If you’re in the personal development niche or just like to help your subscribers and customers organized and focused on their goals, here is an amazing offer for you.

We all know the money is in the list and we need to grow our subscribers. And most importantly, we need to deliver stellar content to grab and capture our subscriber’s attention.

But sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Personal Daily Planner Mega Pack

Luckily, Alice Seba and her team at “Publish For Prosperity” have done the work for you. Everyone loves a good planner and you can get a complete package of beautiful planners that you can publish for well under $20…but for a short time only. These are daily planners with more than 365 pages each, filled with inspirational quotes and are designed to get your subscribers and customers working toward their goals.

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You can add your name and branding to the planners. You can monetize them or give them away as opt-ins to grow your list. You can turn them into books or sell them as downloadable products. Sky’s the limit!

Clearly a lot of time and work went into designing these as done-for-you content and you can pick up the whole package for one teeny tiny price; you’re going to save much time and your followers are going to thank you for it.

If you feel stuck on a hamster wheel of “do more, and do it faster”, trying to keep up with all the responsibilities life throws at you, go check this out.

Michael Hyatt just released the newest version of his productivity master course, “Free To Focus”.

Free to Focus” teaches a better way. A way to succeed at work, without sacrificing margin to invest in relationships and rest.

Thousands of students have been through the program, and there are some incredible stories of people experiencing major transformations in their productivity, work-life balance, and even revenue!

You can experience the same.

But there’s a catch…

Registration is only open for a short period of time. After that, Michael closes it down to focus on supporting the new class of people going through the program. Enroll while you can!

Prosperity Power

New York Times bestselling author, Mark Anastasi discovers a clever brain hack to earn $60,000 a month online…

Get this, it helps you achieve your goals effortlessly, by re-programming your subconscious mind while you sit down at your laptop or computer.

Don’t waste another second, this is cutting-edge technology and it’s all here at your fingertips, ready to help you take your life to the next level.

But the only time to get Prosperity Power at the early bird pricing is now.

Want to know what’s killing your focus?

Me too.

That’s why I’m really excited about Michael Hyatt’s upcoming webinar: “The 7 Deadly Sins of Productivity: The Hidden Habits Undermining Your Performance—and How to Change Them“.

Michael teaches exactly what’s stealing your focus each day. It comes down to 7 common habits that are totally compromising your (and my!) effectiveness. Plus, he tells you how to overcome them quickly.

If you care about finishing projects faster, getting rid of your to-do list, and blocking out distractions, this is for you.

Seats will go fast, so claim yours here!

Self-Improvement Niche Ready-to-Go Newsletters Package

If you’re in the self-improvement niche, here is an amazing time saver for you.

Get a month’s worth of ready-to-publish newsletters for under $15 but for a short time only.

Alice Seba and her ListMagnets team have prepared a package that comes with 4 complete, ready-to-publish newsletters, extra articles and a ready-to-paste opt-in page copy.

Here are a few ideas for using the content.

• Use the newsletter as highly-targeted lead magnet to grow your list. You’ve got the ready-to-paste opt-in copy included in the package, making it easy for you to make a hard-to-resist opt-in offer to get more subscribers.

• Monetize the newsletter with your product promotions. The newsletter include space for your product promotions. Warm them up with great content and get your offer out there.

• Use the extra articles for blog posts. There’s a lot of content in this package and plenty left over to load up your blog and drive more people to your newsletter sign up.

• Add the newsletters to your membership site. If you’ve got a membership site, this newsletter is a great value-add to your membership. Send it out once per month by email or even print out and mail it.

• Use the newsletters a product bonus. Beef up your current product offers by adding a newsletter issue as a product bonus.

• Develop it into a product for sale. Whether you deliver via email or snail mail, these newsletters make for great content your customers are willing to pay for.

Just a few ideas to get you going, but now it’s your turn to run with them. Get your “Self-Improvement Niche Ready-to-Go Newsletters Package” + PLR now!

Free Personal Productivity Assessment

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On a scale of 1 to 100…how productive are you (really)?

I bet you can take a guess, but it’s more fun to take a quiz!

Productivity expert Michael Hyatt has just released this awesome quiz to help you determine how productive you really are and how you can grow!

It only takes a few minutes, and once you have your score, you’ll know exactly how productive you are and how productive you could be.

Click here for the assessment, before it goes away.

Stress kills and it’s becoming a bigger problem as we stay busier than ever. We’re constantly bombarded with information, alerts, and things we need to do. Finding time to de-stress and relax is becoming harder and harder. And it’s taking a toll on our health and mental well-being.

Show your readers how to stop this vicious cycle with an entire month’s worth of PLR content on relaxation and stress reduction.

Here’s what you’ll get in the “Relaxation And Stress Reduction” PLR bundle:

• 30 PLR Articles
• 30 E-Mails
• Implementation Guide

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Here comes another personal development-related PLR bundle deal. The “Building Your Courage To Increase Your Self-Confidence” PLR bundle contains:

• 30 PLR Articles
• 30 E-Mails
• Bonus: Implementation Guide

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Today’s self-help PLR deal is something you can quickly and easily turn into your first (or next) paid product for your audience. Here’s what you get:

• “Being Intentional And Living Your Life To The Fullest” e-book
• “Living a Life of Purpose & Intention” workbook/journal

Use the content as is, add a cover graphic and you’re ready to sell it to your readers, or:

1) Break the content apart into a few short reports, or a series of blog posts.

2) Create a group coaching program that takes readers through the content of the book and gets them in the habit of filling out the workbook on a daily basis.

3) Use it as a bonus to entice people to join your membership site.

4) Use it as a bonus for people who buy a big self-help information product through your affiliate link.

5) Create a series of educational videos based on the content in the e-book.

I hope this few ideas will inspire you to come up with more ideas to use this content once you get your hands on it.

As always, use coupon code ‘PIGGYSAVES‘ to save 50%!

You’ll agree with me that it’s important to set and reach goals. Setting goals changes lives and fulfills destinies. To some degree, a great many people who feel they could have been more successful will find the “Setting and Reaching Your Goals” PLR bundle most relevant and helpful.

This content bundle talks about how to set smart goals that will get your readers results. The tips, ideas and techniques discussed can be applied to any type of goal your audience wants to reach. They will be helpful as is, but you can also quickly edit the posts to make them even more relevant for your niche.

Use the short report as a fresh lead magnet to grow your list, post the articles to your blog, use any of the content for your other related info-products, or create a coaching program that helps your clients set smart goals and reach them. The guide and workbook will come in handy no matter how you choose to use them.

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How’d you like a whole month’s worth of content on a powerful self -help topic along with promotional material? That’s exactly what you can get in today’s Piggy Makes Bank PLR deal. Coupon code “PIGGYSAVES” gives you 50% off on the “Living With Purpose” PLR pack today.

Included in the Living Life With Purpose PLR Bundle:

• 30 PLR Articles
• 30 E-Mails
• Bonus: 30 Images With Inspirational Quotes – perfect for Social Media and Pinterest
• Bonus: Implementation Guide

Click here for all the details and a sneak peek at the images.

Elton John once sang “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”, but it takes 2 hands to clap.

Do you find it just as difficult to forgive others even as the other party says ‘sorry’?

Now you can not only learn some tips, but also share them with your readers using the “30 Day Forgiveness Challenge” PLR bundle. The good thing about pre-written content is you don’t have to start writing from scratch!

Here’s what’s in the bundle:

• Short Report: “Choosing Forgiveness – How Forgiving Others Sets You Free” (4,350 words)
• Forgiveness Journal/Workbook
• 10 Forgiveness Articles
• 10 Forgiveness E-Mails
• 10 Social Media Images

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My friends Tracy and Susanne from Piggy Makes Bank are back with a “30 Day Happiness Challenge” PLR pack. What you get is a pack with 30 quality PLR articles and e-mails that will help you lead your subscribers to each article. Use it as a month-long challenge as suggested in the included implementation guide, turn it into an e-book, or use it in any other way that fits with how you run your business.

Included in the “30 Day Happiness Challenge” PLR bundle are:

• 30 high quality articles, all written in-house.
• 30 e-mail messages to go along with the articles.
• Bonus guide for implementing the challenge.

If the topic is a good fit for you, you should pick it up here and implement it right away.

As usual, use coupon code “PIGGYSAVES” to save 50% on purchase until August 9th, 11.59pm EST!

If you teach about self-improvement topics and you’re looking for a fast way to grow your list, look no further. Here’s a ready-made content package—complete with private label rights—your future subscribers can’t wait to get their hands on.

It comes from one of my favorite PLR providers, Alice Seba at ListMagnets, but it’s on for a very special price for a short time only.

Everyone gives out a free report for an opt-in, but why not go a step further? The “Your Fast-Track Guide To Getting Motivated and Achieving Your Goals” 4-Week E-Course package includes 4 complete reports, checklists and worksheets that shows your new subscribers how to get motivated and achieve their goals, step-by-step, all in a 4-week program.

Get Motivated and Achieving Your Goals

Here’s what’s inside this high value package:

• 4 Motivational Guides: You get 4 illustrated guides (.doc) that teach your readers step-by-step how to get over their motivational blocks, start setting goals and begin living their dream life. Topics include:

1. Motivational Blocks and Getting Past Them
2. Planning for Your Dream Life
3. Setting Your Goals and Creating a Plan to Achieve Them
4. Following Through and Staying Motivated

• 4 Worksheets: A worksheet for each guide so your readers can stay on track while planning and setting their goals.

• 4 Detailed Checklists: Help your readers stay on track as they work through each step of the course.

You also get the marketing materials you need to promote your e-course including:

• 4 Course Delivery E-Mails: Add these e-mails to your autoresponder and deliver the course materials over 4 lessons. They’ve made it super easy!

• 4 Professionally-Designed E-Cover Sets: .JPG and .PSD with flat cover and 1 x 3D version to go with each guide to help your opt-ins stand out.

• 1 Lead-Generating Opt-in Pages: To help you grow your list with this content, they’ve included you get the opt-in copy and the WordPress-ready code for you.

And like I said you can grab it all at one low price, but for a very short time only.

How many of these would you like to be able to do?

1. Automatically develop self-esteem
2. Automatically develop self-confidence
3. Quit bad habits
4. Dissolve fears
5. Remove anxiety
6. Dissolve stress
7. Resolve panic attacks
8. Overpower overwhelm
9. Quit worrying about anything
10. Become relaxed in all situations
11. Handle awful situations with the least effort possible
12. Become more intuitive
13. Correct elements of your character
14. Change your reactions
15. Enhance your emotions
16. Remove or use procrastination
17. Without effort think positively no matter what
18. Dissolve depression
19. Relieve post traumatic stress
20. Let go of resentment
21. Let go of anger
22. Truly forgive all including yourself
23. Live without pain
24. Enter a new level of awareness
25. Turn frustrating situations into rewarding situations
26. Sleep better
27. Enjoy being yourself more
28. Enjoy everyday, not just weekends and holidays
29. Become better at your job
30. Find solutions to the hardest of problems
31. Become mindful and enjoy mindfulness
32. Have silence in your mind
33. Feel powerful not powerless
34. Not be concerned with what others think
35. Live free from negativity and negative influences
36. Live your life in a balanced, happier state
37. Create good luck and avoid bad luck
38. Remove doubt from all areas of life
39. Tap into your natural genius
40. Use less effort but achieve more
41. Have more time
42. Let go of self limiting beliefs
43. Manifest like a master
44. Discover what you want from life
45. Improve your financial situation
46. Have more fulfilling relationships
47. Become predominantly present
48. Make better decisions
49. Live your life in an abundant state of gratitude
50. How to understand and deal with life
51. Stop being pessimistic
52. Stop being hostile
53. Be more productive
54. Be happier more often
55. Find less to complain about
56. Stop regretting what’s happened

Well if there’s 1 or more, or even 56…

Then would it surprise you to learn…

By doing one thing you can achieve any and all of those?

Because all of those things can be solved by raising your mental strength in that area of your mind.

But the beauty of this mental strength training…

Is you do one thing and it raises your mental strength in ALL areas together…

Just like when a rising tide lifts all ships.

If you’d like to be able to enhance your life in any of those areas you chose…

Then click here to watch a video which explains exactly how to do just that!

Personal Journal Mega Pack

One of the biggest things in the publishing industry right now is personal journals. Whether you offer digital versions of printable journals or print them on demand for your customers, there is a ton of opportunity here.

Well my favorite private label rights content provider, Alice Seba, has made it easy for you to cash in on this.

She’s just released her “Personal Journal Mega Pack” that includes 4 beautifully designed, ready-to-publish and inspiring journals that you can give away to get subscribers, sell and more.

Topics include:

• Gratitude: What are you grateful for, that you can build upon as a foundation for a better future?

• Dreams: What dreams do you hope to fulfill in your lifetime?

• Affirmations: Words of encouragement to strengthen resolve and focus.

• Goal Setting: What do you aim to achieve by when with what practical steps, skills and resources?

And each journal comes with:

• 4 e-cover sets: JPG and PSD with flat cover and 1 x 3D version to go with each guide to help the offer stand out.

• 4 lead-generating opt-in pages: To help your customers grow their lists.

Grab your “Personal Journal Mega Pack” at one low price, but for a very short time only.

Mental Strength Fast Start Kit

Just imagine you could tap into an abundance of Mental Strength that is HIDDEN inside your mind?

What would that do for your life?

You’d become better at anything and everything you do or want to do?

What would you use your increased Mental Strength for?

Training, work, business, relationships, money…

Where would it take your life if all of a sudden you had a massive increase in your Mental Strength?

Well, if you like what it could do for you then I have a real treat for you today!

My friend and a true master of Mental Strength training Andy Shaw is sharing his Mental Strength Fast Start Kit for free…

You can get it today for a limited time.

And I have to tell you…

The way he teaches is simply AWESOME!

So simple, so obvious, so easy…

…That I’m pretty sure you’ll find powerful changes begin to happen very quickly.

Get this Mental Strength Fast Start Kit Today!

Miracle Mastery

The so-called secrets to developing miraculous, *physical* psychic abilities like, telekinesis, teleportation, radical healing, materialization and many, many others have actually been known for thousands of years before the Western world rediscovered it.

Ancient texts from India give the exact methods to develop these skills, but these conventional methods take years…even decades of meditation and grueling dedication to master. Fortunately, a remarkable new training method has been discovered that can awaken these dormant powers that you already possess much, MUCH sooner…and with far less effort than you can imagine!

Learn to make honest-to-goodness, physical ‘miracles’ with your mind-power alone!

Let Miracle Mastery take you by the hand and lead you through the step-by-step exercises that will get you there!

Would you like life to be simpler than it is now?
Would you like life to be more rewarding than it is now?
Would you like life to take a lot less effort than it does now?

We could all do a lot better by watching this video from someone who is an expert at achieving exactly that!

Watch this video and discover things about how your mind works, and how you can use it with ease to go through life in a much easier way.

If you’re into personal development, then I know you’ve heard about world-renowned motivational speaker and best-selling author, Les Brown.

You’ve probably heard his inspiring speeches and his now famous catchphrase: “You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you.”

Well, today this personal development LEGEND has finally decided to break his 22-year long “written word” of silence, and he has just released his newest, most powerful book!

Laws Of Success

Check out Les Brown’s New “Laws Of Success“!

This is a man who has A LOT to share. He’s been in the personal development space for over four decades, and he truly WALKS his talk.

He hasn’t only achieved the highest peaks in his professional career and financial life, but he truly lives a level 10 life in ALL areas..and he has helped over 1 million people do the same!

So when he says that after four decades of hard work, he’s finally discovered the 12 PROVEN, immutable laws of success that are GUARANTEED to turn your dreams into reality and help you achieve massive levels of success, enjoyment, fulfillment and balance…


So of course, I JUMPED on this amazing opportunity to get Les most powerful work: his decades of experience and insights into human nature, distilled into 12 powerful, actionable, LAWS of success.

And if you’re committed to living a truly amazing life and realizing your dreams, I highly suggest you do the same!

Discover how Les Brown’s “Laws Of Success” Can impact your life now!