Profit ‘loophole’ for writers

Posted March 8th, 2013 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Blogging And RSS

Do you write? Are you making a steady paycheck from it?

For years, writers have been told that earning a living from their work means spending years writing a book, finding a publisher, and hoping for the best.

Yet while thousands of writers nervously await the ‘rejection’ call from publishing houses, there’s another group of smart authors that have found a way to pull a steady, consistent pile of profits by publishing via blogs.

Take Steve Pavlina. He could have spent months writing a book, fighting for publisher attention, and earning a meagre royalty check amounting to pennies if his work was lucky enough to sell.

Instead, his self-help blog now earns him over $1,000 every single day…by publishing DIRECT to his audience, and attracting hoards of paying clients and advertising revenue.

Or Nick Daws, author of “Write Any Book In 28 Days Or Less” who turned to blogging to supplement his unsteady paycheck…and quietly earned 6 figures by as a result!

But, there’s a right and wrong way to do blogging.

If you think you can throw up a blog, write a few articles and turn that into an income, think again.

Blogging For Writers

Instead, there’s a precise SYSTEM for blogging that, when followed, allows you to skip the newbie mistakes, attract eager readers to your site, and turn those eyeballs into spendable cash… and you can learn about that system HERE.

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