Link Supercharger

Today I wanted to cover one of the basics of marketing online: Cloaking & Tracking!

Tracking is important so we all know what links get clicked in order to make best use of our advertising resources.

A simple formula of how many visits divided by the number of sales generated also gives us a clear indication of how a sales page is converting, which in turn helps us to target better or know which part of the copy needs changing, or whether we need a better pre-sell page or e-mail.

Likewise, link cloaking is deemed important to stop those commission thieves, or to avoid being classed as spam before our message is even read.

Combining the two usually involves setting up a professional link cloaking script…

And that’s where a lot of folks get lost and confused in the techie world of creating databases and users!

Well today I got the chance to look at a new tool that has all the benefits but none of the negatives of the usual scripts!

Link Supercharger ACTUALLY does what it says on the box!

This script makes you look more professional by allowing you to create those ‘recommends’ links easily in just seconds.

It also has a built-in tracker to see just how many times the link is clicked!

But the BIG one for me is how SIMPLE it is to install!

There are NO databases to create, NO cPanel messing around, NO users to add to databases, NO editing files with PHP, etc.

Just a simple upload of ONE install file and you’re ready to go!

Watch the 90-second video to see how easy it is!

If you’d like to up your game, look far more professional, and know your stats like the gurus do, then this is definitely something to consider!

What’s more, it has one of the cheapest pricings I’ve seen for this type of software, and is fully covered by a 60-day guarantee!