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Ever thought of using quizzes as part of your list building or marketing campaigns? Because they sure are an amazing way to quickly and effectively grow your lists by piquing prospects’ interest and encouraging their participation.

CoachGlue presents the brand new Quiz Planner with PLR today. The step-by-step planner covers:

Step 1: Choosing a Fun Title and Targeting Your Ideal Clients
Exercise: Plan the Characteristics That Will Grab the Interest of Your Audience
Exercise: Know Your Ideal Client and Ideal Quiz Maker
Exercise: Brainstorm Your Quiz Title

Step 2: Choosing a Quiz Style
Exercise: Pick a Style of Quiz That Works for Your Audience and Your Brand

Step 3: Setting Up Your Quiz
Exercise: Choose a Platform for Your Quizzes

Step 4: Offering an Incentive
Exercise: Think of 10 Results-Based Benefits for Your Current Quiz and for Future Quizzes That You Plan to Launch
Exercise: Think of 10 Gift-Based Benefits for Your Current Quiz and for Future Quizzes That You Plan to Launch

Step 5: Plan Your Upsell
Exercise: List 12 Upsell Offers

Step 6: Marketing Your Quiz Offer
Exercise: Plan Your Campaign Ads for Your Quiz Offer
Exercise: Plan Your Social Media Advertising for Your Quiz

Step 7: Track Your Quiz Conversions
Exercise: Track Your Quiz Results
Exercise: Track Your Paid Traffic Spend if You Purchased Ads

What can you do with this planner?

• Use it to create your own quiz. Start using it. Collect results.

• Create a case study based on your own results.

• Work through this planner with your clients as part of a course to help them to grow their lists faster.

• Use this planner to teach your clients HOW to grow their lists with quizzes, but then offer a “done for you” service where you or your team does it for them.

The sky’s the limit with full editing rights. Acquire your planner and make it a valuable business asset today.

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