Can Giving Too Much Information Away Hurt Your Business? by Bob Bly

Posted August 10th, 2011 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Uncategorized

A few months ago, a VP at a local management consulting firm called me for advice on Internet marketing.

He wanted to start a line of information products related to the firm’s consulting expertise; as I recall, it was something to do with meeting OSHA regulations.

“But I have to warn you, our president is dead set against the idea of creating info products on safety,” he said.

When I asked why, he replied: “He is afraid it will erode our core business.”

For this particular consulting firm, their core business is helping clients become compliant with OSHA regulations.

For their advice, they charge a handsome fee: $3,500 a day.

The VP worried that if he gave away their knowledge and expertise in relatively low priced information products or even free white papers, potential clients wouldn’t need the firm’s expensive consulting.

Instead, they’d study the info products, do it themselves, and save a bundle.

I set him straight fast.

“Producing a line of info products won’t erode your core business in the least,” I explained.

“In fact, quite the opposite will take place.

“When people see you have published information products, they will

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