You need not spend a fortune on 3rd-party hosting services to serve your own audio and video files. This easy video lesson shows you how to use Amazon’s simple storage service to easily save and share your big media files.

Amazon S3 has such low prices for storage and bandwidth that It has fast become the file hosting of choice for many businesses and individuals. You only pay for the bandwidth and storage space you actually use, and those rates are so cheap compared to other hosting services that you will still choose S3 over YouTube because of no time limit restrictions too! Plus it’s free to join, so you can sign up right now, and give it a test drive without spending a penny!

Unfortunately, in true Amazon style, the directions are written in “Tech Greek”, so understanding exactly how to upload and access your files can be a bit confusing. Plus there is a big security issue that more than 97% of users are ignorant of. Up until now Amazon S3 has been cheap but not so easy. Now, with this webinar recording, it’s both!

Grab the Amazon S3 Security webinar recording today.

Also download CloudBerry Amazon S3 Explorer. This is a free software to help you store your videos on S3 quickly and easily.