You have been upgraded!

Posted May 18th, 2010 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Affiliate Marketing

Here’s a viral widget for your site that earns you 100% commissions. The cost: free.

(Click the above link to the page where you will see a “Free Widgets” link at the top fold. Can’t miss it.)

The reason I said “you have been upgraded” is because until now, this was made available only to a few exclusive marketers.

My friend David Cheyne has finished beta testing and the results are astounding…and he is opening this up to the general public.

You will see these widgets everywhere you look very shortly, and you can be a big part of that and be compensated very well for it.

You can get this for free and make instant commissions or…

If you want to know how to create monthly residual income, then read the whole page, because it may be the easiest way to leverage your efforts. The proof is in the first video, and the explanation of why this works is in the second video.

This is truly a way that you can have other people promote your affiliate link on thousands of sites in a very short period of time.

Don’t hesitate on this, just go there now, and get the free widget or read the whole page and get the pro widget like I did!