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5 Knockout Affiliate Tips by Nicholas Dixon

Why Your Ad Didn't Work by Kevin Nunley

10 Killer Ways To Multiply Your Sales

6 Incredible Resources



5 Affiliate Tips


Implement them and see how well they work for you.

1. Develop a positive and realistic mindset. Do you believe that you can get rich quick or that your business will take time to grow? Those who believe in the online hype are the ones who normally lose. Think positive and know in your heart you can earn an income from your efforts.

2. Too much information or the lack of it can be dangerous. Not using the knowledge that you have gain can stop your business from getting off the ground and not having the right information can have the same effect.

3. Market your programs with Google Adwords. This is a powerful strategy you can use and as long as you earn more in commissions than your PPC costs, then you are getting something for nothing.

4. Write your own ads, articles and reviews instead of the pre-formatted ones offered by affiliate programs. This will set you apart from all the other affiliates in the same program.

5. Make sure your affiliate program matches the content of your website or newsletter. If you have marketing content then you should promote marketing products on that page. Think of it like matching ads to the page content like the way Adsense does. There may a few exceptions to the rule though, even Adsense does it some time.


Why Your Ad Didn't Work by Kevin Nunley

Ever run an ad in an e-zine or pay for a banner on a website and get no response? Often the first impulse is to blame the e-zine or website for the lack of response. But it's usually the ad itself that is causing the problem.

Most ads on the Internet—and in print and on TV for that matter—fail to get attention. The ad simply isn't bold, loud, bright, or active enough to pull our eyes, ears and minds into the ad's message.

The key is to make your message as big, bold, and attention-getting as you can without becoming too annoying. If you want to get your company name across to people in an animated banner, put your logo BIG and in the middle of each frame. Anything more subtle will cause most of the audience to ignore your banner.

Also remember the old rule of 7. 70% of people won't respond to your ad the first time they see it. You need to advertise over and over again with the same ad, at least 7 times. This gives the bulk of your audience time to see you, think about you, then buy from you.

Kevin writes ad copy fast and at low cost at DrNunley.com. See his 10,000 biz-tips you can use NOW to affordably promote your business or name. E-mail Kevin or call him at 603-249-9519.


10 Killer Ways To Multiply Your Sales


1. When you make your first sale, follow-up with the customer. You could follow-up with a "thank you" e-mail and include an advertisement for other products you sell. You could follow-up every few months.

2. You could upsell to your customers. When they're at your order page, tell them about a few extra related products you have for sale. They could just add it to their original order.

3. Tell your customers if they refer four customers to your website, they will receive a full rebate of their purchase price. This will turn one sale into three sales.

4. When you sell a product, give your customers the option of joining an affiliate program so they can make commissions selling your product. This will multiply the sale you just made.

5. Sell the reprint/reproduction rights to your products. You could include an ad on or with the product for other products you sell. You could make sales for the reproduction rights and sales on the backend product.

6. You could cross promote your product with other businesses' products in a package deal. You can include an ad or flyer for other products you sell and have other businesses selling for you.

7. When you ship out or deliver your product, include a coupon for other related products you sell in the package. This will attract them to buy more products from you.

8. Send your customers a catalog of add-on products for the original product they purchased. This could be upgrades, special services, attachments, etc. If they enjoy your product they will buy the extra add-ons.

9. Sell gift certificates for your products. You'll make sales from the purchase of the gift certificate, when the recipient cashes it in. They could also buy other items from your website.

10. Send your customers free products with their product package. The freebies should have your ad printed on them. It could be bumper stickers, ball caps, t-shirts etc. This will allow other people to see your ad and order.


3 Incredible Resources


1) The Tollbooth Strategy and Money Making Nuggets: "The Tollbooth Strategy" gives you an idea on how to maximize the $$$ you receive from each visitor to your website. It requires your understanding of different types of traffic you acquire against your business objectives.


"Money Making Nuggets" contains 14 power principles that sends any online business into instant profitable overdrive. If there's anything that deserves to be read more than once, it's this. Both reports are created by Ewen Chia. How can you ignore this name? :)


2) 7 Steps To MLM Success: We personally know that Richard Quek is just as successful at Network Marketing as Internet Marketing, if not more. You can download his latest work for free!


3) New Age Work-At-Home Plan: Jim Daniels, who's been making a living off the web for 10 years now, just released a secret blueprint he's been using all along. Don't be deceive by the sales page. It's free if only you click on the picture of a key...


Fresh Picks


Top Search Engine Ranking Secrets In Google Revealed

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Top Search Engine Ranking Secrets In Google Revealed


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The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Networking Your Way To Success! by Jeff Schuman



Networking Your Way To Success! by Jeff Schuman


Network Marketing is more than marketing. If you conduct the business on the right track, you can gain a lot in people-to-people skillsets. Jeff Schuman highlights the benefits of being an effective networker regardless of whatever your business is. This is his article.


Your Personal Mastery


Desperation = One Big Turn-Off

What's Your Goal Just For Today? by Matt Furey



Desperation = One Big Turn-Off


Before I start, I want to thank YOU, , not only for being a loyal reader of our works, but also for giving us the opportunity to work with you in JVs. It is within our hope that we continue to find ways to elevate your status as a "passive subscriber/customer" to "active collaborator", thereby expanding our mutual circles of influence to reach out even further to an audience new to Internet Marketing.


2 recent incidents compel me to point out certain mistakes made by marketers. I don't seem to find their names on the list. Nonetheless, I must highlight the lessons, without naming names, from which you can learn.


The first marketer once approached me to promote his ClickBank link and later split the sales profits. I was amused, and replied why I should promote his link when I can change to my username. Ultimately, I just helped him out because of a certain personal belief in the universal law of reciprocity.


Some weeks later, he sent another mail. He began the message with niceties wishing me continued success as me and Justin are enjoying (let's just say we are doing well, but could have been much better). Then he wrote, "...though I am a very shy person I really need your assistance."


He is financially down and he requested that I blast another round of ad (another ClickBank link) for him just to raise $100 which he would be happy with.


I helped him once more and that'll be the end of it.


To begin with, the basis of a JV starts when the proposer has an original offer, not when the proposer is an affiliate for someone else, because the proposed can be an affiliate too. Why should I promote for you when it's very obvious I can promote for myself? Where's the proposed's position on equal footing?


That hint of desperation in his message is a big minus. In a boy-girl relationship, what happens when you realize the other half is needy, whiny and clingy? You'd be put off, right? I hope you understand what I'm saying next. Everyone in this world has problems and cries for help. Currently, there's an American marketer who has fallen very ill and his wife takes over the business. The whole family is in 5-figure debt and she never said a thing about it until recently, 2 months later, she asked for PayPal donation. What happened next? Tons of subscribers UNSUBSCRIBE.


She may not know much about marketing tactics but at least she's putting on a brave front. My problem is nothing compared to her's.


If you are living somewhere near Bentonville, Arizona, you may like to see what you can do to help. The family lives right there.


If you know of any highly successful marketer who can contribute a "backdoor access" for the wife into a profitable program, you may first like to know what's the situation here. Yes, all this sounds quite sudden, but it's genuine.


People buy things because they like the salesman more than logic ever sold them, and yet it's not even logic we are touching on, but pessimism and negativity. Sales and Marketing absolutely leaves no room for that; it's business or charity.


It is a hard saying, or maybe you think I'm wrong to see things too "black and white". It is the sincere truth in communication dynamics, for business or otherwise. Internet Marketing is a trade in which words on screen are easily taken at face value.


Continue to study, internalize, plan and apply whatever you're going to do next, and be consistent, disciplined and take leadership about it. Stay on the course. Be brave no matter what and keep giving VALUE to make the world a better place.


Everyone needs it. – Nelson


P.S. Read this wonderful article.



What's Your Goal Just For Today? by Matt Furey


One of the first things you can do when you wake up each day is ask yourself, "What's my goal for today?"

After you ask this question, sit or lie quietly until you get your answer. It usually doesn't take long.

Your mind will spit out something like, "To make 5 sales," or "to run 3 miles in 21 minutes," or "to write 2800 words."

Dr. Maxwell Maltz always taught that it isn't just the long-range goals and targets that keep us creatively alive—it's the daily goals as well.

If your mind is always focused on the top of the mountain, it's easy to forget that where your feet are in the present, and what you're doing in the present is important too. It's what leads you to the mountain peak.

One of the greatest things about having a daily goal is that it will help you to quickly develop a success consciousness, the feeling of confidence that, "Yes, I CAN win because I WIN EVERYDAY."

When I talk about having the daily goal, I'm talking about finishing it. I'm talking about forming a goal that makes you stretch a bit, yet is still realistic. Setting a daily goal to write a 300-page book would be insane. And if you put that sort of stress on yourself, you'll not only fail to achieve the goal, you'll feel like a failure, too.

Not good. You want a track record of daily success.

At the end of each day you want to be able to look back and say, "Yes, I made it. I did it. I fulfilled the goal I set for myself."

Looking back at what you accomplished and having a sense of gratitude, even awe for what you accomplished, is key. It builds the winner's edge within. It increases confidence. It proves to you that you were put on this earth to succeed—not to fail. Attracting success is a state of mind; so is failure.

Put yourself on the side of the winners by asking yourself each and every day, "What's my goal for today?"

I assure you, if you do this, your life will begin to change the very first time you do this.


To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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