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WOW , we have reached #88. In Cantonese, that sounds like "double prosperity". Here's wishing you double prosperity for the next 7 days and beyond and everything you READ turns GOLD. Very interesting content comes your way this week. Try out the Google calendar too.


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Affiliate Invitation: Adsense Templates

Yahoo Answers

Google Calendar

Can Article Submission Backfire?

6 Great Download Sets



Affiliate Invitation: Adsense Templates


Cody Moya is going to launch his own set of fresh Adsense Templates on September 5th and he's inviting new affiliates to make some sales out of it + giving away some great prizes and extra commissions for top sales producers. It's going to be a race indeed. Details are inside your affiliate account so hop in and be early in this.



Yahoo Answers


What is easier than searching for answers in forums? Ans: Searching for answers in portals specializing in Q&A! Yahoo Answers is Yahoo!'s latest bid social networking/community building where you get answers at your fingertips, literally. It's still in beta so a lot of issues like accuracy of answers on the part of contributors need to be sorted out, but this will be a good place for niche research soon, or you can project yourself as an expert in here. The same goes with Google Answers and Wikipedia.



Google Calendar


Successful websites like Free Advertising Blog and Internet Marketing NewsWatch bank on creating a space for netizens to do something so that the sites can retain loyal traffic, like allowing marketers to announce upcoming events or to advertise. In fact, John Reese, who happens to do very well in Adsense, preached the one biggest lesson that has nothing to do with technical stuff: get your visitors to interact with your site, to fulfill a sense of personal motive so that they love to come back again.


While the original Wordpress blog template invites itself to be radically re-designed by talented webmasters with new augmented features, and content management system scripts like Digg, Pligg and wikis are ready made and waiting for you out there (at SourceForge to be exact), Google Calendar might just be the next variation you need to put into your site. Not only can you allow other people to input their entries into your calendar, you can get your calendar to show up on your site by simple copy-and-paste of HTML code and also build a kind of calendar network in which events can be saved in different calendars as effective reminders for other calendar owners. Now this is particularly viral when the network is large and the entries replicate itself in different locations fast.


Even as a free online shareable calendar service, Google Calendar is definitely priceless and useful for niche sites and seminar-related sites as it is easy to integrate and you don't have to tear down and rebuild a template. Start by clicking on the subscribe link below:



* This can be a regular AMOS fixture so you're welcome to put in any ads provided it has a time-sensitive factor. Security settings has been kept to lowest to eliminate the hassle of administrative work. Please do not abuse the calendar. We'll see how it goes.


We invite your creative thoughts on what else you can do to market and advertise through sharing via Google Calendar so we can publish them in the next issue soonest as well as in an e-book.



Can Article Submission Backfire?


We recently posed this question on Warrior forum: "If you submit your original article to too many directories, will search engines mistake it as duplicate content in some ways? How many is 'too many'?"


...and get this answer: "I personally don't put the same articles I submit to article directories on my websites. Jason Potash mentioned somewhere that he likes to create a separate site on another server with a different IP block to sort of host an article directory just for the articles he submits to directories. What he will do then is just link back to this site from his main sites. This way he provides viewers of his sites with additional content of his which they may find useful but it's not directly on his site."



3 Great Download Sets


1) Net Infomercial Secrets: Jacob Stein and Russell Brunson tells you all about using streaming video on your sales pages that get big results!


2) The Best Advertising Money Can't Buy: Bob Jenkins lists 15 personal choices of websites and how to squeeze the most amount of free advertising results for your effort.


3) Ask Michel Komarov: Very interesting and resourceful blog offers a bunch of cool scripts, and it won't cost you anything. There's a One-Time Offer script that counts down by the millisecond. Just scroll down that page a little bit and you'll see it.


Fresh Picks


The Insider Secrets To E-Mail Marketing



The Insider Secrets To E-Mail Marketing

We're sure you use e-mail to communicate with your customers and subscribers, so you'll want to pay CLOSE attention to this rough statistic: 40% to 80% of the e-mail you send could be filtered as spam!

Obviously, if your mails aren't getting delivered, your sales and profits are going to seriously suffer!

This 390-page printable e-book is literally an A-to-Z guide, crammed full of step-by-step instructions, examples, and case studies of absolutely everything you need to know to explode your e-mail campaigns. You're not only going to discover the exact e-mail marketing strategies that one guy used to generate $291,756.42 and 44,901 new opt-in email subscribers in the last 30 days alone, you're also going to learn how you can get "whitelisted" with Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail and guarantee the delivery of every e-mail you send...Plus you'll read about the 3 NEW criteria used by "spam filters" to deliver (or delete) your e-mail—accreditation, reputation, and e-mail authentication!

You'll also get 6 bonus reports, valued at $394.73 including details of how you can e-mail to 2 BILLION consumers using mobile devices like cell phones and Blackberry-enabled gadgets!

Get all the details here. We hope you enjoy this!

The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Elevating Customer Service E-Mail From Adequate To Excellent by Marilynne Rudick and Leslie O'Flahavan



Elevating Customer Service E-Mail From Adequate To Excellent by Marilynne Rudick and Leslie O'Flahavan


As Internet marketers, we can get so inundated with e-mails that we're sure at one time or another you had treated an enquiry like a queue number and take a shortcut in answering, completely forgetting that the writer behind the e-mail is a human being.


Of course we do! Please forgive us ;)


Marilynne Rudick and Leslie O'Flahavan presents some EQ tips for connecting with prospects and customers in intimate, not detached, manners and providing value-added options for them along the way. Who knows, the next time someone comes to your store asking about a fishing rod, he went out with money on your table...for a boat. *wink*


Your Personal Mastery


How To Flood Your Mind With Positive Thoughts by Emmanuel Segui



How To Flood Your Mind With Positive Thoughts by Emmanuel Segui


Some people may brush off visualization as some kind of "ho-kum technique", but we think it helps for you to know just what kind of future you are heading into. If you are blind, everything is dark, simple as that. Helen Keller said, "There are none so blind as those with eyes who cannot see." Woo...


Our good friend Emmanuel Segui has written this article on the steps necessary for visualization to happen, and it helps to exercise your imagination. It's FREE. :)



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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