Instant Blog Submitter

Are you a hardcore blogger with more than a hundred blogs to manage? Running out of ideas for fresh content? Finding it hard or too expensive to get guest bloggers to do the work for you?

This one piece of software by Jeff Alderson and Rod Beckwith not only centralizes your blog publishing routines in one interface, you can also pull feeds from unlimited/external sources, including niche blogs or forums of your choice in your niche market, and publish them on your blog through using it.

Instant Blog Submitter saves you time and effort, increases productivity, provides fresh content for your blogs every day and ultimately boosts your search engine rankings and traffic without you banging your head over writing content like an expert about topics which you honestly have little insight about (talk about niche marketing)! Watch a video demo to see how it works.

SEM Business Blueprint

Obviously that level of income from such a small number of customers *may* seem a little unbelievable at first and to begin with I was a little dubious as well.

However, when I discovered that this strategy had been created by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey (2 guys renowned for their high quality material and innovative ideas), it suddenly caught my attention, especially when I learned that scaled up, the numbers stack up like this:

5 customers = $50,000

10 customers = $100,000

50 customers = $500,000

100 customers = $1,000,000

This is a VERY unusual type of online business, one that I had not previously thought of…and if you’re short of time be VERY sure to watch this short video because when you see the specific details, you’ll quickly understand how and why SEM Business Blueprint really works.

What’s even more fascinating is that in order to do this yourself, you don’t need any previous experience with Internet Marketing (you learn as you go along) and they will give also you absolutely everything you need to get started.

Frankly, the FACTS speak for themselves…

– There is a huge market demand for this.

– The economic downturn actually BENEFITS this type of business.

– You don’t need to be an expert in Pay-Per-Click or Search Engine Optimization.

– You don’t need any additional investment.

– Between 5 to 10 customers will create a 6-figure income and allow you to quit your job.

This is conclusive proof that the potential here is extraordinary and I highly recommend that you check out this video as soon as possible.

ClickBank Pirate

My 2 friends Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye just released their highly anticipated Clickbank Pirate—a turnkey system for making massive ClickBank commissions on autopilot.

I know that sounds too good to be true…But I’ve seen the system they have created. It’s the real deal, and I can’t wait to start using it and make a ton of extra ClickBank commissions.

They have completely eliminated the learning curve and done 99% of the work for you.

In fact they have built us all a money-making machine. I’m not kidding here…

And it’s one of the most insane things I have seen in all my years of Internet Marketing.

* You don’t have to sell anything
* You don’t need to learn HTML or any other techie stuff
* You don’t need to have your own website autoresponder, domain etc.

All you have to do is send some traffic to a squeeze page…sit back and count the ClickBank commissions ticking in.

If you can cut and paste, you have what it takes to make money with the Clickbank Pirate system.

And I haven’t even mentioned the bonuses yet. Check out the page today for all the details.