You can finally profit BIG by giving your website visitors a strong call-to-action with the new CTA Bar you can install on any of your websites. It’ll even follow your visitor around as they browse, so you can be sure that you have done everything you could to get them to do any one of the following:

– Sign up to your newsletter

– Get in on an affiliate promotion (you can even add in a countdown timer!)

– Connect with you on social media

And more!

The possibilities are endless! Plus with the templates inside of the software, you’ll be able to make sure your bar performs…and performs well, making it even easier for you to profit than ever before!

Recap of what CTA Bar is capable of:

– The software that allows you to target your website visitors with a call-to-action bar, to give you a boost in your conversions.

– Capture MORE leads every single campaign or every time someone stops by your site, even if it’s just to ‘browse’

– Have your CTA Bar follow your visitor around the website so it’s always there in front of them

– Fully customizable to your business so you can even start selling more through TeeSpring, Amazon and sites like Facebook

This is a full Call-To-Action suite and everything you are going to need to make a BIG impact immediately to start finally converting more people into HOT leads and buyers as they browse your website!

I know you are going to love this software and I am really excited to let you be one of the first to get access! Click here for a demo of the software.

When it comes to making six figures as an independent copywriter, there are two options you can choose from.

Option A, which is my primary activity and produces a six-figure annual income, is that of being a traditional freelance copywriter.

This entails writing copy, usually on a project basis, for many different clients selling a variety of products and services.

Option B, which I also make six figures from, is to write copy for your own products.

Some copywriters do one or the other, while other writers do both.

Ted Nicholas, for instance, has had huge success writing copy to sell his own products but also has written winning promotions for many clients.

Both options have their pros and cons. So which option do I recommend for beginning copywriters? Option A.

The reason is simple: Getting clients aside, there are two primary copywriting skills. One is the ability to write persuasive copy; the other is the ability to quickly learn and understand a variety of markets and products.

When you are a pure “Option B” copywriter, you may be a great persuasive writer. But, you are writing only about products you created and are therefore familiar with.

Therefore, you do not gain experience in writing for products and markets other than your own. And you do not learn how to quickly study and understand different products and communicate their benefits to unfamiliar audiences.

As a result, as an “Option B” practitioner, you are in a sense an incomplete copywriter. You only possess half the skills needed to succeed as a traditional freelance copywriter, should you ever want or need to do so.

As an “Option A” or traditional copywriter, I am constantly asked to write about new products and to new markets—everything from medical services and dietary supplements, to mutual funds and golf, to software and jets—which has honed my research skills and made me a quick study.

This gives me an added skill and an advantage in the marketplace that copywriters who only sell their own products cannot match.

An especially limiting trend today is so many copywriters restricting their work to just their own information products, training, membership sites, or social media groups. For instance, one copywriter told me he makes virtually all his money running a group of copywriters and marketers on Facebook, and selling his training to them.

The reason this insular approach to copywriting is so limiting is that about 90% of these copywriters teach Internet marketing and copywriting only, and so marketing is all they know.

“Some of these Internet guys have put together a small community who seem to like their writing, and if they can make a living doing this, more power to them,” says superstar copywriter Richard Armstrong.

“But if they aspire to be a freelance copywriter working for the nation’s biggest and best direct response marketing clients, I can tell you for a fact these guys wouldn’t survive 5 minutes there.”

By comparison, if you are a health writer, you know two things: marketing and health. If you are a precious metals writer, you know marketing and geology.

That’s why I tell young people who want to be copywriters not to major in communications or marketing in college.

Much better to major in a topic you can write about. For instance, a geology or engineering degree will position you well to write about the oil and gas industry. My own chemical engineering degree has gotten me dozens of clients who might otherwise not have hired me, as has my certification as an IT professional.

If you’ve already graduated from college, consider taking a staff job with a top marketer in a field that interests you, whether investment letters or real estate.

Working with a top company in an in-demand copywriting niche can be worth much more than a college degree. You learn on the job, and instead of you paying tuition, your employer pays you. Sweet deal!

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

Troy Humphrey, his wife Sarah and the two kids Have been hit as a family in the worst possible way—Sarah is battling liver cancer.

Troy has done the work. and he continues to do so…he has done MORE than most and managed to get a very cool product UP and onto the Net to make more money to help get him through…

WHILE working through a 12-hour day job…

A job that takes him miles from home…when they are hoping for a call for a liver donor and he needs to RUSH within hours to get Sarah to the hospital.

As well as juggling the kids.

Troy needs some help. This is where you can change a life by purchasing a cool piece of software.

Troy’s new Text Extreme Pro plugin allows businesses to do text message (SMS) marketing. Which is a huge field.

It is a top platform.

Restaurants, mechanics, hair salons and any service industry can use this.

Even schools and community groups can do with instant messaging.

Send UNLIMITED text messages, SMSs and voice broadcasts (links with Twilio, and the rates per SMS are less than 0.7 of a cent!).

You can even separate people into groups and send different messages to different groups.

This works in every country too.

Imagine the OPEN RATES.

Imagine the SERVICE ability.

Imagine the SALES ability.

Where SMS coupons can be sent out…

School notifications

Group Marketing messages

Social group alerts

Emergency connections

In fact ANYTHING where sending a message to someone can be used…

And here is the amazing thing: EVERYONE READS THEIR MESSAGES!

This is not only incredible software, and you also get a chance to grab DEVELOPER’S RIGHTS to the program, so you can SELL this plugin to every business, school, church group and sporting club you can possibly think of.

Care to take one look at it? You can improve your business in SMS marketing and help Troy and Sarah battle this cancer with a good cash injection.

There is no marketing axiom that says long copy is best in every situation.

But there are many situations in which long copy can boost response, but doesn’t get to do so, because someone involved with the project objects to it, precisely because they feel it is too lengthy.

In a recent test, an investment advisory firm hired me to rewrite a 2-page flier they use to invite potential clients to a free investment and retirement planning workshop.

When I handed in my copy and their graphic designer laid it out, it was 4 pages, not 2 pages.

The headlines for the control and test were the same. The difference was that my longer promotion was double the length of what they were using, information packed, and with a lot more proof.

Note: both their 2-pager and my 4-pager offer a book on retirement planning as a free bonus gift, and the book is mailed to those who sign up in advance of the workshop date.

My client showed my copy to a marketing consultant in the financial area, who declared that people are too busy and would never read such long copy, and therefore it would not work. “It is way too long,” he said. “People are in a hurry today.”

My client decided to test my 4-page mailer. The result: it pulled more than double the response of the shorter mailer, getting twice as many prospects to attend the workshop.

“This incident, though admittedly just a single test, is very significant for me, because it shows long copy can beat short,” my client says, adding, “But the long copy must be compelling.”

About the consultant who proclaimed that the 4-pager would bomb, my client replied, “When your prospects are deciding what to do with $1 million, they will find time to read good long copy.”

In addition, my client believes the long copy invitation will get a better quality of prospect closer to what he wants.

“If they are willing to read the long copy, they are more likely to read the book I mail them and will be that much more likely to do business with me.”

Two takeaways:

1. For many offers long copy out-pulls short copy substantially, which makes it worth testing. If you use a 1-page letter, test against a 2-page letter.

2. Not only does long copy increase response, but it can also produce a more qualified lead, since those who will read long copy are serious buyers.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

Discover 3 Inbound Marketing Strategies For Your Business Expansion

Let’s recall the last time you were out in the street and an enormous billboard caught your attention. Did you immediately visit the advertised website? Or did you proceed on your journey without remembering?

This is a prime example of a fizzled endeavor at an outbound marketing strategy. Consider those “in your face” advertisements you see regularly like those promotions at the sides of buses or taxis or the large print ads taking up 50% of the newspaper. Does this style lure you to find out more about the offer?

Most likely not. Not only outbound marketing “pushes out” ads without a targeted audience or demographic in mind, it regularly consumes up your advertising dollars quicker than you can say, “Where are my revenues?”

What marketers today should know is that effective marketing doesn’t have to appeal to the masses in order to see a return, but instead concentrate on creating remarkable or compelling content that attracts people by piquing their interest. This type of advertising is known as Inbound Marketing. I share the following 3 Inbound marketing strategies that can develop your business and get results.

1. Construct A Buyer Persona

You have a business. You offer an item or service. Customers are your best supporters as they trust your brand and use it. They picked YOUR business to purchase from and not from your competitors. Instead of spending important advertising dollars on drawing in the wrong set of prospects, construct a buyer persona based on the majority of your customers and concentrated around their needs and wants. By creating a buyer persona and nailing down your clients’ needs, lifestyles and even apprehensions, you will have the capacity to think of a ready answer to address your clients’ challenges. By placing ourselves in the shoes of our prospects, we can better preempt their purchasing decision. Beyond that, you can foster a closer relationship with existing customers as they begin to adore your brand and unreservedly evangelize it. It’s so much more effective to zero in on the right leads this way because it is very difficult to measure the degree of favorable response to outbound ads.

2. Build Trust With Content Creation

Effective Inbound marketers must continually engage prospects with informative content. Offering guidance, learning tips, or answers to their inquiries encourages readers to identify closely with your brand. Content design also takes on a variety of creative approaches: blogging, vlogging, e-books, infographics, videos, webinars, social media publishing etc. As time goes, content becomes the vehicle with which marketers lead prospects through their marketing funnel, ultimately winning them over for the sale. Yes, the sales result is paramount, but I must emphasize the use of content in establishing and building trust in the minds of prospects. When a prospect completely comprehends and believes in your brand, it is natural that they become willing customers.

3. Be Active On Social Media

Consider these statistics as revealed in a HubSpot study:

  1. Internet users spend 4 times more time on Facebook than Google
  2. Number of active users on:
    • Facebook: 1.3 billion
    • Twitter: 645 million
    • LinkedIn: 300 million
    • Google+: 300 million
  3. 74% of marketers saw an increase in traffic after spending just 6 hours per week on social media
  4. At least 35% of marketers have acquired customers on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

Social media publishing and engagement is therefore integral to your Inbound strategy in converting visitors to leads and acquiring and supporting customers. When you keep customers happy, they can be evangelists for your brand. Their public displays of delight will appeal to their connections and your prospects too!

The more you apply social media marketing, the sooner you will encounter more in-depth strategies, but let’s start with fulfilling basic requirements:

  1. Consider the frequency you are going to publish/post on the 4 major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Plan out the regular timings for your posts so that your fans and followers can readily anticipate them.
  2. Show your personality. Don’t be afraid to show what makes you, your company and corporate culture special and enjoyable to work or associate with.
  3. Design your content presentation. As mentioned earlier, mix up the form of your content with images, videos, downloads, blog posts, quotes, polls, questions etc., but take into account the appropriateness/suitability of the content form for a particular social network, the publishing timing and the persona of your readers. 80% of your content should be interesting and helpful and 20% can be promotional.
  4. Know your buyer persona. I keep coming back to the ‘persona’ because it is important and unavoidable. In the context of social media, knowing your buyer persona thoroughly allows you to get content to them at the right place at the right time. Consider these questions:
    1. Where are they spending time on the Internet?
    2. Which networks? Is it only the big 4 or a niche site targeted at people in the same industry or interest?
    3. Why are they there? For business or pleasure?
    4. Most importantly, what sort of content do they want to read and share?

Taking everything into account, Inbound marketing is about giving and winning client steadfastness as opposed to beating a message into prospects’ heads and trusting it will stick. By applying the 3 fundamental Inbound marketing strategies as stated, brands will eventually see enormous returns for their efforts on less advertising dollar expenditure.

Nelson Tan is an Inbound Marketing consultant at iSmart Communications, an integrated marketing communications agency serving the Asia-Pacific region.

Mobile Squeeze Pages

Smart businesses are using mobile squeeze pages to build their lists from mobile phone users.

However in spite of nearly 2 billion smartphone users in the world, there are still very, very FEW marketers going mobile.

Partly because building a mobile squeeze page is a different thing.

And this guy is generating handsome profits selling ready-made mobile squeeze pages to clients and businesses!

This is going to get more POPULAR. And what if you can get a slide of the mobile pie?

Get your Mobile Squeeze Pages Business In A Box with PLR and keep 100% of the sales you make!

I mean it.

Subscriber TK, whose goal is to become a freelance copywriter and info-marketer, but currently works at a 9-to-5 job, writes: “My conundrum is the potential of giving up a significant portion of my personal life should the website take off because I take care of my customers, they know I’m their go-to person.

“With my day job, my exposure is limited, but it may not be so manageable being on the web and that scares the hell out of me, yet I am coming to the point where I’ll just have to pull the trigger and ride the bullet!”

The vast majority of small business owners and self-employed professionals had to deal with this same problem, which is as follows: You have a comfortable, well-paying day job. You want to become an independent contractor or start a small business.

When you have a day job, it means you have to work on launching your business after hours.

So, as TK says, you have to spend a lot of your time outside of your regular job working on your new business instead of playing golf, hanging out with friends, or doing other leisure activities.

I do not see too many ways around this, and I think your options are as follows:

1. Moonlight. Keep your day job and spend all or most of your hours after work building your new business. When your new business is making enough money to support you, take the leap.

2. Save up so much money that you could live for a year without income. Then quit your income-producing day job and work full-time on your new business.

3. Ask your employer if you can switch to part-time status, which would give you more time to work on the business. This is a risky option because the employer might see you as not dedicated and pink-slip you for it.

The other issue starting a small business while you still have a job is privacy. If you put up a website, chances are your boss may stumble across it and may not like it. Again, very risky.

Some wanna-be freelancers make phone calls, send e-mails, and search the web for their freelance copywriting business while at work. I discourage this, as your employer is paying you to do their work while you are on the clock.

For more information on how writers can moonlight successfully, get my book “Write More, Sell More” published by Writer’s Digest Books.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

Social Media FiresaleHere’s your opportunity to grab 5 high quality & high definition video training series with full resell rights so you can keep 100% profits!

Using these 53 step-by-step, HD video trainings, you can learn—or provide training to clients—the latest social media marketing strategies in the areas of:

• Facebook,
• Twitter,
• Google Plus,
• Instagram and
• Social Bookmarking.

You can sell them to online/offline marketers or business owners for $297 a POP. That’s how much each series are worth.

This HUGE package also has:

A. “Done for you” sales material for all the 5 video training series

• Professional Sales Pages
• High Converting Sales Copies
• Doodle Style Sales Videos
• Complete Set of Professional Graphics

B. Professional mini-sites for all series

C. “Ready to go” affiliate tools for all series

• Professional Affiliate Page
• Swipe Emails for Your Affiliates
• Complete Set of Animated Banners

You also get these fast action bonuses for your investment:

Fast Action Bonus 1-5: Cheat Sheet for All the 5 Trainings
Fast Action Bonus 6-10: Mind Map for All the 5 Trainings
Fast Action Bonus 11-15: Top Resources Report for All the 5 Trainings

You have everything you need to set up your social media sales arm of your online business. Get the Social Media Firesale now while the promotion lasts.

We are taught to stress benefits in our copy, but Terry Dean suggests going one step above ordinary benefits and stressing the results your buyer will get using your product.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re offering a product or a service, you have to deliver the results,” says Dean. “Your customers buy because of the end results and how those results make them feel.”

Dean advises marketers to make the biggest, boldest promise they can legally and ethically deliver.

“What kind of difference will these results make in your client’s life?” he asks. “How much are the results worth? Is there any way you can improve the results you’re delivering with an even more valuable offer?”

Source: Terry Dean newsletter, 2/3/15

Income SocietyHere’s my review on Income Society, the most advanced training platform available online today. Let’s find out what Income Society is all about.

What is Income Society

If you are novice in the field of Internet marketing, Income Society will be the best investment decision you will ever make. It is the most complete coaching program out there.

The Man Behind The System

It’s little wonder that Income Society is such a well-developed online training and coaching system when you hear about the man behind the concept. Adeel Chowdhry was not a silver-spoon child. He built his own spectacularly successful Internet business through hard work and years of experience. I’m impressed that Adeel has chosen to help others with his mission to bring online success to 10,000 people by giving them access to this system. And we’re not talking about small amounts of revenue here. No, Adeel is giving you potential access to tens of thousands of dollars per day by allowing you to leverage his system. He’s putting back into a market that has given him so much, and benefiting other genuine people.

Step-By-Step Training

The platform provides step-by-step instructions to unlimited online earnings, using a proven system starting from the basics of Internet marketing to identifying your target market and to developing your own assets. Simply follow the modules and replicate the secret formula to success.

The gurus don’t give you the full information on how they make money online. They do not want to share their trade secrets with anyone, even with their own members. Income Society is a very different in that it does reveal all of the secrets to all members. Everything is shared: the techniques, the methods and the strategies that truly grow your business.

This is not just another video course. There are 3 levels of interactive training in this coaching platform: Main training course, Special training course and the Vault training including Interactive videos, ‘live’ demonstration, online resources and a personal “My Projects” area.


You’re never on your own; there is a total support system in place to ensure that, if you follow the steps of the programme, you’ll be impressed with the results. I particularly value the fact that it isn’t just about interacting with a machine, you actually have the assistance of a flesh-and-blood coach and mentor. What other online revenue opportunities provide that kind of five-star service?

Are You Ready?

Never become disillusioned about entrepreneurship! You don’t have to invest all that time and effort on your own trial-and-error. Learn more about Income Society now.

“When you provide a personalized service in exchange for money, you divide yourself,” said the late mail order info-marketer Jerry Buchanan. “You have only so many hours in a day, so you can take only a finite number of customers.

“When you write and publish a book of helpful nature to an infinite number of people, you are then multiplying yourself. Your sales are not limited by the number of hours in a day. Same applies to selling any mass-produced product.” He of course is referring to passive income—earning money independent of hours spent working.

Jerry was a pioneer in info-marketing in the pre-Internet era and much admired by so many of us. For me he was a kind mentor and friend. He got his start selling a short report on how to rid your yard of moles and gophers which he promoted with classified ads.

Source: Towers Club U.S.A. Newsletter, 11/77, p.1.

Affiliate Crusher 2.0

My good friend, Henry Gold is offering his new course called “Affiliate Crusher 2.0” where he shows you how to crush any affiliate contest in a shortest time possible. In addition, Henry will even show you what he did to sell 100 copies in THREE DAYS.

So if you want to significantly improve your affiliate marketing skills and get ranked in the leaderboards for record sales, this is the course you need.

Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

But when writing copy or content for a client or employer, you may have to change your tone, or your language, or your format, or a million other things to make a piece of writing better. But none of that should inhibit the inherent “you-ness” of what you write, advises HubSpot.

“Don’t try to adopt someone else’s voice, even if it sounds really, really good,” they recommend. “They’re better at being them than you are, anyway.”

Source: Hubspot report, The Marketer’s Pocket Guide to Writing Well

12 Keys To Passive Facebook Income

Posted March 3rd, 2015 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Social Media

Social Post Pilot

Everyone knows by now that Facebook is about the most popular, if not easiest way to earn an income online.

And I’m not just talking any income. I’m talking sustainable and highly scalable businesses that feed your family, put your kids through college and give them a nice nest egg so they don’t needlessly start their lives in debt.

If only our parents had stuff like this, am I right?

Since Facebook has turned into a goldmine, a flood of new tools and strategies have come out to take advantage but nothing quite like what you’ll find next.

Social Post Pilot is pure, world-class automation that turn building passive income streams on Facebook into child’s play.

You see, Facebook can turn out to be a bunch of grunt work if you let it.

Have you ever done any of these things manually?

– Search for the cutest viral cat videos
– Slog through posting them up with attention grabbing messages
– Created pages to capture leads
– Searched for products on Amazon to promote as affiliates

Or any of the other hundreds of things that you MUST do to make any money on Facebook?

Well today, the uphill battle turns into a downhill sled race for you.

This new app breaks the 12 essential profit pivot points of Facebook down and automates each and every one of them.

So if you want to:

+ Save hours a day in manual labor, executing your social media marketing strategy

+ Be able to discover the freshest and most viral content in any niche, with the click of a mouse

+ Feed the most engaging content to your Facebook properties, totally hands-off

+ Start building thousands of leads on autopilot

And much more, then you must check out Social Post Pilot.

This automation software has generated well over 150K in pure profit with simple set-and-forget campaigns that constantly turn out results while you enjoy the less annoying things in life.

Check out the demo and tell me that this won’t completely change the way you market on Facebook!

BTW, for a limited time, during the launch period there’s a huge discount. The “asking price” is so ridiculously low that you’ll more than earn back your investment the first day it runs by itself.

Online, there’s no limit to the space you have for copy, but in print, you are limited by the room on the paper. Here are approximate average word counts for common print promotions:

Tabloids: 400-600 words per page.

Magalogs: 500 words per page.

Digests: 250 words per page.

Non-fiction trade books: 400 words per page.

PDF e-books: 300 words per page.

Long-copy full-page mail order ads: 500-750 words.

Sales letters: 300 words per page.

Standard-size postcards: 100-150 words.

These are the maximum words counts, and using them results in a page fairly dense with copy, which is a common practice in direct response. In brand advertising and B2B, advertisers use far fewer words because they like white space, not understanding that white space is wasted and does not sell.

As for tabloids, word count is variable. If you filled the page solid with text like a newspaper, you could fit a thousand words. But most tabloids are designed with plenty of graphics, so word count is variable.


Attention all OptimizePress users!

“The Designer To The Gurus” Chris Andres has FINALLY released his much anticipated one-step upload OptimizePress templates.

This is the same guy releasing the SAME templates that he built for his 6-figure launch clients.

If you have ever:

– Cursed out loud while fiddling with OptimizePress to no avail,

– Accidentally headbutted your computer while trying to get OptimizePress to look exactly how you want,

– Secretly plotted to quit IM because your OptimizePress pages just weren’t converting,

Then you need to check these templates out at LaunchShark.

They are stupid easy to use, and they were built to convert by a guy who knows what that actually means.

Honestly, even if you don’t use OptimizePress, once you see how impressive these templates are (and how solid their conversion potential is) you might just change your mind about using OP in your marketing efforts.

Grab your copy of the templates before he pulls the sales page down.

ProStyler ThemeIt’s so important to have an updated, fresh, clean website that functions seamlessly with your WordPress install.

However, we all know it’s not so simple. It’s a battle that is too time-consuming to do, or impossible due to technical ability.

But the ProStyler Theme is going to change all that. Along with easy one-click installs, ProStyler comes with its own internal page builder plugin to help you create ANY website design you like the look of and within no time at all.

The ProStyler Theme Team has tried and tested the theme to ensure it works flawlessly and is easy to use.

Yet ProStyler Theme has a lot more features like:

1. Easily Insert Galleries: it’s point-and-click easy, just pick your pictures and drop them in the page ready to open up in lightbox!

2. Responsive On All Devices: Never lose a mobile customer again! The theme works on ALL devices right out of the box!

3. Shortcode Magic: If you want to make your web pages sparkle then you can choose from hundreds of different shortcodes to give your pages the ‘wow’ factor.

4. The Best Admin Panel: comfortably work your way around the admin panel & quickly customize your theme to your exact requirements.

5. FOUR Instant Presets: with just two clicks you can completely transform ProStyler with one of the four ready-made presets giving you a foundation to customize further!

6. Header Customization: 3 different header layout options are ready to go. From there you can quickly re-adjust your logo, add social icons and much more!

7. Endless Color: change the color scheme throughout the whole theme with our advanced color selectors found in the powerful options panel.

8. Responsive Image Slider: create stunning slides for your website that work on every device. Add images, video and animation to really keep your audience hooked!

9. One-Page Website: if you’re an Internet marketer that only requires one-page sites to make money then add a section element, add it to your menu and you’re done!

I could go on and on and on, but it’s better you see the demo templates. Plus ProStyler is currently sold at over 50% off with bonuses!

You’ll definitely want to check them out ASAP!

How would you like to raid the keyword coffers of the Internet’s SIX biggest search engines? I mean, pull the actual buyer keywords right out of them?

Now you can…and a whole lot more!

Imagine getting real-world user-generated keywords directly from:

— Google

— Youtube

— Bing

— Amazon

— Yahoo!

— eBay

Imagine drilling deeper and deeper into each keyword to see all the possibilities that are available…

And then having direct access to ClickBank and Amazon to find relevant products to promote…

It’s possible, finally, with a brand new web-based application called KeywordTapp.

KeywordTapp is a true best-of-breed solution.

You can use it for keyword research, to brainstorm new blog post ideas, to strategize a local search, to drill into brands and products…ANYTHING you can think of!

This is way easier (and more accurate) than Google AdWords Keyword Planner (which is designed for people buying AdWords campaigns).

And with SIX search engines at your fingertips, you’ll pull thousands of legitimate keywords in seconds!

lead nurturingThere are at least 2 scenarios that come to mind as to why leads are not closed for the sale:

1) Some marketers presume that it is alright to start promoting their products and services barely days after new subscribers enter their lists.

2) In larger organizations, the corporate ‘tradition’ goes that the marketing team generates and passes the leads to the sales team which handles the promotion, but the sales conversion remains consistently low. The sales team may simply cancel the leads that it considers ‘cold’, whereas the marketing team feels ‘hands-off’ since the leads are already passed on. Neither team knows how to rekindle the leads’ interest.

In both cases, there is a gap in the marketing cycle that fails to make the leads feel eager in looking forward to hear more from the marketers. It is what lead nurturing precisely does: to invest in a little more time to build a long-term relationship between the marketer and his/her leads.

For the reason that lead generation is only one side of the coin, now discover how to build trust and loyalty that paves the way to an easy sale in 5 stages:

1) The Handshake: This is the first point of contact whereby a visitor gets acquainted with the marketer’s website and registers for an e-newsletter, an e-book or a webinar. When the visitor sends a message using the contact form, s/he is also initiating a handshake.

2) The Conversation: The purpose of the conversation is to inform and educate subscribers about the challenges related to the general topic they registered for. In the Information Age, readers like to learn more, so it is an opportunity to address details not initially included in the first set of downloaded material, or to delve deeper into the issues.

This being a conversation, the marketer can also seek feedback and start a dialogue with subscribers to build trust and loyalty. The marketer has to take note and take advantage of the various content delivery channels—email, mobile, ezines, blogs, article directories, whitepapers, social media etc.—to grow his/her reach.

3) The Contact: This is the stage where more marketers probably fall short. Insofar where the ‘Conversation’ is concerned, the same information is dispensed to all subscribers. Now having felt encouraged by what they have read, the subscribers will reach out to marketers for more information specific to their needs. Marketers must offer personalized content and even a proposal to turn them into true business prospects.

4) The Qualification: It is time for marketers to consider whether their solutions are a good fit for prospects’ needs. Now that content distribution and communications have steered the conversation in a certain direction, marketers must step up to address the likely problems each prospect is facing and state why and how they can be solved. A problem analysis can be conducted by asking prospects a series of questions that break down the details, thus giving marketers a well-rounded understanding of each case they are facing.

5) The Close: Finally, marketers submit a formal proposal that calls for prospects to take up the offer. There is no denying that as marketers and prospects move through each lead nurturing stage, chances are higher that prospects feel more comfortable to continue the work with marketers they are familiar with. Beyond the ‘Close’, marketers must continue to do what they have set out to begin with: deliver on their promises and instill loyalty and confidence before prospects look elsewhere for competitors.

The 5 stages of the lead nurturing process is key to creating a strong, happy business relationship that naturally encourages further business. It’s about being “systematic in activity, dynamic in response”. Now that’s an easy slogan for marketers to remember.

Nelson Tan is an Inbound Marketing consultant at iSmart Communications, an integrated marketing communications agency serving the Asia-Pacific region.

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Posted February 27th, 2015 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Search Engine Strategies

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