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How To Earn $$$ While Giving Away Freebies

How To Boost Your PageRank Through Social Bookmarking

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How To Earn $$$ While Giving Away Freebies


'Freebies' are provided by marketers so they can (a) grow their lists, and (b) earn money. By providing your own freebie you too can do this!

1. The easiest and most effective way to use this method of marketing is to join a giveaway site yourself. This will let you benefit from the traffic these huge events generate.

2. Make sure your freebie is NOT provided immediately, but only after the e-mail address is entered. It's only fair to let the subscriber have an easy way to leave, even if it means they join, download, then quit.

3. The crucial part is setting up a One-Time Offer (OTO) page BEFORE the download page. Make your offer as attractive as you can. It makes sense to offer a discount ($27-$97 are common prices) and to offer something related to the main product.

4. If you can, make sure your product itself includes links back to your own site(s). Also include other income streams such as affiliate programs.

5. Including Giveaway Rights may mean it will spread further, with a viral effect. Including resale rights may even encourage your product to spread quicker since other marketers can be motivated to make money on the product by selling it. If you can include Branding that gives another incentive for it to be offered. Branding normally includes the marketer's name, link, and perhaps an affiliate option. Try PayDotCom or ClickBank for low-cost affiliate solutions.

6. Regularly follow up with the subscribers you have gained with quality information, more freebies, and offers/promotions. Keep in mind the fact that it's unlikely all your e-mails will be read (due to throwaway e-mail accounts and bounces) but you should still get a worthwhile response rate.


How To Boost Your PageRank Through Social Bookmarking


SEO professionals are constantly searching for ways to get sites ranked and indexed better. We all know that backlinks are "life blood" that get a site ranked higher in the search engines. The latest technique is using social bookmarking to get one-way backlinks.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is utilizing a web service, where users create a public repository of bookmarks pertaining to sites that they like. From an SEO standpoint these can build you a massive amount of backlinks which seem to originate from authority sites.

How does one go about utilizing these social bookmarking services?

You simply sign up for an account and then post your URLs. Each post requires you to enter the URL, a title for the anchor text, a short description and of course the tags under which you want your link bookmarked.

A tag is a keyword which acts like a subject or category. Each user 'tags' a webpage or image using his own unique tag. An image or webpage may have multiple tags that identify it. Webpages and images with identical tags are then linked together and users may use the tag to search for similar webpages and images.

Most of these services give you a personalized bookmark page that has all your bookmarks displayed, and though when you start out the PageRank of your personalized page might be zero, it slowly builds up over time.

An additional important point worth looking at is that each tag page on the site has a PageRank which gets passed on to your site.

For example the page for the tag "advertising" has a PR of 3.

Below is a list of various services that you can utilize to boost your PageRank:

1) Delicious: This one of the most popular of all social bookmarking sites and has a huge PR of 8.

2) Digg: Digg, with PR of 7, is a technology news website where users submit stories for review, but rather than allowing an editor to decide which stories go on the homepage, the users do.

3) Reddit, PR 7

4) Blinklist, PR 6

5) Simpy, PR 6

A great way to get visitors to your sites to bookmark your website is using Socializer. This service provides a small snippet of code that when added to your site creates a special link on your site. When any visitor clicks on this link they are provided with a large list of social bookmarking sites which they can add your site to.

To make it simple for blogs:

1. Use this button:
2. Created your custom URL: http://ekstreme.com/socializer/?url=http%3A%2F%2F<my url>%2F&title=<my title>
3. Use the image and URL to create a bookmark to your own blog.

You can bookmark Internet Mastery Center Blog by the way.

A WordPress plugin called Sociable also enables social bookmarking in case your website is a wordpress blog.

Thus using social bookmarking you can improve the ranking of your website and gain valuable PR.


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The Master Key To Success: You're going to learn a lot of fundamental yet deep stuff in this special report. It's also a prelude to something new in 2 months' time...Feel free to distribute this around!


Fresh Picks


The Law Of Success



The Law Of Success


We will not hesitate to trade in our Britannica Encyclopedias for this set of books any minute! Napoleon Hill's "Think And Grow Rich" may be his best-selling personal development book of all time, but what you may not know is that "Think & Grow Rich" is only a summary of a much larger work completed about 9 years earlier and took 25 years to write!

The 16-volume "Law Of Success" is the most revealing literature on the manifestation of wealth. Get it NOW!

The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


"Where Seldom Is Heard A Discouraging Word, And..." by Rhoberta Shaler, Ph.D



"Where Seldom Is Heard A Discouraging Word, And..." by Rhoberta Shaler, Ph.D


This is yet another article with the emphasis on positive interpersonal communication. Always strive to look at the bright side of things.


Your Personal Mastery


How To Get Anything You Want by Sulana Stone



How To Get Anything You Want by Sulana Stone


One of the secret key to attract anything is in your mastery of emotions. This is a crucial fact to note. Human beings are emotional creatures. So far we have never heard any mentors or trainers say "you must overcome logic" to solve a problem, meet a challenge etc. Because emotions are infectious, you attract like individuals on the same emotional wavelength, otherwise, let's say if you are sad, the other party would have to overcome his/her own emotion of sadness to meet the challenge (that is YOU) of consoling you and bringing you out of sadness.


Your mastery of emotions can help to bring out the best in challenging situations, and when it comes to business experiences, you can discover how to attract partners and customers in a friendly way.


Anyway, here's Sulana Stone's wonderful article.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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