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Directory Submitter

As you probably know already, Google is constantly changing the way they rank websites. These days, it is absolutely critical to get high-quality, 1-way links to your website.

Reciprocal linking just isn’t anywhere near as effective as it once was. The problem that we and most people are running into is it’s HARD to figure out how to get 1-way links, let alone high-quality ones!

One of the absolute best and “easiest” ways to get these quality, one-way links is by submitting your website to website directories. By doing so, you can not only get one-way links pretty much instantly, but you can control the anchor text used in your link.

This means that you can completely control which keywords you want to rank highly for! Up until now, the stone-age method is to manually find where and what the directories are and fill in your website details with the keyboard, absolutely tedious and time-consuming.

Guess what? We’ve come across a brand new program created by Brad Callen and the Bryxen Software team, called “Directory Submitter“. It allows you to quickly submit your website to thousands of website directories with a few mouse clicks! No kidding…

We’ve been using it and it saves us literally hours of time in both submitting AND in finding these directories. You won’t believe it’s free too…

Have you ever worked really hard on graphics and text for your site only to find later that someone has stolen them as their own? It’s really difficult to accept that your efforts are being pirated, isn’t it?

We recommend HTML-Protector for its ability to prevent e-mail address extraction, password-protect your web pages, encrypt links (especially order links!), disable screen-capture and many more!

Grab Your Copy of HTML-Protector, save $50 and get 7 Great Bonus Tools and lifetime upgrades FOR FREE!

Easy Profit Auctions25-year-old eBay prodigy Alex Jeffreys uses eBay to build an enormous list…and he did it virally.

As a result Alex was able to quit his job in construction and become a full-time online entrepreneur…and the money he earned was more than 3 times his old salary.

Did we mention that Alex is a prodigy?

He has painstakingly documented every single step in the process…tracking, testing, tweaking as he went along. The end result is a member’s only site in which Alex reveals everything he does to amass gigantic viral lists with eBay.

The step-by-step plan which anyone can follow to build their own list with eBay has:

– instructional videos to enhance the reports,
– a private members’ forum with access to Alex,
– personal coaching, and so much more.

If you’ve been at this for any length of time you have to have heard the mantra, “The money is in the list!”

Well, the beauty of Alex’s strategies are that you DO NOT need any friends with big lists to get your business off the ground.

No…you can start from scratch with nothing…no website, no friends with big lists, no products, And Build Your Very Own Massive List With eBay…

Exactly the same way he did.

But Alex is only willing to share his secrets for a very limited number of students

He’s adamant that only a select few have this unfair advantage.

So, you’ll need to check Easy Profit Auctions right now.

How To Create Urgency So People Buy Now!

Posted May 16th, 2007 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Business

Buy NowYou must create urgency so people will buy your products or services now. They may not revisit your website or see your ad again.

How do you do this? You must use a limited time offer. Limited time offers stop people from putting off buying your products or services. It stops them from procrastinating.

There are many different types of limited time offers. Here are a few:

1) Limited Time Price Offers: For example, Order Now! While the price is still low. After Dec 23rd, 1999 this price will go up to…

2) Limited Time Discount Offers: For example, Order before Midnight, Nov. 5th, 1999 and you will get 25% discount!

3) Limited Time Free Bonus Offers: For example, Order before April 2nd, 2000 and you’ll get a free bonus!

4) Limited Time In-Stock Offers: For example, Order Now while supplies last! After Oct. 31st, 1999 we can’t guarantee we will have any left in stock.

I’m not saying everyone will order the first time they see your ad. They may not be interested in your products or services. It depends on your ad and the person reading the ad. If they are interested, usually, limited time offers will make them buy now.

Bookmark your web pages with ease.

Posted May 16th, 2007 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Social Media

Bookmarking Demon

Given the current buzz, social bookmarking is one of the fastest ways to drive hordes of targeted traffic to your site.

The process is a simple matter of placing some tags on my web pages and bookmark them to the major social bookmarking sites.

But there is a challenge. You may keep building so many web pages that you found it very time-consuming to manually bookmark them. Some social bookmarking automation softwares may be the solution and these work very well too, but they are too expensive! Some can suck the bone out of you with their monthly fees.

As you can see, the ridiculous pricing of these softwares have made them beyond the reach of most people. Many are forced to do the painful job of bookmarking their sites manually.

We finally found the cost-effective software that you may be looking for…one that:

– bookmark to at least 20 major bookmarking sites
– supports adding unlimited scuttle bookmarking sites
– has no monthly fees
– free updates

With the resultant increased traffic, you could see a jump in your online income (AdSense, commissions etc.) and search engine rankings with more pages indexed through getting picked up ftom the social bookmarking sites by the spiders. Here’s your special report on more bookmarking strategies.

Many Internet Marketers use link exchange programs.

They spend boatloads of money trying to increase their websites’ link popularity.

It’s much easier to buy valuable dropping domains which already have great link popularity.

For example, did you notice that last year Microsoft forgot to renew their domain

Since it had expired, anybody could grab it. After all, whoever owns this site is guaranteed more than 1500 visitors from Yahoo! search alone every single month.

Its ranked #1 in Yahoo! and the backlinks are priceless.

But you didn’t know about that and you missed your chance to own

Warning: It’s not uncommon to miss renewal notices. If you have more than a few domains, this probably has already happened to you. If it hasn’t, it probably will.

Credit cards expire. Sometimes the auto-renew is unintentionally set to ‘off’. This is an easy way to lose a valuable old domain.

If this happens to you, you can bet it happens to everybody! And someone else’s loss can become your gain with Register Compass.

When a domain unintentionally expires that’s your chance!

Quickly and easily comb through a pool of more than 30,000 expiring domains daily.

Register Compass offers you the ability to search for domains with:

– Backlinks listed in Google
– Backlinks listed in Yahoo!
– Backlinks listed in MSN
– Backlinks listed in Alexa
– DMOZ listings
– Yahoo! Directory listings
– The number of pages indexed in Google
– The number of pages indexed in Yahoo!
– The number of pages indexed in MSN
– Alexa ranking
– Google PageRank
– Character length filter
– Presorted alphabetization
– Domain age
– Wayback machine listing

and much more…

It’s time to get started now! Get a jump on your competition by grabbing valuable, high PR sites before they do.

Public Domain Express Toolbar

In the past, public domain materials are best searched by keywords. Since last year, we are beginning to see more tools that help to make the job easier.

What you have here is the “Public Domain Express Toolbar“, giving you INSTANT access to over 450 Public Domain-related websites with millions of reports, books, videos and images.

Imagine what you can do with all this media:

1. Republish as-is as a downloadable e-book
2. Use content to develop how-to course
3. Update or rewrite material for new product
4. Use content to develop mini-course by e-mail or online
5. Record reading as an audio book
6. Use content as e-zine articles
7. Use content for web pages along with AdSense
8. Use content to create videos for YouTube
9. Use collection of PD books to create a membership site
10. Use audio and video to create mobile content


If Roger Ebert is an Internet Marketer, he will immediately give 2 thumbs-up for this.

We are happy to share with you Mike Liebner’s “Top 20 Linking Secrets” presented in two parts totalling 59 minutes.

He’ll reveal and discuss 20 real-world tactics (actually more) that you can employ immediately to kick your linking efforts into high gear and harvest all kinds of fresh new traffic to your web pages.

The video has techniques and little known tactics you can really use to get more pages ranked on top of Google and other search engines! Mike do not hold back! In fact I think he may have spilled just a little too much info.

It is available as streaming flash files or you may prefer to download the zips (recommended) and watch them from your computer’s hard drive.

You’ll be inspired. The video is not filled with HYPE or FLUFF and can really have a huge impact on the future success of your business! So please, watch the video! (If the page does not load well, refresh it.)

If you’ll notice, the bottom half of the page presents Mike’s popular Article Underground PLR article membership.

As one of the few membership sites that stands the test of time, it gives members 400 exact keyword phrase-optimized articles every month!

You can use the articles to build websites that easily get traffic and last a long time because the sites have real content!

If you could easily build real content websites that each made you between $5 and $100 per day, how many would you build?

We suggest you access the opt-in gifts because they will not only show you how to build real content websites, but also offer tips to make your sites ban-proof!

There is also a great  for the membership site that pays 50% per month recurring, so if you want easy passive income every month without having to do anything, this is a great affiliate program!