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, barely has a festive season gone by and here comes another one. We hope this week's graphics are not an eyesore but hey, it's the Lunar New Year! Another reason is we have 2 articles with tips on creating effective newsletters so you should know how to get off to a great start in 2006.


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Have You Registered For The "Mark Interviews Mike" Butterfly Marketing Call?

Tips For Newsletter Creation



Have You Registered For The "Mark Interviews Mike" Butterfly Marketing Call?


You'll definitely hear from us on sales day, 31st January when the butterflies are let loose. For now, here's the important event you need to know:


*** Live Call Monday January 30th at 8PM eastern ***


What some are already calling it the call of the year...Mike Filsaime and Mark Joyner will talk live on Monday. Mike will give a random listener a FREE copy of the course live on the call.


Mike will also reveal the sales page (with no order link) live on the call for you to read for 90 minutes... The reason is so important because there are fast mover bonuses on Tuesday (live day) and now you can review the sales page and see the bonuses so you can race to the order button on Tuesday while others are still reading the sales page.


Mind you, this is not a rush for free gifts. Many people have already decided to buy NOW *whatever* the price and bonuses are!


Finally, Mark Joyner will squeeze every last detail out of Mike as he reveals results of a marketing research he did based on buying times of his members of thousands of purchases made all over the
world over several months.

The time you send e-mail will forever change when you hear these results.

To get on this call with OVER 1000 people and 5000 people on worldwide webcast, get the CALL OF THE YEAR details here now!


Tips For Newsletter Creation


The following 2 articles should give a detailed low-down on what makes a most profitable, eye-catching and well-received newsletter.


How To Create An Effective Newsletter
What A Weekly Newsletter Can Do For You



Fresh Picks


Cody Moya's Your Own Articles

Money Beyond Belief



Cody Moya's Your Own Articles


Here is your chance to get 1000 original Private Label Articles written by Cody Moya's ghostwriters plus 250 more original articles coming in a few days (February) plus bonus 500 PLR articles from "Source Code Gold Mine" in February.

Special offer: Use this coupon code to get $20 discount on first month - 6D10401F18. Don't forget this.

Coupon code is valid until 3rd February but you want to get membership in January because 250 January articles will be removed 1st February.

So if you join in January you will have total of 1250 original articles (1000 current plus 250 february) plus 500 bonus articles.

Total of 1750 articles for only $9.97 after coupon. Not bad :)

A word of advice: If you get your membership now, do not buy any membership to any articles website who has content from "Source Code Gold Mine" because you have this content free as bonus at Cody's site. So there is no need to buy separate membership for that.

More goodies will be added to your PLR article membership, including:

1- Free software to mass convert .doc files into .txt (1st Feb)
2- Free Article Submitter software (1st Feb. Other websites are selling that for $167)
3- Free Windows-based software which creates Adsense site from articles (end of February. Other websites are selling similar software as service for $49/month)


Money Beyond Belief


Is there such a thing as "Money Beyond Belief"? Wow, we guess it's all mental. Discover how to attract financial abundance in ways that are completely in alignment with your highest spiritual principles and be firmly in control of your spiritual and financial destiny. Presented by Joe Vitale and Brad Yates.



The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Accountability Equals Meeting Success by Kevin Eikenberry



Accountability Equals Meeting Success by Kevin Eikenberry


NATO...No Action Talk Only. A bad meeting is not one that doesn't start or end well. More than that, it is an ultimate failure because after days down the road, you realize 'action items' are left hanging in the air. You can pre-empt this problem by doing these 4 steps to ensure greater meeting accountability.


Your Personal Mastery


How Do We Think Strategically?



How Do We Think Strategically?


In business, how do you think strategically? According to this article, the keyword is "differentiation". Pretty interesting.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


P.S. Strategically speaking, with Butterfly Marketing taking away all the attention as this month's AND next's blockbuster, is it a bad move to interfere and compete? Hmm, at least 2 other guys dare. We'll tell you more about what Frank Kern and Ed Dale are up to very soon!


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