Here’s the problem: when you publish a post on Facebook, Facebook does not allow you to control what image Facebook picks as a thumbnail.

The implication is that your post will get less clicks and engagement. If you run your post as an ad, it gets more expensive too. And then you will be forced to SPEND a ton on Facebook ads and boosted posts. The truth is organic engagement and easy traffic days are GONE.

Introducing UpEngage: a 100% Facebook-compliant cloud software solution that works for ANY Facebook profile, fan page AND group!

Nothing to install, no learning curve.

It works by letting YOU control which image gets shown to people, instead of letting FB choose a poor image for your post.

The result is more engagement and more clicks, so your odds of being profitable are higher.

A bonus side effect is that your organic clicks may also increase, because your post will get more engagement and hence more shares.

Not only that, it has these features:

+ Built-in quiz creator gives you more engagement than simply having images.

+ Built-in image creator and fully featured editor (make all your images unique!).

+ Built-in GIF creator so you can have your own unique GIFs to drive even more traffic to your offers.

+ Built-in scheduler to set up your engaging, traffic-driving drip campaigns weeks and months in advance.

The most important thing to know is in order to win the FB game, you really need to dial things in and make sure every click count, and UpEngage is one step in that direction.

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