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Shout #95, 25/12/2006 | Whitelisting Instructions


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Know The Difference In The Type Of Rights

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5 Free MP3s On Market Research

Free Resource: OTO Gold Mine


Know The Difference In The Type Of Rights


A few weeks ago, there was a little uproar within the Warrior Forum in which a product creator was trying to hunt down resellers of her PLR products. Apparently, these 'resellers' took the terms and conditions for granted just because the products are PLR-ed.


What is PLR then? PLR requires you to substantially change the product content and package to the point where you can call it your own, then you can sell it. In black and white, it is supposed to be like that, but when marketers begin to sell and spread certain infoproducts on the Net, well, things get a little gray when 1) it becomes unstoppable or, 2) the creator doesn't bother to take further action to stop it.


Perhaps if you want to resell certain PLR products quickly, take a watch-and-see attitude first. Observing the products' content and packaging may also yield some clues as to how 'sensitive' they might be. If an e-book doesn't have an author's name in the first place, we would do some minor changes and move on.



Bookmark These 2 Sites


We were initially looking at how to display forum threads/posts on the home page of a site, and we found this: a huge range of plug-ins for your PHPBB forum! (The plug-in is called a "news hack".)


A variety of interesting web scripts (free and paid) can also be found here.



5 Free MP3s On Market Research


Excellent material on a topic which we frankly think few businessmen would care, next to testing and tracking. Here's the post. Listening to this will keep you occupied until 2007 rings in.



Free Resource: OTO Gold Mine


OTO Gold Mine: In Shout #63 we illustrate how the one-time offer page fits into the overall opt-in process. The next challenge is coming up with the OTO package. Thank goodness, even if you are hard-pressed for time, give yourself just 15 minutes to set up OTO pages with OTO Gold Mine for ALL your opt-in pages. It's like a shortcut page Raamakant S. has set up so you don't have to rack your brains over what to sell during this peak giveaway period. All you have to do is join free, get a code and paste to your site. You'll be earning at least $50 a day in no time.


Fresh Picks


New: Copy And Paste Graphics

HOT: Design Dashboard

Niche Content Elite

Forum Equalizer



New: Copy And Paste Graphics


Maybe it's time to kiss your graphics designer goodbye?


One of the few success factors in a web copy that converts (other than skillful copywriting, of course) is none than professional graphic designs.

Do people judge a book by its cover? YES.

Do people judge your product by its looks? YOU BET!

Unfortunately, not everyone is cut out for designing stunning graphics. And not everyone have the budget to pay designers for top-notch graphics.

So how would you like to get your hands on a ship container worth of professional graphics WITHOUT having to create them from scratch? Take a look.


HOT: Design Dashboard


Do you need to design:

* Web sites?
* Sales pages?
* Mini sites?
* Blog graphics?
* Affiliate pre-sell pages?
* Landing pages?

You point. You click. You follow the big blue numbers. What could be simpler?

It's A to Z. All step-by-step screen caps supported by videos where needed. Design Dashboard is a MASSIVE time saver and literally takes the pain out of the learning curve.

End productivity and results:

a. Your own custom website graphics that are a cut above

b. You will do your own header graphics faster than you may imagine

c. You will know how to do special effects like scanlines and handwritten notes

d. You will be able to trick out templates you buy or create your own

e. You save costs (No Photoshop CS or Dreamweaver needed)

f. You will get step-be-step instructions on FTP, getting your shopping cart up, hooking up your autoresponders, stick letters, fly ins, and every other detail we could think of.

g. Saves you the costs of design fees. At $150–$300 per header, just ONE and you've paid for this product.

h. Even if you still use a designer, there are times when you need it NOW, not later. You 100% can do it yourself and be surprised at how good a job you DID!

i. You can create your OWN templates just as good as many of 'em you buy—and do it fast, once you learn the steps.

j. Templates are never designed to suit individual needs, so they're never quite right. You can do it
yourself, get a better result AND save.

To learn more about DD, visit the FAQs and download a free report.


Niche Content Elite


Delivering fresh content from your niche websites just got easier with Neil Harvey's Niche Content Elite. For less than $20 each and every month with your subscription to Niche Content Elite, your membership includes:


* High quality content written by amazing writers.
* 250 top-notch private label articles each month covering 8 unique niche markets. That's a lot of content!
* 20 3D Header Graphics - 2 designs for each niche market.
* 3 Pre-made Sites - Feature packed, instant comments, automated links manager, translation in 7 different languages.
* Bonus: 1 complete private label product per month. Put your name down as the author and sell it as your own!


The special gold membership which is limited to 500 potential members is now left with 243 slots, no exceptions or else get on the waiting list until an existing member wants out. Why wait when you can get top-notch content now? Get your NCE membership when you have to pay even more on Elance for writers to write for you!



Forum Equalizer


Can you really generate loads of quality one-way links without spending a ton of cash?

You bet you can. It's as simple as posting to forums and message boards. You know the strategy: Along with each forum post, you can include your signature, which has a link to your site (or sites). You know how powerful these are, right?

This means every time you make a post, as many as hundreds or even thousands of people will see it.

And, what's more, the traffic is just the tip of the iceberg...

The main benefit of posting in forums are the high-quality links that search engines love. Not to mention branding your name, your business and building credibility, recognition and a reputation.

Of course, the problem with posting to forums is that making posts to more than a few forums is a time-consuming exercise...It's okay if you've got hours and hours to spare, but you don't really have that, do you?

That's why we're recommending this new solution that makes forums an even more practical advertising solution that doesn't cost a penny. It's brilliant, time saving, signs up for you, submits for you and is and quite addictive once you start using it...


Merry Christmas,


Nelson Tan


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