Facebook’s worldwide reach cannot be ignored when it comes to marketing.

From today on, EVERYTHING changes because YOU can get in front of Facebook users every time they open their Facebook account!

Now you can get noticed where it counts the most: in the Facebook Notification feed!

What’s more?

This new secret technology gives you your users’ Facebook profile information, AND their real e-mail address, the one they use for Facebook…

So you can send them notifications in Facebook or e-mail, or both (The Double Dutch Method)!

Say goodbye to expensive Facebook Ads; this is the NEW and IMPROVED way to market your product or service on Facebook.

Check out the power of LetSocify:

  1. Message Scheduling: so you can schedule messages to be sent when you want acting like an autoresponder for Facebook notifications.  Fully customizable.
  2. Message Sequencing: allows you to setup a range of notifications in a series, depending on whether a message has been clicked.
  3. 2 different opt-ins and customize colors, text, add your pic or logo. 1 click opt in makes building your list easier than ever.
  4. A Custom Button Code: Lets you put a button anywhere on your site to have your visitor signup to Facebook Push Notifications and send their email address directly to your favorite Auto-Responder.
  5. Automatic RSS feed: Easily link your RSS Feed to post notifications automatically into Facebook Notifications.
  6. Adaptive Scheduling Feature: It does all the time calculating for you allowing you to send notifications to users all over the Globe in their own time zone. If you want everyone to get the message at 4pm their local time, Let Reach does it!
  7. A/B testing so you know which message converts better.
  8. Advanced Filtering: create filters, so you can send notifications to specific groups that you sre targeting to get the highest CTR’s. Filter on country, city, segment, platform, browser and gender.
  9. Advanced Segmentation: Use our special segmenting code to get your signups segmented for any purpose you want.
  10. Detailed Subscriber Stats: See your subscriber Name, Email, Gender, IP Address, City, Country, OS platform and a log of all his/her actions on your notifications.
  11. Detailed Click Through Stats: Check the number of clicks and unique clicks across platform, device, browser or Geographical location.
  12. Detailed Reports so you will know where your views come from, mobile or PC? Firefox, Chrome or Safari? Geographical location.
  13. Download Your Campaigns & Stats: Download all your relevant campaign and stats in PDF or CSV Format.

Video Producer Pro

Sounds good to be true?

Internet marketers are known to be multi-taskers, but unless you are passionate about video production, you are going to take hours creating a decent-looking one that works.

Not anymore! Get access to the most amazing piece of software for creating professional-looking marketing videos easily and in minutes.

A professional video includes an intro, includes a logo (branding) and finally an outro video.

Now, just by clicking on a couple of buttons, you can get all that done in minutes.

What else?

– Add an Intro Animation video or logo stinger with background music (included) in one click. There are 2D and 3D options available.

– Add a Title Animation video in one click

– Edit your own videos or download using the software, ANY YouTube video you want or make a screen recording!

– Add captions, attention graphics like arrows, blur parts of your videos, add images, logos etc.

– Add an Animated Outro video (to engage your viewers)

And much, much more!

All that putted together in one final click, it can’t be easier.

What can you do with it?

You can create review videos or training videos, your own product or sell your services as a professional video editor; the possibilities are unlimited!

Creating professional videos using expensive and complicated tools are a things of the past.

Get Video Producer Pro at a lower price NOW!

Snapchat Massive Traffic 2.0

My friend Henry Gold is offering a new PLR library of a home-study course containing 53 step-by-step lessons on how to get massive leads, cash, and viral traffic from 1.5 billions Snapchat users.

Here’s exactly what you are going to learn in Snapchat Massive Traffic 2.0:

[Snapchat Intro Courses]
Intro Course #1: Guide to Understand Snapchat Marketing.
Intro Course #2: 20 Crucial Features inside Snapchat.

[Lead Generation Courses]
#1: No cost leads for local restaurant.
#2: No cost leads for uber driver
#3: No cost leads for food trucks
#4: No cost leads for hotels and venues
#5: No cost leads for affiliate marketers
#6: No cost leads for Youtubers
#7: No cost leads for Amazon Sellers
#8: No cost leads for Bloggers
#9: No cost leads for list builders
#10: No cost leads for E-commerce sellers
#11: No cost leads for Dating coaches
#12: No cost leads for self-improvement gurus
#13: No cost leads for local clothing stores
#14: No cost leads for game store
#15: No cost leads for coffee shop
#16: No cost leads for Real estate brokers
#17: No cost leads for lead brokers

[Cash on Demand Courses]
#1: Cash on Demand for local restaurant
#2: Cash on Demand for uber driver
#3: Cash on Demand for food trucks
#4: Cash on Demand for hotels and venues
#5: Cash on Demand for affiliate marketers
#6: Cash on Demand for Youtubers
#7: Cash on Demand for Amazon Sellers
#8: Cash on Demand for Bloggers
#9: Cash on Demand for list builders
#10: Cash on Demand for E-commerce sellers
#11: Cash on Demand for Dating coaches
#12: Cash on Demand for self-improvement gurus
#13: Cash on Demand for local clothing stores
#14: Cash on Demand for game store
#15: Cash on Demand for coffee shop
#16: Cash on Demand for Real estate brokers
#17: Cash on Demand for lead brokers

[Viral Traffic Courses]
#1: Viral Traffic with Facebook Integration
#2: Viral Traffic with YouTube Integration
#3: Viral Traffic with Snapchat Integration
#4: Viral Traffic with Pinterest Integration
#5: Viral Traffic with Wechat Integration
#6: Viral Traffic with Vimeo Integration
#7: Viral Traffic with Tumblr Integration
#8: Viral Traffic with Reddit Integration
#9: Viral Traffic with Google Integration
#10: Viral Traffic with Skype Integration
#11: Viral Traffic with Line Integration
#12: Viral Traffic with WhatsApp Integration
#13: Viral Traffic with Fan Page Integration
#14: Viral Traffic with LinkedIn Integration
#15: Viral Traffic with Blog Integration
#16: Viral Traffic with FB Live Integration
#17: Viral Traffic with Instagram Integration

Plus these bonuses:

Bonus #1: SnapCode Superpower Marketing Formula 2.0 – FULL PLR!
Bonus #2: Snapcode Underground Traffic With Niche Marketing 2.0 – FULL PLR!
Bonus #3: Snapcode Massive Followers Secrets 2.0 – FULL PLR!
Bonus #4: Do’s and Don’ts With SnapCode Ninja Marketing 2.0 – FULL PLR!
Bonus #5: Massive Local Customers With Snapcode Ninja – FULL PLR!
Bonus #6: Little Known Cash Cow From SnapCode 2.0 – FULL PLR!
Bonus #7: Blackhat Marketing Technique With SnapChat Marketing 2.0 – FULL PLR!

And because these package has PLR, it means:

– You can slap your name.
– You can become the author.
– You can rebrand yourself as a product creator.
– You can upload and sell it for 100% cash. KEEP ALL PROFITS!
– You can sell it online and offline.

Purchase with a massive 90% discount now!


Instagram recently introduced Stories, which are short images and videos which remain on top of Instagram Feed for 24 hours…

People are watching this content 3 times as opposed to anything else on Instagram, which makes this the ultimate profit machine…

Introducing GramKosh—A piece of technology which tuns Instagram Stories into a profit churning machine. Here’s what it can do:

• First Software to Post Instagram Stories directly from Desktop
• First one to Schedule as many Instagram stories directly from Desktop
• Post & Schedule Instagram Images directly from Desktop
• Post & Schedule Instagram Videos directly from Desktop
• ‘Live’ Preview inside Dashboard Before Posting
• Photoshop like image editor to edit your Instagram stories & posts (Crop, Text, Drawing, Filters, Shapes, Stickers, Colors, Resize, Rotate)
• Emoji Integration
• Instagram Synced Affiliate Stores & Sites, which have same look and feel as your brand’s Instagram feed but IMAGES WOULD BE CLICKABLE
• 3 Premium Custom Feed Layouts
• One-Click Instagram Image import to Custom Feed
• Ability to put Optional Headline or Description and Call-To-Action
• GramKosh Insta Site Analytics
• 30 Hashtags Direct Post & Schedule as First Comment

This redefines the way Instagram Marketing is done in every manner. Get your hands on this game-changing technology.

Cracking The Millionaire Mind

Ever wonder how and what millionaires think that you don’t? Ever wonder how the true millionaires separate themselves from the lottery winners by doing the things necessary to retain wealth, unlike the latter who keep losing it?

Listen to “Cracking The Millionaire Mind“. It is the most informative resource Dr. Steve G. Jones has put together when it comes to discovering and breaking the wealth code.


I just saw maybe the best affiliate software I’ve ever seen…

Then 2 minutes later, I saw an even better affiliate software…

And they’re part of ONE insane new $7 JVZoo offer: THE AFFILIATE TITAN

Have you heard of a guy called “Chris X”?

He’s “old school” and has been marketing online since 2006.

And he’s made well over $2 million with affiliate marketing…

Facebook? YouTube? Google? JVZoo? ClickBank?

He’s profited with all of them using the power of affiliate marketing.

And over the last 4 months Chris has decided to focus his ENTIRE business onto affiliate marketing.

That’s why he spent over $10,000 building two of the most incredible affiliate software tools I’ve ever seen:

* King Of The Zoo – discover the most profitable, $10,000-a-day JVZoo affiliate programs in seconds

* 1 Click Affiliate – create affiliate campaigns in seconds. Better, faster & easier than any other software out there.

OK, I think you need to check this tool out to see what the hype is all about…

The price is only $7 right now. It’s a STEAL.

But it’s going to INCREASE very soon.

So you’ll have to hit the link and make a decision before the timer runs out…

Golden Goose System

Are you struggling to make income, getting targeted traffic that results in sales?

Like even $50 a day is a struggle? An impossible goal?

If you answered YES to most of the questions…

Then you must get THIS.

Desmond Ong reveals his evergreen Internet Marketing processes which he applies since 2008.

The Golden Goose System teaches you how to make at least $9k/month, where to get the right resources, tricky ways to get traffic and the most awesome way to make sales pages.

It’s time for you to check it out and crank it out!

Join the Graphics Revolution…

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BlackBox Business PLR

My friend, Jeremiah Villagomez, an established graphic designer has just released his BlackBox Business PLR. I wanted to make sure you get to see it before others…

This is your complete graphics-in-a-box turnkey business PLR package. If you want to jump on the graphics niche
bandwagon, then you gotta’ visit the page and go in front of the line.

You’ll be shock at the tiny investment you can risk while getting a sales-boosting avalanche for your business.

Grab it while it’s still fresh in your mind.

Split-testing is an important—if not the most—aspect of any online business, but it can also be the most expensive.

Testing and tweaking elements of a sales funnel to increase conversion rates requires sending lots of traffic into it. So unless you have a large source of free traffic to test against, you’re going to be buying it and buying traffic isn’t cheap.

Lucky for you and I, Russell Brunson and his team over at DotComSecrets have literally spent millions over the years on split-testing almost anything you can think of…and have recorded all the results of their best split-tests into a physical book which you van get for FREE.

This kind of data is literally invaluable for anybody that wants to run a successful business online doing the same thing Russell Brunson does, and quite likely you will find a split-test inside a funnel just like one of yours.

The bottom line is Russell Brunson has done everything for you to get you excited at building or working on something that is tested and proven.

108 Proven Split Test Winners

Inside the “108 Proven Split Test Winners” book, you’ll have access to the results of millions of dollars spent on conversion rate optimization, based on:

• Headline split-tests
• Signup button split-tests
• Webinar registration page split-tests
• Animated vs static headline split-tests
• Secured vs unsecured opt-in pages

You name it, they tested it.

So rather than spend tons of time and money trying to test what is generating sales and what isn’t, just copy the winning test results from the most relevant split-test and implement it for yourself.

Get the book for FREE and only pay for shipping cost!

Covert Messenger

I just found this cool new WordPress plugin that lets you create “instant messenger” ads on your blog. It’s super simple to use and the ads look great.

Check out the demo video here.

These instant messenger ads are by far the most effective kind of ads you can use on your blogs, and they will get more clicks than anything else on your blog guaranteed.

But so far there has been no easy way to generate ads like this…until now!

The Covert Messenger plugin is on a dime sale. I highly recommend that you check it out now before the price goes up!

I’ve got something really cool for you today.

I arranged to get you a copy of a brand new report called “10 Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind“.

As a valued reader, you can download it for free.

Zippy StartupLet me ask you a question.

What do you hate the MOST about “PLR sites”?​

For me, it’s always been the lack of training.​

They give you a bunch of Master Resell Rights products,​ and it’s up to YOU to figure out how to build a business with them.

That’s fine if you are an expert, but most people aren’t.

Enter Mike Lazarus.

Like me, Mike always felt that PLR sites were great at giving you a bunch of products, but they left you hanging on the “training” part.​

So he spent 10 months developing what might be the best Master Resell Rights site ever made.​

Here’s why I’m recommending Zippy Startup:

[+] 200+ ebooks, video, and software products you can sell/giveaway

[+] Unlimited Downloads​

[+] Beginner training

[+] Intermediate training

[+] Advanced training​

[+] 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee​

So if you’ve been thinking about getting your hands on some Master Resell Rights products, Zippy Startup has you covered.

And as a bonus, Mike will also teach you how to build​ a real business with them.

Check it out here.

Rank Hijack

Take a look online, and you’ll see the search engines are dominated by authority websites.

For practically any keyword or term, sites like FB, Instagram, Tumblr and more are riding the top spots.

Most marketers DON’T have the authority of these sites.

Is there any way to compete for their traffic? Yes!

This sneaky tactic is 100% legal and completely untapped.

By using Rank Hijack, it becomes brain-dead easy to get active buyers in front of your offers, fast.

Without paying for ads, and without waiting.

Just targeted visitors, straight to your offers, courtesy of some of the biggest sites online.

This brand new software puts you in control, and lets you create custom campaigns that you’ll know IN ADVANCE will drive traffic.

No guessing, no struggling, no paying.

Watch the demo video to see how to steal traffic from top authority websites!

We all know the importance and benefits of e-mail marketing and so I have something new to share here. Aweber has just released an awesome educational resource called “The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing“. Covering topics from e-mail marketing 101 to advanced automation, this 8-chapter guide was made to help business owners get the best results from their e-mail marketing campaigns.

Click here to read this free guide! Subscribe on the page to receive a PDF version and bonus templates.


It’s super easy to get sales today.

It’s easy because all you need to do is..

Grab an image, add cool fonts and colors to a quote and that’s it.

You get an emotionally charged visual quote that gets visitors to sit up and pay attention to you.

It’s real simple.

But here’s what you don’t know: graphical quotes are not posted for leisure anymore.

It’s what smart marketers, just like you, are doing right now using this little known secret to rapidly keep getting visitors to become paying customers at zero costs.

It’s why they have thousands more raving fans, bigger customer lists and bank more profits than you.

Want to know their secret?

Everything is done for you. Literally.

You’re minutes away from getting 100% free, viral targeted traffic.

Discover how Socimattic runs a profitable graphical quote campaign on social media to pull in leads and sales.

EasyVSLIt’s back!

The #1 video sales letter creator, EasyVSL has just been released in version 3.0.

With over 40,000+ marketers using EasyVSL to create high-converting videos, it has become the standard for creating videos FAST and profitable.


1) Instantly transforms a video script into a powerpoint-style presentation in seconds
2) Syncs your voice-over with your slides, correctly the 1st time (without using 2 or 3 other apps)
3) Has a high-converting, video sales letter ready in literally minutes.

Plus, in version 3.0, a number of new killer features are added:

[+] Kinetic Animation:  Create “kinetic-style” or animation typography videos using one of the 10 pre-designed kinetic themes.

[+] Import Keynote/Powerpoint: The biggest feature request is now available. Import any existing keynote or powerpoint presentation into EasyVSL.

[+] Image Library/YouZign Integration: Now you can search over 1,000,000 royalty free images/graphics to add directly into your EasyVSL videos.

[+] Sound Effect Transitions: Now you can add sounds effects to your slide and text transitions to help grab the viewers attention.

[+] Speech Recognition: Now you don’t even have to manually sync your slides with your voice. Just push the button and watch EasyVSL sync your voice with your slides.

Not to mention enhancements have been made to the features you already LOVE in EasyVSL:

[+] Easier Script to Slide Creation
[+] Even More Slide Templates
[+] More Fonts (use your local PC/Mac fonts)
[+] Drag and Drop Existing Video Clips
[+] More Accurate Speech-to-Text Detection
[+] Additional Text-to-Speech Voices/Languages
[+] Up to 30+ Languages to Translate Your Videos
[+] Additional Quick Key Shortcuts

And so much more!

Grab your copy of EasyVSL v3.0 during the first 7 days and get an insane discount!

Affiliate Marketing Planner

CoachGlue just released the brand new Affiliate Marketing Planner to help you and your clients add more income streams to any business.

You have permission to edit, put your business logo and name on, and sell or give away to your clients/customers/members.

In it you’ll discover:

Step 1: Set Up the Infrastructure
Exercise: Plan for the Future

Step 2: Start with the Products You Use and Love
Exercise: Find and Sign Up for Affiliate Programs

Step 3: Research Complementary Products
Exercise: Brainstorm Complementary Products and Apply to Their Affiliate Programs

Step 4: Consider the Competition
Exercise: Scope Out Your Competition’s Affiliate Offers

Step 5: Other Tools and Resources
Exercise: Brainstorm Physical Products
Exercise: Register for the Appropriate Affiliate Programs

Step 6: Incorporating Affiliate Marketing in Your Social Media Outreach
Exercise: Add Affiliate Promotions to Your Social Media Calendar

Step 7: Blogging and Affiliate Marketing: The Perfect Match
Exercise: Create a List of Products to Review
Exercise: Create a List of Products for Your Resources Page

Step 8: Your Products and Coaching Programs
Exercise: Map Your Products and Relevant Promotions

Step 9: Review Your Autoresponder Series for Opportunities
Exercise: Map Your Autoresponders and Relevant Promotions

Step 10: Create Canned Responses in Your E-mail or Help Desk (For Those Looking for Products You Don’t Sell)
Exercise: List Your Most Frequent Questions and Relevant Affiliate Promotions

Step 11: Track, Test & Tweak
Exercise: Create Your Tracking Sheet

49% discount is good until February 28th!

Do you want results within 24 hours?

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What if you could get real RESULTS from your marketing efforts…within 24 hours…


That’s exactly what James & Jeremy are showing you how to do today, with Traffikar.

They are getting incredible results with a very little known method you won’t see anywhere else.

This is a system that brings you HIGHLY targeted traffic on demand in ANY niche.

You don’t even need a website.
Or a list.
Or a product.
Or any experience whatsoever.

They even prove it with completely uncensored video case studies.

You get to see literally EVERYTHING they do.

You can use this traffic for anything you want.

Affiliate stuff, your own stuff, local offline stuff. You name it, it will work.

The price is super low but rising with every sale so don’t hesitate unless you want to pay more later.

In this new video, Jeff Johnson reveals the simple little equation that was the turning point in his struggle to start his own business and be his own boss.

He says that he will never forget the day that he discovered that simple little equation (and neither will you when you see it).

He will explain how this simple little equation come about, and the systems he has developed over the last 14
years to exploit it that are way more valuable than the equation itself.

Which is why in the video he also tells you about how you can have his personal help in exploiting that simple little equation for your own benefit.

Here’s a hint: Jeff will personally help you install a hands-free system that automatically attracts a constant flow of highly targeted traffic, new leads and new customers for your business.

This new video reveals everything. Watch it now before it gets taken down.

Instagram Ads Made Easy

Instagram’s research shows ad recall from Instagram Sponsored Ads is 2.8x higher on average than ad recall from other social networks.

That means, if anyone is not advertising on Instagram, then their chances of losing out on customers is very high!

Get started with “Instagram Ads Made Easy“, the latest PLR package offered by Dr. Amit Pareek and his team!

You can:

+ Print your name as the author, improve the content with your own input and resell it for profit
+ Use it to create a private membership
+ Use it to build your own list by offering it as a gift
+ Use it as high quality bonus with your products
+ Use it to train your team
+ Use it as high quality content for your seminar, webinar, or training
+ Use it to prospect your client & close the deals
+ Use it to grow your own business online
+ Use it to train your clients & charge them BIG bucks
+ Use it to offer a professional Instagram Ads service for thousands of dollars

Or do anything that you can think of!

This brand new product comes with all ready-to-go sales material so you could get instant return on your investment by selling it immediately! You can sell unlimited copies for life!

You will get everything mentioned below:

Module #1: High-quality training guide (valued at $720)
Module #2: Cheat sheet (valued at $20)
Module #3: Mind map (valued at $40)
Module #4: Top resources report (valued at $20)
Module #5: High-converting sales copy (valued at $320)
Module #6: 6 professional minisites (valued at $160)
Module #7: Doodle-style sales video (valued at $320)
Module #8: Swipe e-mails for affiliates (valued at $20)
Module #9: Complete set of animated banners (valued at $160)
Module #10: Complete set of professional graphics (valued at $240)