Here’s the thing. There are so many info-products and so many articles out there, so many new English speakers and non-English speakers coming online every day, that the competition is only going to get worse.

But guess what…you’ve got a leg up on most of those people because you’re on my list, or maybe you found out on your own….that you need more than just a handful of articles and 1 product to make a dent.

That first product you make needs to be a quick product, to see if you’re in the right niche with the right hungry crowd and you have the right selling angle. Then you make product number two.

But the really good news is that if you write 10 articles, or even get someone to write 10 articles…figure out which five out of the ten are the really really good ones, too good to give away…

Then you save those five articles for use in a report, arrange them so the first article is step 1, the next one is step 2, and so on…then there’s your 7-dollar report.

And then those five leftover articles…you can setup a new blog and paste each of those articles as blog entries. Then post them to article directories. Maybe even put them into video form and submit to YouTube.

And of course schedule those five articles as e-mail follow-ups, create a squeeze page and drive traffic to it.

You might know all of this already, but why aren’t you DOING it?

Get that setup within the week so that you can deal with the next batch of articles.

Because most of your competition will submit to article directories and think they’re done. Or write that one e-book and think they’re done. Or set everything up on an AdSense site, collect two bucks a month and think they’re done.

But if you work smarter and not harder, recycle your content and course-correct so you figure out what the next short report or next video product should be this week…INSTEAD of laboring away for six months like most idiots… then you have a lot more fun and see results faster.

Lance and I have a free webinar coming up in a couple weeks that I want you to be on. I’ll get you that link soon. But for now, ten articles is good. You might even have those articles already.

Put them on a blog, article directory, YouTube, and follow-ups…but save the BEST ones and put them in a report…then build a list and have those free articles push people into getting that report that solves a problem.

Find out how to tackle step one right here.

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