The BBC, ZDNet, WordPress and all of the IT Press have announced that a massive attack is in progress against every WordPress installation.

They are specifically targeting sites with account username ‘admin’ and cross-checking that with password lists.

There are a number checks, fixes and guides you can use but the simplest is to install a solid security plugin.

Most of the free ones are poorly implemented and usually are not supported plus they can get you locked out if you’re not careful.

The most efficient plugin that is easiest to use is SecureScanPRO. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to set it up and you can have a safe and secure website in minutes.

– It scans your sites for weaknesses.
– Provides instant 1-click fixes for 12 of the most serious issues.
– Automatically checks core WordPress files against wordpress.org for attacked files.
– Scans and e-mails you if anything has changed.
– Emails you if anyone tries to hack your site.
– Automatically bans repeated logins.
– Presents a captcha to the login interface to stop bruteforce bots.

Grab it now and get get safe. It takes 2 minutes for instant peace of mind.

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