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How To Increase Your Profits By Reading Your Prospect's Mind by Jonathan Mizel

10 Blazing Ways To Sky-Rocket Your Profits

3 Great Download Sets



How To Increase Your Profits By Reading Your Prospect's Mind by Jonathan Mizel


The common habit among marketers is to create a product then find the market. Although, it may be commonly said that any subject matter never lacks a market demand, doing a market survey or questionnaire beforehand helps you to gauge the demand according to exact definition. Wouldn't you feel more comfortable knowing some potential customers out there are waiting exactly for what you are creating? Sales come even faster the moment you reach out to the right people.


Johnathan Mizel discusses the online steps to carry out such a simple survey.



10 Blazing Ways To Sky-Rocket Your Profits


1. Use a "P.S." at the end of your ad copy. This is were you either want to repeat a strong benefit or use a strong close like a free bonus.

2. Publish a free e-book and give it away from your website or in your e-zine. This will increase your traffic, sales and e-zine subscribers.

3. Create multiple streams of income with your website. You could sell your own products, join affiliate programs, sell advertising space, etc.

4. Give your visitors compliments in your ad copy. This can earn their trust and put them in a good mood, in return they will be easier to sell too.

5. Create new products or services only if there is a strong need for them. You won't have anyone to sell them to if you don't have a market.

6. Sell your backend products to your customers right after they order. Take them to a "Thank You" web page that includes other products you sell.

7. Sell a few products on your website instead of selling a large amount of products. To many choices can overwhelm your visitors and they won't buy.

8. Include content and free stuff on your website that promote the products you're selling. If they don't read your ads, they may read your offerings.

9. Remind your visitors that you're human not just a website. You could publish information on your family life, a picture of yourself , a profile, etc.

10. Provide a "Contact Page" on your website. Give your visitors as many options to contact you as possible. This'll add credibility to your business.


3 Great Download Sets


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6. Homepage Traffic Script


2) SEO Giveaway: All the SEO materials and software you need in this unique giveaway are ready for download!


3) Free Monthly Website: Own fresh content-rich websites every month, specifically designed to accomodate Adsense blocks how about that, wow!


Fresh Picks


HOT: The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript

The Insider Secrets Of An eBay Millionaire



HOT: The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript


Well, you have seen this coming left, right, center like boxing punches. The truth is your Internet Marketing world would not be a level playing field if you choose NOT to possess it. To make it even more 'level', send us your receipt as soon as you buy the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript and we give you immediate access to the Louis Allport Boxset Collection 2 AND * the butterfly marketing script * (yes, the original software that makes the tactics work).


We should have announced the script earlier but if you have already sent your receipt, we'll get back to you again.



Insider Secrets Of An eBay Millionaire

Brandon Dupsky is just a regular guy from Nebraska who got started on eBay selling "odds-and-ends" he found in his basement. He tested like crazy, learned by "trial and error", and last year he earned $8,000,000!

And now you can duplicate his entire system to start their own highly profitable eBay businesses! Find out:

  • Which products are "hot sellers", and guarantee the BIGGEST profits!
  • Where to find in-demand products that you can buy for cheap and resell for massive profits!
  • How to attract TONS of bids and make HUGE profits on every single auction you list!
  • How to create stunning ads that grab the eyeballs of eager bidders!
  • How to easily rake in even MORE cash by establishing a glowing feedback rating!
  • Techniques for driving 1,000s of qualified bidders to ANY auction listings!
  • And much, MUCH more!

* Insider Secrets Of An eBay Millionaire *

The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


What To Do When You Can't Say "Yes" by Shep Hyken



What To Do When You Can't Say "Yes" by Shep Hyken


Yes, sometimes it can be real hard to accede to customers' requests which happen to be beyond your expectations, resources, capabilities etc. By giving yourself, the boss, and the customer some leeway, you need not drive a situation into a keep-him-or-lose-him ultimatum. Here are some scenarios.


Your Personal Mastery


There's More To Life Than Staring At Your Computer Screen...

The First 14 Dominant Laws Of The Subconscious Mind by Emmanuel Segui



There's More To Life Than Staring At Your Computer Screen...


"...and there is always more there than what your eyes see." Bill Frakes' mum told him. 25 years on, the boy became one of the most accomplished sports photographers in the world, capturing high-speed moments only good shooters have a keen eye for.


Such is motivation redefined, not coming from self-effort, but inspiration passed down from one generation to another.


2 sexy ladies' birthdays are coming up this August, and I was wandering around Borders bookstore thinking what to get. By pure chance, without any promotional leads whatsoever, I stumbled upon 3 beautiful photobooks based on the M.I.L.K. project and bought 2 of them.


(There are only 3 books in the M.I.L.K. Project. The other title is "FRIENDSHIP".)



You have also just seen thumbnails of selected photos taken from "LOVE". Though small and lack impact, you get to see each of them blown up across 2 pages in full glory. As the saying goes, "A picture paints a thousand words." Be mesmerized by timeless frames of the best human condition. This is just what the world needs right now, not someone standing stunned in the midst of war-torn buildings (I have already seen that in the movie "The Pianist", thank you very much).


From a business point-of-view, the M.I.L.K. project should inspire any aspiring photographers to train their eye to recognize these moments in relationships, strive for pictorial excellence and create a digital photography enterprise out of it. A niche is good if there's market demand, and it becomes much better when you excel in it. You will find out some photographers behind the photos run photography studios and international exhibitions.


For the rest of us, life is not just business, of course. Spend some quiet time and study these photos with loved ones. You will see yourself in one of them. Amazon has the details. – Nelson



The First 14 Dominant Laws Of The Subconscious Mind by Emmanuel Segui


Have you seen that funny picture before, where 10% of your mind power is only the tip of the iceberg above the water, but the other 90% lay submerged and unused? If you know just 14 characteristics of how your mind works, wouldn't you think you have some leads to work on revamping the way you think and act? Of course you would!



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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