products as you want without having to worry about the ongoing manual operations

– Add multiple membership levels with automatic payment collection with teaser content and folder protection

– Protect product files with auto expiring download links or limit how many times the link can be accessed

– Track customer subscriptions with various transactions details, such as duration, status and more

– Track product sales with customer IP, products purchased, referral URL and more

Google Analytics integration offered by Wordpress Google Analytics Plugin