Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you should know how insane Kindle is for any self-publisher.

Yes, it is great, but as the years go and more authors list their works in the Kindle marketplace, they get frustrated when they don’t make a ton of sales or hit the bestseller list…

And usually, they give up after publishing a few books on there.

But that’s a BIG mistake, because here’s how you really should be using Kindle…

…to mass-publish SIMPLE little books, for huge exposure.

You might have heard the saying before: “Stack ’em high, sell ’em cheap.”

And Kindle is no different.

Who do you think is gonna win: the dude with a couple of books on Kindle, or you, with 50 of those lead-generating suckers all over the darn place?

It’s not about making a fortune upfront…that’s never gonna happen when you’re selling dinky little books for a few bucks a pop.

It’s about mass exposure…and mass LEADS.

The more books, the more of an expert you appear, the more chance your target buyers will find you, and the more leads you can drive back to your real offers.

Another problem concerning Kindle authorship is formatting and publishing for Kindle is a nightmare to some, causing many aspiring authors to give up way too early.

But for those that have the right tools, mass-publishing on Kindle is a walk in the park.

KD Publishing Pro

That’s why you need KD Publishing Pro.

Not only does it handle all the nasty formatting woes that Kindle is known for, but it allows you to mass-submit dozens of lead-generating books on Kindle every day.

This tool has been in the lab for a long time, but you can still get it at 72% discount price, so grab it now, and get a firm start or reboot at Kindle Marketing again.

Kindle Publishing Template Package

Great news for you if you’re a Kindle publisher and it comes from Alice Seba and Ron Douglas, veteran online marketers who, hands down, make the best marketing and publishing templates out there!

This package is all about Kindle publishing and chock-full of templates that you can use, whether you publish fiction or non-fiction. You can even choose to use the templates for any client work you do…or grab the private label rights to resell the templates too.

You will find:

• Bio Templates with Samples (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
• Book Sales Page Templates with Samples (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
• Book Outline Worksheets (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
• Topic Research Worksheet (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
• Kindle Templates (Fiction and Non-Fiction) with Formatting Guide
• Kindle Publishing Checklists (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
• Book Cover Image Templates (Fiction and Non Fiction)

Enter coupon code “SAVE40” to get 40% off your purchase!

See the best way to profit on Kindle.

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Kindle Elite

This is a case of Kindle expertise that runs in the family…

James not only making $100,000+ on Kindle, he also reveals his secret know-how to his family members…and they also started bringing in the BIG KINDLE BUCKS!

You too can start generating quick cash on Kindle because James is sharing the secrets to his blockbuster Kindle success.

Discover how to become a 6-figure Kindle publisher while outranking prestigious authors who are supposedly “more experienced” than you, and make a really great living online. Visit Kindle Elite now.

ePublishing Roadmap

Let me start by asking you a question.

Q. What is one of the biggest growth markets around?

A: eBooks, no not those poor quality ones we saw years ago, but those superb books that are aimed at devices such as the Kindle, tablet devices and smart phones.

You see sales of these devices are astronomical and that is why Amazon, Apple, B&N and other eBook sites are ravenous for content. Modern eBooks are big business!

So in other words, there is a wide open opportunity to make money satisfying this ravenous market, and the great news is anyone can do this with the right system.

In the ePublishing Roadmap, successful Kindle publisher Robert Corrigan reveals exactly how you can copy his own system to Kindle success and the great news is that it’s so much easier than anyone would ever believe.

The ePublishing Roadmap reveals Robert’s entire system with nothing left out. Nothing else to buy, simply copy and apply the system.

Robert will take you down the route to Kindle success one step at a time. Learn how to use the same system Robert used to make 1483 Kindle sales in 5 months.

In ePublishing Roadmap Robert provides you with everything you need to get started today. In the training videos watch over his shoulder as he shows you how he can produce a Kindle book in just 2 hours.

All the tools you need are either free or you will already have them and he even gives his own Kindle templates to make sure that your book is right first time every time.

The ePublishing Roadmap really is the route to Kindle success.

Elite Kindle Covers

Running out of ideas for designing the best e-cover graphic for your Kindle book?

Lacking the design talent to start from scratch and come up with a Kindle cover in 24 hours?

Not to worry. My favourite designer, Maghfur El-Amin, has released his new edition of Kindle/Book Cover graphics package called “ELITE Kindle Covers“.

ELITE Kindle Covers is filled with tons of high quality Kindle/Book cover designs and templates that will help you create better-looking covers to get more conversions instantly.

For under $20 you will get 40+ stunning Kindle covers AND 40+ complementary Facebook cover templates.

You’ll also get FREE Developer License to this product, so you can use it for your clients.

For me personally, that’s really a no-brainer! Own it today.

The secret to making $4,000/mth on Kindle

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K Money Mastery

Heard of the $4,000/mth Kindle secret?


New marketing tool for Kindle publishers.

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I am very excited to share a new Kindle marketing tool with you.

It’s something that took 8+ months to develop, and I look at it as a marketing “dream tool”.

It has everything you ever wanted to create real, measurable results.

I know you’re going to love it. Check out Kinstant Dashboard.

The WORST PART about Kindle books…

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Getting a negative review for your Kindle book is EXCRUCIATING.

It can literally take a $1000/month income stream and chop it down to $200/month overnight.

And do you know how EASY it is to get a bad review due to formatting? The majority of people unknowingly mess up formatting all the time.

That’s why you need to know about this.

I’d say a majority of bad reviews on Kindle are due to bad formatting on the author’s part.

But it is HARD to get that formatting right…and really headache inducing.

Before Kinstant Formatter, uploading a book was a 7-step process that could take you an HOUR.

Or you could pay someone $50-$100 to do it for you.


Now it’s a 3-step, 2-minute process that helps you preserve your income streams.

If you plan on making money with Kindle, you NEED this.

If you want to be taught by the best there is when it comes to Kindle E-Book Publishing read this before it’s too late…

Publishing e-books to Amazon’s Kindle platform has been all the rage for the past 2-3 years and the earnings potential is only getting stronger by the day…

Think about it. Amazon has:

1 – More than 20 Million customers a day

2 – Has over 300 Million credit card numbers on file

3 – Is one of the world’s largest online outlets

So doesn’t it make sense to be able to ‘partner’ with them since they are giving you the opportunity?

Typically you only hear about opportunities like this ‘after’ it has passed, but that’s not the case here.

Publishing e-books for Amazon’s Kindle is going STRONG and its moving full steam ahead.

In fact, you can do really well publishing Kindle e-books but the only way you’ll ever really get to the next level is by:

A – Making sure you stay on top of what currently works and…

B – Avoiding the outdated methods that most people are teaching these days.

When it comes to testing what works and what works TODAY, I know no one else who is better at it than the gentlemanly marketer known as Ty Cohen.

Last year he blew the Internet marketing landscape to pieces by teaching thousands of people the “correct way” to publish on Amazon and this year he is back with a ton of great info that he is calling Kindle Cash Flow 2.0.

You’ll want to immediately take a look at this because just like he did last year, he is revealing tried and tested tips that you can immediately start using to do very well by publishing e-books to Kindle.

The video is online and is available RIGHT THIS MOMENT FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Kindle Ritual

Brian G. Johnson has just launched Kindle Ritual, which is a new software app that makes it dead simple to publish high-quality books to the number one product engine on the planet, Amazon.

Even for those that don’t want to write a signal word!

Kindle self-publishing is a huge money maker and millions of early adaptors have already started leveraging this amazing opportunity.

Kindle Ritual Allows You To:

– Create high-quality, 100% unique books in any niche, even if you know nothing it and even if you don’t want to write a single word.

– Take all the hard work usually associated with self-publishing because it automates the entire process and the job is done.

– Create a unique “Author Website” with your books in a matter of seconds, complete with a book sales page, book reviews, star ratings and more.

– Create high-quality book covers in just minutes with an easy-to-use Kindle cover creator.

– Provides a step-by-step video tutorial that walks you though every aspect of Kindle marketing and using this awesome new software.

This is a top-quality product that you need to check out. Get more details by clicking here.

How to publish on and profit from Kindle

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Kindle KashThis is another solid back-to-basics info-product on Kindle publishing for anyone who is ready to start raking in the cash with some Kindle products but doesn’t know how to start.

UK author Nick Daws reveals everything you need to know to plan, research, write, edit, publish and promote your very own money-making Kindle e-book—fiction or non-fiction!

Kindle Kash assumes no special knowledge, and no technical or programming skills are required. It is therefore ideal for writers who are new to writing online, or taking their first few steps towards creating and selling an e-book on the massively popular Amazon Kindle platform. And, don’t worry, other popular e-book formats are covered as well!

If you follow the step-by-step, practical advice set out in the guide, you will very soon have your own Kindle e-book, on a subject of your choice, selling online via the Amazon Kindle Store and making good money for you.

After that, to keep boosting your income, all you need to do is wash, rinse and repeat!

So if you are struggling to complete a book, I would definitely recommend Kindle Kash for its useful strategies. A great chance for you to gain a solid foothold in the self-publishing industry.

Rich Wilens gets a lot of questions about making money with Amazon and Kindle publishing. So he has decided to invite self-publishing expert Jay Boyer to come talk to us and share his secrets.

The webinar is now available for replay!

Jay covered:

* How to create dozens of e-books in MINUTES with the “Specializer” method

* How to push your book to the top of the Amazon Bestsellers List

* How to score 4-figure paydays by offering this as a service to others

* The secret to putting your book “on steroids” with a dedicated website

* How to close 6-figure offline clients with a skinny little book

* How to find LUCRATIVE book niches, free content, and a $2000 book client in 12 minutes flat

And much more…

Jay is a super laid-back dude and will answer any questions you have during the webinar.

If you have been wondering how to leverage Amazon to make money, want to know more about self-publishing, or just want to learn something new to add to your tool-set, then don’t miss the webinar.

Learn How To Become Kindle Publisher

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Kindle is hot.

And this holiday season, there will be thousands of people going to grab Kindle either as a gift to friend or for themselves.

When they have Kindle, they need e-books that are Kindle-ready.

Now is your chance to cash on this huge market and learn how to become a Kindle publisher.

This video series with Master Resell Rights reveals all about you need to know to be a Kindle publisher…