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Good day , Rich Schefren is back!


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Watch Rich Schefren On Video

Free Access To Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero's Copywriting Interviews

10 Ways To Profit In An Uncertain Economy by Douglas Titchmarsh

3 Free E-Books



Watch Rich Schefren On Video


Watch the video by Rich as he recap the manifesto in live presentation + some new tips. It becomes much clearer as you listen to him so prepare notes along the way.


He has also uploaded more interviews so listen to them too.



Free Access To Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero's Copywriting Interviews


Interested in boosting your business, but don't want the expense of a professional copywriter? We have the perfect solution. Expert copywriter Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero is holding her next *Speed Copywriting Workshop*, where entrepreneurs and copywriters alike go from blank page to a professional-grade sales letter which ALL businesses need to succeed. Visit this site for the scoop.

What would normally take 8, even 12 weeks to learn has been condensed into a tight, no-fluff-allowed program. Over 3 days you master hardcore skills that separate you from the pack and make you a marketing force in your industry.

Get in. Get educated. And get out. That's what this workshop is all about. Click here for more information.

Copywriting is the single most expensive business skill to outsource and the one directly responsible for making the most money in your business. You need to have this skill in your back pocket. Go here now before the class fills up.


10 Ways To Profit In An Uncertain Economy by Douglas Titchmarsh


1. Sell more backend products to your existing customer base. You already created rapport, trust and proved your credibility to them.


2. Make it a practice to upsell to new and existing customers. After they decide to b.uy one product, offer them another product.

3. Cross-promote your products and services with other businesses that aren't competition. You will reach a wider audience at less cost.

4. Create joint venture deals with other businesses. You can expand your product line and target other profitable markets at a lower cost.

5. Start an affiliate program for your business. You will be able to spend less p.rofits on risk advertising and spend more money on guaranteed sales.

6. Trade advertising with other businesses to save revenue. You could trade e-zine ads, banners ads, links, print ads, etc.

7. Outsource part of your workload. This can save on employee costs, equipment costs, taxation costs, expansion costs, etc.

8. Add low-cost bonuses to your offer that have a high perceived value. It could be e-books, members-only sites, consulting, e-reports, etc.

9. Use viral marketing to promote your business on the Internet. Give away free stuff with your ad copy include on it so others can give it away.

10. Follow up with all your prospects. You can use a free e-zine, a follow-up autoresponder, an update or reminder list, etc.


3 Free E-Books


1) The Backlink Report: A simply enlightening, 17-page report details how Charles Heflin makes $200,000 annually from Adsense. As you read this, tie in with what you have learnt from Rich Schefren about process mapping and outtasking.


2) The Secret Blueprint: A summary of the essential school-of-thoughts of 4 top marketers.


3) The Essentials Of Achievement: This e-book is an extension of Emmanuel Segui's article this week (see below), emphasizing the potential you can unleash from inside-out.


Fresh Picks


HOT: PLR Gold 3

Cody Moya's Membership Bundle



HOT: PLR Gold 3


Only 350 packages will be sold and this event runs for 21 days only. Once the 350th package is sold out or the event is past 21 days, the offer will be removed forever, whichever one comes first.

As an incentive of acting now, Edmund Loh has offered some really awesome Early Bird bonuses along with other specials I don't think you should miss them for the world.

213 packages left at this time of writing!

In all, you're getting:

* Private Label Rights & Master Rights,
* Source file in PDF and Word format,
* Professionally written Sales Letter,
* Lead-sucking Landing Page,
* Persuasive Follow Up Emails,
* Top Quality Private Label Articles,
* Complete graphic sets,
* Unlimited Auto Responder accounts,
* 10MB Web Hosting accounts,
* And much, much more!

If you are a niche marketer, PLR Gold 3 will be most helpful as you can set up a string of 7 instant Internet businesses in a matter of hours with all the product development, copywriting and graphic designing already done for you.


Cody Moya's Membership Bundle


Cody Moya is allowing limited memberships to all 6 of his membership sites for $67/mth. You are getting a continuous and updated supply of private label articles, audio ebooks and a wide range of movies you can sell for the PlayStation Portable and iPod platforms.

Cody has never bundled his membership sites together so this is really a rare, economical offer for you. He could take this down anytime so do consider how much it can benefit your niche markets.

The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


The Most Misused Tool In Meetings by Kevin Eikenberry



The Most Misused Tool In Meetings by Kevin Eikenberry


Kevin points out a typical facet of human nature to disregard a person's idea in the thick of a meeting. It is the facilitator's job to recall the idea and bring it on the table for discussion, thereby ensuring every participant's involvement and contribution is noted. Kevin's article explains how to go about doing it.


Your Personal Mastery


How Will Your Subconscious Mind Make Things Happen For You? by Emmanuel Segui



How Will Your Subconscious Mind Make Things Happen For You? by Emmanuel Segui


There's a lot of potential to be realized at the subconscious level. Emmanuel helps you pinpoint your "subconscious being" and tap on its strength. It's all emotional/spiritual really. Here's your booster article. Enjoy!



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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