Notification ProIf you’re like 90% of the people in the world, you see that Little Red Notification Number and you click it.

You may not realize that Facebook has trained people to click to view their notifications; we all do it without even thinking!

Here are some points that makes Notification Pro FB Autoresponder a MUST-HAVE SOFTWARE:

– You can Build huge lists faster than ever by using custom sign up with Facebook button, after people sign up you can redirect them to any website you like OR you can have them download a .zip file. We will even host the download on our secure servers for you, so you know that only people who sign up get your opt in offer.

– You can Send Notifications any time you like to your list. Notifications get huge responses and ‘open rates’ that e-mail just can’t deliver. The first thing 90% of people do when they log into Facebook is check their Notifications. People are trained by Facebook to click that little red number.

– You can Create your own sales or offer pages that works right inside of Facebook. Even Facebook mobile using the built-in drag-and-drop app creator.

– You can Send people who click your Notifications to your in Facebook sales page or offer page. No need to direct them off of Facebook (but you can if you want to).

– You can Put your Notifications on auto-pilot by setting up custom autoresponder-style message sequences.


Notification Pro is a fully hosted Facebook Autoresponder on Steroids which means there is nothing for you to download or install. You can use it from anywhere you have Internet access and it is automatically updated with new features regularly as customers request them (you never have to wait for the next/new version).

Hundreds of millions of Facebook users are within your reach. Is there a reason not to use this? Get it today.

I did not mail out the notice in time for Adam Short’s webinar but thankfully, it is recorded and is now avaliable for replay.

And it is really AMAZING. You must watch this and learn something fruitful.

The turnout was incredible and the feedback so far has been extremely positive. I can’t recommend highly enough that you watch the replay now if you didn’t get a chance to attend the ‘live’ event.

On the call, Adam broke down every aspect of his $100k/month online business, including sharing one of his newest sites, which he just built and is already on track to hit 6-figures per month.

He then explained *exactly* how to go about launching your own profitable niche site in less than 24 hours (and even provided the best niches to do it in).

Things got really interesting though when he revealed Phase II of his system, which he calls “Profit Stacking”.

I don’t want to reveal too much more…you really just have to SEE the webinar…it’s truly astounding.

Bloggers Roadmap

How would you like to blog like the experts and make the most from your blogging efforts?

Now you can and it’s easier than you think with the Bloggers Roadmap.

My friend Dan Sumner is a seasoned blogger of over 5 years and has taken all his blog knowledge, past and present to create an amazing report which in short you need to read.

If blogging is your thing then this is certainly for you.

If blogging isn’t your thing then why not invest in another income stream?

No matter what level you are, I’m certain you will pick up some great information to help you get the most from your blogging efforts.

The huge discount that is going on now won’t last long, so hurry and pick up the blogging investment of the year so far.

Mobile 2-Step Opt-In Generator

Easily Boost Your Opt-In Conversions In Just Minutes with the ever popular Mobile 2-Step Opt-In Generator:

· Mobile-Optimized 2-Step Squeeze Pages
· Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks
· Software Requires No Installation
· Option To Add Videos Or Images For Offer
· Works With Any Autoresponder Service
· Requires Upload Access To A Webserver
· Can Be Used With Any Website URL
· Customizable Background & Button Colors
· Mobile Page Redirection Script Included
· Works With Most Popular Smartphone Models
· Software Comes With Unlimited Use License

Grab your free copy right now!

The Easiest Android App Maker In The World

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The mobile app market is growing by leaps & bounds every year.

It is expected to be close to $25 Billion in 2015 & $80 Billion by 2017.

What if I told you that you can get a slice of this humongous app market even if you don’t know anything about app development?

You can create your very first Android app by converting your website into one in less than a minute…5 seconds to be precise!

You can also implement the Power of Push Notification so that you can connect with all your users and let them know your latest message in an instant.

AllAppPress is the idiot-proof, intuitive app builder software you need. Watch a video demonstration now.

Are you prepared for Black Friday?

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If you had asked the above question to a handful of businesses, the results would be quite shocking.

9 out of 10 said, “We don’t have anything planned.”

While Macy’s, BestBuy, and every other large retailer in the country is “betting the farm” and spending hundreds of millions of dollars to cash in on this buying frenzy, the majority of small businesses around America plan for nothing.

It’s a shame.

But the truth is they just don’t know what to do.

That’s why the guys at Call Loop put together this 4-Part Black Friday Formula Video Training series to share with you how to turn Black Friday and this holiday season into one of your biggest seasons ever.

You’ll discover:

· The Secret to Building a Targeted List of “Wallet in Hand” Rabid Buyers
· How to Use SMS to TRIPLE Your Daily Sales
· Why Gmail Tabs May Destroy Your Email Marketing This Holiday Season
· The Insider Strategies to Getting a 614% ROI With Simple Little Text Messages

And Much More!

It’s totally free and my gift to you.

If you’d like to learn how to create a kick-butt Black Friday promotion, than you won’t want to miss out on this series.

The guys who created Social Vidio have just incorporate every possible Internet marketing innovation they had come across in their final product.

This outstanding next-gen video player comes packed with over 42+ cool features that help increase leads and boost sales in your business in any niche.

With powerful features like:

– Integration with sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, Copy, YouTube, Amazon S3, Easy Web Video, and autoresponders like Aweber, GetResponse, iContact, ActiveCampaign, Sendlane etc.

– Playable on any platform; WordPress, Your HTML site, ClickFunnels, OptimizePress, LeadPages, and even RIGHT INSIDE THE FACEBOOK NEWSFEED!

– 8 Different Campaign Objectives WITH features like Timed (2-step) Opt-In Boxes, CTA Buttons, forms, Annotations, Hotspots, Countdowns, Information Button, Social Share, Click-To-Call Buttons, Pre-roll Ads, and lots more

– Commercial License (use if for clients!)

– Video Analytics (know drop-off rates and place annotations and buttons right there where your video needs them > increasing viewers attention and retention, hot stuff!)

That’s scratching the tip.

Watch this demo and grab your discounted copy for lifetime access!

Did you know your brain is actually blocking what you’re asking the universe for?

That means, you can visualize the life you truly want…until you’re blue in the face.

But there’s a reason why all of your efforts were destined to fail.

Imagine your brain produces an invisible force field that resists all of the dream stuff you really want.

I’m talking about money, love and freedom.

And no matter what you do…

Or how hard you try…


Sucks, doesn’t it?

Okay now…

There’s a secret to easily disarming this force field and start manifesting like a master.

Would you learn this secret if it only takes 6 minutes a day?

Sounds good?

Click here to discover the paradigm shift.

YouTube Marketing 2.0 Made Easy

Dr. Amit Pareek has just released “YouTube Marketing 2.0 Made Easy” monster package with Full PLR!

You can:

+ Slap Your Name and Sell it as Your Own to make a huge profit
+ Use it to create a private membership
+ Use it to build your own list by offering it as a gift
+ Use it as high quality bonus with your products
+ Use it to train your team
+ Use it as high quality content for your seminar, webinar, or training
+ Use it to prospect your client & close the deals
+ Use it to grow your own business online
+ Use it to train your clients & charge them BIG Bucks
+ Use it to offer a professional Youtube Marketing service for thousands of dollars

Or do anything that you can think of!

“YouTube Marketing 2.0 Made Easy” is built around these Modules:

Module #1: High Quality Training Guide (Valued at $720)
Module #2: Cheat Sheet (Valued at $20)
Module #3: Mind Map (Valued at $40)
Module #4: Top Resources Report (Valued at $20)
Module #5: High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $320)
Module #6: 6 Professional Minisites (Valued at $160)
Module #7: Doodle Style Sales Video (Valued at $320)
Module #8: Swipe Emails for Affiliates (Valued at $20)
Module #9: Complete Set of Animated Banners (Valued at $160)
Module #10: Complete Set of Professional Graphics (Valued at $240)

Finally, this comes with all “ready to go” sales material so you can get INSTANT return on your investment if you start selling it immediately!


How does multiple page one rankings sound?

Check out how these guys are creating videos to hit page one in a click of a button.

I love it when people see a glaring “gap in the market” and actually do something about it.

Like SEO…

Everyone loves spouting out the ‘theory’ that ranking videos is the best way to climb the SERPs…

But no one has ever tried to develop a system to make that a reality.

Sure, there’s a truck-load of “Rank Your YouTube Video” info-products out there.

But they demand so much time and effort to get set up…

That you’re better off hiring an SEO expert…

And experts are expensive.

Which is why it’s so refreshing that instead of jumping on the theoretical “ranking videos is easy” bandwagon and telling people how it should be done, Andy Fletcher & Walt Bayliss actually went out and developed a devastatingly simple piece of software that allows you to create multiple videos…each in a single click.

And get them ranking fast.

This is unlike info-products, e-books, and “SEO training” products.

There’s zero theory involved, so there’s no “learning curve” to master…

In fact, there’s not even any real room for error.

If you can click your mouse, then you can rank page 1.

It’s called Video Traffic X.

All you need to do is push a button, and you’ve got yourself a brand new video, ready to rank…

It sounds too simple, but that’s the beauty of it.

Oh, and you don’t just get a unique video to pull you up the SERPs.

Every video your finger creates comes with a keyword-targeted article, relevant images, and even optimized on-page SEO.

Like I said, it’s a breath of fresh air when people refuse to blindly follow mass-produced guru theories and instead set out to make a tool to prove it.

Video Traffic X is the fastest and easiest way to the top.

See this remarkable one-click system for yourself.

Here are the cold hard facts.

FACT #1: The average person is being exposed to 5000+ daily ads or brand messages each and every day.

FACT #2: They consume 15.5 hours of media on a daily basis.

So as marketers the big question becomes…

How do we cut through the noise?

You only have seconds to capture your reader, visitor or subscriber…

Which is why THE HEADLINE/TITLE must be eye-catching and compelling.

Here are 3 guidelines to live by when writing your headline or title:

– Use Power Words: Use words in your title that evoke an emotional response.

– Watch Your Character Count: Use an ideal character count of between 52-55.

– Use the Correct Sentiment: Having a positive or negative sentiment conveys stronger emotion and perform better that are neutral.

Fresh Title

The GOOD NEWS is that Fresh Title, which has just released, was designed to help generate literally thousands of proven titles and headlines with 1 click of the mouse.

It’s perfect for writing E-Mail Subject Lines, Facebook Ad Titles, Blog Post Titles, Twitter Updates, E-Book Titles, Video Titles, Sales Page Headline, Banner Content, Webinar Titles etc.

BTW, this software has a instant 60% discount for 5 days only, so get it today at the lowest price possible!


Would you like to tap into the HOTTEST traffic source on the planet with hardly any competition?

Listen to to this…

It took Twitter and Facebook two years to reach 10 million users.

It’s taken Periscope just 4 months to do the same.

Periscope is growing 5 TIMES faster!

And the early birds are cashing in fast ahead of everyone else.

One underground ninja is Sara Holland.

Sara discovered Periscope almost by mistake and within days had over 10,000 ‘hearts’ (similar to what Facebook ‘likes’ are).

Within the next 10 days, she had over 100,000 hearts.

And over 1 MILLION within 21 days!

…And had the LARGEST brands ($100-million-plus names) on the planet contacting her to sending top quality items.

She documented the entire process into a A-Z guide called “Periprofits” which has just launched.

Periprofits is your guide to getting started on Periscope fast and it includes:

– The FIRST thing you must NEVER do or you will get instantly banned for life (So many people do this by accident)

– Getting your Periscope to go VIRAL while broadcasting ‘live’ (HINT: this is massive in getting over 1 million ‘hearts’)

– Why you must set up the correct bio, Handle, profile pic, YouTube account, use the right follow settings from the OUTSET to explode your Periscope (Get it wrong from the start and your goose is cooked)

– Why YOU must decide what type of Scoper you are before you begin

– How to set up the right type of content for each broadcast. Use the right background images get MASSIVE (Sometimes 300%) uptake on subscribers

On top of that there are 4 top-secret interviews with huge names (One is the owner of a $20 million-a-year company).

Graphics Magic Box

How would you like to literally transform your lifeless sites into unstoppable sales machines overnight?

Lucas Adamski released yet another bestselling graphic collection featuring his “best-of-the-best” graphic templates…

Inside Graphics Magic Box v3, you’ll receive 600+ absolutely jaw-dropping graphics that will boost your conversions & save a ton of money on graphic designers!

Here’s what kind of phenomenal graphics you’ll get:

* Tumblr Covers
* Facebook Covers
* Facebook Newsfeed Ads
* Twitter Covers
* Full HD Video Backgrounds
* Web 3.0 Minisite Template
* Mobile Squeeze Pages
* Character Graphics
* Ecover Templates
* Banner Templates
* Sales Page Graphics
* Business Cards
* Powerpoint Explainer Video Templates
* Gift Card Templates
* Infographic Templates

Don’t miss out this ridiculous deal before it’s gone for good!

Evolved Enterprise

My friend Yanik Silver is giving away copies of his new book: “Evolved Enterprise – How To Re-Think, Re-imagine, & Re-invent Your Business To Deliver Meaningful Impact & Even Greater Profits“…

It’s a practical roadmap for building a highly profitable, socially conscious, and purpose-driven company from the “inside out”…

And a step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs who want to add more meaning to what they do while automatically (and inevitably) multiplying profits as a result!

“Evolved Enterprise” is about moving your business from a transactional company to a transformational company and even a transcending business.

Inside you’ll discover:

– The major SHIFT happening in our economy that is radically changing the criteria for business and economic success in the 21st century

– How today’s top companies are creating (and recreating) their businesses from the “INSIDE OUT” to create more impact, more meaning, and more profits for everyone involved

– How YOU too can redesign, re-invent, or “start from scratch” your company for greater impact, purpose, and profits

Here’s what a few leading business icons have to say about this work.

“There’s a transformative shift in business and what worked before is no longer an option. It’s time for evolved entrepreneurs, visionary creators, and change markers to rewrite the rules of business for the 21st century.” – Tony Hsieh NY Times bestselling author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of, Inc.

“Yanik Silver has focused his thinking and efforts for years on helping CEOs grow companies that care about people, causes, and others as much as they do revenue and profits. His book is a must-read for anyone who cares about creating a company that ‘matters’.” – Cameron Herold, CEO Coach & Author of “Double Double”

“Yanik Silver is a truly conscious entrepreneur who understands that creating meaning for yourself—and everyone connected to your business—is absolutely vital in the 21st century.” – Chip Conley, former CEO Joive de Vivre Hotel group and author, PEAK and Emotional Equations

“Through free enterprise, one can benefit people all over the world…by contributing to a better way of life for all. Peace, love & happiness.” – John Paul DeJoria co-founder, Paul Mitchell Hair Care

The list price of the book is $19.95, but Yanik has committed to giving away 10,000 copies of the book (at his cost) to get the word out there.

Get your giveaway copy of his new book here.

Vlydo, the new video software, has just gone gold.

Not only is it probably the most complete video player on the market today, you can now for the first time create playlists right inside of your videos.

What this means is that you can bring your videos to life like YouTube does and encourage users to view multiple videos on one page.

If that sounds good then take a look at what else it can do:

– Add videos from Dropbox, YouTube, Amazon S3, Google Drive, self-hosted and more (have full control over your videos)

– Manage all of your videos from one simple easy-to-use interface

– Make your videos “age restricted” with the click of a button

– Embed opt-in forms and generate leads from each viewer who watches your video

– “‘Live’ to the minute” statistics that show where the visitor came from

– AND it’s a full SAAS platform so the videos will work on ANY website

Check the demo of this really cool piece of software.

[Free Book] Recode Your DNA For Wealth

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Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene

Profound new studies reveal how ‘Junk’ DNA can compromise your ability to create wealth.

Here’s the deal: If your parents or grandparents experienced economic hardship, struggle, persecution, war or loss, your potential for wealth and success is most likely being limited by markers in your DNA. And your DNA stores it from 6 generations back!

Wow, talk about not being born with a silver spoon…we lost it along the way!

The GOOD NEWS is that it’s reversible! However, you need to first identify where to begin.

My friend, Dawn Clark, has put together a groundbreaking new book to help people like you and me discover how we can activate our Wealth Gene…at a biological level!

And for a limited time, she’s making it available for free!

Download Your Free Copy of “Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene” Now!

STOP Using Facebook Ads. This Is Better.

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Do you own a website or blog?

Or do you promote affiliate or TeeSpring offers?

If so, your #1 problem is getting traffic to your website.

And not just any type of traffic…

You’ll want engaged, targeted clicks from people who will…

Buy, sign up, share interact & basically make your website profitable.

That’s where this new traffic software changes the game.

Now, lots of people buy traffic.

And, in 2015, the big 2 places everyone uses are Facebook and Google.

After all: both sites have over 1 billion daily users…

But here’s the REAL Problem with Google & Facebook ads…TARGETING!

Whether targeting people who ‘like’ or ‘search’ stuff, you’re still not exactly reaching buyers.

In fact in most cases you’re targeting freebie seekers.

Maybe somewhere hidden away within the 1 million people who like a product’s fan page there are a few thousand buyers.

And maybe within the 10,000 searches a keyword gets per month, there are some buyers hidden amongst the freebie seekers.

But look at it this way…

If you’re advertising to 100,000 people, just to get in front of 1,000 hot buyers, you’re wasting 99% of your money!

That’s what makes this new software tool so clever…

Social Titan

It’s called Social Titan, and here’s how it works…

Every day millions of people buy products and tweet about whatever they just bought on Twitter.

This new software connects with Twitter ads and, using a simple “lead grabbing” TRICK, lets you…

Gather up these recent buyers, then promote products similar to what they just bought!

It sifts through Twitter for those few diamonds in the rough…

The 1% of leads that are almost guaranteed to make us sales and conversions.

Now here’s the good news: even though it’s ingenious & very clever, it’s 100% white-hat.

That means it’s completely in line with Twitter’s policies. In fact it works directly with Twitter’s software.

But here’s the bad news: that means that only so many people can use the tool.

That’s why Chris, the creator, is having to be so strict on the number of people he can let in.

Don’t delay and get started with the tool right now.

I want you to AWAKEN.

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The Awakening Course

I want you to AWAKEN yourself.

I want you to see and believe that MORE of your success is waiting for you…

I want you to seize the moments in front of you and transcend your bonds…

I want you to go beyond the “expected” and become the “extraordinary”…

I want you to deny your inner demons and awaken new and improved.

I want you to experience this awakening in every area of your life.

And one man, Dr. Joe Vitale, has a genius formula to giving you all of this.

Today he’s going to give it to you for pennies on the dollar.

It is perhaps one of the greatest gifts I can give you, that Joe can give, that you can give to yourself.

And I want you to get it here.

Instant Traffic Doubler

Are you looking for a way to get more visitors to your website?

Would like to instantly double your traffic for free?

You are in luck!

My buddy Marcus Clayton is giving you his new FREE “Instant Traffic Doubler” report that reveals a set-and-forget method, which takes only a few minutes to implement, that will instantly double the traffic to any of your web pages without costing you 1 cent!

There’s a huge problem going around that’s affecting countless marketers…

And I’ve finally found a fix for it that I feel compelled to share with you.

The thing is, you may be losing opt-ins and sales because of something you are unknowingly doing in your marketing…

Not addressing this will negatively affect your marketing in your:

· Landing page videos
· Video Sales Letters (VSLs)
· Live Webinars
· Automated Webinars
· Podcasts
· Testimonial Videos
· YouTube Videos
· Your Google Hangouts
· Your Training Videos

And ANYTHING else that has AUDIO.

You may be thinking I am talking about ONLINE VIDEO…

If you were, good guess. But not today…

Today I’m talking about the AUDIO.

Unfortunately, there are a ton of folks out there right now that are putting out marketing content that has bad audio (even I’ve been guilty of it).

And here’s the bad news: it’s absolutely killing their conversion rates (I know because I’ve tested it myself).

A recent survey showed that over 50% of customers said they’re less likely to buy a product if the marketing content they’re watching or listening to has bad audio quality…50%!

But even when the audio is good, the results aren’t too much different.

It isn’t until the audio is great, that you actually see a positive impact (an increase in conversions).

When going from okay audio to Fantastic audio, I’ve seen increases in conversions by up to 3x.

Now for those of us that have figured out this secret (I’ll admit it took me a while), the next question is “How do we get fantastic audio for our marketing content?”

Well, I’ve finally found the answer and it does NOT involve wasting time and money endlessly searching YouTube tutorial videos only to end up more confused than we started.

A friend of mine named Andrei Vasilev recently created a one-of-a-kind 5-step system for getting amazing quality audio for all your marketing content.

It’s called Audio Boss.

And here is what’s great about the system:

· It’s so simple, anyone can use it
· It works for ANY type of marketing content there is
· It works no matter what your budget is

Andrei is an audio engineer by trade and has also been involved with online marketing for years now, and he’s finally bridged the gap between the two.

He has created a one-stop shop where marketers can learn simple steps to getting fantastic audio quality for all of their media without breaking the bank, so that they can increase product and brand appeal, and ultimately increase conversions and sales.

To me, this system is essential to any business that wants to come off as professional.

I can only imagine how big my online business would be today if I had Audio Boss when I first started out.

Don’t wait and continue to lose sales.

Become an Audio Boss today, and I can guarantee you’ll never look back.