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No Such Thing As Cost-Per-Click?

The Hangover Factor

What Makes Jay Abraham's Headlines Tick?


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No Such Thing As Cost-Per-Click?


Do you have a fear for Pay-Per-Click advertising? If you do, don't you think it is rather negative to think that "money keeps leaking out" everytime someone clicks on your ad? But that's the game of the business. The key is in making a distinction between 'cost' and 'investment' and thus including a consideration for sales made.


Let's say you buy roses for a girl. If she never likes you in the first place, that bunch of roses is a waste of your $$$. If she likes your gesture, you get a positive reaction. That's like, well, "clinching a sale". Sorry we have to put it across in this manner to make you understand.


The problem is to keep thinking she will never like you. But how would you know? You can either go after another girl (give up!), or persist to get the same girl to say "yes, yes" days later.


Likewise in PPC context, you would never know when you might get your 1st (yes!), 2nd (yes!), 3rd (yes!) sale and so on, but you can establish a certain sales pattern over a period of time to ascertain:


1) The frequency of the sale.

2) Where most of the clicks are coming from.

3) At what part of the week and time of day do sales tend to occur.

4) What is the most effective headline and short ad.

5) The demographics of consumers, etc.


If you know a few good background information in your hands, you can manage your PPC with hindsight.


Now, if you record 58 sales across a time period consisting of 463 clicks, that's an average of 1 sale for every 7.98 clicks. If you pay $1.63 for every click, that would be $1.63 × 7.98 clicks = $13 every time before 1 sale comes in. That sale MUST pay you more than $13 for you to make a profit. Any earnings below $13 would make your $1.63-per-click a COST and not an investment, get it?


So you have to raise the product price (because lowering your PPC $ value is undermining the performance of your ad). As an affiliate, bug the merchant until s/he raises the price. The question is will you persist because only time can establish patterns and averages.


Don't thank us for such advice; we're no experts. This great man tells it all.



The Hangover Factor


In the past 3 months tens of thousands of folks are spreading the word of 4 free reports Richard Schefren has distributed without the need to deploy viral marketing mechanism. In the past few days, if you have read those 2 reports we're sure you cannot stop thinking and talking about it.


What an impression 4 PDF files can make and build a list of over 80,000 people!


Internet Business Manifesto : The Missing Chapter : The Final Chapter : The Alliance Factor


Quite simply, Rich wrote from experience and with a degree of wisdom that can only come with a track record. He did not write so much about "how to...", "21 steps to...", "5 reasons why..." or fill it with links. He really made us think and for that we should kowtow to him.


Bearing the concepts he has written in mind, listen to this recorded call he did with Mike Filsaime as they walk you through step-by-step from working all alone to building a real Internet-based business.



What Makes Jay Abraham's Headlines Tick?


Are headlines on IM-related sites getting stale lately? Again, it's the "Discover...!", "How to...", "Finally!", "Congratulations, you now gain access...", "Make $123,00...days!"


We attach this article for your perusal. Mr. Abraham is going to Kuala Lumpur in August to conduct a "Strategic Business Building Weekend" so Richard Tan (Success Resources) conducted a preview seminar and he reminded me of Jay's power headlines so I dig out the PDF file to review what I've been missing. Not many people can guess how Jay thinks. Interestingly, in "The Missing Chapter " report, Rich thinks that "Jay's mind is simply wired differently than everyone else".


No matter what, we come from the POV that there must be a reason for everything so long as you detach yourself from a thing and observe it. Once you've finished the article, you will find that his headlines are crafted playing on:


1) Contrast (life-death, rich-poor, dirty-clean, wife-husband, small mistake-big money etc.)

2) Drama (My Boss Would Fire Me If He Knows I Wrote This Letter To You...)

3) Male and female characteristics (looking good, beautiful, health worries, material possession etc.)

4) Fear (worst-case scenarios, urgency, time-limited solution/offer etc.)


Dare to play around with some keywords. Mix-and-match for effects and test the results. You may find a way to improve your financial bottomline significantly with a tweak of the headline.





This may seem somewhat provocative, but this is what Internet Marketing is at the end: targeted traffic.

No matter how clever your solution is, how beautiful your product is, how attractive your banner and graphics are, and how proud your are of yourself...


What does it mean:

1) Does your product cover a need?

2) Are people are expecting something right now?

3) Is your product competitive (in terms of perceived value for your customers, and not in terms of price, features etc. Also, the value of a product is simply what has some value to your customers, not what you think will have value)?

4) Does it reach its target? Are you able to announce the benefits of your offer to your expected audience through direct/indirect channels?

5) Do you have some credibility to sell the product? This is the final ingredient of how different you will be perceived by your prospects.

All these questions are some of the basics of product development and of Marketing in general.

When you develop a product, you have to think to all these aspects (of course they are presented in a broad way. For example the "Does it reach its target?" is a huge one, involving communication, promotion sales management, affiliate management...)

Once it's done you should monitor what worked and what failed. You can then measure a 'success' in terms of:

1) Immediate traffic to your product.

2) number of different referrers (do they all come from your own promotion, or are they split among multiple channels: it's a proof that your product has generated some external buzz that draws people from unexpected places).

3) Alexa ranking.

4) Conversion ratio (of the different channels).

5) Amount of sales.

6) Affiliate performance.

7) Comments and feedbacks from my customers.


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Tagging For Traffic: Little report explains the benefits of tagging and social bookmarking.


Fresh Picks


HOT: Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaire

Desperate Buyers Only

Instant PopOver



HOT: Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaire

The one and only Adam Khoo has caught the Internet Marketing bug! Millionaire by 26, makes $936,000 a year, OFFLINE. We are really happy for him because he works hard and is a local source of inspiration. You can get his main book + $297 bonus training program. Tap his brain in the bargain of the year!


Desperate Buyers Only

Alexis Dawes completely change the rules towards creating and selling info-products. There are 7 things she does not do (which most marketers like us do). All she does is focus all her energies into production selling, production, selling...wooo! Check her tactics.


Instant PopOver


It's a fact that hardly anyone ever buys anything the first time they visit a website. In fact, studies have determined that it takes a typical Internet customer about 7 visits to a single website before they buy anything. If you're just depending on hits alone, you're in trouble.

So how do you do it?

Simple, you create an "opt-in offer" that your visitors can not pass up! Free e-books, free ecourses, free newsletters, other free information, special discounts....do you get the picture?

But you can't just throw these offers onto your website anywhere. Just like anything else in the Internet business, there's an art to getting loyal subscribers to sign up.

And hands-down, one of the most well-researched and proven method to do this is by using pop-up ads. But what about pop-up blocking software? How will my visitors see my offer?

Thanks to Instant PopOver, you know for certain your powerful popover ads can be seen 100% of the time without blockers touching them!

Even more so, you can use Instant PopOver to create eye-catching, attention-grabbing offers.

No longer do you have to worry that pop-up blockers are stealing your customers AND MONEY!

The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Sanity-Saving Strategies For Stressed-Out Times by Sandra Strauss



Sanity-Saving Strategies For Stressed-Out Times by Sandra Strauss


Sandra says obstacles to progress must be nipped in the bud the moment you sense it. Here is a procedural on how to go about seeking resolution to the present problem.


Your Personal Mastery


Do You Have A Girl Scout Story? by Emmanuel Segui



Do You Have A Girl Scout Story? by Emmanuel Segui


Emmanuel Segui proposes several questions that will test your resolution to move on from rags to riches. Read about the transformation of one Vash Young as he went from 0 to $80,000,000.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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