Use LegalZoom to Form Your LLC

Posted March 19th, 2009 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Uncategorized

A big decision that you have to make if you make the choice to start a business is figuring out what kind of an organizational structure you are you going to operate your business under. You have several choices when it comes to deciding on a business structure. As an example, your small business can be a corporate structure, a limited liability company, or as another business form.

A very desired business structures that is used today is the limited liability company, or what is more commonly referred to as an LLC. With an LLC, your business will have quite a few of the benefits of a more traditional corporate structure, but not all of the reporting requirements of a corporation. As a good idea, you should seek the advice of a professional before you choose which business structure you are going to go with.

As you consider starting an LLC, there is the choice of using an Internet business incorporation service solution such as LegalZoom. LegalZoom offers LLC formation plans starting at only $149, plus state filing fees, so they are a very affordable alternative to using a legal firm. LegalZoom takes care of all of the state required forms for you, and gives you the paperwork you need to be able to manage your LLC as you are supposed to.

If you do go with form an LLC, and you create your LLC and operate it in the correct way, you are affording yourself a certain amount of liability protection that would not be there if your company was operating without any formal structure. Of great importance is that you decide on business structure that provides you the personal liability protection that is necessary in the current lawsuit happy environment of today.

Forming an LLC is a great choice if being a business owner is what you are after. Always check with a professional before you decide on your business structure, but you probably will be advised that you cannot go wrong with a LLC. Making use of a web based incorporation services solution like LegalZoom is a smart choice, because you will be saving both time and money and you will be forming your business correctly.

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