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Ted Cuiba Grills Brett McFall

Feedback On Last Week's Butterfly Marketing Examples

The Commercial Conspiracy Of The 'Empty-Headed'

How Anyone Can Start An Internet Business Consultancy Without Appearing So Empty-Headed

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Ted Cuiba Grills Brett McFall


No-holds-barred interview reveals:

* The No. 1 mistake NEWBIES make on their website

* How to increase visitors to your site by up to 750% overnight

* How to get more people to buy from you using the little-known power of the 4 "loves"

* How to add 7 words to your web page and dramatically increase your sales

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This is a warm-up to the World Internet Summit at the Sydney SuperDome, Australia, March 7-12 and tickets are still available so here's your chance to get in close encounter with fellow digital cavemen and learn something from the gooroos.



Feedback On Last Week's Butterfly Marketing Examples


Our friend Marc has this to say, "Too confusing...I got nothing, just a lot of offers. The free stuff was
buried, invisible actually...I was offered free stuff and got nothing for my time."


Dear Marc, we appreciate your comment. First, with regards to the freebies, one thing of note is what one may find of no value may be a diamond to someone else. Second, to an extent, the subscribers' experience no longer matters. What really matters to the webmasters behind those sites is that now they are laughing to the bank with say, 5000 subscribers. If just 1% of them bought through their $97 one-time offer (OTO), that's $4850 IN THEIR PAYPAL.


Structure-wise, these sites are constructed as follows in the most basic sense:



There are 3 major tweaks to the traditional opt-in page that makes the BM sites the "next generation" of opt-ins.


1) There is a stronger emphasis on selling. It is always a natural handicap of human nature to think one-track. I mean, who could ever thought of inserting an OTO page right in the middle? Most of us marketers are sincere at giving away stuff, and we mean it such that when people opt in, they must go straight to the download page. In return, we get their e-mail address. Why would we want to trick them with an OTO? Because an OTO is something they may never see it again even if they try to do a search. Moreover, they opt-in once, so they can't opt-in twice. That forces them to make a buying decision NOW.


2) There is a stronger emphasis on copywriting and the overall value of the free downloads and sellable products. I think it has to do with the times we are in now. More and more people continually pour into the Internet Marketing industry and it's getting so much more competitive, with one aiming to have better quality of information than the other. The no. 1 reason for opting in is as always, to learn what you don't know but the other guy knows. Truth is, I don't know anything. I have to stop learning and start doing. What does that say about my weekly newsletter to you? A big con? (I have a story to tell about this next.)


3) The affiliate program. Normally, people would associate an affiliate program with a sales/product page. Nobody would ever thought of incorporating an affiliate program with an opt-in page...like mixing porridge with noodles. I am motivated as an affiliate to bring more subscribers to the webmasters because of the chance to earn commissions from the OTO, and I did...just a few. But the biggest winners, as I mentioned, are the webmasters themselves.


What is my personal experience as a subscriber? Probably same as Marc. I did not pay attention to the free downloads but the affiliate program. I knew I'd expect floods of mails from those webmasters and would unsubscribe from them.


Marc, in your case, when you said you got nothing for your time, you are on the right track. What do I mean? I really think you DON'T need to know any further than is necessary. I'm sure you know enough of something that we don't and should stop learning and start doing. CONGRATULATIONS!



The Commercial Conspiracy Of The 'Empty-Headed'


Was it last week? I had this conversation with a friend while he's driving. Then he reached the back seat and put a huge stack of papers on my lap. I flipped through the pages and found it to be material for an Internet Marketing course, which somehow looked elementary and nothing surprising.

I asked, "Hmm, whose notes are these? Yours?"

My friend burst out with a "holy crap" tone in his voice, "You know who teach this or not?!"


"****** ***!" (At this point I would not like to name names.)

And I go "HAH..."

Now, this person whom my friend was refering to, between us, we are sure he has never, ever sat down for 10 hours every day, cooped up in his bedroom for a week, and set up an opt-in page or sales page, or created an info-product or viral report. In other words, NO Internet Marketing experience. But this person is an certified NLP practitioner and a rather professional speaker, and we have seen him on stage and how he carried himself during presentation.

This reminds me of Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's Eleven and a saying that "if you are confident and you know how to act, you can get away with anything."

Apparently ****** *** charges a few hundreds per head for his Internet Marketing course.

Now who are we to complain about anything when someone else is taking action and is a few hundreds richer as a RESULT? People like ****** are experts at this one thing naturally: treating information as fluid commercial commodity. It's like they take words and ideas with their left hand and dish it out for a price with their right hand. Do they need to learn anything more to feed their 6 inches of grey matter between their ears? What's in there anyway?


How Anyone Can Start An Impromptu Internet Business Consultancy Without Appearing So Empty-Headed


Last Wednesday, I attended my first BNI meeting as a guest just for the experience of it. You may know BNI has an established format for effective and profitable networking as opposed to the usual 'loose' way whereby business cards are exchanged one night and you are sold the next morning when the phone rang. BNI meetings are held in the morning when working professionals look most refreshed and alert, so a digital caveman like me gotta go because I was cordially invited. So I had my 3 minutes of fame to introduce myself and what I do, "working at home, selling softwares and e-books...for 2 years now."


Later people, 1 financial planner, 1 property agent, began to seriously ask how they can set up a site. And from the look in their eyes, you know there is so much for them to absorb the essential know-how before they can decide what to do next. There is simply a HUUUUUUUGE market to teach offline earthlings how to get online and establish a presence on the Net.


For a start, I'd tell the property agent after forewarning her that I may speak a little technical, "First, you must know the keywords for your profession: housing loans, real estate, HDB (Housing Development Board) flats, maisonette etc. What are the keywords that you have to deal most in your profession on a daily basis? Write them down.


"Then do a search for the top 10 sites based on your selected keywords. Go through the sites and observe where and how frequent those keywords appear in the main text, the text links, meta-tags and other places. What is the main focus of the sites? How do they present those information? Record your observation. Then set up your site like them. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Present your information for the world (particularly U.S.) market. Think of how you can package your know-how with a universal appeal. For example, Robert Kiyosaki wrote his books pertaining to the U.S. context, but his books are also bestsellers in Asia. It's the same with property management or investment."


For a start, these folks need not know anymore than an outline just to gain a sense of enlightenment. If they need further advice, they know who to call, and you'd already established a potential opportunity in the near future.


Frankly, if you are willing to serve these folks by helping them set up a site and do everything from start till end, you are no better than a lawyer or doctor. There's no leverage on effort, though you may charge highly if they appreciate your level of 'expertise', but not "out of range" just because you think they don't know the rates for "Internet business consultants".


Recently, another friend gave an informal talk on stock market trading. He does his personal trading for about a year now, so he took the opportunity to share how he can turn an initial investment of $10,000 into 1 million in 2 years. As he related this to me, at the end of the talk, just about everyone wanted him to be his fund manager and looked at him like some savior. One man came up to him and said, "Over the years I've burnt myself but you have given me HOPE."


I confess, I bowled over laughing at the statement. My friend has no track record. Just what makes so many people think he can be a fund manager the next second? What makes people think I can charge thousands tomorrow as a "con sultan"?


Because I could have been confident and acted YESTERDAY! – Nelson



3 Free Downloads


1) 2 excellent free reports, one on e-zine advertising, the other on PPC advertising. Grab both reports!


2) Liz Tomey is giving back her best knowledge by answering your most pressing question about AdSense. She is holding nothing back and has compiled all questions and answers to date into an e-book. Download "Confessions Of An Adsense Girl".


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The Affiliate Handbook



The Affiliate Handbook


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Unconditional Acceptance



Unconditional Acceptance


We all find occasion to reject and resist another person. We all like to put up a fight against anything we dislike on the evening news as we spectate the world. But we forget that when we decide we will resist something or somebody, either mentally or physically, we only empower the object of our resistance, either in reality or in our own minds. If you want to enjoy the ability to influence, always start with acceptance. If you want to disarm another begin with acceptance. If you want to encourage and empower another to change, start with acceptance. Don't make it conditional. Otherwise it's just resistance disguised as acceptance, and you are still trying to control them. And we can all smell a controller...can't you?



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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