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Sunday, 22 Apr 2018 12:36 AM

If you have not heard of Web 2.0 today, you are either a very new newbie or you have missed out a historical chapter in the life of the Internet. Not to worry, you are about to discover a combination of strategies that not only increase site traffic by at least 1875 FRESH visitors on a daily basis, but also establish your authority in your chosen niche.

I guarantee you will not look back to the past if you apply these strategies vigorously!

Now in its 3rd edition, you'll discover in "Monetizing Secrets Of Going Web-Social":

  • How to add friends ‘automatically’ without using adder robot software (pg. 6)
  • 5 social networking rules to live by (pg. 7)
  • Social participation tips that leave a lasting impression to your visitors (pg. 10)
  • How to create a meme ad (pg. 21)
  • Stop making marketing videos! There is only one type of video that gets millions and MILLIONS of views! Find out what this secret is... (pg. 22)
  • 8 YouTube strategies for gaining attention (pg. 27)
  • The best thing to sell in the business world (pg. 34)…and the problem with it (pg. 86)
  • How to promote your business on Facebook via these 5 channels (pg. 38)
  • A simple method for researching market demographics (pg. 44)
  • All the Twitter strategies and cool tools you must have (pg. 51)
  • Social bookmarking and marketing tips and where to find free bookmarking site scripts (pg. 62)
  • The blogging technique no marketers talk about (pg. 66)
  • My personal range of WP plugins (pg. 68)
  • How to set up a blog with a Web 2.0 "look and feel" (pg. 70)
  • How to set up share buttons on your web pages like what you see on the right (pg. 72)
  • How to maximize your LinkedIn experience for online business success (pg. 73)
  • How to funnel prospects by answering questions (pg. 78)
  • Squidoo publishing basics for dummies! (pg. 80)
  • How to draw traffic from Ning networks (pg. 83)

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"After going through the entire guide, I must say that 'Monetizing Secrets Of Going Web-Social' is one of the most complete guides that are available on social media marketing. I would seriously describe this guide as the 'bible' of social media marketing, as it covers everything you need to know about social media marketing, not just the concepts, but also practical tips on how exactly you can effectively make use of the various social media tools and incorporate them as part of our marketing arsenal. I highly recommend this guide for marketers or businesses who wants to know how exactly they can fully make use of the various social media tools to generate even more profits for them."

Jun Yuan Lim



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