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AdWords Empire Audio And Teleclass Transcript

10 Explosive Ways To Turbo-Boost Your Sales

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AdWords Empire Audio And Teleclass Transcript


As you probably know, Google recently made changes to their AdWords pricing model.


As a result of this change, some AdWords advertisers have had to pay much higher cost-per-click for keywords now than previously.


Advertisers who were paying 5¢, 10¢, 20¢ per click now need to pay $1, $5 even $10 for the same keyword. Ouch!


Does this spell "DOOMSDAY" for affiliate marketers?


Truth is, in ANY business, we need to understand the "rules of the game", how to "plan the attack" and how to "attack the plan".


Change is not always bad. it just needs to be managed properly.


SEO specialist Fabian Lim and copywriting maverick Jo Han Mok just finished a teleclass on AdWords update, and you can download the review notes, audio file and upcoming transcript here.


A tiny sample of what you'll learn during the teleclass:


- Recent changes in Google AdWords and what it means to you
- Why "change" may not be a bad thing and how "change" can help you leapfrog over your competition
- Effective change management strategies you can immediately apply and profit from
- What the "Google Philosophy Equation" is and how it impacts both Google's online business and YOURS!
- Google's Quality Score and Landing Page Guidelines explained in plain English
- The type of AdWords ads Google REALLY wants you to create
- How to discover targeted low-cost keywords that even Google, Overture or Wordtracker will never reveal to you
- Why it is important to test and track ALL your online campaigns and how to do it correctly
- How to design landing pages that comply with Google's latest Quality Score and Landing Page Guidelines without compromising on your landing page conversion!
- 6 essential elements you MUST have on your landing page to maximize your Quality Score and minimize your cost-per-click
- And much more!



10 Explosive Ways To Turbo-Boost Your Sales


1. Design your website to be a targeted resource center. Choose one subject and build on it. You'll gain repeat visitors that are interested in that topic.


2. Offer something that is really free. If people go to your site and what you said was free really isn't, you'll lose their trust and they won't buy anything.


3. Add a chatroom or message board to your website. People want to interact with other people that have they same interests as them.


4. Entice people to link to your website by giving them something free in return. This'll increase your ranking in some search engines.


5. Trigger your reader's emotions in your ad copy. Example, if you sell a book on gambling tips, tell them the feelings they'll get when they win money.


6. Make sure your site looks good in all browsers. You could be losing sales because it looks distorted in some web browsers.


7. Increase your sales by e-mailing full page ads to your e-zine subscribers. Remember to tell people before they subscribe or they may consider it spam.


8. Ask people questions in your ad copy that make them think about their problems. For example: Do you want to be free of your debts?


9. Magnify the size of your prospects problem in your ad; show how your product can solve it. The bigger the problem, the more sales you'll have.


10. Invest a percentage of your profits right back into your business. Spend it on marketing, product improvement, customer service, advertising, etc.



The One And Only Exclusive Download


Quick Guide To SEO For Adsense And Affiliate Programs: In a nutshell, if you follow this closely, you'll have a website loaded with search engine traffic in 90 days and start to claim your rightful share of money on the Internet. Very well written.


Fresh Picks


AdSense Templates

Script Smart



AdSense Templates


Cody Moya has launched Adsense Templates and he's inviting new affiliates to make some sales out of it + giving away some great prizes and extra commissions for top sales producers. It's going to be a race indeed. Details are inside your affiliate account so hop in and be early in this. Click on the first link to get:


- 3 Google Adsense website templates including editable header graphic
- 3 Blogger Templates
- 3 WordPress Templates
- 30 Private Label Articles
- 3 10-page websites with content



Script Smart


How would you like to increase your profits and conversions from your existing online sales letters or opt-in pages with very little additional work?

A new software resource from Aaron Dwyer lets you discover how easy it is to get specific sales-boosting website scripts into your web pages, and how you can profit from this fantastic marketing technology.

If you already have an online sales letter you can really increase your profits with the help of using tried and true marketing tactics by harnessing the power of website scripts.

Instead of having to find them online or pay for a developer to make them for you, he has put together a collection of marketing scripts all located in one application that generates all the usually tricky code for you.

Take the Script Smart software for a spin, because you'll be missing out if you don't. Right now, it's on offer for $17 only.

The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Miscommunication—Root Cause Of Problems? by Michael Lee, CPA



Miscommunication—Root Cause Of Problems? by Michael Lee, CPA


Michael Lee wrote an article recently on how to communicate better, in your family and in your work.

When you've got communication skills, you become more confident and therefore more persuasive. When you lack communication skills, problems emerge and are never resolved. It ends up sadly like in the story told by Micheal.

We let you read his delicious article and find out the reason why people have difficulties to communicate. Is it your case?

Your Personal Mastery


5 Master Qualities of Extraordinary Achievers by Emmanuel Segui



5 Master Qualities of Extraordinary Achievers by Emmanuel Segui


You can be a master achiever by developing the same qualities of those who seem to achieve more than others. Here are 5 qualities you need to master in order to become a successful person in your chosen field and in your life.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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