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A Misconception About Hits And Visits

10 Reasons To Survey Your Visitors, Subscribers And Customers

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A Misconception About Hits And Visits


If netrepreneurs are fervent about testing and tracking, they would have known how to read website statistics as a basic skill. In reality, most people don't know how to deal with such numbers. If they do, it can take a tremendous load off their age-old question: "How do I get more traffic?"


For a start, we must know the absolute distinction between 'hits' and 'unique visits'. In this day and age, so many webmasters are infatuated with getting 'hits'. A lot people actually thought that 'hits' refer to each and every visitor who comes to their sites, but that's very wrong. 'Visits' is the correct term to use, because this number represents how many unique IPs (which is a good general measure for individual people) visited a site.


Unique visitors is the actual measure of real traffic. Next time when you hear webmasters boast, "I have 7432556 hits," they are deceiving themselves for lack of knowledge that 'hits' is a number largely inflated due to a number of various factors.


How do 'hits' numbers come about? Every time a request was sent to the server for a piece of information, a hit registers. Hits are the number of times files and pages were retrieved from the server.


For example, a visitor comes to a URL which belongs to a page containing 30 images. Every visit is going to load up 30 images + 1 web page upon request. That makes it 31 hits. See the difference ? You don't have 31 visitors. You may have heard of "fake hits" but you never heard of "fake visitors". Those people who sell a service or program promising "millions of hits" don't know what they are talking about and should be thrown to jail right away! :)))


When you get real, the actual number of visitors you are enjoying is going to fall far below your expectation, but rejoice that you learn something new today. Now you want to boost your number of VISITORS right? Don't miss this eye-opening report by Marlon Sanders. There's a lot more being said by the Master. The title alone may knock your socks off.


We recommend 2 free web analytics scripts you can install in your server, especially if your web host service is plain vanilla:


1) Webalizer: A fast free web analyzer, can be difficult to learn but it generates pretty reports. Supports multiple languages.


2) AWStats: One of the most popular and comprehensive analytics software you can download for free. The graphic presentations alone are eye candy.


Here's a comparison table of 4 analytics software.



10 Reasons To Survey Your Visitors, Subscribers And Customers


1. You'll find out what type of content visitors want to see at your website. This will attract your visitors to revisit and read the content.

2. You'll find out how to improve existing products or services. This will attract new customers to buy from your business.

3. You'll find out which products or services your customers would like to see you sell in the future. This will increase your backend product sales.

4. You'll find out how to improve your customer service. This will cut down on customer complaints and how to better resolve problems.

5. You'll find out how to improve your sales letters or ads. This will increase your sales, traffic or e-zine subscribers.

6. You'll find out what kind of articles or interviews they want to see in your free e-zine. This will raise your e-zine's readership.

7. You'll find out how to design your web site to fit your visitors needs and wants. This will increase the time your visitors spend on your web site.

8. You'll find out what kind of non-related products or services your customers would buy. This will help your business easily move into a different market.

9. You'll find out how to better price your products. This will help you sell your products or services at at a price that will pull the most orders.

10. You'll find out were your potential customers are hanging out. This will inform you where to market and promote your products.


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Instant Article Creator


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Instant Article Creator


We seriously think that one key pre-requisite of a successful online marketer, especially a niche marketer, is to know how to convey your knowledge by writing an article of 300–400 words long, from scratch, yes. Private Label Rights articles are good...until the Google spiders begin to realize they are picking up the same old sentences and de-index them like dead flies.


Understandably, writing an original article can be difficult, but if you are a seasoned marketer/writer, you would have formed a personal and structured style of writing instructional articles no matter what the subjects may be, like "10 Tips To...", "How To Do This...In 2006", "7 Biggest Mistakes Of...", etc. Once you get the hang of a certain 'pattern', writing can become a breeze.


Instant Article Creator precisely provides a structural way for you to complete an article from start to finish by suggesting generic guidelines at major parts of the writing process (intro, body, conclusion, target market, product, pricing, etc.) so that you know what information to fill in at which part of the article. This is a good tool for self-professed non-writers who don't prefer to engage ghostwriters. With Instant Article Creator, you can finish writing in minutes even when you don't know how to start.




As some of you might know, the original ClickBank system does not have its own search function to browse through its inventory of more than 11,000 products.

Programmers here and there have tried to address the challenge by coming up with their own search boxes but most do not stand out for lack of word-of-mouth or substantial marketing or commercial packaging...that is until now.

1stPromotion offers a powerful ready-to-promote 100% searchable ClickBank mall. With easy installation, you will have your own ClickBank storefront in various layouts, making it very easy to target products according to your niche and make commissions fast.

This IS the beefiest searchable Clickbank system you can ever integrate with your site. Find out what other bonuses worth $500 you can get right here.


Gimme My Money Now!


Quiz: Who pioneered the 2-page mini-site format that revolutionized Internet Marketing?


Answer: Marlon Sanders.


If you are in the Internet Marketing business, you should know this bit of history. All of us owe much to his sales-page formula or else we won't be selling downloadable goods today.


Now straight from the horse's mouth, Marlon reveals his 2-page website system that sells stuff faster than an ice cream store in the desert + step-by-step guidance for writing your killer salesletter, including actual template wording you can use in your own salesletters. "Gimme My Money Now!" is updated as a 2006 version. If you want to sell as effectively as you can online, look no further. Marlon IS the authority to go to. Download an excerpt of the report.


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


The 7 Deadly Sins Of (Not) Listening by Dan Bobinski



The 7 Deadly Sins Of (Not) Listening by Dan Bobinski


Are you guilty of any of these sins? Eliminating just one of them can raise your country's GDP :) Dan Bobinski tells you how you can take corrective action as long as there is a sincere desire to understand the other party in this article.


Your Personal Mastery


Say "NO!" To Retirement

Working Smart: Unclutter Your Mind And Get the Work Done by Peggy Duncan



Say "NO!" To Retirement


Last week, we discussed that the perfect equation of having as much free time as you can is to do nothing.


The fact of reality is that as the median age of the world's population increases, humankind cannot afford to burden itself by doing nothing just because you are a little hunch-back, have deeper facial lines and more white hair. But that's the big picture.


I'm going a little more biblical this week. Perhaps you may have encountered some leaders within your religion stating that there's no such thing as retirement. "To retire or not to retire?" is not the question where a great calling in your life is concerned.


Perhaps there is no greater calling than the one Moses had. Yup, the great "Let my people go!" prophet so revered across all 3 major monotheistic religions.


His calling was to lead the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promised Land that God had allocated for them.


As you may know, the final hurdle to 40 years of exodus was the great Jordan river, but Moses was not allowed to cross it in accordance to God's stipulation. Moses' job was to ensure all Israelites reach that hurdle.


The interesting verse is Deuteronomy 34:8: "Moses was 120 years old when he died. His eyes were not dim nor his natural vigor diminished."


Prior to Chapter 34, there is no documentation that Moses deteriorated mentally and physically as he aged. Chapter 33 is testimonial of his lucidity as he blessed the 12 tribes of Israel with great detail in his words. It seems the older he got, the more he spoke.


Therein lies the truth: we cannot possibly outlive our usefulness. When we have a certain spiritual instinct like all religious people do, we would have known what's our mission on Earth is, as we are called to finish it before we er, drop dead.


Oh, we'd wish, "Ooooo finally we can retire! Let's just sit at the patio playing crosswords or Sudoku," while collecting money from somewhere. God wouldn't even allow Moses to sit still like that, and we're sure network marketers who are at the peak of their success can't afford to do that too, because they are faced with the ongoing task of maintaining their downline network and more travel and presentations.


As a Chinese saying goes, "Starting a business is difficult. Keeping it is even more so."


Don't you think you are called for something more energetic and active than crosswords or Sudoku? :) Because though we do not work to live or live to work aimlessly, work is truly a pleasure when you can associate it with the higher realm (an idea, a mission...) and your identity.


Next time someone talk about retirement, substantiate the discussion using Moses as an example.



Working Smart: Unclutter Your Mind And Get the Work Done by Peggy Duncan


Life can be quite disorganized when you don't have the clarity to compartmentalize information neatly. Peggy presents an 8-step plan for you to make sure your efforts are expended in the right direction and productivity is on the right track.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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