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A Brief Recap On Some Online Business Tactics

JV Invitation: Top JV Secrets

10 Tips For Writing A Profit Producing Ad

10 Sure-Fire Phrases That Will Increase Your Traffic



A Brief Recap On Some Online Business Tactics


We wrote about the 'fallacy' of spending too much time chasing after backlinks. You have to attract backlinks in the same way you attract money.


Google-search for the word 'failure'. Tell us what's the site on the No. 1 ranking :)


Did that person ask for backlinks? No. He did not ask for it, but everyone else is 'endorsing' him. So much is said about 'influence'...


The same with Donald Trump, Anita Roddick (The Body Shop founder), Warren Buffett etc. Note the PR of their sites.


The top 3 concerns for any netrepreneur would be traffic generation, building the list and building the online presence.


There are 3 types of traffic to be very clear about:


1) Random traffic mainly from search engines.
2) Targeted traffic which you confidently know are people who come to your site with interest.
3) Specific traffic are people you build relationships with and keep in your list, i.e. subscribers and customers. You almost know them by name.


Frankly, when many marketers expound on the virtue of providing quality content, at least for subjects with money-making motivations like business, Internet Marketing, self-development and online trading, only specific traffic cares about it. We have no choice but find a way for random and targeted traffic to take more action to get them converted to traffic 3).


So what is the purpose of quality content in relation to random and targeted traffic? Truth is we don't think there's much usefulness for these people. Therefore quality content on the web is not so much for people to read, but for the search engines to spider.


The more pages and sections you create, the bigger your site is, and the more eminent your online presence is.


Always associate cousin topics related to the main subject of your site to write about. "Masterminding" leads to team building, group cohesion, group thinking, interpersonal skills, workplace relationships, management and delegation etc. Good to use MindMap techniques to think creatively.


Web content-wise, we identify at least 3 types of sections you can automatically generate content for: Articles, Blog and News. Read this article. We recommend that you do not purchase directory generators. Our personal view is if you want to automatically generate pages, at least generate meaningful pages that people would have read.


That's about what we have done for Internet Mastery Center. Repeating this pattern for non-business niches would be much easier.



JV Invitation: Top JV Secrets


Cody Moya's Top JV Secrets audio course will be released on April 14th. That's in 2 days.


Nope, this is not another bunch of interviews put together for some giveaway purpose. While interviews may give good tips they are still just tips. In order to be able to effectively use most of tips people still need to have organized knowledge first. The only way you can have real knowledge is from a properly prepared course on subject, whatever subject may be.

"Top JV Secrets" is an audio course from A to Z, from basics to most advanced Joint Venture techniques. You will discover how to boost profits and destroy your competition with Joint Ventures.

Today we just want to let you know you stand a chance to promote this course and earn good commissions. All promo materials are ready. Sign up as an affiliate here.


10 Tips For Writing A Profit Producing Ad


1. You can get ad copy ideas by studying similar product's advertising material. Collect their sales letters, classified ads, web ads, e-mail ads, etc.


2. Know exactly what you want your ad copy to accomplish. It could be to qualify prospects, make sales, generate leads, attract web traffic, etc.


3. Make a complete list of your product's benefits and features. Begin your ad with the most important benefit either in your headline or first sentence.


4. Make your ad benefits as specific as possible. Include exact numbers, percentages, times, colors, smells, sounds, descriptive adjectives, etc.


5. List all the ways your product is different from your competition's. Include all the differences in your ad copy that are better than their product.


6. Use graphics, pictures and drawings of people actually using your product to solve their problem. Include a picture that also shows the results.


7. Make a list of your target audience. Write down what reasons would attract them to purchase your product. Include those reasons in your ad copy.


8. Include any proven facts in your ad copy. They could be customer surveys, scientific tests, product reviews, etc.


9. Tell your audience what kind of support they'll get after they buy. It could be free consulting, tech support, free servicing, etc.


10. Ask people at the end of your copy why they decided not to buy. This will give you new ideas on how to produce a more profitable ad copy.



10 Tips For Writing A Highly Persuasive Ad


1. Publish a picture of yourself in your ad. This will show people that you're not hiding behind your website and you're not afraid to backup your product.


2. List how many famous or respected people have purchased your product in your ad. These people should be fairly known by your target audience.


3. Publish the results of any tests your product has passed in your ad. Your product may have passed a durability test, safety test, quality test, etc.


4. Publish the results of any positive surveys you've taken from your customers in your ad. Just survey your current customers and list the results.


5. List any publications that have written about your business in your ad. It could be a product review, on a top ten list, an article, etc.


6. List any related books that you've written in your ad. When you list a book(s) you've wrote, it gives you credibility because it shows you're an expert.


7. Have a professional looking website to publish your ad on. When people visit your site and it looks unprofessional, they'll relate that to your product.


8. Publish any endorsements from famous people in your ad. Some people will think if a famous person, enjoys your product, so will they.


9. Use a money-back guarantee in your ad. This will remove the risk from your potential customers and show them that you stand behind your product.


10. Provide testimonials from satisfied customers in your ad. The testimonials should include specific and believable results you customers have received.


Fresh Picks


New: Become Hated For Being Rich

Top Paying Keywords

Beating Adwords



New: Become Hated For Being Rich


If you were given the opportunity to learn how to take your mediocre website (earning less than $100 a day) and turn it into a site earning $1000 per day, would you take advantage of the opportunity? Well, today you can.


Moe Loubani has hand-selected a talented staff of writers who have contributed to this revolutionary book entitled "Become Hated For Being Rich". These 7 writers have earned over $533,000 per month combined. They will teach you how to work smart to build your empire, not hard. You will be taught the most effective ways to build your online business, step-by-step. The information cuts to the chase as it explores many creative avenues on how to increase your traffic flow to your website without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars.

There are 8 different chapters that explain different kinds of ways to create income online. The following are listed below:

High Yield Investment Programs
Google Adsense
Google Adwords
Casino Scalping
Arbitrage Betting
Affiliate marketing

"Become Hated..." offers techniques anyyone will find relevant to apply into practice immediately. If you're serious, willing and determined to make money on the Internet, this book is for you. Whether you are new or experience to Internet Marketing, this book provides the whole nine yards and great tips to boost your income. If you plan to succeed in this field, this book is your guide.


Top Paying Keywords


If you'd like to Increase your Adsense Revenue, Leverage on Keyword Arbitrage and earn more money than you ever imagined, then you owe yourself a list of high-paying keywords or your money back!



Beating Adwords


Kyle and Carson, a couple of computer science majors, got started using Google Adwords to promote popular affiliate programs when they were in college...figured out truly ingenious ways to work the competition...lower their costs and improve their return on investment...in small increments...until they are earning over $60,000 per month.


Today, they have successfully helped many of their members to earn at least $300 a day! That's their goal for you, or your money back! Discover how you can beat Google at their own Adwords game.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Don't Confuse Anger With Aggression by Joan Lloyd



Don't Confuse Anger With Aggression by Joan Lloyd


We all had been angry for the slightest, even the wrong reasons. Joan Lloyd has 7 tips for you to curb your anger before you make a situation worse than it already is.


Your Personal Mastery



How To Be Successful In Life by Rick Miller





The latest movie version by Bryan Singer should be released any time in June. Before that happens, you owe yourself a few minutes to watch this video of a news story about what happened to an autistic yet remarkable kid when a coach let him play at the end of a high school basketball game.





How To Be Successful In Life by Rick Miller


You don't need to be a superman or superwoman to be successful. As Rick found out, even successful people themselves may not know what's their secret...They just do it every day. Check this out.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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