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Priceless Advice From An Elderly Gentleman

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Priceless Advice From An Elderly Gentleman



How much is this piece of advice worth? Oh, absolutely priceless! Not because it comes from the mouth of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. Last month, I met a seasoned businessman who advised us along the same line: "If someone wants to buy your business, you must sell out and cash it in."


Hard to believe, isn't it? Well, successful businessmen sometimes think the most unconventional thought. In "The Million Dollar Observation", we wrote about how a person can evolve from being a 'square' to a 'rounder'. In fact, this line of evolution is similar to Robert Kiyosaki's trademark EBSI Cashflow Quadrant.


E → S: When an employee runs the risk of not getting paid by someone else, s/he must quickly build a business through which the world pays him/her (S stands for "small business owner").


S → B: To grow a small business into a big business, something like a better input must improve the business into a self-functioning and self-financing system. It can be better technology or extra hands. In any case, the originator of the business stands to earn more through LEVERAGE.


B → I: Robert has always stressed that the rich make their money work for them, primarily through gaining consistent returns with interest from investments. The 'spare' cash for investing would come from the business system which no longer requires more capital to feed itself.


However, suppose someone comes along and recognizes your system to be an excellent income generator, and s/he wants it. Usually, the asking price is for a good lifetime value of the system (which means it can be very high), and with this money you can have when the generator is sold, you can pump more into your current investment instruments for bigger returns. Alternatively, like what MM Lee said, you use the money to buy something of urgency, e.g. a home. If you had not sold your business system, how long more do you think you can wait to amass the capital to buy a home?


The transition from E to S is building a business. The transition from S to B is leveraging a business. The shortcut from B to I is selling out the business.


You see, the 'trick' about successful and shred businessmen is that with the experience they gained from creating income generating business systems, they know they can always think up another new idea. Who's afraid of losing a business system?


The moral of the story is this: Do not fall in love with your business! When someone wants to buy it, consider the occasion a GREAT opportunity.



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Articles by Iris J Chapman


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This is quite interesting. It's about the dynamics of how a society or civilization sustains itself according to supply and demand: Internet Marketing Saturated? by Jerry Lunsford



Best regards,


Nelson Tan


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