Can you turn every browsing session into a lead-gen opportunity?

What if you could “ride on” the credibility and social proof of some of the largest and most trusted brands on the web to run a lead generation campaign?

Here’s how it works: you typically share a piece of content on social media, which can even be from CNN, USA Today, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed etc. Your connections access the content and after a while, an opt-in form or any other call-to-actions you design appear to invite them to take action.

Which means you don’t have to create the content yourself just to have your CTAs fit in on the page. That’s leverage!


Speedleads is a browser extension for Internet marketers that adds a branded call-to-action to any page you share, straight from your browser.

So you can generate traffic and leads in literally 3 clicks (seriously, watch the demo!), just by sharing links to interesting content you discover…

Some powerful benefits you can have with Speedleads:

[+] Campaign Types: Create all different types of lead boxes including opt-in form, traffic, buttons, links and even invisible lead-gen boxes

[+] Custom URLs: Create a custom display URL that is branded for your domain.

[+] Retargeting: Add each visitor who engages with your campaign to retargeting platforms like Facebook, Google, Sitescout, Adroll and more.

[+] E-mail & Webinar Integration: Automatically add new opt-ins/subscribers to your favorite e-mail marketing or webinar platform.

See it in action here and exercise your coupon code “SPEED” for a special pricing offer! (Hope it works!)

Every marketer needs traffic.

And to make money online you need targeted traffic that converts.

But with huge growth in competition and high cost of acquiring targeted traffic, you need to make sure your traffic is laser-targeted and at lowest cost possible.

There is a simple way to do this now.

Audience Press

Audience Press is the ultimate tracking, cloaking and retargeting suite that every affiliate marketer should have to make the most from their traffic.

It will maximize your profits by tracking all visitors who see your site and reconnecting with the 95% of visitors who leave without taking action!

And it will save a lot of cost if you are advertising and paying for traffic.

This only means one thing : Massive Paydays For You!

The methods used by 7- and 8-figure marketing gurus have been revealed inside this software + training.

Even stone cold newbies are generating high commissions without any prior experience by using Audience Press.

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No recurring fees, just one-time low payment.

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MindVIPI’ve specially arranged for you to watch this free video today.

This video will help you:

– Master the ultimate success formula that holds the key to achieving any result you want in life.

– Live a life of unimaginable wealth and perpetual affluence

– Attract and seduce the partner of your dreams with an irresistible, almost supernatural charisma

– Enjoy a lifetime of eternal happiness and bliss

And much more…

Transform your life today!

Looking for fresh health and weight loss content? You got it. The “What’s Hot – What’s Not, Diet and Nutrition Trends for 2016” PLR report touches on diet and nutrition trends this year. This would make a great lead magnet if you’re working on building a list in the weight loss niche. Or you can split up the content to make a great e-mail series.

What’s covered inside:

• An overview of 12 newest diet trends
• An overview of 13 newest nutrition trends
• Trends to avoid
• Diet myths debunked

As social media marketers, we want to build dedicated followings in our niche, right? Create authority, become known as one of the experts in our field, and all that good stuff.

So we spread the word everywhere we can. Wherever we think potential followers are online. It’s a tough job though.

Want to make it easier? It’s as simple as getting in front of YOUR audience, where it’s already hanging out.

FB’s a start. But FB Live is where it’s REALLY at right now. Fastest growing video streaming service in the world. With engaged viewers…

FB Live video streams are viewed THREE times as long as ANY other online video.

That’s an engaged audience. Want in?

Here’s Your Ticket!

Live Leap is the world’s first and only FB Live syndication tool that takes the benefits of FB Live and puts them on steroids.

It’s a social media revolution. You can now INSTANTLY syndicate your ‘live’ streams to as many of your FB pages, groups and profiles as you want.

Plus have the option to notify your e-mail list, SMS subscribers AND both LinkedIn and Twitter followers any time you go ‘live’.

We’re talking about getting your message in front of tens of thousands of viewers, and getting viral traffic and shares.

THIS Is The Fastest Way To Grow Your Social Following.

Tried and tested, with proven results and testimonials all over the page.

The time to act is now ­ get in on the ground floor and you’ll build the hottest fan base online.

Being happier and more content is always a worthwhile pursuit, but when we put too much pressure on ourselves to be as happy as can be, we can end up stressed. Add to that the fact that live likes to throw curveballs and it’s no wonder that the pursuit of happiness can seem a bit out of reach.

This handy 21-page PLR report titled “Maintaining Balance During The Pursuit Of Happiness” will teach your readers how to gain more balance and stress less. It would make a beautiful new lead magnet, or a great bonus for your latest info-product in the self-help niche.

At $16.95 this is a steal, but through Monday, July 4th you can save an extra 30% with coupon code BEHAPPY

Click on through for full details and a table of content for the report.

Personal Power Revolution

You’ve been selected to receive this free program called “Personal Power Revolution“.

You’ll learn:

– The revolutionary secrets to achieving total life transformation using only the power of your mind

– How to utilize simple quantum physics principles to attain massive success in life

– The concept of “Unity Consciousness” and how to use it to grant you the divine powers to achieve whatever you desire in life with just 1 single thought!

And much much more…

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Incredible 3D Animations In Minutes!

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Even if your company is operating from a garage, there sure are some hacks to make your branding look “high-end”.

How about this for graphics? Vinci3D creates fascinating 3D intros, deluxe 3D logo animations, and incredible 3D outros in minutes!

Step 1: select the template

Step 2: add text and image

Step 3: tweak template & hit render

You will be comfortable on Vinci3D within the first 15 minutes.

With pre-loaded templates, it’s that easy.

With just a few clicks, you can tweak a template by changing animation speed, selecting ‘start’ and ‘end’ of an animation, playing at any 3D angle, adding video effects, turning on surround lights, and selecting any color for each of them. Trust me, you won’t have exactly the same animation rendered as all other members.

You can add background video or image, and decide if you want to play 3D animation on full screen or just on selected part of the screen.

By choosing playback on just part of the screen, you can seamlessly blend stunning 3D animation with your 2D video to achieve incredible results.

You can also create beautiful animated 3D logos from text, by using any font in any language.

Watch the demo now.


Here’s a new interesting way to get more traffic to your website…

By using automated viral images.

An all-new web-based software called InstaViral 2.0 lets you create viral images 100% automatically and will also syndicate these images to the top social media websites and image-sharing sites on autopilot!

Have a look at the cool features:

– Create viral images from CSV file on 100% auto.

– Powerful image-editing features and Photoshop class effects.

– Web-based SAAS, runs on any OS and is very easy to use.

– Supports WordPress, Facebook, Imageshack, Pinterest, ImgUR, Mobypic and many other viral image networks.

– Powerful ready-made templates and backgrounds that you can select from and create custom images instantly.

– Scheduling lets you drip-feed the networks even when you’re sleeping or partying.

I am going to tell you what really matters now. With this tool you will not only get social media traffic, but also better rankings from all those high quality backlinks it creates, and you will be found in Google image search as well as Google search.

That’s 2x the benefits!

If you’re in the market for some free traffic (Who isn’t?), this is one tool that should feature in your portfolio.

Check the demonstration here.

ClickMagickWant to let you know there’s a killer new service called ClickMagick. It’s the next-gen click tracker, rotator and link manager that not only tracks all your clicks but makes them an average of 56% more profitable!

– It cloaks & tracks all your links, traffic & conversions

– It has 3 different kinds of advanced link rotators

– It lets you setup and do A/B split-tests in seconds

– It does some real ‘ninja’ geotargeting stuff to help maximize the value of ALL your traffic

– It provides insights into your traffic ‘quality’ & helps combat click fraud and ‘scammy’ traffic sellers

That’s not even the best part…

It also lets you add custom popups, timers and other content TO ANY PAGE to help you make more money.

Even affiliate links and sites you don’t control!

There’s nothing else like this out there. Check it out for yourself.

Are you in the market for some content to help your readers with their self-improvement concerns? Then you don’t want to miss this week’s PLR Special on the Self Help topic. It includes 30 PLR articles and 5 social media ready images.

• 10 Articles on Self Help
• 10 Articles on Law of Attraction
• 10 Articles on Self-Esteem
• Bonus: 5 social media-ready Images containing inspiration quotes

Get the content you need to keep your site and your mailing list fresh at a steep discount with this Self Help PLR Bundle.

Being in the Info-Selling Business, we know the formula to Make Money Instantly is:

Hot Niche + Awesome Video Training Product + Private Label Rights = $$$$$$

And by knowing the fact that, around 79% of corporate workers in full-time jobs want to work from home to Make Money, we can see How HUGE the Potential of this MMO Niche is…

So, how about getting Video Training Series on 2 Hottest “Make Money Online” Businesses viz. Amazon & Freelancing with Full PLR that You can also SELL & Keep 100% Profits!

Zero Cost Income Formula

With “Zero Cost Income Formula“, you’ll get:

A. 30 step-by-step Video Lessons

B. Ready-to-Go Sales Material:
– Professional Sales Page
– Hypnotizing Sales copy
– Sales Page Graphics &
– Product Images etc.

C. Ready-to-Go Mini-sites:
– Product Download Pages
– Contact us page and
– Other Legal Pages

D. 6 Cool Bonuses:
– Affiliate Page
– Affiliate banners
– Affiliate swipes etc.

E. Bonuses to offer on sales pages:
– Mind Map
– Cheat sheet
– Top resource report

You will get everything you need to sell your own High-Quality, High-Definition Video Training. By having your hands on this Firesale you can be in this Multi-Billion Dollar Business in Next 48 Hours!

$5 E-Mail Marketing PLR Special

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E-Mail marketing is one of those great evergreen topics that you can never have enough content on. Budding marketers are searching for info on how to get started, an experienced e-mail marketers are on the lookout for new techniques to up their game. This is a great topic to share with your readers on a regular basis.

Your $5 E-Mail Marketing PLR Bundle contains 10 articles on e-mail marketing, 10 tweets or social media blurbs to promote the content, and 3 images.

Grab it for $5 before the weekend special expires on Monday, June 27th and put that content to good use today!

If “The Secret” has never worked for you, there’s a perfectly good reason why.

The basic idea here is whatever outcome you desire in life depends on the energy you send out to the universe. If you want a positive outcome in your wealth, you have to get into the right “vibrational state” to send out positive energy and intentions into the universe.

Now to be frank, even I found some of the stuff about the universe and frequencies and vibrations to be a bit much. But the idea behind some of the stuff taught in this book made sense. If you want success then why wouldn’t you visualize the success you’ll achieve? Why wouldn’t you think, live, breathe success 24/7?

The Vibrational Manifestation report makes it easy for you to apply every lesson and exercise in changing your “vibrational state”, thereby becoming a more successful version of myself.

If you’ve ever felt powerless about changing something in your life, I definitely recommend getting a copy of Vibrational Manifestation. It will blow your mind with how empowered it’ll make you feel by the time you’re through with the program.

Free webinar template.

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This is epic. My friend Ronnie just shared his new blog post with me called “12 Key Ingredients to a $245,540.74 Webinar: A Complete Guide“.

I honestly don’t know what he’s thinking giving this away for free. Anyone else would charge $497 for this training and template. But it’s free, right here

Credit Niche PLR Special

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If you’re looking for some content in the Personal Finance niche, we’ve got you covered. The topic is credit and here’s what you get with this PLR special:

• 10 PLR Articles about Consumer Credit and Credit Cards
• 10 Fresh Custom Written Tweets to Promote Each Article
• 3 Images To Make Your Content Shine

You and your buyers can use them on their blogs, in their newsletters and autoresponders, bundle them into a lead magnet report etc., perfect to get your prospects into your marketing funnel and earn commissions with every repeat sale.

Today you have a brand new Social Media E-mail PLR set on offer. This bundle includes a series of 20 e-mail messages with a lot of hand-on advice to use social media to grow your business, and a WordPress-ready opt-in page.

If you are a big fan of e-mail marketing and setting up autoresponder messages, you appreciate that it is a quick and effective way to build relationship with your readers and monetize your list.

The only problem with them is that you have to add to them on a regular basis. And with everything else going on in your business, it’s easy to fall behind on adding messages to your autoresponder.

So this bundle is already done for you!

Elemental Success

Have you ever heard about the 4 elements of creation? Them being so powerful that they are responsible even for the existence of the Earth?

These elements, when aligned will produce unlimited manifestation power.

The reason why people usually fail to manifest their dreams is that there are one or more misalignments present between the elements.

However, if you learn how to bring them into harmony in your life, you’ll be able to…

– Identify opportunities with crystal-clear vision, zoom in on them with sniper-like precision and empower yourself to accomplish every single one of them!

– Maintain a state of Zen to calm yourself down whenever you’re angry or upset (this is what Arnold Schwarzenegger himself used when his 25 years of marriage ended in ruins).

– Handle and resolve conflicts that are emotionally charged and developing long-lasting relationships with people around you. This is the secret to bliss and satisfaction in life!

Learn them all in the “Elemental Success” report.

Ebook Profit Academy

Jon Crimes has been publishing e-books on Amazon Kindle for some time now and he is making great money but is the first to admit it was not always this way!

Over the past couple of years he had faced questions like:

“I am not the best author! How can I cost-effectively outsource the writing of an e-book?”

“What should I be doing to make my book really standout in the Kindle store and catch the immediate attention of customers?”

“Am I researching properly?”

“How on EARTH do I promote it and make MONEY?”

He has answered all these questions (and more!) and now has a profitable e-book business working almost on autopilot.

It still needs monitoring but he also gives you some great tools and bonuses which really help to make this EASY.

If you’ve ever created e-books, would like to know how, or just want a quick and easy way to Publish, Promote and Make Money, then you really need to check out the Ebook Profit Academy.

Jon is getting a serious reputation for developing straightforward and effective ways to make money online and the Ebook Profit Academy is certainly no exception.

You’re going to be blown away with what this Complete Ebook Publishing Course gives you!

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Simple Click Tracker

You are not too far away from having your best marketing campaigns ever!

A heavily tested WordPress tracking plugin just went ‘live’ this week, and they are offering an amazing deal if you jump in fast on this opportunity.

One of the advantages that the elite marketers use in their online businesses is they track everything related to traffic. They track their e-mail clicks, they track their banner ad clicks, they track links within blog posts, they track their funnel conversions, and more.

Well, David Perdew, was tired of paying high monthly fees for click-tracking solutions that didn’t meet his need.

So he created a tool for his own business called Simple Click Tracker. This tool powers over 4,000 links within his 7-figure online business.

Grab it today and let it power your online business!

They even have a developer option available, so you can pick that up for a one-time fee, and charge clients to track their traffic for them!

In fact, on the sales page they show one online service that is charging companies $7,500/mth for a tracking solution! Tracking is so important to businesses that they spend a premium on it.

Pick up your one-time-only license before this offer expires for good!