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Internet Mastery Center Article Section


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The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


What Is 'Giving' Really? Or Contribute?


Few days ago, I ask a question in the Warrior forum why people would pay to record their audio messages in Flash when they can record in MP3 and upload them on their sites with the HTML code that activates the Windows Media Player for FREE?


And then a very simple answer came: Because the folks who use a MAC can't play them with WMP!


Dang! It hits right on the nail. Maybe the fact that Microsoft monopolizes more than 90% of the computer market clouds our perception that 'missing out' on other market segments isn't a big problem...but it really is a big problem for MAC faithfuls who are trying every possible way to tap on as much IM resources as they can, and whoever can supply the consumers' needs on a most consistent basis will win their hearts the easiest.


However, the demand-supply issue is not my main topic today. As you have come to realize, the Masterminding process consists of a focus-driven way of communication towards fulfilling every stage and work of a business plan. A piece of question-answer interaction as above may not amount to much, but can you imagine how powerful the inherent invisible power (as you see represented as a gray candle) is in overcoming the problem of clouded perceptions?


The gray candle represents the place where individual views and opinions come to meet together at the BULL'S EYE. If only all masterminding partners can acknowledge that "I don't know much of what you may know", they can then help in filling up every possible gap in knowledge and make the group so much more complete as a single entity of 100% effectiveness. You or the other subscriber reading this may can't help but vibrate with the fact that your future mastermind group has a definitive plan to capture up to 7% more of the IM market—all consisting of MAC users!


In filling up the gaps, there should be no hesitation to contribute R.I.C.E. for the common good.


Contribute? Give? Which is which? A-ha. According to my dictionary, the act of contribution really has a purpose or a result in mind. To give is "to transfer a possession freely", that is, without conditions.


I'm very sure there is at least one self-development course out there in the world preaching how you can "give to get". My frank view is it's wrong. The word "get", being the last word, most likely signifies the end purpose. If that's the case and it only applies to an individual, between 'giving' and 'getting', the action and the intention are not congruent at all.


When you want to get something all you need to do is ASK. If the other person doesn't want to give that's his/her problem. You give...TO GIVE. Freely. Not expecting any return. You contribute...for the benefit of more than a few people. Throughout your daily interactions, are you giving? Or are you getting? There's nothing wrong in both. The only thing wrong is you lie to yourself.


There are benefits to giving in itself. Very soon, when you will be asked to fill in your profile in the Fresh Resources forum, you will state what you can offer. Very often, what you can offer is going to draw you near to a most appropriate opportunity. You heard of Newton's Law: "For every action there is a reaction." Your offer and the opportunity naturally meet at the bull's eye.


If you are good at web design and that's the best you can offer and you declare that to everyone, you will get web design projects/assignments. Why else would you want to learn web design in the first place? Be careful of what you wish for, because most likely you will get it. *wink* The more you can offer yourself in diversity, the more varied your opportunities are that you attract, but alas, no human being can tackle everything at the same time...


This I will continue in the report as I type away. Meanwhile, I am also inspired with a niche idea that if you are successful with it, you can control 10%–15% of the whole world. You think I'm kidding? Stay tuned.


Oh, please download this file to help you put up web audio on your site...the WMP version. – Nelson


Your Inner Strength Info-chest


Jay Abraham 101

Public Domain Information Is Simply Priceless!

The Mental Makeover

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Jay Abraham 101


The Master of the marketing universe had dumped his whole experience, business philosophy and performance values into this 12-page report that will definitely introduce the very bottomline of how and what he always act upon.


One of his most inspiring sections concerns with elevating 'customers' into clients, which is what we too want to do from the creation of online communities. Download the PDF file (zipped) and read it.



Public Domain Information Is Simply Priceless!


I just finished the first 10 chapters of a Christian novel written by a Reverend in 1896. According to official records, it is ranked no. 10 on the best-selling literature of all time in volume (numero uno is the Bible as usual). The story is about the death of a tramp that sparked a spiritual revolution throughout his city. Anyone who is familiar with Larry Burkett's Business By The Book will find this the unofficial prequel because it is very much written along the same line.


What I want to say is you never know how powerful some old books read out to you. Sometimes I would prefer to learn a few good lessons from a dead man from 100 years ago than to listen to a seminar series that comes out of the 'paltry' existence of an expert week after week simply because history has vindicated and validated the former.


You can download such 'old' literature as they are digitally transcribed by hard-working volunteers at UVa Library, Bibliomania, Project Gutenberg, Creative Commons and The Online Books Page. Do a search for keywords like 'rich', 'money' or other topical word of interest that might inspire you into a niche area.


If you care, the title is "In His Steps" by Charles Monroe Sheldon. Do a cross reference with Jay Abraham's report and we hope you get a very good picture how you can strategize for excellent businesss conduct. Some day all businesses will run this way... – Nelson



The Mental Makeover


Don McArt writes, "The Mental Makeover contains 52 proven ways to overcome limiting, negative, self-defeating thinking and provides the tools for a successful Mental Makeover. This sampler contains the first 13 ways to improve your days! Each will take less than 2 minutes to read, but can help make substantial, constructive changes in all aspects of your life as they have done in mine!"



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