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The Secret Audio Sessions

10 Strategic Ways To Maximize Your Profits

10 Seldom Used Freebies That Can Increase Your Traffic And Sales



The Secret Audio Sessions


Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason, the guys behind the hugely successful Marketing Main Event, just created a brand new audio membership site and are giving away FR*EE access worth $197!


You also have only a couple of hours left to upgrade to Platinum membership for more exclusive audio resources. Simply create your Gold account, login and click on "Upgrade Your Membership" option.


More great audios will be added over the next couple of months so stay tuned boys and gals!



10 Strategic Ways To Maximize Your Profits


1. Tell people the point or focus of your website.Explain to them what things they can do or which goals they can accomplish while visiting your site.

2. Make your visitors feel comfortable at your website. Give them your main business address, your visitors may not trust you if you're using a P.O. box.

3. Include a FAQ on your website or via e-mail on an autoresponder. This will give your customers an extra convenience without having to contact you.

4. Buy advertising space on discussion board websites. They are usually arranged by subject; that makes them highly targeted.

5. Start a free e-mail newsletter to create your own opt-in list. Create a title that grabs readers attention. Submit it to free e-zine directories on the Internet.

6. Record all your new promotion ideas into an idea journal, good or bad. Sometimes you can combine ideas to create new ones to increase your sales.

7. Convert your website and free e-mail newsletter into different languages. This will increase your overall target market.

8. Make your classified ads stand out in a crowd. Use all capitol letters in the headline, divide letters with extra spaces, add in text symbols, etc.

9. Remember your customer is always right, even if they are not. Resolve all conflicts quickly and painlessly. They are the lifeblood of your business.

10. Create a bond with your visitors by bringing up likes or dislikes you have in common with them in your ad copy. Just make sure you do your research.


10 Seldom Used Freebies That Can Increase Your Traffic And Sales


1. Checklists: Create a list of things to check for a particular process related to your business's topic. Example: a checklist for creating a website.

2. Templates: Design a template that will make a certain action easier for your target audience. Example: a template for writing a resume.

3. Text Workbook: Publish a text format e-book so your audience can learn and practice a certain skill. Example: a text workbook for writing ad headlines.

4. Transcripts: Create an e-book of text transcripts of a related live event. It can be a seminar, speech, class, interview, etc.

5. Glossary Of Terms: Publish a web directory or e-book dictionary of terms relating to your specific business industry or subject.

6. Advice Service: Offer a 'live' chatroom where you or your employees can give your visitors and customers advice on your business topic.

7. Human Research: Offer a free service where you will search for sites or information your visitors or customers can't seem to find online.

8. Plans: Create ready-made plans for a particular project your target audience wants to accomplish. It could be marketing plans, landscape plans, etc.

9. Forms: Offer printable, ready-made forms your visitors or customers would use regularly. It could be legal forms, organizational forms, etc.

10. E-mail Reports: Publish quarterly e-mail reports that contains new research discoveries, surveys, and statistics about your related industry.

Fresh Picks


Promotional Launch: Private Label Audio Books

Google Money Pro

$10 Discount: Insider Rollout Secrets



Promotional Launch: Private Label Audio Books


Cody Moya has created a GOLD MINE of instant and ready-to-sell audio books in dozens of niches. You get 2 new audio books every month and in MS Word and PDF formats. With these formats, you can do almost anything you want like put them on a CD, sell them online...and more.

You can:

- Sell them as ready-made audio products

- Create reports from text content and use it to gain subscribers

- Create content pages to get higher search engine ranking

- Earn huge Google AdSense checks

- Create articles from text content, submit to articles database and get huge traffic back to your website

And much more...

You also get a sales letter written by a professional copywriter, four 3D covers, and four flat covers for each product. With the right efforts you can set up your own affiliate scheme and have resellers selling your products, making a fortune out of selling them!

To make things more profitable for you Cody is limiting the number of people who can join to 1000 and
once that number is met he will cut off memberships.

Does this sound interesting to you?

What's more, while everyone else is getting it for $29.97/mth, you can have access for $24.97/mth by using this coupon code for purchase: coupon code: 4B744CA45F. That's $5/mth or $60/year in savings. But you must hurry; the coupon code expires by Sunday.

It's not too often that a true win/win deal comes around, so when it does...grab it!


Google Money Pro


Sure, you may not trust black hat tactics or any e-book with a black cover :) Believe it or not, here is a guide written by a certified Google Adwords Professional, Mr. Steven Holdaway, giving anyone the knowledge and information needed to become an Adwords expert, even if you are currently an absolute beginner.


Google Money Pro gradually advances throughout the guide. You will start off with very basic information which will gradually develop into a full understanding of advanced advertising techniques. When you complete this guide you will know as much if not more information about advertising with Google AdWords than most tinkering marketers. Watch your sales to skyrocket with Google Money Pro.



$10 Discount: Insider Rollout Secrets


If someone told you they could turn one idea for an e-book into total online sales of $253,603.47, would you believe them?

That's exactly what Neil Shearing did...and WITHOUT creating a physical product OR spending a dime on advertising!

Neil's just released an e-book called "Insider Rollout Secrets" where he explains each step of the rollout and how much each step earned in sales. It's an incredible read!

By finding out what Neil did, you'll be armed with "secret weapons" for generating more traffic, signups and sales!

Finally, you'll get the facts in plain English from someone who "did it" and can show *you* how to do it too!

Click here for an introductory $10 discount, good for a limited time only...

The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Asking Versus Telling: Gaining Commitment To The Meeting Agenda by Michael Goldman



Asking Versus Telling: Gaining Commitment To The Meeting Agenda by Michael Goldman


In this article, Michael Goldman shows how you can make use of 2 forms of communication to achieve meeting agendas:


1) Telling: A command to get team members to act on fulfilling a purpose.

2) Asking: A way of eliciting a response and get overall agreement on a task, direction, agenda etc.


Your Personal Mastery


4 "D" Words Are Needed To Be Successful by Gordon Bellows



4 "D" Words Are Needed To Be Successful by Gordon Bellows


Find out what it takes to sustain Desire, Decision, Determination and Discipline every day of your life to reach that peak. Here's your gift.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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