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An Emerging Trend Of "Leaving A Bad Taste"

The Fastest Way To Get Your First 30 Pages Of Your Site Indexed

10 Killer Profit Boosters

Difference Between A Press Release And An Editorial

Stormpay's Latest Change In TOS



An Emerging Trend Of "Leaving A Bad Taste"


A recent news goes that a profitable sales site was sold over eBay to a new owner, and as a result, based on hearsay, some customer e-mailed customer support but there was no response. Don't you think it leaves a bad taste in the mouth to have bought something which is compromised? And you know what, the sales page still looks the same with the product creators' names on it. You can't tell the site is sold at all.


We raise this issue because this is the second time we heard an incident like this. Buying and selling businesses is commonplace, but we think there are still merchants who don't think deeper that they are also buying and selling the responsibility of maintaining/looking after the site and especially the obligation of customer support.


Even the thought of selling a revenue model by auction means may make you uncomfortable, because the highest bidder may know nothing of what he buys, and the seller may only be more concerned with the money changing hands. There is no screening or interview involved to qualify the best buyer who can be handed over the business with no worries.


The one thing that is most compromised is also the thing that impacts customers the most: the product, especially if it's web-based on the seller's server. Some weary customers have said they learnt a lesson, and that is "never buy a product which cannot work on your side" e.g. your own server, PC etc. Considering the big picture that Internet Marketing is a very fluid trade and "nothing lasts forever", it does sound relevant to own everything you have bought and minimize dependency on the seller, lest s/he closes shop one day, shuts down the web-based product and disappears.


The future implication can be so strong it overrides all other benefits of a web-based product, like a membership site, article database etc. and only encourages you to opt for a "download-&-install" version of a rival product. Think about what is written here for the longevity of whatever you are going to do in your online businesses.



The Fastest Way To Get Your First 30 Pages Of Your Site Indexed


We will once told that Adsense ads operate effectively when Google has indexed at least 30 pages of your site. These are the steps you should do methodically to make Adsense work for you:

1. Don't put the ad codes on your pages immediately! Google is very smart these days and they will not hesitate to de-index you when they find there's not enough pages.

2. Build your site because you love the subject matter. Yes, you may be aiming for Adsense but please keep your intention concealed from Google. Google never sees from the angle that every site must have Adsense. Every webmaster with a new site is presumed to know nothing about Adsense, and this presumption is crucial to the natural growth, look and content (less spammy) of the site. Let this thinking governs the way you develop your site.

3. Build a sitemap. Some people we know said that the cryptic Google sitemap does not impact much. The sitemap we are talking about is the traditional sitemap (example) with direct links to all sections of your site. Remember that Google may not index pages more than 5 levels deep.

4. Submit your sitemap to Google and your index page to Spiderhub.

5. If you have older sites which you are still working on, chances are Google spiders are visiting them regularly. Create a direct text link to your new site in the index page and leave it for 3 months.

6. Keep on adding new content, preferably original, or build up the various sections of your site. The 2 main forms are articles and blog posts.

7. Write just one original article and submit to all major article directories to build up the backlinks and traffic. This can give Google notice.

8. Keep track of the number of pages indexed with Uptimebot.

Google is influential, so by doing these 7 steps, other search engine big (particularly Yahoo!, MSN and AllTheWeb) and small will pick your site up in time. Focus on Google first. What's most important is patience and not to be too quick that you will kill the golden goose.


10 Killer Profit Boosters


1. Gain an advantage over your competition. You should find one benefit your competition doesn't offer and use it as your main selling point.

2. Design your e-zine so it creates multiple free advertising streams. Ask readers to forward it to people they know, offer ad trades, etc.

3. Allow your visitors to subscribe to an update e-zine. Anytime you make changes to your website they can receive an informative e-mail.

4. Focus your articles on information the targeted readers and e-zine publishers want. They will get published more often, which means free publicity.

5. Use problems to attract online traffic. Find a common online problem and use your website to solve it. People will visit and see your ads.

6. Have an informative FAQ page at your website. Anticipate questions your prospects or visitors may have; this will help improve your sales ratio.

7. Improve your negotiation skills. This'll improve your business because you're always negotiating ad swaps, supply prices, joint ventures, wages, etc.

8. Beat your competition by giving away a similar product or service that they charge for. It could be add-on products, warranties, servicing, etc.

9. Build a larger online community by giving your visitors bonuses for participating on your message boards or chatrooms. Try free products, ads, etc.

10. Instead of starting an affiliate program, start a referral program. Give people discounts and free products for referring people to your site.


Difference Between A Press Release And An Editorial


For the benefit of understanding the subtle difference between article formats, here are the clear definitions of a press release and an editorial.

Press releases are pro-active media messages designed to inform the public about specific events. They often contain a great deal of information about a product, service, individual, company or organization. They are typically used as public relations tools for notifying the media about what has or will transpire to gain mass exposure of their message using a third-parties distribution network. Press releases convey your message your way—"straight from the horse's mouth". Publicity is the most cost-effective marketing tool there is and it's the only part of a marketing strategy that builds credibility.

An editorial is one writing style used to express an opinion or reaction to news, events, or issues of concern. Most editorials are used to influence readers to think or act the same way as the author, so they can be written to promote the benefits of a product, service or idea. You can build a library of archived Editorials that can serve as an ongoing Newsletter promoting a specific issue or idea.

Brad Callen, author of the vastly popular software, SEO Elite has recently released an incredibly simple guide on how to write a press release and distribute it. Using the same principles, your press release can catapult your site to the top of Google and Yahoo for the most searched term.

In Press Release Fire, you will get to understand:

  • The concepts of the press release.
  • How to write your press release for maximum acceptability and impact.
  • Tips on wide press release distribution.
  • Sample press releases—what to do and what not to do. Even a press release template.
  • When you should go for a free press release? What do you get extra when you pay for your press release distribution.

His Press Equalizer software goes one step further and helps you to create your press releases in an interactive format and then lets you submit them to leading online press release sites resulting in a quick burst of traffic and several one-way incoming links for higher search engine rankings and sustained long-term traffic.

Both products will make a lethal combo for your effectiveness in press release distribution.


Stormpay's Latest Change In TOS


Stormpay just announced that you cannot provide multiple payment options with Stormpay included. It's either Stormpay or the others. Ignore at your own risk. Below is the full message (policy update):


"Due to high volumes of fraudulent transactions made to merchants with commission-based business models, StormPay can no longer process payments for those type of merchants who choose to accept more than one payment processing solution.

Using more than one payment processor is exactly the situation that "fraud" seeks out. This enables the fraudulent user to set up a fake profile with either of the processors, make a purchase or join the program, and then withdraw their earnings to the other processor where the real identity is used. This sort of activity makes it nearly impossible for either processor, or law enforcement to properly handle the fraud because the "trail" comes to an end. This is the cause for a great many chargebacks to those merchants which can be avoided.

As of 1/30/2006 StormPay must require Merchants with a commissioned based business model who choose to accept StormPay, to only accept StormPay. StormPay certainly does not wish to dictate how our merchants run their business, all merchants are free to choose any processing solution that best suits their needs. We understand you have choices and certainly hope that choice is the online leader - StormPay. However, if another payment solution is used, please immediately remove StormPay from the associated website as a funding option and continue to use the StormPay account funds to finish payments to those members who paid using their StormPay account.

At StormPay we truly care about our merchants' and the overall success of their business and sales and for that reason we have implemented these very necessary changes. Thank you in advance for your understanding in this very crucial matter.

StormPay Inc."

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Top Keyword Data



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2. Which level of marketers is BM for?


It's really for any level of marketers, including newbies, who can not only appreciate the history of Mike Filsaime's success, but also "go for broke" and make back the initial $997 investment no matter what. Is it easier for you to give up on an investment of $997 as compared to $200? That's the problem for most MLMers who simply give up when they find something does not work. But Butterfly Marketing is really the third most significant Internet Marketing package after Traffic Secrets and Underachiever Mastery. Most products provide you the blueprint or the tools. Butterfly Marketing definitely provides you the blueprint AND the tools to create your own viral income generators in no time at all, and they work no matter how many marketers use them. The effectiveness of the secrets is never saturated. There are no prerequisites needed to know how to deploy BM. Do consider this purchase while stocks last! 1500 customers at most will be a few steps closer to becoming Filsaime-wannabes, and that's the end of it.


3. Is it...hype?


If it's hype it works very well anyway. A successful sales campaign should speak for itself. Moreover, you are getting the impression of hype because many other marketers are fighting for their commissions too :) The beef of the matter is Mike is able to execute and sustain a certain formula for most of his successful sites and if 'hype' is the formula, then it's a skill worth learning. Watch the video proof.


We give you 3 good reasons why BM sells like crazy:


1) Credibility: Who still haven't knew who Mike Filsaime, Russell Brunson, Michael Rasmussen or Gary Ambrose are? They are ALL selling BM, and the "top 20 sellers" list reads like a Who's who.


2) Proof: You can watch and listen to video proofs and audio testimonials of REAL success stories
reported by those that have applied Mike's tactics, and early results from the JV partners that have
had the chance to review and apply what they've learned. How could they be wrong?


3) Value: Substantial BM manual, software generators, related bonuses and Mike's personal post-sales support provide a totally cohesive package to take you to the next level with less errors.


Really, don't miss this one. Be a butterfly today!



Top Keyword Data


The latest software by Jeff Alderson enables you to search for the most profitable niches and keywords for your AdWords/AdSense needs. It takes the guesswork out of choosing the right keywords and helps you establish an unlimited number of high-paying niche/AdSense sites quickly.


For each keyword, you'll see at a glance:


1) the all-important cost per click (CPC) per keyword
2) the estimated number of monthly clicks (CPC)
3) the total number of existing web pages in Google
4) the number of AdWords campaigns that are currently running
5) the number of searches conducted on Overture throughout the previous month


Just check the information in your handy, comprehensive, lightning-quick database with a few clicks of the mouse and you're good to go!


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


5 Ways To Facilitate Group Conversations by Steve Davis



5 Ways To Facilitate Group Conversations by Steve Davis


The facilitator has the crucial task of steering a group meeting in the right direction, getting everyone actively involved in the talking and making sure the session is productive in settling issues. Steve Davis writes about 5 things a facilitator should do to make a meeting work.


Your Personal Mastery


Stop Rushing Through Life! by Margot Zaher



Stop Rushing Through Life! by Margot Zaher


"There is no need to be in a hurry. Even when you are walking to the office, there is no need to be in a hurry. A walk is to be enjoyed! Go slowly. Enjoy the trees surrounding the way, the birds, the sun, the sky, the clouds, the people that are passing and the smell of the earth. Enjoy everything. Be Alert." – Osho (Excerpt from 'The Fish in the Sea is Not Thirsty')

Why are we rushing in the first place? Why do we have this feeling of not having enough time? Experiencing a lack of time, funds, fun, and feelings is what creates this need to be racing to the finish line all day long and sometimes all life long. A rushing body and mind will feel panicked because it believes that this energy will speed up the completion of the task, and fill up the empty feelings inside. When we don't feel connected with the eternal spiritual Source inside ourselves, there is this desperate feeling of lack, and a need for something to fulfill us.

Remember, rushing through ANY experience is actually an act of violence towards your self, and means you are not accepting that THIS experience is sacred. It is a nasty habit that results in you not taking the time to appreciate and LOVE your life exactly as it is. The only redeeming quality this rushing energy has is to remind us what it is like to slow down, so that we can actually enjoy our lives exactly as they are right here, right now. The 'Now' is the juiciest moment alive, and has everything to offer you, bar none!

The first three anti-rushing remedies:


1. Make the Commitment that you will slow your life down.
2. Practice driving under the speed limit (you may notice it is a speed LIMIT not a speed minimum).
3. Walk slowly and gently as if you were gliding through the air.


Learn 5 more anti-rushing remedies in "How to Raise Your Manifesting Vibration" at Manifesting Vibration.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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