101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life!

David Riklan, the President and Founder of the #1 Self Improvement website in the world, SelfGrowth.com, has tapped the minds of the greatest experts of our time and pulled together something that will blow your mind.

David is offering a revolutionary and brilliant idea delivered in the format of 101 of the greatest success secrets of our time, brought together with a never-before-offered shocking bonus gift bundle worth 100 times the investment—and you can have it ALL for less than $15!

In “101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life“, you will get 101 quick, simple and—most importantly—proven success secrets from the top experts in the world and gain access to the greatest treasures of all time—the gold nuggets of success.

David is so confident you will love it that he is backing it up with a completely solid guarantee.

Additionally, as part of David’s 24 hour promotion you will get over $957 in bonuses! I nearly fell off my chair when I saw what he put together. You may want to be sitting down yourself because it could knock you over (with joy).


Zen Of Social Media?

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Shama Kabani has a new guide out called The Zen Of Social Media Marketing.

If you want the scoop on how to use social media from the perspective of someone who uses it properly and with far more success than many social marketers this guide is for you.

It is deep, well written, and agrees with everything I’ve ever said about conducting professional social media and buzz marketing.

What will you learn in Shama’s book?

* Where social media marketing fits in the bigger scheme of things
* How to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for online marketing, in an ethical manner
* How to drive traffic to your sites
* How to generate qualified leads
* How to find and create strategic joint venture (JV) relationships using social media
* How to build credibility and establish expertise
* How to build your e-zine/newsletter list
* How to get speaking engagements
* How to make your website or blog the HUB of your online marketing efforts
* How to measure your social media marketing efforts
* How to build your own community of fans
* How to leverage your past success to get future clients
* What you MUST have BEFORE you start social media marketing
* The #1 reason people fail at social media marketing…and how to avoid that mistake

If you feel like you’re missing something in your social media and buzz campaign, you’ll definitely find the answers in Shama’s book.

Money Siphon System

“Underground marketer made $242,844 in his first 5 months online.”

You’ve seen this kind of headline. Though it sounds exciting, but still pretty far-fetched right? Considering *most* people make about $30k a year.

You don’t have to believe the headline immediately, but right now Jonny Andrews has an offer you can’t refuse, and it is perhaps at this point you can take him up on the offer and find out how truthful his claim is.

First, he recorded 5 free killer marketing videos starting off with the notorious *FREE MONEY NOW* siphon video. Subscribe for the full video course.

Second, he’s practically giving away the entire Money Siphon System 2.0 for almost free. What usually sells for $77, you can get everything in a 7-day trial period for just $4.95! That means you stay up all night if you have to and devour everything you need to know about Money Siphon System in 7 days.

MSS represents the success breakthrough method of Jonny Andrews revealing everything in minute detail from how to get 100% free Web 2.0 traffic to how to sell affiliate products by the truckload and how to instantly dominate the PPC game and much more.

Jonny has provided enough significant update to call it MSS 2.0, so there’s absolutely no reason not to grab a copy of this incredible money monster if you take your online business seriously.

Get All The E-Covers You Can Handle.

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Photoshop Action Scripts

My friends Ben Clemons and Josh Fulfer have just set the bar when it comes to quality Photoshop e-cover action scripts.

Their selection of 40 high-quality action scripts not only makes your e-cover look sharp, it’s done with just 2 clicks. They even have e-cover graphics for a shopping bag, MP3 player, clipboard and product bundle.

And for bonus, you get over 5000 bonus graphics with Private Label Rights, which you can use on your sales pages, squeeze pages, or anywhere you like for a more professional look.

Preview the graphics for yourself and get Photoshop Action Scripts for a time-limited promo price!

Blog Commenting Demon

In the early days, it was possible to set up a few sites with some unique content and get indexed and ranked well, with a few links pointing to the sites. Sometimes, we didn’t even need to promote those sites.

Those days are gone.

Without a reasonable amount of links pointing to your site, it is difficult to get ranked by the search engines. So does that mean that the more links you have the better your search engine ranking? No!

The rules of the search engines have changed. Not only do you need more links, you need themed links.

Themed links are links from a site that is related to what your site is all about. A related link is worth more weight than links from a non-related site.

For example, if you have a site about dog training, you will need to have links from other sites that are related to dogs, rather than having links from sites related to cars.

One effective method is blog commenting. Many marketers have testified getting an increase in traffic just by commenting on blogs with high PageRank.

Download this blog commenting report that shows you how blog commenting can be a very effective web promotion tactic.

That’s not all. With Blog Comment Demon, I was able to find hundreds and even thousands of blogs that are related to my site. This software is the only software with a comment tracking system. You will be able to track if your comments are approved. What a huge time saver!

Here is a list of what Blog Comment Demon can do:

– Track your comments to check if it is approved.
– Deep crawl a website for more similar pages.
– Sort blogs according to TLD, PageRank, dofollow/nofollow links.
– Scan the number of comments and outgoing links on a blog page.
– Random proxy server support.
– Dashboard showing all your recent dofollow blogs.
– Ability to add and organize the blogs as favorites.
– Auto fill the comment field.

– Greatly improved harvesting speed up to 40 concurrent threads.
– You can choose which Google engine (country specific) to use.
– You can add your own reusable footprints for your search.
– Blog Comment Demon is now both a blog finder and a URL harvester.
– The much requested auto-save has been added.
– A better filter system that is highly customizable.
– You can now create your commenting profile and reuse it in another project.

Grab it at the current offer price now!


Till today JV Manager remains a very versatile affiliate management software for many Internet marketers, capable of managing product listings and affiliates’ data, tracking sales, centralizing businesses and even running membership sites…

The intangible benefit is as you automate large parts of your businesses, you can begin to think more systematically and discover ways to funnel sales and improve your financial bottomline.

When JV Manager first came out, it was sold for a cool $497. JVM2 Fantasos sold for $1997.

John Delavera is not letting whether Delavo is a direct successor in his JV Manager product line, but whatever it is, you don’t want to miss getting this for FREE.

Delavo is a full system for selling products and memberships, accept payments from PayPal, 2CheckOut, Clickbank, and others—run affiliate programs, etc.

And you still get it for free.

Don’t ask, don’t scratch your head. Sign up to the notification list and you’ll be safe. Delavo will cost something after May 24th.

The Action Machine

Eben Pagan likes to mention 2 enemies to personal productivity and effectiveness: interruptions and distractions. It’s my pleasure to introduce the only good productivity maximizer software that fully times your actions throughout the day. Use The Action Machine to help you become more aware of how and where you spend your time each day. As you become more aware of your habits, you easily discover ways to use your time more productively, and eliminate previously hidden time-wasters.

Of course, the outcome of your end result entirely depends on YOUR efforts, not the software. You just have to watch the demo video to see how well it works.

Now what’s STILL stopping you?

Contact the person who gave you this video to learn more about what s/he has in mind.

Gift App Generator

I’m hooked on Facebook quizzes, and they are just one out of a huge variety of applets (and there are thousands of them) you can find. Still, it never occur to most marketers that they can create their own applets to draw in the traffic (over 100 million users on Facebook) for their own agendas. Surely it wasn’t a difficult programming task.

Moreover, if you’re not wise enough, getting just one Facebook applet coded for you by a programmer would cost you hundreds, or even a thousand dollars or more.

Now with using the Gift App Generator, you can create UNLIMITED apps, and you can get it at its lowest early-bird special price.

Millions Have Learned From Them.

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Wise Entrepreneur

Here’s your chance to learn the secrets of business and life success of 60 mentors and millionaires!

The names of these entrepreneurs are definitely no strangers to you.

Millions of people have benefited from their knowledge and experience to be an extraordinary entrepreneur.

If you are ready to be among the top 3% of the income bracket, discover Patric Chan’s “Walking With The Wise Entrepreneur“.