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Shout #93, 04/10/2006 | Whitelisting Instructions


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Latest Google Goodies

Set Up An Article Generator To Your Site For FREE!




Latest Google Goodies


Does Google keep a mailing list somewhere? If so, it's not always that you hear its latest product launch first thing in the morning. However, this page can help you keep tabs with what's up lately.


One feature we like to recommend is "Docs and Spreadsheets". You can create and share your data online and access them from anywhere. That means, you get to upload your files remotely. How cool is it to have a "2nd hard disk"?


Google Apps offers a special selection of Google products to allow you to integrate on your site and make it more interactive for users. You can also design and publish a website online.



Set Up An Article Generator To Your Site For FREE!


This sounds way too good to be true, but it's here! Get My Articles is a free service that allows you to add reprintable articles to your website. Select from over 100,000 articles in 60 categories to add fresh, relevant content to your website.


Using easy copy-and-paste HTML code, you set up and customize your own article directory to fit into your site's template or layout. Get My Articles then feeds your selection of articles to your site regularly. Here's a demo site.


A typical software costs $97, and even so, one of the biggest 'problem' we come across is a lack of a selection feature -> You lack control over articles with content that may not be ideal to your site's purpose. Now you have 100,000 articles to choose from without costing you another penny!





1) Wimpy FLV Player: If you have always wondered how to save those Flash video and watch them offline, here's the method. As you may know, all the files, images and text, that you access on the Internet are saved under a "Temporary Internet Files" folder, apart from those that you consciously downloaded.


Go to c:\Documents and Settings\(XP login name)\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files of Windows Explorer, click on the "Size" tap to arrange them in ascending order, you'll find files of .flv or .swf extension. You will know which video files you are looking for by its "tell-tale" filename. Copy them out to another directory, replay them with Wimpy FLV player and you're done.


2) 404 Secrets: If you don't know what 404 pages are or you leave them unattended, you're as good as leaving money on the table!


3) Ad Cards That Sell!: Here's a 13-page special report on how to design and get referrals through your business card. Visit this page for more articles on business card marketing.


4) My Link Guard: Any other affiliate link cloaker software that is FREE before this year is already primitive. You can get Richard Legg's brand new software at no charge, make your affiliate links clean and pro with My Link Guard and significantly boost your overall sales.


Fresh Picks


New And $30 Rebate: Affiliate Project X

$1 Access: Private Label Books

New: Infoproduct Creation Guide



New And $30 Rebate: Affiliate Project X


It really seems so long ago that AdWords Miracle was launched in April 2006 by Chris McNeeney and by then 2,000 copies were already sold for the fact that it pushes the boundaries of PPC marketing through AdWords for affiliates. No one is complaining.


Today Chris is back with a brand new step-by-step manual that, Chris claims, can lead ANY affiliate to financial freedom IF they have the guts to follow through and use his techniques. As far as we know, it is under development for 6 months and contains all that Chris has applied in his personal experience, and it's going to turn classic affiliate marketing strategies on its head with some highly unorthordox but deceptively simple methods to achieve instant results.


Don't take our word for it. Just click here and read his story and look at his Clickbank graph. Right now, Chris is pre-launching Affiliate Project X for an investment he, as a success story, should not be hard up for, but it is really YOU that should be concerned over your own oustanding affiliate marketing success.



$1 Access: Private Label Books


Cody Moya suddenly wants to offer you a sneak peak inside his Private Label Books website. This is just $1 for full access to all private label books which are in the member's area for your first month. Don't say we didn't tell you to grab and run. Honestly speaking, you always have a good reason to stay on and receive new e-books on various niche subjects next month.


Here is the coupon code: FF95A3314C, valid for 3 days only!


Get your full access to all private label books now...$1 for the full month.



New: Infoproduct Creation Guide


Dave Lovelace has come out with a new know-how, "Infoproduct Creation Guide". In this very short frame of time, you can get a copy of the guide and save 60%! His ClickBank record is testament to a classic success all infopreneurs aspire to.


Discover how to create products that have the highest-perceived value so you can charge more for them, create them for FREE and get them in front of hungry customers like a giant billboard while labeling you as an expert in your field. Don't miss this 92-page info-packed report!



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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