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Unlimited Abundance

A few days ago, energetic life coach Christie Marie Sheldon ran a short survey with the attendees of the webinar she hosted last week.

And the results were pretty eye-opening.

Over 87% of people confirmed that they were BELOW their abundance benchmark.

And what were the major Abundance Blocks that could be causing this huge deficit in people’s lives?

According to the survey, the 3 most major blocks were money, fear, and the lack of belief.

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Brain 2.0

If you’re into self-help, you would realize that there are thousands of products out there that range from hypnosis to subliminal technology. So it’s completely understandable for anyone to dismiss Brain 2.0 as just another run-of-the-mill self-help product lost in the thousands of products available in the market out there.

But that’s where you would be mistaken.

Brain 2.0 is the brainchild of Greg Frost, a guru in the self-improvement field who has already released hundreds of products into the market since his foray in the self-help business years ago. With Brain 2.0, he’s gone a different route compared to his other products that are based on subliminal technology. That’s because this time round he has integrated his proprietary brainwave entrainment technology called MAX-TREX into the Unlimited Brainpower MP3, which is just one of the components in the Brain 2.0 system.

What the MAX-TREX technology does is to basically trigger a process in a person’s brain that’s called a Cortical Evoked Response, which enables users of the MP3 to enter states of heightened cerebral activities and unleash various mental capabilities that they wouldn’t normally have access to. These can range from greater intelligence, to enhanced memory retention abilities, or even hyper awareness of the environment around them.

This brainwave entrainment MP3 could arguably be the main selling point of the system, as it has proven to be the most effective tool within the Brain 2.0 package. Dozens of satisfied customers have attested to the MP3’s effectiveness, citing that they’ve seen results in just one or two weeks of continuous use.

The other components that make up the Brain 2.0 package happens to be a very detailed e-book, and an accompanying process map that summarizes the main subjects addressed in the e-book. While comprehensive, concise, and a very interesting read, I personally preferred the Ultimate Brainpower MP3, because I’m not an avid reader. But for those of you who do love to read, you will find that the Brain 2.0 manual e-book is a very interesting read that you may find extremely beneficial once you’ve applied the concepts taught.

If you’re as keen as I am about self-help, then Brain 2.0 is definitely one self-help product you’ll regret missing out on.

The video above shows you how to start attracting customers to your website by creating a digital “Customer Magnet” for your website or blog. This training is completely free (no opt-in) and is one of the key strategies I use myself to attract leads.

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Why customers may not order again

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The late, great copywriter Ed McLean cites these reasons why customers who bought once from you may not favor you with repeat orders:

1. They have moved. One in five Americans moves each year. More than half of businesspeople change jobs each year.

2. They are deceased.

3. They are physically ill or going through an upsetting emotional crisis.

4. They are broke or strapped for cash.

5. They are no longer in the market for what you sell.

6. They have found a cheaper or more convenient way to buy what you sell.

7. They are mad at you because your product did not live up to the promises they think you made.

Source: Ed McLean, “The Basics of Copy,” pp. 22-23

Remove this barrier to becoming an info-marketer

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One thing that stops people from going into info-marketing is the belief that they don’t know enough about any topic to teach others.

But according to copywriter Nick Usborne, this really shouldn’t stop you. Says Nick, “When someone needs an answer on a topic, all they are looking for is someone who knows a little more than they do.”

Example: If people want to know how to make extra chewy brownies, they don’t need to find the world’s most famous chef. They just need to find someone who is really good at baking chewy brownies and is willing to share her secret.

Source: Nick Usborne, “How to Write Your Own Money-Making Web Sites,” AWAI, p. 99

7 rules to live by

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1. Always say less than necessary.
2. Guard your reputation with your life.
3. Make people come to you.
4. Do not offend the wrong person.
5. Disdain things you cannot have.
6. When asking for help, appeal to people’s self-interest.
7. Win through your actions, never through argument.

Source: Robert Greene, “The 48 Laws of Power” (Penguin Books,1998)

The death of direct mail is greatly exaggerated.

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No matter how much multichannel/integrated marketing will be a constant theme and reality, expect direct mail to continue to be featured as the ‘tree’ of a campaign from which all the other branches extend, says Ethan Boldt, Director of the Who’s Mailing What Archive. Why?

“Well, as you probably can guess, it’s still the big money maker, and if a company’s integrative marketing cards are played right, it’ll continue to be the major driver of revenue along with e-mail, social media, mobile and telemarketing,” he says.

Source: Target Marketing, 11/22/13

According to SEO expert Trond Lynbo, good information architecture, website structure, and internal link architecture are critical to rank new product pages well. His advice: Link categories from your home page, and your product pages from the category levels. This will ensure that Google finds, crawls, and indexes your content fast. Also link to the new product pages from their parent category pages.

Optimize your website theme so that new products are always presented on your home page where they’ll get found and indexed. A good internal link architecture will get your new product pages indexed and ranked quickly.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing

When it comes to customer choice, less is more.

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Although it is counter-intuitive, you usually can increase sales by offering customers fewer choices rather than more choices.

Clare Florist, a U.K. company, knows if customers made previous purchases, they will buy again. Originally the florist thought a past purchaser might like to order different items. So, in addition to the product most recently ordered, the company provided two other additional items.

However, sometimes simple is better; too many choices may paralyze the consumer. The florist tested featuring just the product category of the past purchase. And the test won-by a wide margin.

Source: Reggie Brady, Today@TargetMarketing, 12/12/13

A tip for generating leads on Twitter

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On Twitter, your profile is what attracts followers. So your Twitter profile should include a proper description of your business, have the URL of your web site in the info section, and show a nice profile picture with a background that represents the business. These help make your brand distinct from others and adds to the lead generation potential of the profile.

Source: Chief Marketer, 12/13/13

4 ways to make your brand stand out

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1. Go slow in a world of speed: Each Rolex takes a year to manufacture. The perception that a longer process is needed to build the world’s best timepiece also reinforces the value.

2. Use country of origin to your advantage: Brands from Switzerland are highly associated with precision and fine craftsmanship. Seek to build brand associations with countries that support your reputation for service, manufacturing, innovation etc.

3. Behave differently: Online shoe retailer Zappos has built its advantage on an iron-clad return policy and customer service that goes above and beyond, breaking down the perceived barriers of selling and buying shoes online.

4. Look different: Apple always looks like Apple. Diesel always looks like Diesel. Absolut Vodka always looks like Absolut. They’re in a sector but they don’t look like part of the sector.

Source: Branding Strategy Insider, Derrick Daye, “50 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand”

Does the number of times that you use a keyword in your online video make a difference? Yes, says digital marketing expert John Saunders, who advises that the number of times a keyword is used can be vital to the success of any video marketing.

“Your keyword should be included in your title as well as your description,” notes Saunders. “Your keywords should take up approximately 3 percent of the text. Be careful not to overload your content with the keyword too much.”

Source: John Saunders, Today@TargetMarketing, 12/16/13

The first thing you need to do in 2014 is:

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2. Establish a game plan.

3. Commit to seeing it through to the end.


It’s irresponsible to start 2014 unfocused, unprepared, and uncommitted.

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Viral Video + Facebook = Success

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My friend Wilco de Kreij is a well known Internet marketer who has helped thousands of people grow their business using Facebook Marketing over the past few years. He’s well known for releasing tools that go far beyond all the usual tools out there, and I think it’s safe to say he did it again: he just realized THE most powerful tool which is an absolute must-have for any online marketer.

He discovered that there is a formula for going viral on Facebook and then capitalizing on that traffic, which is something a lot of marketers have a hard time doing. Sounds familiar?

If you want to absolutely crush it on Facebook in 2014 and beyond, then Wilco de Kreij’s VideoSkin is a tool you better add to your arsenal, because if you don’t you will be leaving money on the table and allowing your competitors to step in and steal your fire. What does it do?

It’s a customizable Facebook video player, which means you can add all sort of powerful elements INSIDE any YouTube video while it’s playing on Facebook!

That’s right, this means that you’ll be able drive traffic, leads and sales right from WITHIN Facebook. Just to give you an idea of what’s possible:

– Brand any video with your logo
– Add powerful call-to-action buttons leading directly to your site (no Facebook intervention)
– Collect e-mail addresses right from within the video while it’s playing on FB
– Add popup links (users watches your video and gets a popup window with YOUR website)
– Force viewers to share your video to continue watching the rest of the video
– And much, much more.

It’s not possible to convey to you the power of this tool until you watch the video and see it in action for yourself. Do you want to learn this powerful strategy that will allow you to go viral on Facebook and help you make money and get subscribers at the same time?

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Taptica, a leading provider of mobile user acquisition and targeting technology, claims that mobile app users have a 35% higher lifetime customer value (LTV) when they are engaged with highly contextual, in-app native ads compared to full-screen ads.

In addition, Taptica says that users who click on a native ad spend 5X more money over time compared to users who click on traditional banner ads.