Video Direct Pay Software

Did you know that you could be losing sales with your marketing videos?

Did you know that if you are only using your marketing videos to promote your products and services that you could be losing out on the opportunity to allow your customers to make a purchase?

If your not using payment buttons on your videos, you should be!

The answer is simple: you need to take your video advertising to the next level!

Allowing your customers to make a buying decision while they are watching your marketing videos is by far the best solution.

Most people are only using video as a promotional tool, but what if your customers could click on a “buy now” button while watching your video presentation? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Do you think this would help to increase your sales? Of course it would.

The only way to compete in this new video advertising age is to allow your customers to interact with your video presentations.

There are a lot of different video branding products on the market today that allow you to place text links on your video screens and that’s great, but you can’t use these products to place payment buttons on your video

Video Direct Pay 2.0 is the revolutionary new software that allows you to do just that. With this incredible new software you can place a “more details” button and a “buy now” anywhere on your marketing videos.

Video Direct Pay 2.0 was created by Kevin Burns, the Creative Director for Unselfish Marketer’s Co. Ltd. Kevin is a qualified software developer who has created a new product that will change the way we do business online.

Visualize this: Take a sales letter and ‘translate’ it into a PowerPoint-style presentation using Camtasia. The 3rd last slide contains the last set of benefit points. The 2nd last slide reiterates any limited offers before they expire so listeners must take action NOW. The last slide shows the order link right in their face!

You couldn’t be more ready to start placing payment buttons on your videos than it is right now.

More traffic than you can handle?

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Traffic Forces

Everybody doing ‘anything’ on the Internet and trying to make a profit must need traffic. Sure, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about how exactly is the best way to deliver traffic to your site…but why not take a page from a playbook that’s actually working.

Traffic Forces takes all the guesswork out of traffic generation with some brand new solutions that will work for you right now. Not some rebranded pay-per-click ideas that might have worked a couple of years ago. These are cutting-edge traffic tactics for sure.

Did I mention that the author Folusho Orokunle drove over 1 million visitors to his sites in just 12 months? Not only that, he did it without a single JV partner, affiliate or any other outside force helping him. The craziest part about it though, is that he started all of this with only about $50 in the bank.

Now he’s going to show you exactly how he did it.

Everyone needs traffic. And unless you already have more traffic that you can possibly handle, why would you want to make it more difficult than it has to be? Check out Traffic Forces now before the price goes up!

Rapid Action Profits

Getting a new product ready to market is just the first step.

Then you have to actually create a sales site that will handle payments and automate the delivery of your new product. There are more pieces to a good sales system than most people realize.

Do you need a payment processor (or a merchant account?)
Do you have a way to protect your downloads?
Can you recruit and pay affiliates?
What about JV Partners?
Do you have a way to collect follow-up info from customers?
Do you have a backend product or a One-Time Offer?
Will your Sales Page convert?
How can you test it?

It could be a little overwhelming (gross understatement)!

That’s why you need to check out this new software that just a few people have even discovered yet.

It’s called Rapid Action Profits, and it’s an all-in-one, multi-purpose marketing system that controls lead capture, split-testing, payment processing, affiliate payment, secure downloads, one-time offers, and much more. It installs easily and you can put it on as many sites as you want!

I have no doubt that you want to see it this moment…especially when you see the price! Compare it to any other affiliate management software you’ve ever come across.

Note: My head tends to glow on bright days so it gives the perception of less hair.

Thanks for the memories.

Whoever goes “uh-huh, yadda yadda…” about Josh Anderson’s latest groundbreaking new streaming video player technology should have the word ‘liar’ stamped on his forehead. :)

Honestly, I’m WOWed!

Check what kind of video triggers Josh has been secretly working on for the past year. The impact speaks for itself. Just watch.

The latest news is he has frozen the price at its discounted level indefinitely as well as added a PayPal option for purchase.

Go there now and view all the tutorials, demos, and live examples he has on that site and grab a copy at the discount rate if you have not done so already.

Remember when Rich Schefren released the Internet Business Manifesto?

I certainly do. Because it was like I was standing in a dark room, stumbling around in the inky blackness…and someone turned the light on.

THAT’s how effective it was!

When I read the Manifesto, I finally had a clue about why my business was struggling…and what I could do to not only fix it, but make it profitable beyond my wildest dreams.

And I wasn’t the only one.

Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs downloaded the Manifesto and applied Rich’s cutting-edge principles to their business. And today, they’re among the most wealthy marketers and business owners in the world.

Since then, Rich has released a series of reports that rocked the IM community to its very core with their shocking predictions and amazing insights.

And now, he’s doing it all over again.

The Entrepreneurial Emergency

That’s right—Rich has released a new report titled “The Entrepreneurial Emergency“. And from all indications, this one’s going to blow the others away…Download foe FREE today!

Click Here To Get FREE Private Access to This $197 Value, Life Changing Product!

I have a quick “test” for you.

I want to see if

Do you have the “success trait” that is common in almost all of the Internet marketing gurus?

If you do have it, then you stand a MUCH better chance at being successful with your online marketing business. Want to know what this success trait is, and if you have it?

It’s simply the willingness to learn from people who are smarter and more accomplished than you are.

Does that sound a bit too obvious? Let’s take a closer look.

First, imagine something in your life that you want to get better at. Maybe it’s copywriting, karate, or dancing. I don’t know what it is for you, but let me tell you a true story that will show you just how powerful this trait can be.

I know a guy who decided that he wanted to get good at the sport of competitive volleyball. He was at a disadvantage when he started, because he was 31 years old, and out of shape from sitting at a computer for 10 years.

He started out playing with beginners, but then quickly progressed at a rate which shocked the other players. He got so good…SO FAST that people started asking him what his secret was.

He explained to them that his secret was simply that…


You see, most people aren’t willing to ASK those folks who are way ahead of themselves for advice on how to improve whatever they’re involved in. They’d rather try and figure it out through trial and error.

Sure, there’s value in using trial and error, but it’s also a LOT slower of a process. While they’re busy trying to figure it out, someone else is getting the advice and instruction they need in order to skyrocket right past them into the big leagues.

My volleyball friend has only been playing for two years, and yet he can now hold his own and kick-butt against people who are younger, and who have been playing all their lives. He accomplished this, because he was smart enough to seek expert help.


Here’s what this is all about: If you’ve been struggling to make your online marketing business work…or if you haven’t even started yet, because it seems too overwhelming, then you’re going to love this.

The core component of your business is your products and the minisites that you sell those products from. Without minisites, you won’t make the kind of money that you’ve been dreaming of.

The problem is…minisites have been a very confusing and complicated subject. Sure, you can hire a freelancer to build one for you, but THEN what? How do you actually take the next step and start making money with it?


Just follow the example that my volleyball player friend set for you. Simple seek out expert advice. In fact, I’ll make it even easier for you by bringing the expert advice to YOU!

My friend Michael Rasmussen has just released an incredible set of videos that will show you how to create a minisite from the ground up, and then he’ll show you how to begin making money with it right away.

These videos will take you by the hand, and walk you through the process of creating your first minisite, and then show you exactly what to do next in order to turn it into an automated income stream.

Once you get your first site making money 24 hours a day, then you can create a second, third, fourth…heck, you can create an entire minisite empire using these videos as your guide! It’s a very systematic process.

And the best part?


Michael Rasmussen wants to give you massive value up front, so that if you ever want to do business with him in the future, you’ll know that he’s someone you can trust to teach you how to build your online business and achieve the online success you desire.

To be honest, I wish all online marketers did business this way. Go ahead and take Michael up on his generous offer, and go check out his incredible Minisite Profits Exposed videos right now.

About Billboard Advertising In China.

Posted June 3rd, 2008 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Copywriting

A Facebook friend is actually concerned I’ve been missing for over a week! And for that I’m grateful but I’m constantly on the move visiting some distant kindreds in Swatow, China. Now that I’m back I want to share an insight into how billboard advertising goes in China.

Super-size billboards erected along highways are a rarity in little Singapore, so they easily get my attention whenever I travel. The loudest things about billboards are normally:

1) A picture of a model
2) The product in his/her hand
3) The product name
4) The tagline

(Unfortunately, most Chinese companies don’t often have a URL to display, but this would be a receding trend.)

The tagline is what I want to touch on because the way they are crafted is quite distinct in China. Perhaps stemming from its roots in Socialism, most taglines have a “social cause” overtone or imply a benefit to society in general. Contrast this to a consumerism-based tagline like McDonald’s “I’m loving it”, or “Tell me what you want and you can have it all!” which is about “I, me and myself”.

Another distinctive feature of a Chinese tagline is its ‘couplet’ or dui lian form. Anyone familiar with the Chinese language would know this: a couplet comprises of 2 verses with an equal number of characters for each.

So how does a tagline in China read like? The best I can think of as an example in English goes like this:

“An apple a day
keeps the doctor away.”

Let me loosely translate one tagline I saw as:

“A kilogram of milk
strengthens the Chinese people.”

See? It reads like a couplet and implies a social benefit about keeping healthy. It doesn’t say how crunchy or juicy the apple is. Consumerism-based advertisements do exist in the media like the TV and magazines, but I reckon you might have a better chance at tapping into the Chinese psyche if you can craft a couplet tagline, that is, if you’re going to do business in the Land of the Dragon.