WP Graphics Toolkit

If you’re anything like me then you probably aren’t great at designing your own graphics, and definitely don’t like paying through the nose for a designer to do everything for you…

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when it’s a good call to get a graphics pro to do something bespoke for you, but most of the time you just need something simple for one of your sites, sales pages or blog posts and don’t want to wait (or pay) for someone else to do the job…

That’s exactly why you need this a huge ‘toolbox’ of graphics over the years, with different images, icons, and other random graphics that I can dip in to when I need…

A Graphics Toolkit to cover all situations!

And now you can grab the very same graphics collection at a tiny fraction of what it cost to put together…

Look at it this way, using just one of the graphics included will save you more than the cost of the whole collection, making WP Graphics Toolkit the best “value designer” you ever used…

Here’s just a taste of what’s included, ready to use:

Module #1: 1,120+ Icons: to help physically break up text, making it less intimidating for readers. They provide a simple, effective way to draw users into the content of your website

Module #2: 48 Whiteboard vectors: for creating high converting explainer videos to sell your products and services

Module #3: 3D Covers & Product Mock-ups: for sales pages, Kindle book covers and all kinds of sales materials

Module #4: 5 in 1 Video assets: high quality elements to include in your sales and opt-in videos

Module #5: 200+ Random graphics modules: for website & social media posts, printed physical products like t-shirts & mugs, brochures and flyers and more…

Module #6: Sales Page Headings & Text Styles: Including the exact page headers and styles we’ve used on our TOP CONVERTING product sales pages

Remember, use just 1 of the graphics included and you’ve saved yourself money on a pro designer, AND all the rest are free!

Note: this is on a dime sale, so be quick before the price rockets up…

Affiliate Blogging NinjaLet’s face it, the #1 problem we all have when it comes to blogs is the content.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to put in 2 hours of work a month but get paid all month long with your blog?

Believe it or not, there is and that’s exactly what Shreya Banerjee shows you in her new product “Affiliate Blogging Ninja“.

She will show you step by step how to create fresh content for your blog with the least amount of work that attracts readers and gets money in your wallet (drive traffic and generate affiliate sales).

This is not an e-book. This is a complete membership site that is loaded with 6 modules and 27 different videos that show you how to do everything step by step.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what this in-depth course has to offer.

Build My Store

Attention, e-commerce marketers. It’s time to dust the cobwebs of your e-commerce store and make it more profitable!

Austin and Devid have created an amazing new training called “Build My Store“. In this training, they lay out exactly how they’ve both grossed over $1.5 million with Shopify.

And they both did it in only 6 months!

They cover:

? How to source products and fulfill orders
? Setting up pages and categories right to sell more products
? Crushing it with your FB ads
? Ranking your site fast for FREE search engine traffic

And much much more!

Check out their proof and AMAZING guarantee on the sales page! If you’re into e-commerce, you won’t find better training than this.

Act fast, and get $8 off your investment!

Covert Social Press

Covert Social Press lets you run a fully functional social network, straight from your WordPress blog!

Complete with:

– Real members joining your site and building it for you

– Automatic traffic integration with Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

– The capability to fill your sites with quality content in minutes without ever writing a single word yourself

– All the functionality of a billion-dollar site like Digg and it looks like a million bucks too!

– Full monetization, including a very clever feature I have never seen in WordPress before.

All these from a simple “1-click installation” WordPress theme.

Covert Social Press is totally unique, cutting edge and insanely powerful.

You HAVE to watch the demo video and see this theme in action!

Right now you can grab it at the special low early bird price.

Instant Profit Explosion

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3 Step Profits

If you struggle with making money online and have 10 minutes to spare each day, then I have something special for you.

But I have to warn you. This is not anything you have ever seen before. In fact Tyler Pratt is only giving this link to me because he wants to help my students start to make real money online.

What could an extra $300 per day do for you lifestyle? $3,000 per month could pay your rent, could get you a new car, or even take the vacation you want.

Just imagine that money is not a problem anymore.

Go to “3 Step Profit” and start making this kind of money within the next 7 days.

I highly recommend downloading this free book called “The Profit Oracle Blueprint” which lays out a unique 5-step Formula to pin-point products that have the potential to do 500 sales or more PER DAY on Amazon.

I’m not sure if you are aware but there has been a huge shift in the way that Amazon works in recent months.

Methodologies and strategies that were effective a year or two ago (even 6 months ago), simply do not work anymore…

All the loopholes and shortcuts have been closed-off…

…and those who are still using them, and doing things the “old way”, are simply getting nowhere.

However, these changes have actually created a “Blue Ocean” of opportunity to make a lot of money and build an incredibly successful business.

It’s actually easier to build a 6 or 7-figure business now than it has ever been—literally since Jeff Bezos launched Amazon over 20 years ago.

But there are some secrets that you need to know.

And that is where the Profit Oracle Blueprint comes in.

Now listen, I know that you have heard about this whole Amazon thing before.

But it was really clear after reading the book that this is completely unique and new.

And no matter if you are already selling on Amazon, or have tried and failed before or even if you are looking for a new way to generate an incredible income stream in 2017, I highly recommend you check this book out.

A message from Internet marketer Dennis Becker said that his mentor Sean Mize is divesting from his older IM training courses, so he invited me to promote a set of 25 coaching lessons with PLR that you can use in turn to coach your own students.

Sean Mize’s 25 coaching lessons are evergreen, and with PLR, it becomes much easier for you to infuse your content in them without having to start creating from scratch.

And the price…an unbelievable $9.57. Imagine the ROI of conducting IM coaching in the thousands of dollars…100x, 200x? Or you can turn the coaching material into serialized info-products, free reports, e-mails, infographics etc. You get the idea. Get your 25 coaching lessons now before the offer ends.

Quick Affiliate Sniper

Fergal Downes really doesn’t release courses to often any more and there is a simple reason for that. He simply doesn’t need to as he is using various techniques to keep his bank balance topped up while he travels all over the world.

So when I saw he had a course coming out I jumped all over it.

One of the methods that Fergal uses has been making him an average of $60 each and every day for a long time and the good news is that he has finally documented that method and has released it in his new course “Quick Affiliate Sniper”.

Inside “Quick Affiliate Sniper“, Fergal shows you how he developed this simple, step-by-step system for making $60+ per day while only working 30 minutes per day to achieve this level of success. He shows you exactly how to replicate his success for yourself inside this course.

You do not need a website, you do not need a domain, you do not need hosting, you do not need any tools and you do not need any prior experience to make this work for you.

So if you are sick and tired of spinning your wheels online then this course is for you as it works first time, every time.

Don’t miss out.

ProfitBuilderMy friend Sean Donahoe is finally releasing the new version of his wildly successful “drag & drop” page builder, ProfitBuilder 2.0

And it is OUT OF THIS WORLD good.

Sean and his team have been working for months rebuilding the most popular landing page system for WordPress, added 100s of new features, improvements and even developed a funnel building system that delivers literally everything us online business owners and marketers could ever wish for…

For A LOT less than those expensive monthly subscriptions platforms.

Check out the demo video and see just how this all works. There is even a video on there of a guy who used this to create 60+ funnels and many of them made over $100k and one that did $2M in sales…Yes, it’s THAT powerful!

ProfitBuilder 2.0 can improve your funnel system to explode your engagement rates, conversions and overall success with minimal effort, no matter what niches you are in.

Now get your license at a huge 65% discount and take your business to the next level!

SMARTT Social Media

How’s your social media marketing going? Are you up to date with the best social media tips and tools? If there is a set of reports that cover everything you need to know about 6 social networks that matter (Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn), would you lay your hands on them?

My friend Barry Joyce has released precisely these reports that cover the best social media strategies to improve your brand presence and attract new customers to your business.

If you think your business might benefit, I strongly urge you to check out the SMARTT Social Media reports. Grab this offer today and a whole bunch of great FREE bonuses!


Can you turn all the comments on your Facebook and YouTube accounts turn into cash?

Or viral traffic and list building frenzy?

That’s exactly what SharpSocial lets you do.

SharpSocial is a web-based messaging app that scans all the comments on your Facebook and YouTube and gives the analytics of your users’ sentiments and emotions.

It tells you which comments are negative, which are positive and what the users are feeling…happy, sad, angry and more!

Based on that data, you can then send a personalized private message or public comment to each user that commented.

For example:

– Send a discount coupon to someone who’s confused.
– Ask for share & referrals from someone who’s happy.
– Send support details to someone who needs assistance.

Sentiment analytics has been much discussed in B2B marketing, but now this technology is accessible to marketers like you and me.

With SharpSocial you can:

[+] See what your Facebook and YouTube audience feel about you.

[+] Send personalized public replies or private messages to everyone based on their feelings and sentiments.

[+] Bulk delete negative comments in a single click.

[+] See how your channel and content is performing using its easy analytics.

[+] Send targeted messages based on people’s emotions.

[+] Save hours of manually messaging groups of people who are angry, confused or happy towards you.

[+] Engage with your users, sell more and improve your brand.

[+] Make back your ad spend by engaging and selling to users who have commented

[+] Build a responsive list

[+] Drive direct sales and affiliate marketing

[+] Generate targeted traffic

[+] Private-message your followers

[+] Review and analyze overall customer feedback

And much more!

SharpSocial helps you:

# Improve trust and customer service response times

# Increase Facebook page responsiveness score

# Protect your reputation

# Turn negative comments into sales

# Boost conversions

# Uncover winning content

# Separate yourself from the competition

Losing sales and missing opportunities has become very common for marketers like you and me because of being unable to keep a track of the users’ comments and just not having time to respond to them all.

But now with SharpSocial you can easily unearth all the positive, negative and neutral interactions from your marketing campaigns allowing you to quickly send targeted messages to thousands of people at once, win sales or simply protect your reputation at the push of a button.

Be more effective in your online business with SharpSocial by picking up a copy at $8 off! Your coupon code: get8off

Facebook Live Marketing

Some interesting facts:

– People comment 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.
– The average time people spend watching Live videos is more than 3 times longer than video that isn’t live.
– One in five Facebook users watches Facebook Live.
– People in more than 60 countries can share Facebook Live video.
– More than 50 percent of people watching live videos are using Android devices.
– Facebook has invested heavily in Live video. The platform has signed as many as 140 contracts with media companies and celebrities to produce Live videos

Usage of Facebook Live is clearly trending. Are you marketing in it yet?

Discover how to increase your real-time viewer engagement and thereby consumer Internet traffic using these Facebook Live Marketing strategies.

Grab your “Facebook Live Marketing” PLR package for less than $10!

Commission Blueprint

Glynn Kosky just launched a brand new killer product detailing exactly how he was able to generate over $500k in affiliate commissions in a single year online!

The product released is called Commission Blueprint and it details the same successful system Glynn has used since he started online just a few short years ago.

But I must warn you: this is on a DIME SALE meaning the price of Glynn’s blueprint is rising with EVERY SALE!

Right now you can grab it at an incredibly low price. But be fast, as I said, the price is rising with every sale!


Do you know:

– E-mail marketing delivers the highest ROI of about $44.25 per dollar spent than any other digital marketing tactic?

– E-mails are the most powerful, profitable and low-cost marketing tool as their conversion rates are 3 times higher than social media?

Which means that e-mail marketing is still not dead and everyone needs it…

But for such success to happen, your e-mail marketing software should give better delivery, get more clicks and increase open rates.

But setting up your own e-mail marketing system is not easy and 3rd-party autoresponder services:

– Charges heavy monthly fees
– Does not allow importing your leads
– Provides poor delivery of e-mails thus you get less opens, clicks and sales
– Even bans your account without any prior notice

You can lose your list and earnings when you relinquish control of your assets and this can happen to anybody at any time!

Dr. Amit Pareek has just released the world’s no. 1 and most powerful self-hosted e-mail marketing software with which you can install on your own web hosting server and create e-mail marketing campaigns in just 3 steps!

MailZingo is your ultimate game changer and it:

– Imports your lists easily without any restrictions
– Is easy to setup and use regardless of prior technical experience
– Gives you complete control over your e-mail marketing campaigns
– Gets boatloads of leads with minimum time and money invested
– Greatly reduces spam complaints and protects your send reputation

And much more!

# No more having to spend money on money sucking e-mail marketing service providers that cost a fortune
# No more feeling bankrupt paying money month after month
# No more worrying about bad delivery and low open rates
# No more playing the waiting game to get authentic results

You cannot do without e-mail marketing and definitely not without MailZingo. Get your copy at discounted launch pricing now!

How would you like instant access to a database with over 20,000 digital products that you can call your own?

Well, now you can. I’m wanting to let you know about this membership site called PLRdatabase.net. It’s a PLR database full of top quality items with licenses that allow you to sell them as your very own.

You’ll find products there with such licenses as the following:

Private Label Rights (PLR)
Master Resell Rights (MRR)
Resell Rights (RR)
Giveaway Rights (GR)
Personal Use (PU)
Commercial Use (CU)

Now you can have your own slice of the revenue pie with tons of PROVEN high-quality product.

Best of all, the prices are competitive and very affordable.

This is a bargain of a deal and found nowhere else, so don’t miss out on this HUGE opportunity.

Live Rank Sniper

If you are an SEO guy, a video marketer, or even an affiliate marketer, you need to pay close attention to this powerful software…

Live Rank Sniper is an easy-to-use software that will find keywords that you can rank on the 1st page of Google for within minutes, but it doesn’t stop there. Live Rank Sniper leverages the power of YouTube Live Streams to actually get your videos and website 1st-page rankings fast.

How does it work?

Step #1 – Add Your List Of Keywords
Fill in a few details such as video title, tags, and the description and then click “Go”.

Step #2 – Live Rank Sniper Goes Looking For Easy Page 1 Targets
Sit back as Live Rank Sniper does all the heavy lifting and finds you easy ‘money’ keywords.

Step #3 – Live Rank Sniper Gives You Page 1 Keywords On A Silver Platter In Minutes

Step #4 – You then simply livestream any video content you have to those ‘Live’ events that are ‘already’ on Page 1 Google, it does not get any better than this.

Although Live Rank Sniper is designed to rank videos, you can also use the generated keywords to rank your website.

Live Rank Sniper also includes a guide containing best practices for ranking your videos and website. It can’t get any easier with a few point-and-clicks. Lock in your discount now!

Best Video Submission Tool Ever?

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Traffic Trigger

Imagine being able to submit the same video to YouTube dozens of times and rank it in minutes (and save hours of hard work!).


Not with this new piece of software!

Let’s put it this way. Traffic Trigger spins the video and submit multiple variant copies of it to YouTube and other video sites multiple times & rank it in minutes!

This means that you’ll be able to save a TON of time and start getting traffic almost instantly, on complete autopilot.

It only takes a few clicks of the mouse and you’ll be able to dominate page 1 of both Google & YouTube and save dozens of hours of work!

Snatch this amazing software + training with a huge discount, but hurry because the price will double very soon.

Telesummit Planner

Telesummits are not only a great list building opportunity, they also provide you with a built-in product (the recordings) that you can quickly release for an influx of cash.

Hosting a telesummit is no small undertaking though. There’s a lot of planning that goes into running telesummits, so make sure you grab this Telesummit Planner to help you with this in your business AND sell it to your clients too!

Here’s a look at the Telesummit Planner:

Step 1: Your Telesummit Theme
Exercise: Brainstorm Telesummit Theme Ideas

Step 2: Your Telesummit Style & Format
Exercise: Outline Your Telesummit

Step 3: Choosing Guests
Exercise: Brainstorm Your Speakers List

Step 4: Guest Outreach & Scheduling
Exercise: Create Your Telesummit Schedule

Step 5: Guest Promotional Material (Swipe Files)
Exercise: Plan Your Swipe Files

Step 6: Tools & Technology
Exercise: Choose Your Tools & Technology

Step 7: Building the Funnel
Exercise: Map Your Funnel

Step 8: Promotion
Exercise: Plan Your Promotions

Step 9: Launch Week and Beyond
Exercise: Plan Your E-mail Reminders & Follow-Ups

49% discount is good until March 31st!

PressPlayHow would you like to turn your videos into MAGNETS?

If you ever wondered why your videos underperform…

Perhaps all it takes is a simple tweak.

The key is being able to have absolute control over the viewers’ experience.

As marketers, we have only SECONDS to get their attention.

Which is why providing an exceptional experience while being able to deliver our marketing message (before they leave) is vital.

You need PressPlay 2.

The most powerful custom video player is back and has:

More control.
More customizations.
More list building and revenue-generating features.
More analytics.

And of course, you don’t have to pay a single penny for video hosting.

PressPlay 2 is jam-packed with features to offer you complete control over your videos.

[+] Visitor Engagement & Control

Want your videos to auto-pause if the visitor scrolls down past your video or clicks on another browser tab?

Want to auto-play your video on X visit?

Want to show/hide your video on X visit?

Want to pick and choose which controls the visitor has?

No problem!

[+] Conversion Boosters

Want to show a share-gate at the beginning, middle or end of your video?

Want to show a call-to-action button/image/text at the beginning, middle or end of your video?

Want to show a lead opt-in form at the beginning, middle or end of your video?

No problem!

[+] Exceptional User Experience

Want the video to remember where the visitor left off and pick right back up?

Want to allow your visitor to watch your webinar reply at 2x speed?

What to display annotations during the video?

What to display certain videos based on a user’s choice?

No problem!

This is the POWER of PressPlay 2.

Add your ‘smart’ responsive videos on literally any page or website where you can add a few lines of embed code.

However, I’m really only scratching the surface.

Watch this video to learn more about PressPlay 2.

During this short launch window, you can jump in as a “Charter Member” and receive a massive discount off the normal price.

This price will be rising very soon!

No matter what type of website or business you own, we all know that VIDEO is the future of marketing.

PressPlay 2 is a must-have in your marketer’s toolkit!

Grab your copy now.

Tuberank Jeet 3

I’ve come to you today with some great news! If you are into video marketing, or are thinking of video marketing, here’s something that will send your video business to another orbit!

Yep, that’s what this guy has achieved. When I saw the stats with my own eyes, I was blown away. I mean 2 million unique views a month!!!? That’s INCREDIBLE!

And he did it with pure organic traffic. No PPC, no media buys, no advertising of any kind. It’s crazily powerful stuff!

And now here’s the good news…He’s sharing what he has learnt about YouTube SEO in a deal you can’t resist!

Seriously, I think you shouldn’t wait a moment longer. The YouTube market is going to be BIG…Really BIG…How big you’re asking?

Well, in a month YouTube gets more than 1 BILLION unique users. That’s 1/6th of the entire humanity watching YouTube every single month!!

And can you imagine how many hours of videos are watched on YouTube every month…Wait for it…6 BILLION HOURS! That’s one hour for every human being on this planet.

Yeah, you should be excited about YouTube, and you should make it a really vital part of your online business. It’s paying in a big way to all those who are successful on it.

Success can be yours…It takes just a click. Take action, and move ahead of your competition.

* Tuberank Jeet 3 *