Joe Polish interviews THE $7.8 Billion Knight.

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For those of you who don’t know Joe Polish, he is an absolute marketing genius and has helped countless people improve their marketing results exponentially throughout the years via his techniques and strategies.

One of Joe’s greatest gifts, in my opinion, is picking the minds of some of today’s business legends in detailed down-and-dirty interviews.

He did it with Eben Pagan prior to Eben’s Get Altitude workshop. And he did with this guy whose whole array of businesses has a combined turnover of $25 Billion dollars…capital ‘B’ mate!

The name is *Sir Richard Branson*.

Now I would be going like, “Whoa, how did he land an interview with him like that!”

Nevertheless, thank Joe Polish for this amazing interview with the one and only Sir Richard Branson, for your listening and learning pleasure.

Get a taste of Maven Strategies for FREE!

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Just when I think Rich Schefren has topped himself, he shoots up the ladder another rung…

I just finished reading his new Special Report he wrote with marketing master Jay Abraham titled “Maven Matrix Manifesto” and I gotta tell you—I can’t believe he’s giving this stuff away.

The Maven Matrix Manifesto is 60-plus pages focused on one thing and one thing only—How To Become A Maven In The Fastest And Easiest Way Possible.

Rich and Jay simply lay it all out for you, step-by-step, and show you exactly how to reach the elusive Maven-ship level and slingshot your way to superstardom (and super profits) in your niche.

And they’re charging nothing for it.

Scratching my head over that one (this could easily go for $197 or better) but hey, who am I to question 2 of the world’s top Mavens?

Inside this jam-packed report you’ll discover:

– The real reason why traditional marketing is becoming less effective by the day…

– Why the odds are 100 to 1 that you are your own worst enemy in marketing—and sabotage your own marketing efforts…

– An easy shortcut to massive recognition, credibility and trust…

– Why you don’t have to be the best to be the leader in your niche (although it helps)…

– The reason why Mavens get most of the sales, prestige and wealth…and everyone else gets the scraps…

– The secret strategies Rich used to become a Maven in a few short months…and create a $7.5 million business in just a year…

– How becoming a Maven triumphs over saturation advertising and globalization…

– Why Maven Marketing gives you an almost unfair advantage over 99% of your competitors…

– How to gain your market’s trust almost instantly…

– Why admitting your mistakes and failures almost always boosts your sales…

– 24 different maven personas that create enormously successful businesses…

– Why hate mail is the mark of Maven Marketing success…

– The real reason why social network marketing works—and how you can harness it for almost instant success online…

– How to get more than $55,000 worth of DVD courses and training programs FREE…

And lots MORE.

This one document alone could literally mean the difference between a good year…and a RECORD-BREAKING year. And you’re getting it for nothing.

So fight, scratch, claw, knock somebody over, whatever it takes—just get your hands on a copy now.

Anyone who has a website obviously wants it to rank as well as possible with the search engines and especially with the largest search engine of all, Google. Getting a higher search engine ranking means more visitors to your site, which means more money for you. In this article you’ll get some very important tips for how to improve search engine ranking with Google.

The exact way to get a great search engine ranking isn’t exactly known. This is because Google uses a proprietary formula to rank websites and nobody knows what the precise formula is. Plus Google changes the formula regularly. But there are some important criteria that Google uses and if you concentrate on these areas then your sites will rank very well with Google.

1. Backlinks: One of the major criteria Google uses to rank websites is the number of links that go to your site. These links are called ‘backlinks’ since they lead back to your site. The more backlinks your site has the better it will rank.

2. Quality of content: You want to have good content on your site and you want the content to all relate. Google will look to make sure that you have related topics. The more related topics you have, the more information on one subject, the higher your site will rank. If your site is sparse of unrelated information then Google will penalize it.

3. Visitor’s time on site: Another important factor for search engine ranking, one that’s often overlooked, is the time visitors spend on your site. If people click on your site then immediately click back out then that tells Google that your site must not be any good. Therefore your site will get knocked down in the rankings.

4. Age: The longer your site has existed the better it will rank.

5.Keywords: You want to make sure you include important keywords throughout your site. And then you also want to make sure you include related keywords too. This will help your site come up when the keywords are searched and it will also tell Google that your site is full of great information. This will greatly help your ranking.

These are the 5 very important tips for how to improve search engine ranking with Google. If you concentrate on these f5 things then you will improve your site’s rankings over time. The good thing (or bad thing depending how you look at it) is the higher you rank the easier it is to rise to the top. It’s like getting a giant ball rolling down hill. So focus on these 5 aspects for how to improve search engine ranking with Google, and you will see better and better results.

SEO Mindset

Hot off the press! Brad Callen, the creator of SEO Elite spent a great deal of the past year creating this e-book on how to get top search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

SEO Mindset contains 100% of everything he knows about search engine optimization and he guarantees you’ll be an expert yourself on how to get top rankings. Enjoy this one.

It could be thought if you knew where to market your products in the only places where growth is exceeding at exponential rates! Rates that exceed nearly 200% growth per year!

Again, I’ll ask you—is your business doing that?

There are various ways you can do this, but if you’re missing this one key ingredient, then you’ll be missing out on the absolute best and easiest way to getting an explosive amount of high-quality, hungry traffic. Period!

As a few of you may have guessed, only in social media sites can you get this! But, there are literally over 1,700 social media sites! Which one should you use? And why?

And, with so many of them now, which one will disappear overnight? How do you know you’re using one that will be around for a long, long time?

Whether you’re a beginner or a long-stand socialite on the web…

There’s a TON of research to be done—to determine which sites will be here in the next 24-48 months. Also, knowing which sites give you the best opportunity for success in 2008!

Did they just appear on the map as a hot new social marketing site? And if so, are they really getting good and rich content, with great traffic, substantiated with many other positive factors which make them an extremely viable option for successful marketing in 2008?

But if you don’t know which sites to market on—and which sites have the best chance for survival over the next few months—you are simply wasting your time!

Definitive Guide To Finding The Best Social Marketing Sites

That’s why you need to check out this succinct, extremely valuable resource called the Definitive Guide To Finding the Best Social Marketing Sites, and it’s a comprehensive resource for both the ‘techies’ and analytical types along with the ones who just want to know where to go—to get their largest ROI for their time and money.

You’ll quickly benefit from this powerfully insightful e-book, and you will walk away from it earning $100s each month from just implementing a few of the nuggets you’ll receive.

Most will stop social networking at your currently favorite site because you’ll quickly discover that it doesn’t come close to meeting the strict criteria of being one of the best. Others of you will discover that you’ll get tens or hundreds TIMES MORE high-quality, hungry traffic from using other more lucrative social media sites!

There are ** Limited Bonuses ** available that not only direct you on what to do, but tell you exactly how to do it in Social Marketing.

Whether you have your own product, or just want to sell other people’s products, this overwhelmingly detailed water-hose of discovery will enlighten you, save you hundreds of ours of research and plucking away at your keyboard.

Make 2008 a year to grab the low-lying fruit for success. And, add this no-brainer, must-have traffic weapon to your arsenal to use right away.

Again, there are only a limited supply of bonuses available, so secure your copy today!

Review of Domain Graduate

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Domain Graduate is a very interesting e-book that discusses not only the buying and selling of domains, but takes it to a new level with monetization methods for the domains that you already own. Sean Stafford teaches you how to get good value when you buy your domains and explains tricks that work while also pointing out common mistakes. However, the real gem of this e-book is how he clarifies the road to wealth and the possibilities of making your money (and parked domains) work for you.

Domain Graduate opens with an outline on the situation in the current domain market and what potential opportunities are still available for new entrants to the market. This is no mere introduction as a formality because Sean knows why some entrants feel they are being cornered or pushed aside by bigger players. The truth is he has a domaining road map for the masses.

Perhaps the main theme of the e-book is how to evaluate a domain’s intrinsic value. It all boils down to proving this value so you can resell the domain for a profit, isn’t it? Sean highlights and explains key factors that affect a domain’s value like the type of existing traffic it receives, its keywords, history etc., and also the pros and cons of engaging parking companies and various possible options on how to increase the value of your domain portfolio, including whether you should develop domains into some forms of content site at the expense of time.

I think Sean has written with a unique take from his own perspective and experience as well and Domain Graduate does succinctly address the concerns of new domain owners and point them in the right direction in its 85 pages.

Entrepreneur's Guide To Article Marketing

Article Marketing has emerged as one of the most popular, risk free ways to jumpstart an online business. Whether it is more traffic you want, more sales or just more publicity, Article Marketing can accomplish all this and more!

If you have an online business, you should consider using articles to drive traffic to it. But what is Article Marketing actually? How can one market a million-dollar business with articles?

Article Marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your business online. You can reach a global audience for promoting your products, effectively sell whatever product or service you have, establish yours and your business’ credibility by exhibiting your knowledge on the subject, and much more.

Article Marketing costs almost nothing, but can get niche-based international promotion for your products.

Getting started with Article Marketing is very easy, but…there’s a catch! (There’s always a catch.) You have to do it the ‘right’ way to unleash its immense power for promoting your business. This is where this e-book comes in…

Written by the founders and owners of, one of the Internet’s largest article directories, they know for a fact that article marketing works! The directory features over 270,000 articles from 32,000+ authors, all of them continue to write and publish articles in order to gain search engine ranking and direct traffic to their website or blog.

Learn how to use the power of Article Marketing by previewing the Entrepreneur’s Guide To Article Marketing

Laser Focus

The single biggest problem EVERY Internet Marketer I know has in common isn’t a lack of information…

It’s information overwhelm. It’s a lack of focus. It’s the constant distractions that take you away from doing what you KNOW you SHOULD be doing.

Open your Windows Explorer, sort your files by type, and count the number of PDF files you’ve stored. Now ask yourself:

1) How many files are there?

2) How long have you been doing IM?

3) How much of a percentage have you retained of the know-how from the PDF files?

Well, I’m with you. It’s hard to pull away when you’re in learning mode and trying to execute tasks at the same time. You need to be mentally focused on ONE THING for a period of time you set aside and here’s an audio program to aid you in your work.

If you feel distracted at work (or simply just unmotivated) then just popping on your headphones and listening to Laser Focus (Holothink’s most powerful mind-altering program to date) INSTANTLY MOVE YOU into action.


Unless of course you want to spend the entire night accomplishing ALL the work you failed to get done in the last TWO WEEKS! It’s that powerful.

And the best part is, you can actually listen to this while you work.

Forget your morning coffee, just take 15 minutes and listen to it first thing in the morning and you’ll think you had a dozen espresso’s only WITHOUT the jitters…

It really is ROCKET FUEL for your brain!

Info Products Made Easy!

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Info Products Made Easy!

Billed as “The 6-Week Course That Is Changing People’s Lives”, it’s easy to see why!

Everyone knows that the real key to making a massive income online is to have your own information products to sell. If you look around the Internet, you will see that the guru types that are making the real money are all selling their own products.

Roy Carter’s “Info Products Made Easy!” course is a real “take you by the hand”, step-by-step course that will guide you to creating your very own info-products that you can sell on autopilot and keep 100% of the profits!

This is a 6-week course that is already changing the lives of the people who have been lucky enough to have been amongst the test subjects that got early access to the course before it was launched.

There is, of course, a right way and a wrong way to go about creating your own info-products. Get it right and you can be on the road to riches that you never thought possible. Get it wrong though (as most people do when they try to create their first info-product) and you will crash and burn!

Once you know how, it’s cash-on-demand time!

Check out “Info Products Made Easy!“. Your bank manager will thank you for it!