3 steps to more persuasive writing

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According to top copywriters Mark Ford and Will Newman, you can make your writing more persuasive when you follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Begin with an emotionally compelling idea…one that simultaneously feels both correct and insightful.

2. Express it clearly…if the reader cannot understand your idea, he won’t believe it.

3. Be specific…state, demonstrate, and prove your compelling idea with specific details.

This formula is so powerful and accurate, I believe virtually all A-level copy follows it.

Source: “Persuasion: The Subtle Art of Getting What You Want”, AWAI, 2014

Want some swag?

I’m talkin’ iPads, Kindle Fire’s, Mustang cars, laptops, even Lambos.

Marlon Sanders has done it again. He’s come out with a super-cool guide to help you bag the swag.

He calls it the Swag Box 7 formula based on what he’s seen his top super affiliates do over the years.

1. This is unique

Marlon uncovers and reveals a number of methods others don’t.

2. It’s credible

Not only is Marlon highly credible but he bases the methods on what he’s seen very famous super affiliates do in promoting his own prdoucts.

3. Real-world

Marlon shows many real-world examples of how he has personally used the formula for his own products AND how top super affiliates use it.

What word length is best for headlines?

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How many words in a headline? In headline tests conducted with cooperation from a big department store, it was found that headlines of 10 words or longer sold more goods than short headlines. In terms of recall, headlines between 8 and 10 words are most effective.

In mail order advertising, headlines between 6 and 12 words get the most orders. On the average, long headlines sell more merchandise than short ones.

Your headline should telegraph what you want to say in simple language. Readers do not stop to decipher the meanings of obscure headlines.

Source: David Ogilvy, “Writing Ads That Sell”, The Copywriter’s Roundtable, 4/14/14

Skip the hard work.

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Stunning Kindle Cover Templates

As someone who wants to make money online, the last thing you want to be doing is spending money where you shouldn’t have to and wasting your precious time!

Here’s the thing: creating your own product is time-consuming and it can be very expensive.

So when I found out my good friend Nathaniel Dasco was releasing some of his best Kindle book cover templates in a bundle at a super-affordable price, I just had to jump in on it!

If you don’t know already, Nathaniel is a professional graphics designer who’s done graphics for some top Internet Marketers including Mark Thompson, Valerie Duvall, Stephen Renton, Paul Barss, Russell Ruffino, Ricky Mataka, Michael Young, William Murray, Andrew James Mitchell, Daniel Lew, Mike Carraway and Alex Jeffreys.

And if there’s one thing I can say about Nathaniel’s work it’s this: his graphics are nothing short of stunning!

The clock is ticking; secure the lowest price because he is running a dime sale at just $9.99 so grab your 30 Kindle cover templates now, the price increase every sales!

Can anyone learn to be a genius?

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This awesome question was asked in Quora and I think more people deserve to read about it, so I reprint here: What patterns can be observed in the way geniuses think and behave?

Satvik Beri:

Here are a few patterns I’ve seen among the smartest people I’ve met (primarily professors or graduate students). Not saying that these are replicable, or that doing so will make you a genius, just that these patterns seem to exist:

  1. They’re extremely talented at going up and down levels of abstraction. Geniuses tend to be able to fit seemingly unrelated facts into the big picture almost instantly, and drill down to any level of detail. On a related note, when learning they tend to learn at every level of abstraction at once, rather than simply building from the bottom up or top down like most people.
  1. They make a lot of assumptions. This may seem counter-intuitive. We’ve often heard that creative thinking requires breaking existing assumptions. And this may be true, but it seems like geniuses tend to make a lot of assumptions very quickly, test their hypotheses, and then change their assumptions very slowly if it’s necessary.
  1. They come up with unique ways to compress information. A smart person might see a difficult Mathematical theorem as a connection of ten steps, whereas a genius might visualize it and see it all as one picture.
  1. They separate emotion or external thoughts from their thinking. At least in science, geniuses tend to never attach any external meaning to their thoughts-as an example, they could think about how to efficiently invade a country or release a horrible weapon without feeling phased by the image of the devastation that would involve. Similarly, they can often focus on their work no matter what they’re going through-whether it’s loud noises or personal trauma.
  1. They connect seemingly unrelated things. A genius will frequently follow a T-shaped model of learning: be an expert on one things and dabble in a lot. They will frequently get inspired by or make connections between things that are unrelated to their main research.

My Azon Store

Now you can create your very own Amazon affiliate store in about 8 minutes that:

* makes you money when people buy from Amazon
* is totally unique and looks awesome
* can be a superstore or focused on 1 niche
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This software does all the work for you: My Azon Store

A Secret List Building Method That No One Is Talking About

Some Internet marketers have referred to this list-building method as ‘the holy grail’ of list building. It is a method that is so innovative, so ingenious, and so elegant. Not only does it net more subscribers to your opt-in list, but it gets you subscribers that are much more likely to purchase whatever you are selling. Best of all, you can piggyback off of the hard work of other Internet marketers, and you don’t have to spend a dime to get these subscribers. Does this sound too good to be true? If so, just read on. You’ll find out that it’s definitely not too good to be true, and you will have no problem implementing it right away. There is no upfront setup or cost. You will be blown away by the simplicity of what has been called ‘the holy grail’ of list building.

Virtually No Other List Building Method Can Compare

It doesn’t matter what list building method you’ve tried, nothing is going to compare to this one. Are you dubious? You’ll understand why it’s far superior when you understand how it works. It’s not just how easily it nets a subscriber that makes it such a great list building method. What makes it such a great list building method is the increased likelihood that these prospects will buy what you’re selling.

You may have tried list building tactics like the following in the past:

  • Blog posting
  • Solo ads
  • Guest posting
  • AdWords
  • Forum marketing
  • Ad swaps
  • Giveaways

You may have had some success with methods like these in the past, but none of them (or any others you could come up with, read about, or get taught) will have the same speed, success, and elegance of this method.

It might sound a little bit scary, or a little bit unreal, but the results are really what matters. What is this method? Well, let’s get straight to it.

Place Links/Banners On The Paid Thank You Pages Of Other Peoples’ Product Websites

You may have heard about this method before, and you may have dismissed it or not paid enough attention to it. Let’s face it. You wouldn’t be reading this report if you were already wildly successful with your list building efforts.

Let’s go through how this method works and how you can set it up. Here’s what the method basically comes down to:

You will contact product owners of all shapes and sizes (rookie, veteran, low seller, big seller, pro, etc.). As long as someone is getting sales, they are eligible.

You will basically place your links to your squeeze pages with an opt-in subscriber box on the thank you page of their paid product.

Why does this method work so well? What are the end results of it?

It works so well because when you have an opt-in form on a paid product thank-you page, everyone who sees that opt-in subscriber page will have just bought a product. These buyers have been vetted, and these buyers have just finished making a purchase. These leads are like pure gold.

The best part about this list building system, outside of the fact that all the new subscribers will have just purchased something, is that you don’t have to do any work. As long as those squeeze page links/banners stay on product sellers’ websites’ thank-you pages, you’ll have a stream of subscribers that is effortless to maintain.

Try to get your squeeze page links/banners on as many product sellers’ websites’ thank-you pages as possible. Don’t stop at ten, 20, or 50. Keep e-mailing product owners until you’re completely exhausted. Even consider paying someone to do it for you.

These people just bought a product, and they are in a kind of “buyer” mode. That’s not the best of getting buyers, though.

There are two great parts, overall.

  1. When you send these buyers straight to your funnel, while they are still in the mode to purchase, you will have increased conversions on your current funnel.
  1. These people have already given proof that they have the ability and the desire to spend some money on a solution to the problem that is troubling them.

How Do You Do It?

  1. Decide on the offer and the angle you’re going to take.
  2. Search for product owners that have a product that is related to your offer.
  3. Get in touch with these owners with the template outlined later on in this report and then wait for your answer.
  4. If the product owners agree, then start bundling your squeeze page links/banners on their thank you page.
  5. If all hope is lost, then you can start paying for subscribers.
  6. Then, just start collecting subscribers.

Decide What Your Offer And Angle Is

Decide on what product you want to put a banner/link up for. Once the buyers click your link, they will go to that squeeze page and subscribe to your offer. If you have a sales funnel, then they will continue to buy your products/affiliate products, and you’ll make a lot of money.

Then, decide what angle you are going to take with the vendor. Work it out with them. Decide if it is going to be an unadvertised bonus, a “promised” bonus, or a “recommended product”. Talk about the approach you are going to take with the vendor. Think about how you can both benefit.

Scout For Vendors

This is the really simple part. You need to look for these vendors on the different product platforms they launch on (Clickbank, W+, etc.) or look at affiliate platforms (WarriorJV, Facebook Groups, etc.) and look for owners that are launching, have launched, or about to launch a product that is related to one of your offers or the offer you have already picked.

Contact every vendor, whether or not they make one sale a day or 100 sales a day. Those small-time sellers could always increase their sales each day, and those big- time sellers could start to see their sales dwindle. It’s better to cover your bases.

Contact The Vendors And Use A Template

You have to explain to the vendors what’s in it for them.

They won’t ever agree if it doesn’t help them in some way.

You have to stress the point that it will help them out. This is going to be a mutual exchange. Both of you are going to gain from it.

You could present their supposed advantages in the following ways:

  • You build a list, but they get to present your offer on their sales page as a bonus (that will increase their conversions because it looks like a bonus).
  • You build a list, but they get to build trust with their list (they offer them an unadvertised bonus, like a suggested product, giving them a free product).
  • You build a list but they get a percentage of each sale that their lead stream generates in your sales funnel.

You can craft a template, and then you will just fill in the blanks differently for each new vendor or offer strategy.

The template will basically talk about the offer you are giving away as a way to build your list. You will then talk about how your offer can complement their upcoming product. You will then introduce yourself and talk about your offer. You can then describe one of the three proposed benefits, or even let them make their pick of which one they think is best.

If All Hope Is Lost, Then Pay The Vendors

If all hope is lost, and the seller doesn’t want to put up a link/banner to your squeeze page for free on their thank-you page, then you can offer to pay them $50 once in exchange for 100 clicks/50 leads. Just run the test once with each vendor, and if it works, then repeat it. These leads are a lot better than other types because these people have just purchased.

Niche Website Success

Are you looking for a solid end-to-end blueprint for developing and promoting a niche website, regardless of the niche you’re in? “Niche Website Success” is for you! Lisa Irby has detailed all the important steps for getting a website up and running towards success, in an easy-to-understand manner.

There are no tricks that will get you noticed faster, but then lose ranking and client ratings a few months down the Internet road. Her leads and procedures, will serve you well, over and again for years to come. Her unique advise is; hard work and diligence, equals success and a profitable website.

Niche Website Success” comes with a workbook, with which you can write your own notes while reading through the main ebook. This is a handy feature to reference back to, as you develop your successful website. The guiding questions in the workbook will save you many hours of work and anguish, as you lay the foundation for your profitable site.

Other features:

* Google Keyword Tools (GAKT)
* How to monetize a site for success
* Become an authority on a personal subject
* You don’t have to be a programmer
* Find the problems, then build the solutions
* Google Alerts, for current keyword information
* Do the diligent keyword research for your main niche topic
* Use searches to narrow down the main site keyword and results
* Analysis paralysis, keyword research until your head throbs
* Creating an authority niche website with lots of interesting quality content
* Google Trends and Insights for Search, find a steady or upward trend
* Perform Physical Research, check results from similar niches and competition

A successful niche website is only 152 pages away! The low cost of Lisa’s ebook is well worth the wealth of information contained inside. She has several years of website building experience, both good and bad. Lisa has condensed the cream of the crop into the book: Niche Website Success. I fully support Lisa’s ideas and methods, and her informative book for anyone wanting the means to create a noteworthy and profitable website.

Are you guilty of neglecting your blog?

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Social Blog Blueprint

I don’t mean to make you feel bad because blogs are easy to neglect, especially if you are not seeing the results you were expecting.

However it is well worth focusing some effort on your blog as the hub of your business.

If you are going to send traffic to your blog then it is surely worth making sure that you are presenting it at its best, don’t you think?

Yes it can be hard work but the Social Blog Blueprint can help!

You may be a complete beginner or have some blogging experience, but either way, these days you need to know not only how to build a blog, but also how to make it part of your social media system.

Properly set up, your blog can be the very crucial, central hub of your business—the place where all your traffic is directed.

When that traffic gets there, make sure they are amazed at what they see!

The Social Blog Blueprint gives you 9 packed modules of information that will make sure you have a blog to be proud of.

Build An Authority Website In TWO Minutes!

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Authority Site Builder

Every Internet marketer knows that the ONE RELIABLE way to make money online is to launch a website and drive traffic to it.

You can monetize it however you want with affiliate offers, Amazon ads, AdSense etc.

So what’s the problem?

It takes time and some considerable skills to create a website.

It also takes more effort than most people are willing to put in, especially when you look at the economics of website marketing.

Usually, the people that make big money with authority websites have multiple domains running at once. Maybe 30, 40, 50—all bringing in enough passive income so that they can kick back, relax, and watch the money flow in.

How do they do it?

They’ve found a way to automate the authority site building process—a way to turn articles into complete websites quickly and easily.

It used to be a secret—but it isn’t any more.

The program they are using is called Authority Site Builder and it allows you to build a complete authority website from a set of articles in as little as two minutes.

All you need is a group of articles and Authority Site Builder will set up a complete, custom website in just a few minutes using the same software techniques that the marketing pros use.

A Valuable Lesson From Brand Marketers by Bob Bly

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A classic 1960s ad aimed at getting marketing managers to advertise their company’s products in McGraw-Hill trade journals showed a picture of a dour-faced purchasing agent. The purchasing agent challenges the reader: “I don’t know who you are. I don’t know your company. Now, what is it you wanted to sell me?”

The increasing problem I see in much digital marketing today is pitches from companies and gurus who think I should buy their consulting services, seminar, boot camp, or training…yet I have never heard of them.

So why would I think they know anything or have any interest in what they are peddling?

Obviously we are much more likely to buy from someone we know, like, and trust than from a total stranger.

Yet so much online advertising I see today is from total strangers making the arrogant assumption that I know who they are and have an interest in them and what they are selling.

In one recent e-mail, AS, a wanna-be guru, proclaimed himself to be “the world’s #1 Internet marketing coach”.

Well, unless he is Terry Dean, Fred Gleeck, Perry Marshall, or Rich Scheffren in disguise…he is most assuredly not the world’s #1 Internet marketing coach.

The fact that I have been in info-marketing for decades but have never heard of him also puts his claim on thin ice.

In this respect, digital and direct marketers can learn a thing or two from the branding people—a group we direct marketers (me included) often view with contempt, because what they do seems to be all about image and not measurable.

But as Mary Ellen Tribby reminded her readers in a recent essay, brand advertising does have one powerful benefit: it gets the prospect to remember the product and the company selling it.

Intel and IBM made billions because they had built superior brands, not because they built superior technology. You trusted the brand. IT professionals have an old saying: “Nobody ever got fired for buying an IBM computer that didn’t work.”

Solopreneurs, self-employed professionals, consultants, speakers, and info-marketers use a variation of Madison Avenue advertising some call “personal branding”.

Personal branding is a combination of self-promotion tactics designed to boost your market’s awareness of you.

These tactics can include but are not limited to: search engine optimization, writing articles, PR, webinars, white papers, e-newsletters, case studies, blogs, special reports, books, seminars, speeches, social media and many others.

The common thread of all these tactics is the central premise of personal branding, which is this: selectively disseminating how-to information on your area of expertise to your target market of potential clients or customers.

It is in essence using content marketing to establish yourself as a recognized expert in your field.

And it does work: Many of my copywriting clients have told me they had read my books and articles or heard me speak prior to hiring me. The vast majority of my info-product buyers have read my articles in these twice-weekly e-mails, Target Marketing magazine, and other publications.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

Instant Traffic Mastery

I’m assuming you already know that serious money-making activities rely on one thing—TRAFFIC, right?

I’m also assuming you probably also know only too well how difficult, time-consuming and expensive it can be to consistently attract targeted, interested buyers to your offers.

So I wanted to tell you about some of the methods I’m using to drive massive, targetted traffic to my stuff, totally legally and totally free.

These techniques are how I get massive waves of REAL PEOPLE to my sites, my lead capture forms, my fan pages and my products. Without spending a dime in PPC. What could you do with that kind of traffic?

Want to create endless leads for your home business opportunity? Go for it!

Want to send tidal waves of traffic to launches or giveaways? You got it!

With these techniques you’ll be able to turbo charge your list building, your launch, your business opportunity, your offer, your blog…The possibilities are endless.

You NEED this if you want to generate leads, likes, backlinks, content shares, even thousands of dollars in sales or commissions on demand.

* Instant Traffic Mastery *

For people thinking of starting an online business the key to success is making many friends and online contacts in advance of setting up their business. Do this by joining communities, forums and online networking and meetup groups. Join many and make lots of friends.

Do this well in advance of even selecting your online business or affiliate program. This will help you succeed as when you select and start your business you will have lots of people to send marketing material and to sell to.

Existing online businesses should do this also. Remember there will be about a 90-day delay to get a sale once you identify suitable people and actually start making sales.

Facebook Remarketing Made Easy

Do you know that:

– 96% of individuals leave a website before converting?

– 49% of individuals visit a site 2-4 times before they actually make a purchase?

– And retargeted customers are 70% more likely to complete a purchase than someone who has not been remarketed to?

Yeah, that’s the POWER of REMARKETING!

Facebook Remarketing Made Easy” with full resell rights shows you how to retarget customers with the latest marketing techniques and increase your sales conversions to a whole new level.

It comes with all “READY TO GO” sales material so you can start selling today!

You can sell unlimited copies for life! No monthly charges, no secret unnoticed charges! No profit share, keep 100% of the money! Keep all leads generated, including the buyers!

You can build your list by offering it as a gift or offer it as a bonus to other products.

You can do almost anything you want with it!

Don’t waste time and grab it now on a dime sale today!

Why It’s Not OK To Curse In Your Copy by Bob Bly

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An allegedly successful Internet marketer sent me an e-mail recently, the first line of which read: “I am having a c*nt of a day.”

Yes, he used the c-word.

When I told him I was offended, he said my opinion didn’t matter, he writes what he wants, and that I am a “fat old c*nt”.

When I told this story on Facebook, I was stunned when the post generated a thread with well over 500 comments.

The most shocking thing is that some of the participants—a minority, to be sure—actually argue that it is OK to use the c-word in business communication.

To make things plain, let me state: Using the c-word in polite conversation is not acceptable. Never. This is not debatable issue. It is a fact, pure and simple.

In the U.S., a large number of your readers find the c-word to be a distatesful and degrading term.

Yes, Brits and Aussies find the c-word more acceptable. But unless you are certain your audience has no Americans, stay away from the c-word.

Some of the defenders of the c-word, the n-word, and the f-word said it is a branding strategy that helps them select the kind of rebel readers they want.

Well, a branding strategy that offends a large portion of the civilized world—and identifies you as an ill-mannered lout—is pretty darn stupid.

And when you strip away all the arguments, the bottom line is: cursing is rude and uncivil. And decent people are polite. Yes, it’s that simple.

The fact that I have to state and defend this simple rule is shocking to me and signals the possible end of western civilization as we know it.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

Are you STILL treating Internet Marketing like a hobby?

Like, something you do for a bit of entertainment in the evening and at weekends.

If you are then you’re making your first and probably last fatal mistake.

It’s not entirely your fault though. Most marketers won’t talk you through the fact that they’re actually running online businesses for the simple reason that saying “Start Your Own Company Today” isn’t nearly as appealing as “Flood your bank account with cash like I did yesterday”.

So less said the better, right?

But the reality is success requires absolutely dedication.

Strategic thinking and solid (maybe even ‘hard’) work is demanded of you.

Whether you like it or not, if you want to be a real “online business owner”, you must also want to change your REALITY.

So here’s a fantastic opportunity that you can start sinking your teeth into today…

List N Profit

It’s called List N Profit and on the surface, it’s nothing more than a course on e-mail marketing (which I’m recommending to you as the best Internet business model by the way).

But with over 5 modules and 20+ videos, you’re shown EVERYTHING you need to know to make this dream of yours a reality.

Most courses, they leave you with a bit too much guesswork to do.

NOT this one.

It’s all here—ready and waiting to go.

To enjoy a superb reality have a look at this short video.

Imagine this scene with me.

You dip your toe into the cool ocean water, testing the temperature. It feels fine.

Cool ocean mist hits your face and you take a full step into sea. The sand squishes between your toes as waves rush by your leg. You feel zen.

Then something changes…

You feel something brush by your leg. Something sticky.

Before you can even process another thought 8 spongy tentacles have wrapped themselves around your ankle and started pulling you deeper in the dark and foreboding sea.

No, this isn’t a Lovecraftian horror scene. THIS is what YOU are about to do to your website visitors!

You see, I’m going to share with you a BRAND new plugin that LITERALLY reaches out and grabs new subscribers for you, THEN reaches even DEEPER into your subscribers’ attention and ENSURES that every update, message, and promotion gets seen.

Yes. Every single one.

This new plugin boasts a 99% open rate on ALL messages sent through it.

Want to see what all the excitement is about?

Lead Octopus

Not only will the Lead Octopus plugin latch on to your site visitors and pull them into your autoresponder on command, but it can improve your current list building efforts by as much as 400%.

Listen, I know that these numbers sound crazy, but you just have to check out the PROOF yourself.

Click here to check it out!

WPHyperShift Now there’s a way to setup your blogs lightening-fast whilst backing up your sites settings and plugins for future use if the worst should happen.

The WPHyperShift WordPress plugin boasts a MASSIVE amount of cool, useful features:

– Set up your “about us”, “contact us”, legal pages, blog settings, floating bar and favicon in just a few clicks.

– Import WP Settings and WP Plugins from the other sites.

– Export WP Settings and WP Plugins from your site.

– Install and manage multiple plugins at once.

Blog Settings:

– Change default category from “uncategorized” to user-specified text.

– Add up to 5 additional categories.

– Change permalink structure to custom structure.

– Delete default “hello world” post and default comment and sample page.

– Change default tagline from “just another wordpress blog” to custom user-specified tagline.

– Delete all links in Blogroll.

– Google Analytics integration.

– Create Google XML Sitemap for the blog.

This also saves you a ton of time having to learn the difficult, time-consuming methods that this plugin does in milliseconds.

If that’s not blown your mind, I don’t know what will?

Click here to get your copy at the CHEAPEST possible price today!

Newbie freelance copywriter MP recently asked me for feedback on his new website.

When I told him what to do, he defended the very things I said did not work on his site my telling me, “Well, my son thinks I should try it this way.”

When I asked, he shared that his son is 28-years-old. I have been a freelance copywriter for 7 years longer than his son has lived.

“Who do you think knows more about marketing freelance copywriting services—me or your son?” I asked MP, who of course said it is me.

By the way, this scenario happens multiple times each month and it is the primary reason why I do not offer mentoring or coaching services.

It is also why I am close to shutting down the free help I so readily give to copywriters, Internet marketers, and other entrepreneurs online.

My question to MP, if he is reading this, and to others who ask for free advice and then argue when they get it, is this: Why would you ask my opinion, which normally sells for $500 an hour, and then, when I am nice enough to give it free, instead of thanking me, start to argue with me?

Presumably, you asked because you correctly recognize that I know more about the topic than you do—why else would you ask me in the first place?

The reason I know a bit more than you is not because I am smarter, but because I have more experience.

A rule of thumb to which of course there are numerous exceptions says that those with more experience in X know more about it than those with little or no experience, right?

Louis CK has a wise and amusing take on this notion.

MP’s son is a kid and not a copywriter. MP knows that I have been a successful copywriter for 35 years. So why would he turn to MP Jr. for a second opinion on my advice?

Here is the possible explanation: In over 3 decades of helping people, I have learned that many people who say they want advice actually want something else: they want confirmation of what they already believe.

As long as your advice is in line with what they already are doing or want to do, they thank you.

But if your advice is in opposition to their belief or plan, they argue and defend their position.

Here’s why I told MP to ignore MP Jr. and listen to me only…

If MP was a paying client, I would be willing to entertain the debate for my $500 an hour rate.

After all, my clients are paying me a lot of money, are gambling a lot more money on their marketing, and want to be confident they are taking the right path.

But if you are not paying me for my time, and I am generous enough to give some of it away to you, I am going to want to keep it short for obvious reasons: I have a lot of other things I could be doing in that time instead, all of which make me money.

Fair? Reasonable?

To me, yes. And to MP, who thanked me, fair to him too.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

The Millionaire’s BrainHow does a millionaire think? To find the answer, we need to begin from the brain. Our mindset is the great canvas on which we work the magic of wealthy thinking. It is by repeatedly telling the brain to do specific things or inculcate particular behaviors, will a positive belief be wired into our brain and manifests automatically into our action.

There is no second way about it.

A strong and unwavering belief aligns with the powerful law of attraction and hands you the keys to infinite wealth. It is really that simple.

But mere theory is cheap. In The Millionaire’s Brain, there are exercises throughout the e-book to reinforce your understanding, like affirmations, meditations, and many other little things you can implement effectively in your daily routine.

One of the bonuses, The Money Code, is rather intriguing because it focuses on financial success. Now it can be rather difficult for a layman to focus on financial details simply due to the technical jargon. But The Money Code is all straightforward and easy to understand on the concepts it seeks to code into the brain.

The other bonus is The Millionaire Mindset Suite. This is a package of brainwave entrainment audios which eases the mind and provides meditative music as you contemplate your mindset, its creation and affirmation to work to your favor.

I’ve read through countless self-help books in my time and I have to say that The Millionaire’s Brain is quite possibly one of the best, if not the best, personal success development product out there.

It is unbelievably comprehensive and in-depth, yet the concepts taught are so easy to understand and can be readily put into practice and action.

You’d be hard pressed to find any success products with such a reasonable pricing, AND with such a crystal-clear promise of a millionaire’s destiny.

Hence, I highly recommend Winter and Alvin’s The Millionaire’s Brain to you if you are determined about seeking the millionaire’s, or to be even more ambitious, the billionaire’s, success in your life!

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