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Meet Meghan Thompson, the girl next door.

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Make Money With MeghanShe happens to be an internet millionaire as well.

Today she is finally revealing her secret system. She is the queen of all guru’s and she will show you how she make over $17,000 a day from one website!

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Did you know that most of the advice about ranking YouTube videos on the first page of Google is wrong?

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Halloween Super Affiliate

Brian G. Johnson just opened the gates on his Halloween Super Affiliate coaching program and judging from the buzz, the limited seats will fill up fast…

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Easy software creates infographics in minutes!

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Pinterest is hot, and what makes it so is its currency: infographics. If designed well, not only are they visually stimulating, they tell a story much better than any article ever will. Their ability to break down a complex topic into an easily digestible illustrative summary makes themselves understandable to readers, thereby encouraging readers to share them with their connections. That’s viral marketing for you!

From a marketing perspective, you can include your company/brand/product name and web link in your infographic. From an SEO perspective, you can add in an accompanying textual description filled with keywords and a destination link.

5 quick tips to make your infographic interesting:

1) Humor: Research some funny statistics that put a twist on your niche. For example, ‘Men with Beards…’.

2) How to: Put together creating or doing something in 5-10 easy steps.

3) Amazing Insights: Create interesting data around fascinating topics that is new and interesting.

4) Timely: Something that’s relevant to an event thats just happened in the news.

5) Chronological: List the history of the evolution of an event. The growth of Facebook is a great example.

3 easy steps to creating a viral infographic:

1) Research the data first: Use Notepad and simply google facts around your chosen topic.

2) Organize your content: Create your list of topics and data in order of importance.

3) Start your infographic using Instant Infographics Presence and simply transfer the data elements across using graphical elements to represent the data you have put together and publish…job done!

Outsourcing infographic creation can cost upwards of $399, but here is an alternative that not only won’t impact your wallet, but also enables you to create quality images in minutes.

Instant Infographics Presence

Bertranddo and Paul Clifford have put together an amazing new tool, Instant Infographics Presence, allowing true drag-and-drop infographic creation.

It comes with 515 graphic images to get you started immediately and includes 2 templates so you can simply modify and have one ready in minutes.

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Digital Publishing BlueprintDigital Publishing Blueprint is ‘LIVE’!

Ed Dale is releasing his full training and software for publishing your own digital magazine

YouTube Marketing Made Easy

The hottest Video Sharing Site ever is sweeping the Internet! Businesses & marketers need the latest training ASAP, would you like to make a killing with it?

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Learn how to write better marketing e-mails for better sales conversion.

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One crucial key to increasing e-mail open rate is to write effective subject lines that get people interested.

E-mail marketing is not going away yet; that’s why veteran marketer Matt Bacak has just released his swipe collection of the best subject lines ever written over 3 years!

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Discover The One Thing You Were Born To Do…For Free

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One person has the power to change the world, impact millions of lives, and leave a legacy for lifetimes to come. That person is…YOU!

In his latest book, “What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do“, award-winning author Steve Olsher (founder of The Reinvention Workshop), reveals his proven process that has helped thousands of men and women cultivate a life of purpose, conviction, and contribution by identifying and creating a plan of action for bringing the ONE thing they were born to do to fruition. This timely step-by-step guide will propel you towards achieving peace and prosperity sharing your unique gift with the world.

Featuring inspirational stories of trial, tribulation, and triumph from public figures such as Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, Mari Smith, and Jack Canfield who Steve sat down with to discuss how they made their critical shift from pursuing commodity-driven opportunities to honoring their singular blueprint, “What Is Your WHAT?” will help you discover what puts fire in your soul.

In advance of its release, Steve is offering FREE hard cover copies while supplies last. Grab yours here.

Discover the ONE thing you were born to do now. The world is waiting for you!

Crappy Salesman Makes $103K Deal

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Like most people, you probably suck at selling.

So does this guy Jim Fleck, but he learned how to make huge offline consulting deals without needing to sell.

He gets people to ask to buy. Like the $103,500 deal he just signed with a company. Obviously his method works great!

Grab this eye-opening interview ASAP. Jim walks you step-by-step through the entire process from finding leads, to contacting them, getting them to respond the way you want, and putting together deal after deal.

You’ll get a lot of awesome tips that you can apply right away.

The Hacker's Guide To Content Syndication

No longer do you have to write word by word to success, because “The Hacker’s Guide To Content Syndication” will teach you how to quickly create your very own high quality, original content in 3 minutes and it does not require you to stand in front of a camera or spend countless hours editing and producing.

This is the type of content that gets syndicated across the web for thousands of people to see. With time, as you build a critical core of regular readers, you also project yourself as a trusted authority in your marketplace, and that’s how you make respectable income.

And it all starts with almost instant, quality content in 3 minutes…

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Is It Important For You To Always Be Right? by Bob Bly

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I was arguing with AB, my gourmet friend, about meat, of all things.

He said Ruth Chris porterhouse steak is the best meat money can buy.

I said I preferred the chopped liver at my local deli.

“But steak is better than chopped liver!” AB said as if proclaiming the gospel truth. Perhaps you agree with him. I think most people do.

But the fact remains: AB should not have said steak is better than chopped liver. What he should have said was: “I like steak better than chopped liver.” Because food preferences are just that

Download Now: 275 Sales-Boosting Graphics

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Graphics Blackbox

My friend, Jeremiah Villagomez, from the Philippines, a very artistic and talented graphics designers, is releasing Graphics Blackbox to the IM World.

He is celebrating his 3rd-year anniversary of working with graphics, so he’s giving all-access pass to his brand new creations that you can use for your websites and blogs to boost sales.

You’re getting 85%-99% off his service fees. Grab the Graphics Blackbox package for less than $10 while you can. There’s an impending price increase, and some rare goodies will be removed soon.

If you hate creating graphics yourself or don’t like paying expensive fees for custom graphics, then this is exactly what you need.

Major flaw of Camtasia

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If you work with Camtasia to make videos, then you know that if you try and import AVCHD video files from your camcorder or camera, it won’t work.

Mark Dulisse created this nifty little software that changes the codecs and converts it to MP4 that is ready for Camtasia, or another editing software, and is also ready for Youtube.

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Is It OK To Work For Your Clients’ Competitors? by Bob Bly

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Subscriber LW writes: “Would appreciate your thoughts about the ethics of working for your clients’ competitors simultaneously

“The Writer’s Secret” by Marlon Sanders

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Since 1998, Marlon Sanders has been writing and creating info-products that still sell and put money in his bank account regularly. And the beautiful thing is it gives him freedom, time, and ultimate control over his life.

He can write from the comfort of his home office, from Starbucks, from bookstores and exotic locations around the world…

You can start small but the business model is scalable, and as you grow the income becomes more steady and predictable, with each info-product becoming a $1,000 to $2500/mth income stream by itself.

Marlon Sanders describes the writer’s business model in “The Writer’s Secret“.

Subscriber JC recently asked me a question that I get asked quite often.

It has to do with how much information to give away when marketing with content.

“Conventional advice says never to give away all your secrets through your blog and social networks,” writes JC.

“So how do you distinguish between educating consumers and giving away personal trade secrets?”

I gave JC this advice on how to determine what content to give away: Share with your prospects what you do, but not how to do it.

This way prospects will view you as the expert in your skill set but not be able to do it themselves. And so they will perceive that they need to hire you.

But now I think my answer to JC was too restrictive. Fact is, I give away lots of how-to in my content. And by doing so, I further solidify the impression that I know what I am doing.

However, even if you do give away a lot of how-to, your prospects will then theoretically know how to do what you do…but will not have your years of experience in actually doing it.

So their skill level will be a fraction of yours, and they will still turn to you, the expert, for your services and advice.

My overriding philosophy is that it is better to give away more secrets rather than fewer in your content marketing. In this, I am in opposition to the conventional advice JC refers to.

Marketers fear giving away too much content for two reasons: First, they overestimate the rarity of their content.

You may think what you are giving away is your own secret sauce, invented by and known only by you.

But more often than not, the same advice has already been posted in many places online…and it is not the secret you think it is.

Second, marketers do not realize that the majority of prospects, while wanting to become better educated, do not actually want to do the work themselves.

The reason they want to become better educated in your skill area is so they can know enough to select the right vendor…and more effectively evaluate the work you do for them.

As Sims the retailer says in their radio commercials, “An educated consumer is the best customer.”

Here are some of the channels where I commonly share content with my prospects and subscribers:

1. My e-newsletter.

2. My books.

3. My e-books.

4. My column in Target Marketing magazine.

5. Articles.

6. Blog posts.

7. Facebook and LinkedIn posts, tweets.

8. The Articles page of my website:

9. Special reports.

10. Presentations: seminars, speeches, webinars.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

368,483 Visitors in 35 minutes? $1,549.87 a DAY?

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Instant Traffic CommissionsWatch this guy as he explains how he made $1,549.87 a DAY for the past 38 days in a ROW!

No PPC, no PPV, no CPA, no so-called “push-button software” scams, no loopholes…

Something TOTALLY different.

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What’s Wrong With Young Marketers Today? by Bob Bly

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There is a huge generation gap between young marketers and old marketers like me.

As I see it, many young marketers are overly fond of whatever is hip and trendy at the moment, e.g. Instagram, Google+, infographics, Foursquare, memes.

Many older marketers prefer the tried, true, and tested methods: e-mail marketing, white papers, landing pages, direct mail, ads.

Why do young marketers have such a strong preference for the latest flavor of the month?

I can think of a few reasons:

1. They want to appear “in the know” to their friends, colleagues, and clients.

2. People are always attracted to things that are new.

3. For old-school marketing methods such as direct mail, there is a huge body of tested experience which young marketers do not know about, so they are at a disadvantage.

4. Some clients are mesmerized by the latest fads, and look for consultants who are proficient in those methods.

5. Many marketers find refuge in marketing for which sales ROI cannot be measured, because it masks the fact that they don’t know how to sell.

6. It’s easier and takes less skill to create a blog post or a Tweet than it does to write a long-copy landing page whose sales can be measured to the dollar.

I often say I was born at the wrong time, for the following reason…

When I was young and worked in marketing for large corporations, the senior marketers were revered while it was assumed that us “kids” knew nothing and would take many years to train.

Now that I am older, I live in a youth-oriented society where young people are valued for their superior grasp of technology, while folks in my 50+ age group can’t get a job because their skills are thought to be obsolete and their thinking out of step with the times.

The fact is that today’s youth does not respect the wisdom of their elders