The only logical way to overcome the “trading time for money” entrepreneurial challenge is to nurture a source of recurring revenue. Providing a subscription fee-based service is normally the first online business model that comes to mind, but not many marketers can master it because all the elements must come together in a right balance to provide maximum value for customers for as long as as they are willing to pay.

After 2.5 years of trial and error, Ben Adkins has refined a formula for building subscription programs with the best possible variety of content AND repeated his success several times.

Ben has tested everything and perfected the sales process, the “subscriber stick” process, and all of the mechanics that make it profitable. He has put together a training program called “Snap On Subscriptions” for only 500 people who wants to learn his subscription model.

Snap On Subscriptions

What’s Inside “Snap On Subscriptions”?

• An Uncensored Look at a 100K Generating Subscription Program

Ben is not someone who just teaches a concept. He tests it and refines it so that he can show you something that really works. He will take you behind the scenes of an actual subscription program that follows this exact model (it’s done pretty well for him). Just seeing the ‘guts’ of this is enough to help you put together your first successful subscription program.

• The 10,000 ft “Snap On Subscription” Model Overview

You’re going to get a full view of how the “Snap On” Model works and how it blends a ton of things that you’ve probably heard about as you’ve waded through the online space…but puts them together in a model that ACTUALLY WORKS. Yes, you can do this even if you’ve never gotten it right before.

• Why You Don’t Need Membership Site Software

Until you’re making over $50k a month online, you don’t need expensive membership software. Ben will show you how to do everything with a few easy to build web pages, an autoresponder, and your favorite shopping cart.

• How To Build A Subscription On The “Psychology of Collecting”

This is the core of why Ben’s subscription programs are so ‘sticky’. Once you understand how this works, you’ll be able to build subscriptions that get people to stick once they’re in.

• The EXACT Audiences That You Should Sell To

Face it. Not all audiences are built for subscription programs. Stop trying to force a Subscription Program on folks that won’t sign up and just let Ben show you the exact audiences that will.

• The Type of Content That Gets Subscribers (And Keeps Them)

This is the core of everything. Once Ben shows you the right audiences to target, you’ll just need to know what type of content they will pay you over and over again for. I’ll show you inside.

• How To Create The Special Content That Makes It Work

Ben will also show you a silly easy way that you can create the content for your subscription program. It takes a little work, but once it’s done, it will make you money for years. (and really…it’s not that much work when you compare it to a lot of the things you’ve done that haven’t worked in your business.)

• A Full Overview Of How To Create the Pages That Power It

You’ll see how to create everything that makes the membership work. You can build this stuff no matter your preferred page maker (WordPress, HTML, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, etc. all work).

• A Full Overview Of How To Power It All With An Autoresponder And Cart

Once you build the content and pages you just need to create the ‘brains’ to deliver it and make sure you get paid easily. Ben will show you exactly how he does it (you can pull this off even if you don’t use the same autoresponder or shopping cart that he does).

• Subscription Secrets for Making More Income Fast

Just know that this is the Secret Sauce that you add on once you get everything built.

• The 3-Pronged Snap On Subscription Asset

When you build things the way that Ben is going to show you inside, you’ll actually be creating 3 things at once. One to build a targeted list (who you can sell to later), one to build a monthly income, and one asset that you can sell for a nice one-time fee. Put them all together and that’s when the magic happens. The best part: you get 3x the money generating assets for just 1x the work.

When you reach the order page, you’ll notice two options. You can get everything inside of “Snap On Subscriptions” for the crazy price offered for the first 500 or you can invest a little more and get the “Snap On Subscriptions” Advanced Package.

What’s Inside Snap on Subscriptions Advanced?

You get everything inside “Snap On Subscriptions” plus access to Ben’s exclusive toolkit to build all the pieces fast.

You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes breakdown of 3 subscription programs that use this model (these are ‘live’ and making money now).

Specifically, you’ll get these in the Advanced Program:

•    A Private Look Inside a $9.95/m Subscription Program
•    Behind the Scenes of a $67/m Subscription Program
•    An Over-the-Shoulder Look at a $199/m Subscription Program
•    Ben’s PRIVATE Snap on Model Subscription Page Templates
•    Ben’s PRIVATE Subscription Sales Grabbing Script Templates

With this upgrade you’re going to get an intimate look behind the scenes at everything Ben’s team has learned about creating, running, and growing a subscription program.

Everything you’ll be learning in “Snap On Subscriptions” has made Ben a fortune and for your small investment if you are one of the 500 to get in before he sells out, Ben is also offering a monster guarantee: If you create your first successful subscription and don’t sign up your first member within the next 60 days, he wants you to ask for your money back and you will get it, no questions asked.

Sounds good? Get the know-how to build a simple and real recurring asset now!

Drag-and-drop membership sites?

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Imagine if building a eye-popping, easy-to-monetize membership site was as easy as “drag and drop” to build and…

…you could build a complete membership site and load it with content in less than 30 minutes?

It’s true. I didn’t believe it either when I first heard that, then I saw it happen in front of my own eyes.

It’s all part of a membership platform called MemberHub, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what it can do.

See MemberHub in action, and you will be amazed at how powerful it truly is while being stupid simple to use.

Here is just a fraction of what this platform includes:

• 15 Custom Designed Themes To Choose From!
• Built-In Custom Editor With Pre-Defined Matching Colors To Perfect Your Look!
• Beautiful Sales Pages Created For Your Automatically!
• Gamification Features Never Before Seen In A Membership Platform!
• All Hosted In The Cloud—No Coding Ever.

MemberHub will produce the most beautiful, highly profitable membership sites in a matter of minutes.

These memberships will keep your members engaged and hungry for more of your products!

This is something that you have to see for yourself.

If you’re running a membership site or thinking of starting one I just found something you’ll likely be very interested in.

The team behind the popular membership site solution “WishList Member” put together a bundle that includes some of their top resources.

Their Ultimate Membership Site Bundle includes 3 powerful plugins, a huge collection of membership graphics, exclusive content, training and more.

It was surprising to see they are offering all these tools and resources for over 80% OFF.

This bundle is only available until Wednesday, August 3rd so you should take a look before it disappears. Hope this helps!

If you’re frustrated with the ups and downs of trying to earn a consistent living online, do yourself a favor and consider the huge opportunities available by creating a membership site.

Why consider a membership site?

With the monthly income you earn, you can plan to pay off debt or recurring bills. This means less stress and worry each time a payment comes due!

Want to see the power of simple membership sites? Let’s do a little math…

* If you had just 40 members at $11.99 per month, that’s $480…that’s a car payment each month.
* Increase that number to 200 members to make $2398…that would cover most mortgage payments and even more.

And that’s on the low end. With a higher membership fee (and it’s very possible when you deliver value), it’s even easier to get to more profits for your debt or bills.

* For example, 20 members at $27 per month would get you $540 in recurring income…again, that would take care of your car.

20 members. That’s easy to do, so let’s aim a little higher.

* 200 members at $27 would be $5400. That would probably cover your car, mortgage, utilities, groceries and then some!

Member Site Live

If these numbers excite you, do yourself a favor and sign up for Ron and Alice’s “Member Site Live“. The training they are providing is so easy, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to set up and manage these simple membership sites. They’ll even set your site up for you if you’d rather focus on the content and not worry about the tech.

Plus, with the ‘LIVE’ demonstration these two will be doing within the program, getting set up to profit with residual income is a breeze. They’re setting up and launching a membership site from scratch in the training. As you can see, these two walk the walk and talk to talk, and they’ll show you exactly how it’s done.

Again, here is the info and registration.

Membership Mechanics

You see, lots of people who try to make money online think that they need to create something unique.

Even more, people engage in technical complexity that moves them further from the profits.

The truth is that there are just a few things required to make serious money…

And today I am going to give you all of those, including an 8-module training video series, 2 plugins and 3 sites; they are all you need in a proven and time-tested formula to lucrative online business.

Membership Mechanics” works across all niches, regardless whether it’s your 1st or 10th attempt to build a profitable business online.

Just follow the system and it will deliver profits.

4 Benefits Of Starting A Membership Site

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Member FactoryThe membership site business model is proven to stay. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a business that gets you:

– Recurring Income
– Predictability of Income
– Long-Term Growth
– High Value of Each Customer

However, the biggest hurdle that stops most marketers is TECHNOLOGY, and out-dated tech for that matter.

There’s a NEW player in town, and already it’s being called the NEW STANDARD in membership software by EXPERTS. Member Factory takes care of web development, web design, and your hosting, such that WITHIN JUST 5 MINUTES, you can build professional, profit-generating membership sites.

Watch the video and see how cool these features are:

– 25+ Responsive Membership Design Templates
– Loads of Different Content Layout Templates
– Easy Management of All Membership Sites
– EASY Members Management
– Payment Integration (supports one-time/subscriptions)
– Integrated Checkout Design Templates
– Email API Integration (top platforms)
– Fully-Customizable Transactional E-mails for Members
– Publish Content Immediately, Scheduled or Dripfeed
– Comment Engagement & Moderation
– Robust Sales & Forecasting Reporting

All of this (and more) will help you create multiple income streams at a FRACTION of the cost of other competitors, like Kajabi, Wishlist, aMember, s2member, and Infusionsoft which the design team, Stefan van der Vlag, Deep Arora and Sam Bakker have taken note of in order to make and differentiate Member Factory as the best possible membership site software yet.

Bring in the NEW with Member Factory today!

Easy Member NEO

Unless you have got yourself a membership site, you haven’t yet unlocked the key to a real regular passive income online.

In order to build one, you need Easy Member NEO—the easiest, most solid, secure and pure quality membership scripts on the market.

And it DOESN’T even need WordPress (but it works with it).

For over 9 years and with constant updates, Easy Member NEO has been making Internet Marketers like you rich with regular recurring incomes by delivering the most effective, functional and professional membership sites on the Web.

Today the developers are offering you an INSANE offer…

Not only are they going to give you a MAMMOTH DISCOUNT, but because they know that Membership Sites are usually a complete and utter pain to set up, requiring tons of time, effort and technical know-how, they are also going to do EVERY SINGLE BIT OF THE SET UP FOR YOU.

AND give you the UNLIMITED LICENCE version of this software, which means you can utilize Easy Member NEO on as many of your own sites as you wish!

This really is your one true opportunity to FINALLY unlock your regular recurring passive income from your online ventures

And FINALLY live the Internet Marketing Lifestyle you truly deserve.

Check out some of Easy Member NEO’s awesome features:

• Complete Autoresponder Integration (Inc. AWeber, GetResponse, Constant Contact & many more!)

• Built-in Affiliate Management System

• Bullet-Proof Security

• Automatic Backups

• Use Coupon Codes & Create Upsells & One-Time Offers

• Utilize Multiple Currencies & Languages

• Easy Page & Member Management System

• Offer Multiple Payment Options for Members

• Use Multiple Payment Processors (Inc. Paypal, JVZoo, Payza & many more!)

• Enhance With Plugins

• 24/7 Support Desk

Sounds unbeatable? Well it is.

Watch this demo video to see this money-printing cash machine in action.

Membership Academy

The truly wealthy people work less in order to earn more.

These 2 words hold all the clues: PASSIVE INCOME

Which is often driven by some sort of membership program…

But what exactly is it about the membership model that makes it so appealing?

And what has it got to do with you?

I’ve literally just been notified about a fantastic new product that’s come on the market today by Internet nice guy Keith Wilson and his partner on this project, Internet Marketing legend, Speaker and Membership expert Armand Morin.

This is pure, priceless content from the masters of their trade.

You’ll learn the exact step-by-step Membership Academy system that will allow you to create your very own profit producing sites in your spare time.

The entire program is now available for an absolute steal.

These opportunities don’t come round very often so when they do, you need to make sure you take advantage of them.

Brand New WP Theme for Membership & Blogging

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One of the greatest things about starting a membership site is that anyone can take their hobby, specialized knowledge or profession, and turn it into a profitable business!

BUT building the membership site is a pain, especially when it comes to the membership interface.

Several problems might people are facing now:

1) Have no design or programming skill to build the stunning membership page.

2) Still struggling with the membership script they’re using now.

3) Don’t like the boring design that they are stuck with.

The NewAmazeTheme WordPress theme has just been released to address these 3 problems. If you can set up a WordPress blog in 5 minutes, you can turn it into a membership website with a switch to this theme! This theme allows you to create BEAUTIFUL and PROFESSIONAL membership interface and blog at once, EASILY and QUICKLY. This is great for people who want an attractive design for their membership site, and at the same time publish blog posts or news for their members.

– Stunning and Unique Design
– 100% Newbie Friendly
– Build Blog and Membership Site at Once
– Change Your Site Entirely with Just a Few Clicks
– Multiple variations of the header, slider, content layout, main site layout
– Fully customizable color schema

View all the cool demos here.

What if you could turn all the content you have into a product that will have your customers pay month in, month out in order to access?

Imagine if you could finally load up your products, articles, blog posts, or anything else of value into a membership site that customers could actually PAY for every month, just to retain access?

Now it


The next generation for creating membership sites is here…

And at a 67% discount for 7 days only!

FreshMember has just opened the doors to what is going to be a game-changing app for creating membership sites and product delivery pages.

With the Digital Kickstart team behind it (creators of EasyVSL, Webinar Ignition, Nutshell Metrics and many of the other top software for marketers), they spared no expense to ensure that they changed the industry…AGAIN!

No matter if you are looking to create:

– One-Time/Subscription-Based Membership Sites.
– Information/Training Products.
– Coaching Programs.
– Private, Community-Driven Sites.

You need to watch this demo (it will blow your socks off).

With a feature-set that is unmatched:

[+] 10+ Responsive Membership Design Templates
[+] Loads of Different Content Layout Templates
[+] Easy Management of All Membership Sites
[+] Simple Members Management
[+] Payment Integration (supports one-time/subscription)
[+] Integrated Checkout Design Templates
[+] Email API Integration (top platforms)
[+] Fully-Customizable Transactional Emails for Members
[+] Publish Content Immediately, Scheduled or Drip
[+] Comment Engagement & Moderation
[+] Q&A Community Add-On
[+] Facebook Group/Page Integration Add-On
[+] Robust Sales & Forecasting Reporting

Not to mention, there is NOTHING to install or configure. It’s ready right out-of-the-box and hosted on the Amazon cloud!

Seriously you can have a membership site up and running in under 20 minutes!

And with a price point that makes you laugh at the other competitors, you will see what a no-brainer this 7-day deal is…

Create as many membership sites as you want. Add as many members to your sites as you can.

Grab FreshMember at a 67% discount but only during their Charter Member special going on for 7 days.


Every BIG guy uses membership site…and you should too!

It’s the most powerful way to brand yourself, host your info-products, use it to hold content, etc.

And as you’ll see, with a membership site you can create multiple streams of passive income faster, easier and with long-term continuity than ever.

But let’s be honest. Building them is a pain…

Even the latest and greatest WordPress themes are CLUNKY.

But this brand new membership theme called AmazeTheme is coming out to solve it.

AmazeTheme is super flexible, fully responsive and loaded with tons of amazing features. It’s fully customisable: theme color, header layout, menu style, archive variations, etc…you CAN change and customise them!

Let’s take a look at the features:

– Fully responsive
– Top floating bar
– Retina ready
– Font icons ready (retina ready icons)
– Products/banners slider
– Custom login page
– Extra content (above and below content)
– Custom logo
– Custom favicon
– Custom header & footer script
– Pre-made color schema
– Unlimited color options
– Custom body background (color or image)
– Custom text link color
– Custom CSS and Javascript feature
– Sidebar position options: left or right
– Social media profiles
– Multiple header variations
– Multiple archive variations
– Dropdown menus
– Boxed and wide layout
– Multiple menu variations
– Works with ANY other membership plugins
– Flat and modern design
– Translation feature
– Typography settings
– Protected page and post settings
– Opt-in form design ready: vertical and horizontal layout plus customisable design
– Full width page template
– Menus with icons
– Backup, restore and import theme settings
– and many more…

WOW that’s great! And it’s not limited to membership sites; you can use it to build a professional blog.

AmazeTheme is designed to make your blog and membership site look attractive. It’s going to make other webmasters and bloggers go green with ENVY!

InstaThemeAre you looking to set up a WordPress-based membership site? You are at the right place at the right time.

Every BIG GUN uses membership sites. It’s the most powerful way to brand yourself, host your info-products, use it to hold content, etc.

And as you’ll see, the membership business model has always been lucrative. With membership sites, you can create multiple streams of online income faster and easier than ever.

Setting them up and getting them to run properly used to be a clunky and painful process, especially when you had to customize your preferred theme a lot, which when it was first released, was likely not oriented towards membership design and features to begin with.

Well, lessons are learned and the technology evolved. You’re about to discover why all the membership themes and plugins out there today, even OptimizePress, are about to become as ANCIENT as your granny’s sewing machine.

InstaTheme is what you have been waiting for. It is the FIRST 100% drag-and-drop WP theme out there…

And you will be able to create jaw-dropping, unique, and professionally designed membership sites in less time than it takes to hire a designer.

When I say “Drag & Drop”, I mean you can drag and drop any element where you want it, DOWN TO THE PIXEL!

Want to move your video up a touch? DONE.

Want to change the width of your headline? DONE.

You can click and drag ANY change you want.

You can resize anything.

Change the color, change fonts, use any video format, upload images…you can do it all.

InstaTheme’s secret weapon is The Most Advanced VISUAL Editor in the world.

Imagine clicking and dragging any video, headline, text, bullets, ANYTHING you can imagine.

Then dragging it ANYWHERE you want on the page.

And what you see is EXACTLY what it looks like when you click “Publish”.

Unbelievable? Not when you see the demo we’ve got for you.

InstaTheme is also loaded with custom icons and graphics.

It is totally customizable and works seamlessly with ANY membership software.

We’re talking serious WordPress ENVY here.

This is something you DON’T want your competitors to have.

Click here and find out what the BIG deal is.

InstaMemberInstaMember is the newest WordPress plugin that takes the hassle out of creating membership sites.

It lets you build high-profit, high-performance membership with unprecedented speed and functionality.

With the membership sites you can create almost instantly with InstaMember, you can turbocharge your sales campaigns and enjoy long-term, recurring profit streams.

InstaMember lets you do it all! It’s your hassle-free key to building high-powered membership sites that bring you fast and easy profits month after month!

InstaMember is the WordPress plugin you’ve been waiting for, and the day has finally arrived! But it won’t be available at its special introductory pricing for very long, so if you want to be one of the select few who have access to this incredible tool at this great price, you have to act fast!

Here’s hoping you get in on time!

A Membership Site In 5 Minutes? YES!

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You can finally enjoy the month-by-month, semi-passive income that only membership sites are able to generate, because it does NOT take a PhD to get one up and running anymore! Take this incredibly simple, yet powerful membership plugin and create a membership site (no matter how simple or complex) in 5 minutes!

Member Rocket also has full Amazon S3 integration, built-in autoresponder, support desk and more, so you save money by not having to use complicated and expensive 3rd-party solutions!

Special price until December 10th before it is taken off the forum for the ‘retail’ launch!

Membership CubeDo you think you know what a membership site really is?

Here’s all a membership site is: a place where people can login using a username and password to get to their stuff.

Membership sites DON’T have to be this thing where people pay you month after month to get access!

I hope that gets you motivated to make your first, if not next membership site, because it suddenly got a lot easier.

If you have a one-hour video, just ask $47 for it. People pay 47 bucks one time, then get their login and can watch your video.

If they refund, they’re kicked out. Simple as that. No further payments after that first one.

Then let’s say you made a second follow-up video. Put it in the membership site so it shows up after 14 days.

Now, everyone who pays 47 bucks gets that first video, then after a couple of weeks they get the next video.

You CAN have sequential content delivery and only have a single payment.

Now let’s say you create a 3rd video, and you schedule it at the 30th day mark. Now you have an instant video, a 14th day video, and a 30th day video, but at this point, you’re ready to raise the price.

Instead of simply doubling the price to $97, make it a 2-payment plan. Now they pay $47 and get a video instantly, they stay in and get the 2nd video after 2 weeks, they get billed again and receive the 3rd video.

The people you sold to early on get all this stuff for free…but the new buyers have to pay both payments, and if they cancel at any time, they’re locked out.

If they let it ride till the end, they get lifetime access to all 3 of your videos.

Isn’t that a better way of looking at drip content? Instead of struggling forever to create months and months of content, worry about creating the first month…then the second month…and so on.

Then change the payment button so you add more payments or a higher price for new buyers. That way you can stop at any time.

I want to show you the exact step-by-step plan to accomplishing EVERYTHING we just talked about in the last couple minutes, right here.

The Ultimate “Done For You”

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If all goes well, here is your demo video of that super quick & easy Membership Site software…MEMBERSNAP!

Now who doesn’t want a membership site with the monthly income which it brings? It is THE way to go, with normally a BIG problem: They are hard to set up!

Almost every single successful marketer that I know has a membership site that keeps them with a base of income.

Membersnap is a “snap” to set up. 30 seconds, no kidding…and 10 minutes if you tweak it.

If you pick one of the ready-made businesses, you get everything, the squeeze page, the teaser product, the loaded membership, the built-in pay options for your customers, and the price is crazy-low.

Check this out while they test the low price point.

What is the lifetime customer value (LCV) of each subscriber who signs up for your subscription or membership site?

The LCV can be calculated using the formula below where RR = renewal rate and P = annual membership fee.

LCV = 1/(1-RR) X P

Therefore if your renewal rate is 80% and your annual membership fee is $600, your life-time customer value is:

1/(1-0.8) X $600 = $3,000.

Meaning each new subscriber at $600 a year will stay with you on average 5 years and spend $3,000 total.

My friends Lance Tamashiro and Robert Plank (the membership site kings) are offering a unique WordPress plugin that turns your blog into a membership site.

Download Member Genius!

One of the most powerful tools you can have is the WPDrip plugin, which allows you to provide specific content on specific dates to your members.

This plugin easily turns your WordPress blog into a membership site that releases content incrementally so your members will not be overloaded with information, and can better progress with the knowledge they can receive at a steady, scheduled pace.

Think about it…

Your membership site ACTUALLY works like a virtual assistant giving your members access to the information when you want while you are doing the things that matter most to you.

But there is even more. There are some incredible NEW features and strategies that you NEED to know to start using immediately if not sooner.