Easy software creates infographics in minutes!

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Pinterest is hot, and what makes it so is its currency: infographics. If designed well, not only are they visually stimulating, they tell a story much better than any article ever will. Their ability to break down a complex topic into an easily digestible illustrative summary makes themselves understandable to readers, thereby encouraging readers to share them with their connections. That’s viral marketing for you!

From a marketing perspective, you can include your company/brand/product name and web link in your infographic. From an SEO perspective, you can add in an accompanying textual description filled with keywords and a destination link.

5 quick tips to make your infographic interesting:

1) Humor: Research some funny statistics that put a twist on your niche. For example, ‘Men with Beards…’.

2) How to: Put together creating or doing something in 5-10 easy steps.

3) Amazing Insights: Create interesting data around fascinating topics that is new and interesting.

4) Timely: Something that’s relevant to an event thats just happened in the news.

5) Chronological: List the history of the evolution of an event. The growth of Facebook is a great example.

3 easy steps to creating a viral infographic:

1) Research the data first: Use Notepad and simply google facts around your chosen topic.

2) Organize your content: Create your list of topics and data in order of importance.

3) Start your infographic using Instant Infographics Presence and simply transfer the data elements across using graphical elements to represent the data you have put together and publish…job done!

Outsourcing infographic creation can cost upwards of $399, but here is an alternative that not only won’t impact your wallet, but also enables you to create quality images in minutes.

Instant Infographics Presence

Bertranddo and Paul Clifford have put together an amazing new tool, Instant Infographics Presence, allowing true drag-and-drop infographic creation.

It comes with 515 graphic images to get you started immediately and includes 2 templates so you can simply modify and have one ready in minutes.

This is launched on a limited special offer basis and you need to get in quick for this.

Digital Publishing BlueprintDigital Publishing Blueprint is ‘LIVE’!

Ed Dale is releasing his full training and software for publishing your own digital magazine—or MagCast—on Apple’s Newsstand.

Get in front of 600 million hot prospects, who with just one-tap on their iPhone or iPad, can order what YOU have to offer.

This is the same, step-by-step system where Ed and 350 of his successful students were able to gain over $1.25 million customers in less than 11 months…with NO PAID ADVERTISING!

You do not need a website, product, or a list to make it big with Digital Publishing Blueprint

You don’t even need an iPhone or iPad to achieve massive results as a Magcast publisher!

Whether you want:

* more customers
* more leads
* more exposure for your business
* or whatever…

Publishing your own digital magazine is truly the “next BIG THING” in information marketing, but it’s up to you to jump in while it’s hot, and so highly effective!

Start your own digital magazine today, plus there are “fast action” bonuses that will go away very quickly, so you need to take advantage of this right away to get those valuable bonuses.

YouTube Marketing Made Easy

The hottest Video Sharing Site ever is sweeping the Internet! Businesses & marketers need the latest training ASAP, would you like to make a killing with it?

YouTube Marketing Made Easy” with PLR is ‘live’!

Grab the Private Label Rights to this package so you can rebrand or present it as your own before your competitors do! It has all the sales material you need to start cashing in huge as your own product within hours.

What makes this the perfect PLR product?

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This is a complete set of powerful marketing tools you will be able to Use to make as much money as you want with this excellent training Course that comes with full PLR:

Module #1: YouTube Marketing Made Easy Training Guide (Valued at $600)
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Module #10: YouTube Resources Report (Valued at $50) and
Fast Action Bonus: The 4 Easiest ways to make easy money with YouTube (Valued at $200)

The guides have screenshots well-explained text for you and your clients to master YouTube Marketing easily. Get it for less than $10 before normal price resumes!

One person has the power to change the world, impact millions of lives, and leave a legacy for lifetimes to come. That person is…YOU!

In his latest book, “What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do“, award-winning author Steve Olsher (founder of The Reinvention Workshop), reveals his proven process that has helped thousands of men and women cultivate a life of purpose, conviction, and contribution by identifying and creating a plan of action for bringing the ONE thing they were born to do to fruition. This timely step-by-step guide will propel you towards achieving peace and prosperity sharing your unique gift with the world.

Featuring inspirational stories of trial, tribulation, and triumph from public figures such as Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, Mari Smith, and Jack Canfield who Steve sat down with to discuss how they made their critical shift from pursuing commodity-driven opportunities to honoring their singular blueprint, “What Is Your WHAT?” will help you discover what puts fire in your soul.

In advance of its release, Steve is offering FREE hard cover copies while supplies last. Grab yours here.

Discover the ONE thing you were born to do now. The world is waiting for you!

Download Now: 275 Sales-Boosting Graphics

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Graphics Blackbox

My friend, Jeremiah Villagomez, from the Philippines, a very artistic and talented graphics designers, is releasing Graphics Blackbox to the IM World.

He is celebrating his 3rd-year anniversary of working with graphics, so he’s giving all-access pass to his brand new creations that you can use for your websites and blogs to boost sales.

You’re getting 85%-99% off his service fees. Grab the Graphics Blackbox package for less than $10 while you can. There’s an impending price increase, and some rare goodies will be removed soon.

If you hate creating graphics yourself or don’t like paying expensive fees for custom graphics, then this is exactly what you need.

“The Writer’s Secret” by Marlon Sanders

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Since 1998, Marlon Sanders has been writing and creating info-products that still sell and put money in his bank account regularly. And the beautiful thing is it gives him freedom, time, and ultimate control over his life.

He can write from the comfort of his home office, from Starbucks, from bookstores and exotic locations around the world…

You can start small but the business model is scalable, and as you grow the income becomes more steady and predictable, with each info-product becoming a $1,000 to $2500/mth income stream by itself.

Marlon Sanders describes the writer’s business model in “The Writer’s Secret“.

Law Of Attraction Course PLR

You don’t need to know rocket science to realize that one of the most lucrative businesses in the entire world are the sales of complete ‘life’ courses a.k.a. a balanced diet of Holistic Personal Development.

If you haven’t heard of this multi-million dollar personal development market then it’s okay…to put this in layman English terms, it is a complete personal development training program that teaches you to improve your life in a well balanced manner.

The Law Of Attraction is the thought belief that “like attracts like”. It’s method of thinking is so powerful that it can potentially unlock the mystery that will get you literally anything you want in this world!

Anything, you name it…better habits, greater career success, unlimited financial freedom, fulfilling relationships, optimal health and even a greater spiritual transcendence!

All that is required is that you are willing to ‘attract’ the right things into your life and you will live in a fulfilling way and have all the tools at your disposal!

Your customers will eat this up!

Modules include:

1) Basics & Background Of Using The Law Of Attraction For Beginners And Newbies
2) Acceleration Of Your Power And Authority Through Universal Truths
3) Attracting What You Want Through Habit Reconstruction And Skill Aptitude Assessment
4) Applying Advanced Strategies By Training Your Subconscious Mind And Rewiring Your Financial Blueprint
5) Achieving Transcendence And Enlightenment By Attracting Goodness And Oneness With The Universe

This is a totally complete course with lots of extras!

With the private label rights to this course, you can be sure you rake in massive profits selling these hot titles as well as help others to live better lives.

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Traffic Recon

The past 1.5 years have been full of all types of ‘new’ SEO services that promise top rankings, but can’t back it up with their results.

Sure, some methods work fairly well, when combined with other methods, but overall, there was no longer that one “magic bullet” like there always had been in years past.

I know so many people that simply gave up on SEO and ended up losing their business, and everything they’d worked so hard for, for so many years.

Today, I want to tell you about a unique rinse-and-repeat system that SEO expert, Matt Callen just released, that’s as close as you can get to the good old “magic bullet” that used to exist prior to the Penguin and Panda updates.

He’s now getting over 2,000 unique visitors to just one of his sites PER DAY, SOLELY from Google search.

His team has used these exact methods to help generate millions of visitors over the years, as well as several of their SEO clients’ sites too. It’s tested and it’s 100% proven to work if you use it the right way.

Riding on 9 years of SEO knowledge, Matt charges up to $997/month for his SEO services! Today, you can get his Traffic Recon strategies for a lower price than going to the movies.

Trust me, you’ll be super pumped about the price!

Anyway, enough of the ‘hype’, go watch the video for yourself. I guarantee you’ll be impressed with this.

Google has recently announced a GMail development that has Internet marketers panicking.

Login to your GMail account and you will find a new ‘Promotions’ tab. All e-mails that Google deems to be promotional will arrive in this tab. Considering that a good e-mail click-through rate is only 3%, it’s going to go down further as readers are not inclined to be sold at.

To salvage the situation, you may consider cutting down on your marketing frequency and balance your promotional e-mails with educational content. Inform readers that should they find your e-mails under ‘Promotion’, they can drag them into the ‘Primary’ tab. Google will ask if they want to treat all future messages from you the same way; they should click ‘yes’. Remind them again in subsequent e-mails.

You likely have a specific set of keywords that are relevant to your business. Use Google to find out what sites rank well for those keywords and then look for related searches at the bottom of search engine results pages. To help raise your Google ranking in those keywords, develop content around these terms and distribute it through your content marketing efforts.

Source: GlobalSpec Marketing Maven, 6/28/13

7 tips for writing websites

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1. Put the most important words first.

2. Write clear and very descriptive titles for pages.

3. Headline content should be concise and descriptive and stand out from the rest of the text.

4. Lead with the most important messages.

5. Define technical terms in place.

6. Link to pages that have simplified explanations.

7. Spell out and define acronyms.

Source: Ragan.com, 7/8/13

How to get ready to write your copy

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Copywriter Henneke Duistermaat suggests taking these 4 steps before you start writing your copy:

1. Create a full list of features and specifications

2. Translate each feature into a benefit for your ideal reader

3. Consider the problems you help avoid

4. Write down the objections to buying from you and decide how you can address them

This is Copywriting 101 and I was doing it over 30 years ago, but many modern marketers today seem to skip these important fundamentals.

Source: Copy Blogger, 6/28/13

Use symbols in subject lines

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Copywriter Pat Friesen recommends testing special characters in subject lines. She often uses vertical bars (a.k.a., pipes) instead of commas to | visually | separate | elements | in subject lines.

[Brackets], {braces}, and +s also link, separate, and/or save character space and draw the eye. Example: [Free 42-Page Ebook] The Smart Guide to Lead Generation. She says not to put a period at the end of your subject line.

Source: Target Marketing, 6/28/13

Effortless Email

I first heard about Arman Assadi in the Summer of 2012.

He left his dream job at Google, and since then he’s been shaking up the entire industry.

He’s doing a free training for a very limited time. Click to join now.

This guy is for real and he’s here to bring some serious value to the community.

He’s already been featured in numerous well-known publications and now he’s offering his WORLD-CLASS training video for FREE.

“Eliminate spam and annoying e-mails forever”?

“Spend 75% less time on e-mail”?

Yup. and this ex-Googler is about to show you exactly how.

He is going to reveal his very best stuff and expose his entire system, STEP-BY-STEP.

He’s already taught this system to countless small and medium-sized enterprises, CEOs, and Internet entrepreneurs.

Watch the training video now.

Free artwork for your e-book covers

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At the Self-Publishing Book Expo a few years ago, Andy Carpenter and Eric Baker shared some resources where info-marketers can get images for their e-book covers. These images are in the public domain, so they are free and you don’t need permission to use them:

1. The Library of Congress’ image collection to find public domain images
2. American Memory Project to find public domain images
3. Archive.org for public domain books
4. Public Domain Images Google Search
5. Illustrated books on Project Gutenberg
6. Creative Commons search on Flickr

Source: Galleycat at mediabistro.com

SlideUp Bar

Ken Sar just let me know about this new plugin he released called SlideUp Bar.

With the SlideUp Bar plugin, you’ll finally be able to:

* Put your opt-in box out of the way—across the bottom of the screen—while still keeping it visible to visitors
* Use your own graphics and background colors
* Write your own call-to-action
* Use different slide-ups on the home page versus archive pages
* Change the slide-up timing, so you can capture their attention without distracting them from your content before they’ve begun to read
* Test offers, headlines, graphics, and colors easily—simply edit your slide-up

In short, everything you’ve wished for in an opt-in/advertising banner but could never find!

You also get Developer License when you purchase this plugin and it is available at incredibly low price of just $7.

Social media expert Paul Gillen suggests a way you can use speaker PowerPoint presentations to promote your conference or event.

Paul suggests you create event channels on SlideShare and YouTube. Post slide decks from earlier conferences and presentations. Gather as many presentations as you can and post them on SlideShare.

Write thorough descriptions, and be sure to tag each media item. Link to your event site from the SlideShare and YouTube profile pages. Embed any media you post on the event website.

Source: BtoB, 6/27/13

According to content creator Pamela Wilson, when prospects first come across your site, they may be skeptical. Before they’ll do business with you, you have to earn their trust. She outlines a 3-step process for doing so:

Step 1: Offer free information that’s simple to consume. At first, don’t even ask for an e-mail address in exchange.

Step 2: As you deliver value with your free materials, prospects will be ready for the next level of commitment—giving you their e-mail address. Offer something valuable in exchange to motivate them to opt into your list.

Step 3: Once they’re ready to take the next step, have a low-priced item available to buy. Exceed their expectations with your low-priced offering, and your prospects will feel more comfortable investing in higher-priced products.

Source: Copy Blogger, 6/27/13

Master Your Mindset

How can you have authentic belief that you will succeed at something that is challenging, especially when you have failed multiple times before?

You need conviction and real belief if you want success online, but if deep down inside you don’t feel this confidence, this sense of inevitable success, and instead you are battling feelings of insecurity and fear of failure, what can you do?

How can you deal with this inner demon?

To help overcome this challenge, Yaro Starak gives you various techniques and one of the best concepts for defeating the problem is something called “Inevitability Thinking”.

You can read about this concept and more in his new e-book “Master Your Mindset“.

This is 90 pages of wise ideas extracted from Yaro’s 12 years of $20K/mth online business experience, including how to think like an entrepreneur and how to prioritize activities to increase productivity.

Get it now at promo price with 3 bonuses!

Generating Facebook leads with photos

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According to HubSpot, photos on Facebook pages receive 53% more likes than the average post. And this year Facebook removed a clause from Facebook Pages prohibiting users from using calls-to-action on photos or in photo captions. So now you can turn photos into lead generation opportunities by including a link back to your website or landing page.

Source: HubSpot Whitepaper, “How to Generate Leads Using Facebook”