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What Happened To PayPal Lately?

Is Jay Abraham Digitizing His Legacy?

Trade, Sell Or Buy Text Links With Backlinks.com

Domain Name Principles, And Then There Is More To Life...

10 Shocking Ways To Energize Your Sales

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What Happened To PayPal Lately?


Just last month, if you ask us, we would have said PayPal is still a non-issue.

In the past 2 weeks, we have heard from at least 4 marketers and they give us a growing impression of worldwide disenchantment with PayPal.

If you are not convinced, check out Liz Tomey's latest site where she's still griping over mishaps from last year's successful firesale :) Download her free e-book in there too.

Doesn't it give you the creeps?

Apparently, PayPal is becoming more hardline in disassociating itself from network marketers. In the confusion, the company fails to distinguish MLM from 2-tier affiliate marketing, lumps all suspected marketing models together and even go so far as to distrust the whole idea of "Master Resale Rights".

As if that's not enough, we personally don't recommend 2CheckOut as a viable alternative as we had TWO bad run-ins with a risk analyst who breathed down our necks because we had a surge in earnings for selling QuickPayPro for peanuts (customers, you may remember that).

Not saying that you can't use PayPal or 2CO just as we are still using them now. But if you are planning for your next major giveaway or firesale event, avoid these 2 payment processors.

While ClickBank still works very well, this recommendation has been blimping on our radar screen lately. AlertPay feels a lot like PayPal in its ease of use and it welcomes network marketers in one of their drop-box options. That's a good sign. It has a referral program too. You may suggest to your web host to integrate it as another option for payment gateway.


Is Jay Abraham Digitizing His Legacy?


Is the baby-boomer trying to keep up with the wired generation? :) Either this or he is about to release all his materials very affordably and on the fly. Sounds like "everything must go".


First in line of his initiative is a "Mr. X book" (we think there's too many Mr. X walking around lately). Never mentioned, never revealed, but here's the background: Mr. X rewrote all that he had ever learned from Jay Abraham into 400+ pages of money-making wisdom and sold the book without Jay's permission.


But Mr. X is not a thankless cad. He used the same methods he described to build his company from $300,000 to $500,000,000 (count the zeroes again) in less than 5 years!


Too late, the secret's out. What's Jay gonna do? When he can't "beat the Romans", join them at selling it too! Find out how you can be the first to get "Mr. X book" for a fraction of the cost.



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Domain Name Principles, And Then There Is More To Life...


Adam recently asked a question about domain names and for our opinions of any significant difference between "riches4all", "riches4elite" or "wealth4all.com/elite". Here is as much as we would like to answer:


Strategically speaking, a URL must be easily remembered both for its hook and length.

People remember sony.com, but nobody remembers nsyo.com if the 4 letters stand for a company's initials.

However, people seem to remember ilovetheiraqiforeignminister.com (taken off oredi).

If you need a long one, restrict to just 3 most powerful keywords that describe your industry or niche and string them together, dot com.

Domain Name Optimization is most effective for high-demand, low-competition keywords. Don't put too much faith in DNO in the context of Internet Marketing, self-development, business or other money-making areas where so many people are jumping on right now.

The ideal combination of keywords is one which people remember as your brand name.

Should you use hyphen in a domain name?

The hyphen breaks up a longer domain name to reveal the major keywords that describe your website content or theme. This makes it easier for the visitor to understand and most importantly allows the search engine to detect your keyword for indexing right off the bat.

However, as search engine spiders get smarter and more subtle in what they want to qualify, the hyphen effect is less likely to influence any impact of the URLs on SE visibility. For URL branding purposes, it is also more viable to leave out dashes in between your URL's name.

Do a test on yourself and on friends to measure up the degree of your URL's 'likeability'.

This is a hyperlink: http://www.internetmasterycenter.com

This is a text link: Internet Mastery Center

Anchor text refers to the keywords inside a hyperlink: http://www.internetmasterycenter.com/free-ebooks.html

In this case, the keywords are fresh, resources, free and ebooks.

Anytime someone do a search with any of the above keywords, freshresources.com stands a chance to show up on the results.

Text links and anchor text are the two most important criteria for how Google and other top Search Engines rank websites. Anchor text has particular influence on SE visibility of your URL.

I had an interesting experience searching for a site by Paul B. Farrell, a personal finance columnist.

Not noticing that his URL contains his middle name initial, I went straight to http://paulfarrell.com. Huh, Sutton Place: Great American Bar & Grille? That's a restaurant in New York. I'm sure many surfers entered the restaurant by mistake. I checked the URL again and noticed the 'b', so went to http://paulbfarrell.com. Interestingly, B. Farrell's site at least has an Alexa ranking of 659,168 while Sutton Place doesn't have a number.

What does that say about the 'online eminence' of an obscure URL? No telling effect really.

Another poser: .com or .info?

Google-search for "video blogging". What's the No. 1 URL on the first page? videoblogging.info! If you scroll down and take a closer look, 7 out of the 1st 10 URLs on the list does not end in .com. Intriguing isn't it?

We do feel that there's only so much you can do with DNO. If you happen to have a lousy domain name in your hands, don't fret; you just might be able to compensate with SEO. Anyway, Google (and with more major SEs to follow suit) no longer ranks sites based on technicalities, but quality, history and integrity. The better question to ask yourself in the long run is: "2 years from today, will the search engines begin to show respect for my wonderful site?"

Well, 2 years from today, will you still be doing the same business? Will it expand and prosper? Mind you, 80% of all businesses around the world close down in 2 years.

On a sidenote, according to a survey by Jupiter Research and iProspect, 41% out of 2,369 people change search engines or search terms if they do not find what they are looking for on the first page. At most, they will go through 3 pages before giving up.

Knowing very well that more than 90% of the time, you are not likely to appear on first page overnight, this surely sounds hopeless, so how much more still can we do about SEO? Perhaps not much, but we shouldn't worry.

Again, we are reminded of Einstein's quote: "You can't solve a level of problem at the same level of thinking."

If you keep checking how much % keyword density is in your article page, you are not operating in Einstein mode.

If you keep checking how many new and returning visitors you have every week, you are not operating in Einstein mode.

If you keep checking how much you have earned in Adsense every single day, you are not operating in Einstein mode.

If you keep checking whether your item is sold in eBay or not, you are not operating in Einstein mode.

If you keep checking your bank balance every now and then, you are not operating in Einstein mode!

While testing and tracking results is important, the routine must be balanced with a vision, plan and action. Victor Hugo said, "An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come."

Substantial progress is a crucial key to daily life advancement. Sometimes it's good to put thoughts about certain less important things aside and re-focus on what is the real prize of your life.


10 Shocking Ways To Energize Your Sales


1. Start your own Internet radio station. It could be related to the theme of your website and you could advertise your products over the station.

2. Turn your banner ad into a trivia question. Post the question on the banner and tell readers they can win a prize if they answer the question at your site.

3. Motivate people to buy your product. Tell them a lot of positive things like "You can now reach your goals and change your life if you buy our product".

4. Get your sales letters and website evaluated for free. Visit business discussion boards and ask other discussion participants to evaluated them.

5. Get your products or services evaluated for free. You can give your product for free in exchange for evaluations and even testimonials.

6. Keep your loyal customers happy because they are your future profits. Give them discounts and free gifts as often as possible.

7. Clone your advertisements all over the Internet by allowing your visitors to give your online freebies away. Just include your ad somewhere inside it.

8. Make it easy for your affiliates to make sales. Give them proven ads to use, make it easy for prospects to order and provide helpful affiliate stats.

9. Persuade e-zine publishers or webmasters to run your ad for free. Just allow them to join your affiliate program and earn commission on the sales.

10. Make your products sell quickly by adding a ton of bonuses. You could get the free bonuses for little or no cost by joint venturing with other businesses.


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The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Relationships That Work: How to Get Along With People Who Drive You Crazy by Shari Peace



Relationships That Work: How to Get Along With People Who Drive You Crazy by Shari Peace


Sometimes it is very tempting to snap at a person rather than the problem...or maybe in the long run, you are finally convinced the person is the problem. Nevertheless, it is imperative to look above and beyond the person to express a desire for a solution to the problem at hand. Shari Peace reports.


Your Personal Mastery


Millionaires Who Do What They Love by Paul Farrell



Millionaires Who Do What They Love by Paul Farrell


What does it take to become a millionaire?




Read what Paul B. Farrell quoted from Warren Buffett in his article.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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