The Value Of Thin Credentials by Bob Bly

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The more credentials you have, the more your marketplace will see you as a recognized authority—also known as a guru—in your field.

And people want to do business with those they consider to be top experts in their industry or skill.

The easiest way to elevate yourself to guru status is to start with what I call “thin credentials”.

These are credentials that either are legitimate or else are perceived as legitimate by the marketplace…but are fairly easy to get.

And get them you should, because they are a quick way to jumpstart your career as a top guru in your niche.

For instance, when personal computing became a hot market in the 1980s, I got lots of calls to write promotions selling PCs and software…but I did not have credentials in the industry.

I had spent 4 years getting a BS in chemical engineering, which was the key credential that got me in the door as an industrial copywriter.

But PC software prospects were not as impressed. And I had neither the time, inclination, aptitude, brains, nor money to go back to college and earn a BS in computer science!

So instead, I got smart. I looked around at all the various IT certifications for the one that was the easiest and quickest to get.

To become a Certified Novell Engineer (I has a big client who sold education for Novell professionals) required half a dozen courses.

But to become a Certified Novell Administrator (CNA), a lower-level IT function, took only a single course.

I signed up for the course, paid the thousand dollar tuition (a lot of money back then), passed, and got my CNA certificate.

Now, when a potential computer client asked me what I knew about IT, I gave a crisp 3-word answer—”I’m a CNA.”

That instantly dispelled any doubt about my tech credentials and I almost always got the job. I think most IT Professionals did not realize how thin or light a credential the CNA was. And I felt no compulsion to educate them on this topic.

In healthcare, a heavyweight credential is to be an MD. But that takes 8 years to get. If you’re not up for going to med school, but want to establish yourself as an expert in health, there are many other trainings you can take that require perhaps only a few courses and may even grant you a certificate of completion—your thin health credential.

Just how thin a credential can be for you to feel comfortable parading it around on your CV is a personal decision. But it may surprise you to know I am a fan of getting thin credentials.

Their great value lies in the fact that the marketplace is impressed by them and is more likely to hire you because you have them. And perception is reality, so why fight city hall?

One of the easiest thin credentials available is to get yourself listed in a Who’s Who directory; click here to find out how.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

The linkedin system for landing 1,548 qualified leads in just 18 minutes a dayI’m super pumped to share this with you today, because I know it’s going to have a HUGE impact on your business!

So I was talking with my friend Josh Turner a couple weeks back, and was just blown away by the stuff that he’s doing on LinkedIn for his business and his clients (like Neil Patel and Microsoft, to name a couple).

Josh has developed a step-by-step system for generating 1,548 qualified prospect leads in just 18 minutes a day. Pretty serious stuff!

And he’s agreed to walk us through the entire system during a free webinar.

I’ve seen what he’s going to uncover for you, and let me just say that he could EASILY be charging for this content, it’s THAT GOOD. But he’s agreed to do it for free!

No doubt this is going to fill up quickly, so be sure to reserve your spot here.

It’s happening on Tuesday at 1pm Central. What a great way to start 2015, with a clear plan for generating a stream of new business.

Once you sign up, you’ll also receive a LinkedIn ROI Calculator that you can use to easily determine if this system makes good business sense for you. It’s awesome that Josh is giving you a tool to make certain that it is for you too!

In addition to attracting new prospects and turning them into clients, Josh’s system also includes an automated drip marketing system to help you stay top-of-mind with thousands. That right there is HUGE in and of itself. One of the biggest problems businesses have is staying in front of prospects over the long haul. If you don’t have a system to help keep your name in front of them, they’ll forget about you when the time is right and they’re ready to buy. Josh’s system takes care of that problem.

And all of this takes only 18 minutes a day! Better yet, if you don’t feel like doing the work, you can easily have your assistant or VA do it. Pretty darn sweet.

Think about it for a minute. What would having a consistent stream of new leads do for your business?

It’s a game changer, and when you can add this system to your mix of marketing activities you’re already doing…you’ll be killing it!

So sign up here, and I’ll see you on the call!

7 Days To Crush It Big Time!

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7-Day Commission Formula

Mario Brown & Alex Costan just launched an incredibly powerful (& crazy affordable) product teaching you their exact system to dramatically increase your commissions and revenue in just 7 days!

This is a real-world, proven and battle-tested formula which those guys use on a weekly basis to promote products, earn big commission checks and win JV contests. The “7-Day Commission Formula” gets you started without the need to have a list, a big marketing budget and or even a website or product, nada.

Mario has created high-quality videos showing you step-by-step how to implement the formula, how it works and how you can quickly and easily get started the moment you checked out the course.

Quick warning though, they told me that this is a launch special, so they’re selling this right now at a ridiculously low price but only during this launch special and every handful of sales the price goes up already.

This is a powerful course, newbie-friendly and very step-by-step, holding you by the hand on your way to massive commission checks & revenue. I love it when I find an amazing deal, when I find something that is just so incredibly valuable while still so affordable and I had to tell you about this.

Check out this video to see what I’m talking about!


The next generation for creating membership sites is here…

And at a 67% discount for 7 days only!

FreshMember has just opened the doors to what is going to be a game-changing app for creating membership sites and product delivery pages.

With the Digital Kickstart team behind it (creators of EasyVSL, Webinar Ignition, Nutshell Metrics and many of the other top software for marketers), they spared no expense to ensure that they changed the industry…AGAIN!

No matter if you are looking to create:

– One-Time/Subscription-Based Membership Sites.
– Information/Training Products.
– Coaching Programs.
– Private, Community-Driven Sites.

You need to watch this demo (it will blow your socks off).

With a feature-set that is unmatched:

[+] 10+ Responsive Membership Design Templates
[+] Loads of Different Content Layout Templates
[+] Easy Management of All Membership Sites
[+] Simple Members Management
[+] Payment Integration (supports one-time/subscription)
[+] Integrated Checkout Design Templates
[+] Email API Integration (top platforms)
[+] Fully-Customizable Transactional Emails for Members
[+] Publish Content Immediately, Scheduled or Drip
[+] Comment Engagement & Moderation
[+] Q&A Community Add-On
[+] Facebook Group/Page Integration Add-On
[+] Robust Sales & Forecasting Reporting

Not to mention, there is NOTHING to install or configure. It’s ready right out-of-the-box and hosted on the Amazon cloud!

Seriously you can have a membership site up and running in under 20 minutes!

And with a price point that makes you laugh at the other competitors, you will see what a no-brainer this 7-day deal is…

Create as many membership sites as you want. Add as many members to your sites as you can.

Grab FreshMember at a 67% discount but only during their Charter Member special going on for 7 days.

Hope you are having an awesome week!

I have a really great 5-minute video on how to get over 904 leads on Facebook in 30 days.

This is how to get laser-targeted prospects who want to know more about your product or service.

You can watch it here now.

RG posted this note on my Facebook wall criticizing my website: “Robert, your site does look a bit outdated. It has an almost 90’s look and feel to it. Your site structure consists of a bunch of pages, and uses a simple template to produce each page.”

A short, simple statement…but so many things wrong with it!

To begin with, it violates my #1 rule of human behavior: don’t offer unsolicited advice.

But here’s what’s much worse: RG reached this conclusion by doing nothing more than looking at my site.

He doesn’t know the marketing objective of my site.

He doesn’t know the results it is producing.

He doesn’t know the strategy behind it that has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

Therefore, how is he qualified to say whether the site is doing its job or not?

His criticism is based almost entirely on his subjective opinion of the design of the site—in other words, aesthetics.

Well, aesthetics are one of the least important aspects of any marketing campaign or promotion.

Results are what count. But RG can’t talk about these, because he doesn’t know them…and he doesn’t know my results because he did not ask.

The conclusion is that his critique of my site is subjective, unwanted, inappropriate, and useless.

My friend, copywriting superstar RA, had a similar experience with a sales letter he used in his mail order business.

A junior copywriter sent RA an unsolicited, scathing critique of the mail order letter, lambasting the copy and suggesting RA hire the junior copywriter—who apparently did not recognize that RA is one of the top copywriters in the business—to write a new letter.

RA took great delight in telling him the sales letter was pulling like gangbusters, the critic was wrong, his critique worthless, and he would be hired for not a thing.

Junior just assumed the letter was a bomb because he didn’t like it. If he had but asked RA, he would have learned the truth and saved himself embarrassment.

It’s like Felix Unger said in an old episode of the Odd Couple: “When you assume, you make an ass of u and me….”

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

At the beginning of the year, a soft launch for a new affiliate marketing coaching course got off to an auspicious start and veteran Internet marketer Barbara Ling has given it her thumbs-up.

Commission Extractor

Finally, the “Commission Extractor” course is opening its doors to the public and you can get inside during this time-limited promotion.

This 5-module course reveals a step-by-step blueprint to making money online and it does in a beautifully clear manner so even shall we say, the more “technically challenged” readers can get on board with minimum fuss.

Just head over and watch what the video says.

Storytelling: the new app in B2B marketing

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According to a report from Chief Marketer, B2B marketers need to tell their brand’s story in a way that is relevant to both marketer’s goal and the audience’s need. To engage prospects and buyers, there needs to be one story that comes across and resonates with all your audiences: business prospects, consumers, employees, vendors, shareholders, and everyone else. To find out what themes will resonate, have conversations with your customers; don’t decide on your story line in a vacuum.

Source: “Tell a Tale”, Chief Marketer B2B Special Report, p. 1.


Are you struggling to Offer Premium Services and Charge Big Bucks to your Clients?

If Yes, then you should take a look at the HUGE Revolutionary Insta-Consultant Toolkit that Makes you an Instant Consultant and Gives you the Power to Charge $2k-3k to You Clients…

This toolkit has been created by the Team of Highly Paid Developers, Designers and other Professionals working under Top Internet Marketer Dr. Amit Pareek and Leading Offline Consultant Dr. Nimisha Vijay!

Using this Toolkit, You can OFFER Premium Services to your Clients in 5 HOT Niches for Creating:

1) Stunning Local Biz Websites in few minutes with the help of Proficient Biz Theme which is Far Better than Any Biz Theme you see on WooTheme or anywhere else

2) Lightning Fast Mobile Sites

3) Video Commercials in 5 HOT Niches that are Already Completely Done-For-You

4) Merchandise Solutions using 200+ Ready-To-Print & Editable Templates of Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, etc.

PLUS You will also Get these 4 AWESOME Bonuses:

1) Fully Customizable Logos: 25 logos in total 5 hot niches.

2) Basic Niche Content: No need to invest your time, we have done it all.

3) Step-by-Step Training:

> How to Edit & use our merchandise

> How to create a beautiful & user-friendly websites for businesses using our theme in 10 minutes

> How to Edit & use our Video Commercials

and Much more…

4) ‘LIVE’ Offline Consulting Training Webinar

Click Here to Grab this HUGE Insta-Consultant Proficient Toolkit and Become an Instant Consultant to Give Premium Services to Your Clients with Just Few Minutes of Work STARTING NOW!

5 steps to make sure you finish your book

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1. Set a deadline for finishing your book.

2. Figure out when your ideal writing time is (i.e. when you’re most creative, awake, and focused).

3. Stick to a set amount of writing hours every day, or a daily word count.

4. Don’t show anybody your book until you have a full first draft. Early feedback can kill a book before it’s ever finished.

5. Edit and revise over and over again. It’ll be worth it in the end.

But how much do you edit and revise until you are done? This short video may help guide you.

Source: Mindy McHorse, AWAI, 5/1/15.

Email Cash MachinesTwo of my Internet marketing friends, Henry Gold and Gerald Soh just revealed their proven methods on how to make up to $490 every single day by just sending e-mails…

And this has nothing to do with:

– Big E-mail Subscriber Lists
– TeeSpring
– A Big budget
– Mobile Marketing
– A Website
– Any Technical Skills

By implementing this proven system, they also always appear on leaderboards among other super affiliates!

Now this is mind-blowing!

Get your copy of Email Cash Machines today before they close down their offer soon.

A typical desktop inbox displays about 60 characters of an e-mail subject line, while mobile devices show just 25–30 characters. If your audience is primarily reading your e-mails on smartphones, place the offer or call-to-action at the beginning of the subject line where it’s more likely to be seen.

Many mobile apps for popular e-mail clients will show a brief preview of the email below the subject line, giving your e-mail about an additional 75–100 viewable characters. Make the most of the limited character availability with a strong, eye-catching headline. People who browse their e-mail on their mobile device may be in a hurry, so only the best headlines will stand out to them.

Source: The Magill Report, 5/12/15, p. 1; Mobile Marketing, Pinpointe.

YouTube Enigma

I’ve great news for your today.

Aidan Corkery has just released his first video training course called YouTube Enigma.

In it, he reveals, how any person can send an endless stream of laser targeted traffic to their site or promotion. The doors just opened and it’s a complete steal for just $7.00!

Inside Aidan shares his insights how he used the power of YouTube to make his first $1000 online & how even the newest of marketers can do the same using these proven methods. This step-by-step video training will teach you how to build your list & generate more sales!

Be aware that the price rises with every sale so don’t delay.

Launch Ninja

Many people struggle with product launches, but that is because they don’t have an A-Z, step-by-step blueprint to success…

Launch Ninja is based upon the success Kevin Fahey, a once struggling online marketer, has seen with product launches…

Inside Launch Ninja, Kevin is revealing the EXACT formula he used to go from a struggling marketer to consistently earning $30,000, or more, on a monthly basis…

Kevin doesn’t just launch a product here or there…

He’s consistently launching several products per year, and he’s got his formula down to a science…

The best part about Kevin’s formula?

You can get started with:

  • No experience
  • No current product of your own
  • No list…

Heck, he even shows you how to pick a niche and find product ideas. If you’ve never made a cent online, you can finally succeed with the step-by-step training Kevin provides inside Launch Ninja.

There are 2 kinds of people who ask for free review copies of my e-books, paperbound books, audio programs, and other info-products.

The first is a media person or digital marketer who thinks I would benefit tremendously by getting my product talked about on or in his Internet radio show, podcast, newsletter, blog, or whatever.

My answer: Sorry, I do not give free review copies. If you want the product, you can buy it like everyone else.

Does this shock you? There are 2 good reasons for my refusal to give these “media people” my book or course for free.

First, who are they? I have never heard of 99.9% of them. So I question whether they reach much of an audience or would give me much benefit from a review. If the guy was calling from CNBC—which I’ve been on, by the way—that’s a different story.

Recently SW asked for free copies of about a dozen of my products, and got very huffy when I refused.

He told me in essence I was a fool to refuse him because he has an online magazine, which of course I never heard of.

He claims the magazine has 20,000 e-mail subscribers (I have 65,000, and my list is not considered huge, so big whoop) and gets 5,000 views per day.

Back in the day, when I ran ads in magazines, we only advertised in publications with audited circulations, meaning their subscriber base was verified by a third-party bureau.

Sadly, there is little or no auditing of online magazines, blogs, and the like. So when they claim a huge readership, you are really taking their word for it—and in most cases, I choose not to.

The second reason for my no-free-review-copies policy is: I have no idea whether the requests are legitimate, and in my experience, most are not. They are basically some guy with a blog no one reads who uses it to mooch products from info-product marketers like me.

SW also implies I am foolish to turn him down because Random House, Penguin, and other big publishers send him review copies.

Well, just because they’re suckers doesn’t mean I have to be!

Okay. So that’s the “media people”. The other group of freebie moochers is people who tell me I should send them a review copy because they want to sell my product as an affiliate.

What they do not understand is the 99/1 rule of affiliate marketing: 99% of your affiliate sales will be generated by 1% of your affiliates—known in the business as “super affiliates”.

These are big Internet marketers with large lists who can move a lot of product, and these super affiliates are worth their weight in gold.

One of them sold $19,000 worth of my $19 e-book with a single e-mail blast to their list!

Conversely, and this is my point, the other 99% of affiliates—we call them “ordinary affiliates”—will account for only 1% of your affiliate sales.

The sad fact is that most of these ordinary affiliates don’t know Internet marketing and won’t sell a single copy of your product. They are worth their weight in lint.

Virtually all the affiliates demanding free review copies are ordinary affiliates, and if they want your product, tell them to buy it like anyone else.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

Ever found an awesome deal on a classified site only to find someone else beat you to it!

Ever ended up wading through pages & pages stuff trying to find an arbitrage opportunity?

Sucks right?

The reason why most of us miss the best deals is TIME.

Who has the time to sift through 100s of search pages nowadays…it simply isn’t worthwhile.

What if you had a tool that searched the biggest classified & outsourcing sites INSTANTLY in just 1 CLICK?

Well that tool is here, for the first time ever you can do exactly that + more:

Opportunity Bot

Opportunity Bot instantly searches:

– Craigslist (US Classifieds)
– Fiverr (Global Outsourcers)
– Seoclicks (Global Outsourcer SEO /GFX Web)
– Elance (Global Gigs)
– Kijiji (Canada Classifieds)
– Gumtree (UK /US Classifieds)
– Upwork (Global Outsourcer – formerly Odesk)

So now you can dig up the best deals, leads & outsourcers faster + you can rapidly match up arbitrage opportunities.

Upgrade the software to get instant e-mail notifications about all newly listed items for your specified search in Craigslist/Ebay…a no-brainer for any opportunity seeker, bargain hunter, antique dealer or rare item collector.

This tool rips & sorts data 2000 faster & breaks open the search boundaries imposed by many arbitrage sites…it’s on launch pricing right now.

This is the press release describing what 100k Factory is all about, the latest product launch by Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton & Tim Godfrey.

100k Factory is a complete system that teaches people how to build a $100k/year income stream from just FOUR simple websites. We will show customers how to perform market research, then use our custom-software and content repository to quickly launch highly optimized and high quality viral websites. Once a website has been built, we teach people how to drive a monstrous amount of targeted traffic to it literally overnight. Because the targeted traffic is very cheap (or can be 100% free), and because it’s coming in large quantities, earnings are fast and absolutely inevitable.

It comes as a a training program and an all-in-one tool suite that reveals the intricate details of a system that has been used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The training is built around a ‘blueprint’ designed to get each customer to a $100,000/year earning rate. The system is simple, and a run-rate of $100k/year can be achieved with just 4 simple websites.

The 100k Factory system builds lucrative websites that tap into highly targeted traffic from:

  • Paid Facebook ads
  • Viral sharing of content
  • Our in-house traffic generation software
  • Google and other search engines

Due to the way we get visitors to our websites, it’s possible to see income literally in the space of a few hours. Furthermore, since so much of the traffic comes from viral sources, competition is completely irrelevant (in fact, big competitive niches are preferable!).

The websites can be monetized in a number of ways including:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • AdSense
  • Selling your own products
  • Selling e-mail leads which you generate from the traffic
  • Etc.

Normally we recommend people start their monetization strategy using affiliate links, however as shown above, with targeted traffic the options are very broad.

Customers will be able to achieve everything detailed above in a very short time frame due to a custom-built tool suite.

Our custom built tool suite has two main purposes:

  • Provide a push-button way for customers to quickly and easily build the types of websites that earn thousands each month.
  • Provide the content needed for these websites.

The tool suite and content repository was built from the ground up for our own purposes and has never been released to anyone (development costs exceed $70,000).

In addition to getting lifetime access to this tool suite, customers will also be given step-by-step training by us and unrestricted access to our specialized support system.

The Training

There will be an 8 week web-class consisting of ‘live’ training workshops which will walk customers through every intricate detail of the process.

In addition to this, there will be additional “how to” instructional videos, numerous PDF manuals, and a comprehensive business planning kit showing people how to build a $100k/year business with just FOUR websites (this is conservative, some sites can earn up to $20,000 or more PER MONTH).

The training is delivered in an “over the shoulder” way, meaning customers actually SEE exactly how to copy our method and replicate our results.

We will be delivering ALL the training and running a specialized support system meaning we are 100% in control of the quality of the program and the satisfaction and support of our customers.

The Software

One of the most important things about this product, and the big hook, is that our “100k Launchpad” software will help people make money quickly and easily.

We’ve systematized the entire method into a automated factory-like process.

The ‘Launchpad’ consists of several key tools:

  • The Content Repository: A monstrous library of content that users can identify, choose, and then automatically ‘plug in’ to their websites.
  • The Conversion Optimization Engine: A ‘point-and-click’ tool suite that incorporates things such as Exit Intent popups, Advanced Optin Form integration, Split Test control and MUCH more, all of which can be customized and modified with the push of a button.
  • The Website Factory: An all-in-one website builder that leverages a custom-built WordPress theme and allows users to add new content with the push of a button from ONE controlling dashboard.

Never before has building customized websites that are optimized for conversions been so push-button simple.

The value of this revolutionary software is huge. It’s cost us over $70,000 to develop and will ONLY be made available to customers of 100k Factory.

This offer ends on June 11th…no kidding! 100k Factory will be taken off the air on that date, so you want to gain access before anyone else if you want new financial results in 2015!

Self-Publishing Success System

This newbie guy just became financially free 6 months ago and here is his crazy-inspiring story.

On top of getting an entire turnkey money-making system ready-to-go, he’ll even coach you for free with a ‘live’ training.

His system is unique and includes principles of success from the famous author Napoleon Hill…

Which means not only it can automatically creates passive income streams for you…

But the success you will have will be lasting and fulfilling.

Read how Sean Stewart’s Self-Publishing Success System works.

Website Investors

Buying an existing website, that already has traffic and sales is by far the most certain way to make an online income.

Certain, because the income stream already exists, you are just transferring it to your own account.

It’s also the fastest way to have your own online business.

Fast, because you don’t have to start from scratch.

And it’s clearly the easiest way.

Easy, because you don’t have to learn how to be a techie, a designer an SEO whiz, a product creator, a marketer…All that stuff is done for you when you pick up a functioning website.

Look, the typical cycle is learn, build, learn, tweak, wait, wait some more, tweak some more, learn some more.

You may or may not ever see enough traffic to make more than a couple of dollars of sales.

Jeff is a recognized expert in the field of acquiring online businesses. He makes his living from the portfolio of websites he has purchased. Over 300 of them.

Jeff has completely blown open a Pandora’s box with this one as he reveals exactly how he goes about finding and buying low-cost high-value hidden-gem websites.

You’ll get access to the same tools and resources Jeff used to build his own portfolio of money sites without building anything from scratch.

Become one of the few top-notch Website Investors today!

Rocket bar

You can finally profit BIG by giving your website visitors a strong call-to-action with the new Rocket Bar you can install on ANY website you want. It’ll even follow visitors of that site around as they browse, so you can be sure that you have done everything you could to get them to do any one of the following:

– Sign up to your newsletter
– Visit Your Sales Page
– Get in on an affiliate promotion
– Connect with you on Social Media
– And more!

The possibilities are endless! Plus with the high-converting template inside of the software, you’ll be able to make sure your bar performs…and performs well, making it even easier for you to profit than ever before!

It includes:

– The software that allows you to target your website or any other website visitors that click through your link with a clear call-to-action bar, to give you a boost in your overall traffic and conversions.

– Capture MORE leads every single campaign or every time someone stops by your site (or any one else’s website) even if it’s just to ‘browse’

– Have your Rocket Bar follow your visitor around the website so it’s always there in front of them

– Fully customizable to your business so you can even start selling more through TeeSpring, Amazon and sites like Facebook

This is a full Call-To-Action suite and everything you are going to need to make a BIG impact immediately to start finally converting more people into HOT leads and buyers as they browse any websites of your choice!

Try Rocket Bar Now For 30 Days Risk Free!

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