Everybody and their dog are launching products about ranking YouTube Videos on the first page of Google but none of them are telling you how to:

– Keep Track of your RANKINGS from one place

– Do proper competition and keyword research

– Spy on your competitors

– Do proper SEO Research

There is a new tool that can do that and more for you!

Get access to YouTube Research Software, the most powerful Tracking & Research tool on the Planet!

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Google Launches Helpouts, Are You In?

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Helpouts Profits

Did you know billion-dollar company Google Inc, has just launched a new online marketplace and they are looking to PAY people like you join and share your advice with others.


Unlimited Abundance

A few days ago, energetic life coach Christie Marie Sheldon ran a short survey with the attendees of the webinar she hosted last week.

And the results were pretty eye-opening.

Over 87% of people confirmed that they were BELOW their abundance benchmark.

And what were the major Abundance Blocks that could be causing this huge deficit in people’s lives?

According to the survey, the 3 most major blocks were money, fear, and the lack of belief.

If you feel you’re resonating with what you’ve read so far, Unlimited Abundance is definitely for you. Test drive the program for $1!

We understand the fear of not getting your money’s worth after investing your hard-earned money in something. It’s a horrible feeling.

That’s why I’m giving you this golden opportunity to experience EVERYTHING the program has to offer for 10 days. That way you can know, without a shred of doubt, whether the program is for you or not.

If you change your mind within the 10 days, just let Christie know and you won’t be billed a cent. You’ll even get your one dollar back!

So there’s really no reason to hesitate. We’re taking all that risk for you so don’t miss out on a great chance to take your abundance to the next level.

Click here to start your 10-day trial and be on your way to the abundant life you deserve.

Must-Have SEO Strategy Of 2014. Don

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Are you sick of struggling to get on top of Google SERP?

Are you tired of crappy “push button systems” that have never worked for your website?

Are you finally ready for something that WORKS?

One that does NOT need any upfront investment, technical skills or years of experience.

Faraaz and Wajahath Ali have personally tested many strategies while trying to tank their own websites.

Finally, today is the day you get to become a SEO hero and rank your websites fast with their battle-tested method.

SEO 301 Method is an e-book + video series showing an evergreen method of building links using 301 redirects from relevant expired domains.

This is a 100% white-hat way of grabbing high quality links relevant to your site by pointing expired domains in your niche.

They are also showing how you can build a powerful private blog network and dominate in Google for almost any keyword.

The competition has not woken up to this method yet! But you can now access it for less than $10. Get SEO 301 Method before the offer closes.

The Difference Between Copywriting And Content Writing by Bob Bly

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GR, a freelance writer and marketing ignoramus, decided, in spite of her lack of knowledge, to deliver a mini-lecture on marketing writing on an online discussion group.

GR wrote: “In today’s market, stay away from advertising. Advertising doesn’t work. Copywriting is finished. If you want to sell, you must write content, not advertising. Consumers respond to content. They hate advertising.”

Here’s the problem with GR’s thinking in a nutshell: it isn’t true.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. Content marketing works. I know

Cash Funnels Machine

Yes! It can take you less than 60 seconds to create a money-making website (and not just any affiliate website, but a complete funnel conversion system).

Watch this CRAZY video how to set up a full-blown, done-for-you website in literally SECONDS!

Clickbank + TV Offers + Youtube = $1K

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Emergency New Year's Cash

Have you ever checked your Clickbank account and seen that Ugly LONG rows of $0?

Yeah, well ME too…for longer than I like to remember…OR admit!

There were days when I didn’t even check my Clickbank account because I knew it was such a TOTAL Bummer!

It Always put me in a BAD mood.

Then, I learned how to combine HOT TV Offers with Clickbank products and BAM! Those beautiful GREEN Clickbank checks starting arriving in my mailbox every 2 weeks like clockwork.

It’s a beautiful thing when you see all of your hard work FINALLY beginning to pay off.

People were asking Kristie (a broke, worn-OUT Substitute Teacher) just HOW exactly they could learn to do this, so with pen in hand, she sat down and wrote out exactly how YOU make those Clickbank sales (over $1K in 2013) come into YOUR mailbox too!

Emergency New Year’s Cash was BORN!

ENYC shows which TV product Kristie promoted and which 3 Clickbank offers out of 7 offers brought in those regular like popcorn!

It is on a dimesale now so lock in at the best price for your investment.

Scientifically Proven Brain Acceleration Program

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Brain 2.0

If you

Are you using Facebook the wrong way?

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Facebook Marketing QuickStart

There is a lot of information online about Facebook Marketing techniques for businesses that are NOT used anymore for the recent updates.

That’s why a complete step-by-step training guide has been created to show you exactly how you can easily, correctly and safely position your business on Facebook today.

8 simple steps are more than enough to position your business into a whole new level of success applying the latest and most effective Facebook Marketing Techniques that takes just minutes to apply.

The Facebook Marketing QuickStart course will help you to:

– Get your business on Facebook today.
– Set up your business Facebook Page safely and quickly.
– Build your business brand in lightning speed.
– Gain massive exposure.
– Drive huge amounts of traffic to your business and offers.
– Increase your offline and online profits.
– And much more

How To Create The Perfect Video Conferencing Space

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More and more of us in the modern age are telecommuting; going to work without even taking a step outside of our house. Others are attending meetings from hotel rooms in far-flung countries. Throughout all this, there is a secret art to video conferencing that we are all ignoring.

This article seeks to literally present you in the best light during your virtual meetings. With a little bit of effort you can look more professional than any of your colleagues, maybe even your bosses. Of course, this all starts with having a desktop or laptop from Lenovo that you can use to video chat from, so once you have one of those the show can go on.

No conferencing can happen if the Internet connection you have isn

Meet Matthew (He’s Agreed To Help You Make Money)

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Mass Rapid ProfitsQuite likely you’ve never heard of Matthew Shields, but that’s OK, because while most people won’t find him on Google, you hear from him first…TODAY.

All you need to know is he made up to $5,271 in A DAY from ClickBank.

Make sure you watch a special video Matthew put together for you.

The video above shows you how to start attracting customers to your website by creating a digital “Customer Magnet” for your website or blog. This training is completely free (no opt-in) and is one of the key strategies I use myself to attract leads.

You also get the software they use to do it 100% free and it has a built-in e-mail auto-responder and it’s free too!

Upgrade your brain with this free gift.

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There is nothing better to start your new year on a better footing than to maximize your brain power.

This free gift won’t stay forever, so download it before it expires.

I’m sure you’ll find it very useful.

Watch Your Conversion Rate Soar!

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Countdown MonkeyScarcity Sells! And this new software offers you the fastest, easiest way to add it to any website or blog you own.

Using Countdown Monkey is guaranteed to skyrocket your conversions and sales and it’s been tried, tested and proven to double and even triple conversions.

And the best part is:

* There’s Nothing to install!
* It Works Everywhere!
* You can get started in minutes

You can use it on:

– Sales Pages
– Product Launches
– One Time Offers
– Competitions
– Squeeze Pages
– Affiliate Offer Bonuses
– Surveys & Polls
– Any Call-To-Action area you have!

PLUS you can get instant access right now during this special launch week offer at 85% Off!

Blog Fresh Power

We all know that traffic is KING online, right?

The more traffic you can get, the more you can make, PERIOD!

If you’re disappointed with the amount of traffic you’re currently getting or want MORE, keep reading.

Joshua Zamora and Jay Venka, two VERY savvy marketers, have just released a powerful new software that increases your traffic, rankings and profits in 3 simple steps.

Lack of traffic is one of the BIGGEST reasons why most marketers fail to make money online.

There’s no bigger KILLER of success than creating a GREAT site with NO ONE landing on it.

But what if I told you that starting today, you’ll be able to click your mouse a few times and increase your traffic, rankings, and profit on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT?

What if all you had to do was quickly install one piece of software that will have Google Drooling over your site and reward you with TOP rankings?

Josh and Jay have developed a powerful piece of technology that:

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And much much more.

Plus, for the next 3 hours, you can download it at a HUGE 80% early-bird discount..

I can’t even begin to explain the amazing bonuses you’ll be getting ALONG with this powerful software.

Bonus #1

Easy software brings scarcity into your offers!

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Scarcity Demon

Have you heard about this yet? Marketers are seeing their best conversion rates ever by using this amazing piece of software!

Scarcity Demon uses the power of urgency to get those customers hitting your ‘buy’ button right now!

It’s easy to install and extremely user-friendly. It’s never been easier to add scarcity to your offers and you can even track and edit ‘live’ offers so you never miss a profit boosting opportunity!

Scarcity Demon comes fully guaranteed. 100% risk free!

If you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days, you get your money back, no arguments, no questions asked. What have you got to lose?

For a limited time only, Scarcity Demon is being offered at a massively discounted price. Check out this amazing offer.

WP Profit MagnetI think it’s an open secret these days, that online marketers who make $1000-$2000 per month don’t write lots of SEO -optimized content.

Yes, it should not come as a shock to you that SEO cannot be largely relied on as a way of significant online income, though it still helps to boost your sites’ presence.

Creating page after page of 800+ word long articles are not going to make us profits.

It takes just too much time with very little ROI for it.

Instead, online marketers focus on buyer traffic. They target a very selective segment of keywords that are:

#1 – easy to rank in Google

#2 – and only bring in buyer traffic.

On top of that, they create stunning pages that are designed to provide enough information to make a sale but are nowhere near 800+ words.

Would you like to know how you can do the same?

Watch the video and you will discover a secret how you can start to crank out these highly converting, buyer traffic attraction pages to quickly make $1000-$2000 per month.

What The UFC Can Teach You About Accepting Praise And Criticism by Bob Bly

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It used to bother me when I would get a bad review on Amazon for one of my books, or when one of my newsletter readers laced into me and criticized something I’d written.

But ultimate fighter Jon Jones has shown me that it shouldn’t, because disdain from fans, reviewers, and buyers is just par for the course.

Jones, a UFC light heavyweight champion, uses the 10-80-10 rule for evaluating fans’ reaction to him.

According to the 10-80-10 rule:

* 10% of the people out there won’t like you no matter what you do.

* 10% will follow you devotedly even if you don’t deserve it.

* 80% will swim with the tide. They can take you or leave you.

If you become a recognized guru in your field

Facebook Traffic Explosion

If you’ve been wondering how to turn Facebook into a reliable stream of traffic and income, you’re going to want to see this…

Of course, you won’t just sign up for Facebook and start instantly getting tons of traffic.

Today there are so many people out there fighting for the same traffic that it’s becoming ridiculous!

This basically closes the doors for those who don’t have the financial clout to advertise and get more exposure for their business.

While this may sound a bit disappointing, it surely doesn’t have to be.

In fact, there’s a new way to generate traffic that has low competition and can get you fresh customers for just PENNIES!

If you want a way to get traffic that is more like the “old days” which is cheaper and easier, this is for you.

All you have to do is follow this nicely detailed plan for exploiting Facebook with a *unique twist* you’ve got to see to believe.

Turning Facebook into a viable traffic source doesn’t have to be complicated. Watch the short video before you do anything else online in an attempt to make money…

Hangout Training With Alex Mandossian

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Oceanside, CA

The DATE(S)?
February 16-19th

Learning the time-proven secrets to monetize G+ Hangouts, faster and easier…starting from scratch!

Because it’s the same media tool CNN’s Anderson Cooper, President Barack Obama and his holiness The Dalai Lama use to get the word out!

By special arrangement, one phone call could save you $1K on tuition and there will NOT be another event like this until February 2015!

This video manifesto tells the full story in under 13 minutes. If you’re seriously on board, leave a mobile number and you