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Q&A: Copyright Infringement With E-Book Translation

10 Cool Ways To Attract People To Your Website

10 Sure-Fire Phrases That Will Increase Your Traffic



Q&A: Copyright Infringement With E-Book Translation


Here is a very interesting question asked by one of you.


Q: "I was wondering if I am allowed to translate the books and sell them in my own language without copyright infringement. Now that I am an owner of master resale rights, am I also the owner of the right to translate it?"


A: "Unless it is explicitly stated in any e-books that you cannot change the original content...hmm, speaking of which, I think it is considerably safe to translate any e-books that are 2 years old, because in 2 years these e-books may have already floated all over the Net. The original authors would not have bothered to track them, it's MRR anyway. Also, Internet Marketing info are so fluid and volatile copyright statements doesn't mean anything. I confess, I would even use copyright statements for my own e-book.

If the authors cared to translate, they may become concern if anyone else got into the translation business first. But as I know translation may be perceived as a tedious process, especially when I don't know the state of, say, Italian market. If I am an author and I know what I'm doing, I'll go into translation with a plan to profit without trial-and-error. But I don't want to waste time if I don't know anything or not confident about multi-language markets. Does it take a lot of time to research? How pervasive are Italian readers? Nah, I don't care. I'll move on. Then you do your translation and nobody cares or knows. I hope you get my meaning. It's like the English people deal among themselves in their own market, likewise the Italians, likewise the Dutch...neither any markets probe into one another.

I have a pending China Internet market to look at and maybe one fine day, I get to know which other marketers are into it...and what are the Chinese e-books already floating around.

If you are so concerned, you may want to contact the authors themselves :) Let's just say the the thing you 'fear' most will come to you most immediately. Just do it! (as long as you don't get caught). I may sound reckless, but me think I'm rational too."


* This question was asked about 2 weeks ago and we stick by the answer's degree of truthfulness though it may seem controversial. We are trying to push the envelope here.



10 Cool Ways To Attract People To Your Website


1. Give people a free subscription to your e-zine. Almost everyone is publishing a e-zine nowadays so it's important to give something extra with the free subscription. You could offer a free gift or advertising when people subscribe.

2. Provide your visitors with free content. Your content will be more attractive to your visitors if it's up-to-date or original. You could also offer people the option to reprint the content in their e-zine or website.

3. Offer a free online directory. The directory could be full of interesting e-books, e-zines, websites etc. If people find your directory to be a valuable resource they will visit it over and over.

4. Give your visitors a free e-book. You could also include your own ad in the ebook and allow other people to give it away. If you don't want to take the time to write one, you could ask other writers permission to use their articles.

5. Hold free online classes or seminars. They could be held in your website's chatroom. The idea of "live" information will definitely entice people to visit your web site. You will become known as an expert on the topic.

6. Give visitors a free entry into your contest or sweepstakes. The prizes should be something of interest or value to your visitors. Most people who enter will continually revisit your website to get the results.

7. Let visitors download free software. It could be freeware, shareware, demos etc. You could even turn part of your site into a free software directory. If you created the software, include your ad inside and let other people give it away.

8. Offer free online services or utilities from your website. They could be search engine submission, copywriting, proofreading etc. The service or utility should be helpful to your target audience.

9. Give free consulting to people who visit your website. You could offer your knowledge via
e-mail or by telephone. People will consider this a huge value because consulting fees can be very expensive.

10. Give your visitors a free membership to your online club. People want to belong to something, why not your online club. You could also give away a free e-zine for club members only.


10 Sure-Fire Phrases That Will Increase Your Traffic


1. "Bookmark This Web Site Now": Tell your visitors to bookmark your website. They may see your website listed in their bookmarks and visit again. You should also give then a good reason to bookmark your site. For example, tell them you add new content everyday.

2. "Subscribe To Our Free E-zine": Tell your visitors to subscribe to your e-zine. When they subscribe you'll capture their e-mail address. Every time they read your e-zine, it will remind them to return to your site.

3. "Participate On Our Discussion Board": Ask your visitors to participate on your online discussion board. By participating they will meet other people. By meeting other people, they will revisit your website on a regular basis to stay in contact with them.

4. "Sign Our Guestbook": Ask your visitors to sign your guest book. When people sign your guest book you may get valuable feedback or constructive criticism on how to improve your website. This may help you increase traffic to your website.

5. "Use Our Free Content On Your Site Or In Your E-zine": Allow your visitors to use your articles on their own website or in their e-zine. Just ask them to include your resource box. This will spread your advertising all over the Internet.

6. "Refer This Our Website To A Friend": Ask your visitors to refer your website to a friend(s). They may know someone that would benefit from visiting your website.

7. "Fill Out Our Online Survey": Ask visitors to fill out your online survey or questionnaire. You could use it to get valuable feedback on ways to improve your website to increase traffic.

8. "Enter Our Contests": Ask your visitors to enter your online contest or sweepstakes. People love to win stuff, and they will visit your website to try their luck.

9. "Give Away Our Freebie To Your Visitors": Allow your visitors to give away your online freebies to people that visit your website. Include your ad on the freebie and those freebies will multiply your traffic.

10. "Join Our Affiliate Program": Allow your visitors to make money selling your products or services. This will increase your traffic because they will link to your website.

Fresh Picks


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Keyword Discovery



HOT: Keyword Elite


Haven't you heard this software yet?

SEO Specialist Brad Callen is back with his most revolutionary and time-saving Keyword Elite.

If you do any kind of PPC advertising, such as with AdWords or Overture, this is a MUST HAVE tool.

Here's just a quick rundown of 'some' of what it can do:

- Create MASSIVE keyword lists by typing in a single phrase and pushing one button (it does all the work for you!).

- Monitors AdWords ads in ANY market so you can keep track of WHO is making money and exactly what they are selling (Then you can just 'join in' too to make money for yourself).

- Discover what keywords and markets your COMPETITION is going after (this is a simple way to expand your own business by letting them do all the work FOR YOU).

- And much, much more.

We *GUARANTEE* that if you grab a copy of this software and spend just a few minutes with it that you'll QUICKLY find ways to make more money with anything you are doing online.

AND...if you aren't yet making much money online, you'll quickly realize that this tool will become your FOUNDATION for anything you want to do online. Because everything starts with KEYWORDS and proper RESEARCH.

If you learn to master this tool you'll have an advantage over 99% of companies and entrepreneurs making money online.

Why am we so EXCITED about this thing?

Keyword Elite delivers because it WORKS! That's why we strongly recommend it to all knowing customers. Go get your own copy right now. Use it. Make money with it. If you don't, get
a REFUND. That's why products have a refund policy, so there's no risk for you if it doesn't do exactly what is promised.


Only 42 Copies Left: Adwords Black Book


The mystery Adwords expert actually goes by the name "John R. Barker". Only 42 copies of his Adwords Black Book remain for sale.

We expect the book to sell out within the next few days, if not sooner, depending on last-minute promos.

Sorry, but the content of this black book has to be made accessible to an exclusive few to maintain its profitability potential. It is that good. It is about how John made $12,000 in ADDITIONAL profit with just 1 affiliate program through Google Adwords.

Get a copy before all is gone.


Keyword Discovery


Keyword Discovery is an online keyword analysis tool similar to Wordtacker. Its database of keywords contains over 20 billion searches spanning the previous year, compiled from 37 different sources, including major international, pay-per-click, meta and regional search engines. Comparatively, Wordtracker's database is updated only up to 2 previous months.

From within a KD account, numerous options are provided for searching Overture data. The result set initially returns possible related keywords with the number of searches. Users can click a checkbox next to the keywords and click the Analyze button to provide additional analysis. The analysis phase returns additional related keywords with 3 additional columns of information: Occurrences (number of pages on which those terms appear i.e. competition), KEI (keyword effectiveness index) which is the same formula that Wordtracker uses, and Predicted Daily (number of potential searches of that word a day).

One cool feature is the 12-month graph. Clicking on the number of searches produces a graph that outlines the number of searches over the last year. Users can use this to determine seasonality. However, the graph does not show data for the last 12 months. It only shows from January to December. It would have been easy to presume since I did a search in June 2006 then the data would have started since June 2005, but that's not the case.

The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Want To Grab Them By The Throat And Knock Them Senseless? by Rhoberta Shaler, Ph.D
Would You Rather Be Right Or Be Loved? by Jonathan Robinson



Want To Grab Them By The Throat And Knock Them Senseless? by Rhoberta Shaler, Ph.D


Today's 2 articles focus on avoiding the blame game. Dr. Rhoberta Shaler reiterates the need to recognize our responsibility over how we react to external influence, particularly negative ones and presents 4 questions we should ask ourselves to constantly keep ourselves in check.



Would You Rather Be Right Or Be Loved? by Jonathan Robinson


This one really speaks to our hearts. A great article not so much written in work context, but really deals with the issue of pride and discusses the difficult challenge of suppressing it to maintain overall harmony.


Your Personal Mastery


Want To Manage Your Time? Get Real! by Dr. Valerie Young



Want To Manage Your Time? Get Real! by Dr. Valerie Young


Dr. Young provides 10 tips on handling daily priorities. This article is long and as detailed as it gets. Do your best to make sure no stones are left unturned.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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