What’s the hottest video trend so far in 2014? FULL SCREEN Video Background landing pages.

Paypal, Wetransfer, and other big companies are framing their sales pages, checkout pages, and SQUEEZE pages with dramatic videos and still images. Why? Because it relaxes the website visitor, or conveys a message, or more importantly puts them in a BUYING mood.

BUT the software to create the effect has been very restrictive

The Awful Truth About Multitasking by Bob Bly

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When the Winter Olympics were on, my wife watched it devotedly.

But she also did social media and e-mail on her laptop at the same time.

“You’re going to miss the performance,” I said while figure skating was on.

“I can multitask,” she said proudly.

A minute later a skater did a spectacular triple Lutz, but Amy missed it because she was looking at her computer screen and not at the TV screen.

This is yet another demonstration that multitasking is a bad idea and usually doesn’t work.

A few times I wrote something on the PC while simultaneously talking on the phone.

Invariably, my concentration on the phone call waned, and before I knew it, I missed what the person was saying, which was uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing.

People who multitask think they are getting more done, but a growing body of psychology research indicates this is not true.

In particular, a 2001 study conducted by Joshua Rubinstein, Jeffrey Evans, and David Meyer found that multitasking reduces productivity as much as 40%.

The only multitasking that really works is when you do two activities at the same time and both are not demanding

Placement Intelligence

Placement Intelligence is a unique Google AdWords software created by online marketer and programmer Robert Matthew. The software makes it easy to find highly targeted and relevant web pages for advanced AdWords users who want to target specific ad placements on the AdWords Content Network (ACN). The strategy of manually selecting specific targeted ad placements from the ACN can provide targeted clicks at a fraction of the price of sponsored keyword clicks.

The Placement Intelligence software comes with numerous advanced features to help automate the process of finding the most targeted pages, together with their estimated traffic and authority (based on the number of backlinks). Placement Intelligence searches through organic and sponsored results, as well as Squidoo, Hubpages and article directory sites. Its in-built URL formatting tool will enable you to almost effortlessly create and manage your campaigns. All you will need to do is enter the destination URL, add tracking IDs and your CPC/CPM bids, and click ‘create’.

Placement Intelligence comes with a Quick Start User guide that will have you up and running in no time. You also receive Adbuyers guide with more than 39 advertising sources, 8 image ad templates, campaign setup and tracking spreadsheet, and free lifetime updates and upgrades.

Steal the best $5,092 in a day!

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Foolproof Cash FlowYou need to see this

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BEST Press Release Submission Software

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Live PR Submitter

Sick of paying $100+ per press release with PRWeb?

Well, now you can have the same quality of press releases at Live PR Submitter.

If you want to skyrocket your Search engine ranking while getting your brand out there then you need press releases!

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The only way to possibly get a press release on a news site is to first submit it to press release sites that are of high value and have good PR and Alexa so they get seen and get 1st page rankings and when certain keywords are typed in by news reporters…

If they find your press release interesting they will usually re-publish it or other ways are when news sites usually have a syndication feed already set in place and come up as RSS feed notifications of interesting topics they re-publish them.

Sounds kinda creepy right?

But you don

Six Weeks To Six Figures?

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If you need one-to-one IM coaching or close assistance to bring your online business to the next 5, 6-figure level, you need to pay attention to this.

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Easy Article Starters

Affiliates want material they can use to pre-sell products. It’s hard when affiliates want to promote something but they stare at their computer screen not knowing what to write next. Been there too?

The new BIG pack of Easy Article Starters contains 5 starters written for each of these 20 products (and to be clear, these are article starters NOT the products themselves):

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Finally, An Affordable Way To Find Free Images

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One of the main issues faced by online marketers today is how to find quality images that they can use and customize in a fast and easy way.

ImageSuite is an incredible WordPress plugin which connects to the API of popular image sharing sites in a way that only fetches those images which are in the public domain and require no attribution.

So within seconds, you can find beautiful images for your blog and social media accounts, and thanks to its built-in Pixlr image editing technology, you won

Announcing The World

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If starting, growing or expanding your Internet marketing business seemed too confusing, overwhelming or hard, you MUST watch this video by Marlon Sanders.

In this video he

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$1000 with your first product?

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Have you ever thought about creating and selling your own products but just figured it was too hard?

Do you believe that selling your own products is reserved for the gurus?

You can make that kind of thinking a thing of the past with Tony Marriott’s latest training course.

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5 ways to blow the best niches

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Wajahath Ali once had to struggle with 2 jobs, not knowing better how to make his life better.

Then he got introduced to Internet Marketing, but everyone has a unique starting point.

He worked hard to gain ideas and apply himself…Then he finally hit his $100/day target.

Today, you are going to learn his 5 easy cash-generating methods that even a newbie can do.

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Mobile Smart Link

The mobile market is going to hit $341.4 Billion dollars but Facebook

Your comfort zone will be your destruction.

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When’s the last time you felt the twisting pain of unfulfilled dreams as you walked into work, stared at your bank account statement, or looked in the mirror?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that what hurts even more is being able to visualize the insanely epic stuff you COULD be accomplishing every day…

If only your mind, body and spirit were ‘tuned’ to their highest potential.

Just look at the world’s top thinkers, teachers, life designers and innovators.

The biggest thing separating these people from the rest of us is not talent. Like Stephen King says, “talent is cheaper than salt.”

And it’s not upbringing either. If it was, somebody explain to me why some of the most successful people come from broke families.

What it really is, is a person’s willingness to venture beyond their comfort zone.

Fact is, your own lizard brain is conspiring against your future success.

It wants to feel safe. It doesn’t like effort or challenge. It pushes away lucrative new ideas and opportunities, because it’s SCARED.

Well today, I have an invitation for you to a superhuman training session and if you don

Turbo Video Genie

Most Internet marketers never get to sell their own software because it’s so expensive to develop.

It costs anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 just to get started.

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Time Management Mistakes: What Not To Do! by Kirstin O’Donovan

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We all would like to have more time and it’s the one excuse we all use on a regular basis: “I just don’t have enough time!”

There are many tips and techniques to improve your time management skills; today we will cover a few of the most important. We will go through the most typical time management mistakes. Avoid some of these common mistakes and you will have more time to do what you want!

1) Lack of clarity regarding what actually needs to be done or how much work the task actually entails. Not being sure of what exactly is expected of you could make you waste a lot of time. You could be performing tasks you don

4 Secrets To Banish Self-Doubt by Stephanie Mulac

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Chances are you believe in others more than you believe in yourself. You’re probably the first to encourage a friend to keep going because they have what it takes. But when it comes to encouraging yourself, it’s easy to shy away due to self-doubt.

It’s not fair to cheat yourself out of opportunities. Having low self-confidence can cause you to lose out on awesome experiences. And you certainly don’t want that, do you?

Now is a great time to start focusing on yourself and work on boosting your confidence. And it’s surprisingly easy to do.

Follow these steps to boost your confidence and start believing in yourself:

1. Avoid hesitation. Self-doubt is often developed out of hesitation. Do you take a long time to act on an impulse? If you see an opportunity, does it take you a while to go after it? The longer you take to pursue something, the more reasons you’ll find for justifying your unsuitability for the opportunity.

* Avoid “sleeping on it” if you can decide right away. For a self-doubter, delaying a response usually means losing the confidence to go after the opportunity.

* Do you think you’re not ideal for a new role you’ve been offered at work? Forget about that for a minute. Focus on the fact that you were actually offered the job for a reason!

2. Challenge negative thinking. It’s easy to diminish self-confidence by harboring negative thoughts. But before you accept negative thoughts about yourself as a reality, challenge the thinking.

* Instead of accepting you’re not good enough, take a moment to think about the facts. Have there been instances which support your negative thinking? Even if the answer is yes, remind yourself of your many positive experiences as well.

* Beware of thought patterns that can eat away at your self-esteem. Avoid looking at life as “black or white” and live in the grey area sometimes. You may not have one trait or another, but you have the perfect combination of what you need for YOUR life!

* Always be sure to differentiate between feelings and facts. Just because something makes you feel a particular way doesn’t mean there’s any fact in it.

3. Be kind to yourself. If you are someone who rarely displays self-confidence, you probably give yourself a hard time and consider yourself inadequate or ill-equipped. But when was the last time you were actually kind to yourself?

* Spend some time each day highlighting your positive traits. Remind yourself what makes you beautiful inside and out.

* Celebrate the small successes to help remind yourself that you’re actually more amazing than you give yourself credit for.

* Try spending some time with positive people. Their energy rubs off quite easily!

4. Learn to listen to and accept compliments. Most of the time when people say nice things about you, they mean it! Take the time to really hear what positive things are being said about you. Absorb the thought and believe them!

* If someone says you’re beautiful, believe them!

* Spend some time listening to the kind things said by others. And remember to say thanks each time. It helps to cement the positive thoughts in your mind.

During the next 30 days, be patient with yourself. Consider each of these tips on a daily basis. Gradually, as with anything else, practicing self-confidence becomes second nature.

In no time, you’ll see the world is in the palm of your hand. And you’ll hear every opportunity calling your name. Aren’t you excited for that time?

Stephanie Mulac is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Author. Subscribe to her self-development newsletter at Infinite Evolution Center.

The Awful Truth About Cold Calling by Bob Bly

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Is cold calling to get new copywriting clients a good, bad, or terrible idea?

EF writes: “I did have a question that I thought you might be able to answer. I’ve been receiving a lot of mail attempting to sell me credit cards from big names like Discover, Capital One, and Chase.

“But I’ve noticed the writing is rather poor

Brand New PLR Bundle (Dime Sale Alert)

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Heads up, readers! You have a special PLR bundle on offer by seasoned marketing duo Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason. This bundle of 4 info-products touches on topics not often rehashed, and they are:

* Bad-Ass Hangouts – Killer strategies for awesome Google Hangouts
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* Make Your Presentations Pop – How to create effective and powerful presentations

Each package has all the necessary modules you need: the main report, squeeze page, graphics, follow-up autoresponder series etc. that you can use right out of the box to grow your lists and boost profits fast!

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Check for yourself right now or you may think I made a typo somewhere :)

Do Non-Paying Customers Have A Right To Complain? by Bob Bly

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Recently I promoted a free book offer from my colleague RR, a New York Times best-selling author, and my subscriber TM wasn’t happy about it.

“I tried to sign up for the free item you’re providing through RR,” says RM. “I clicked on ‘get your free subscription,’ then I filled in the required data and that obnoxious ‘Captcha’ asked me to repeat two words back.

“THE WORDS WERE NOT GIVEN! NOT SPECIFIED AT ALL!! VERY bad form! You need to debug your sign-up. Please send the reports by e-mail & sign me up. I DO NOT relish being asked to jump through hoops when the hoops don’t even work.”

You probably know I get irritated rather easily, and yes, TM’s all-caps shouting and scolding irritated the heck out of me.

Here’s why…

First, he says that I need to debug my sign-up. But the offer was from RR as it stated in my e-mail, not me. So it’s not “my” sign-up and I have no control over it.

Second, Captcha forms play a legitimate role in preventing spam, and any web site operator has a perfect right to put one on his web page.

Third, I know the words were in fact there, because many of my subscribers signed up for the offer. They could not do so without entering the Captcha words.

But my biggest irritation with TM is: this is a free offer.

He didn’t pay RR or me a dime for the free book he wanted to download.

So I think all the upper case letters and exclamation points and his complaint about jumping through hoops are way over the top.

He could have asked much more nicely, as almost all my subscribers do in these situations.

To be indignant about having a problem with something you aren’t paying for