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AdSense: Here's 3 Articles To Get You Started

Why Use Styled HTML E-Mail?


Press Rlease - Writing A You-Centered Press Release

Free Downloads: 2 + A Lot More



AdSense: Here's 3 Articles To Get You Started


We have a good list of high-paying keywords and 4 secrets for your consideration to building potentially lucrative sites that will bring in the traffic and clicks.


99 High Paying Keywords: The Secret Is Out!

4 Money-On-Demand Secrets To Creating Great AdSense Sites

How To Use Keyword Lists To Profit From AdSense


Also, the latest news from Google is you can now better target your AdSense ads, and de-emphasize the parts of the web page that are not relevant to the topic! The method is found right here.


Sidenote: Google has launched a video search engine.



Why Use Styled HTML E-Mail?


Today, there is still no doubt but confidence of e-mailing as one of the most integral, effective and direct form of personalized mass marketing. But should a marketer take some trouble to step up beyond mere text format? There are many advantages to using HTML e-mail:

- Branding: Include your company logo.

- Recognition: Make your e-mails feel like your website with a similar design.

- Tracking: Estimate the number of times your messages are opened by recipients.

- Highlighting: Use bold, colors, and fonts to draw attention to important parts of your message.

- Compatibility: Send HTML and text messages at the same time and e-mail programs that can't display HTML will automatically display the text-only message.

- Images: Display images to reinforce your message, but make sure the e-mail still looks okay with images turned off.

- Links: Have website links with text descriptions instead of long ugly URLs.

HTML for e-mail is significantly different than designing for a website. Special care was taken in designing these templates for:

- How messages look when images are turned off.

- HTML display in popular e-mail clients such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.

- HTML display in popular web clients like Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail.

- CAN-SPAM compliance with postal address and unsubscribe link inclusion.

If it so happens you don't have the time to design a good template or an artistic eye for design. You may be glad to hear Aweber has just released 51 e-mail templates freely accessible for every standard account.

Using a template with AWeber is as simple as 1 click.

1) Login to create a new follow-up or newsletter message and you will see a "Select a Template" dialog box.
2) Scroll thru the available templates to find a design that you like.
3) Click "Load Template" and the HTML is automatically loaded.
4) Use the point and click editor to add your text to the template.

Get an Aweber account today and kickstart your list-building and e-mail marketing campaigns!



Press Release - Writing A You-Centered Press Release


There's a saying in sales letter writing that you should always say "you" more than you say "I".

In press release writing, it's the same. Make it "you"-centered, with you being the reader.

Don't talk directly about what your company thinks, does or wants, except in a quote, and then relate it back to what that thinking, doing, or wanting, does for the reader.

If you're selling a system to send free ads to ezines that accept them, don't talk about how fast your system is or how many ezines it has or how hard you worked to put it together. Readers don't care about features.

Talk about how quickly they can submit their ads. How much time they can save each day. How often they can submit ads and get free exposure. Talk about how many ezines they can each (not how many you include—see the difference) and how much exposure they can get from these ads.

Talk about benefits. Just like when writing an ad, except talk about these benefits as an announcement.

Better yet, offer them something—a free report, say—explaining how they can use this free advertising system to boost their advertising response without boosting their expenses. Make it newsy.


Free Downloads: 2 + A Lot More


1) Butterfly Marketing Leaked Chapter: Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing Course is about to launch soon. The BM system generates over 450 new members each and every day for him...that's about 300,000 member opt-in list in less than 3 short years, and the one secret he used to get 100,000 opt-in members in the last 6 months alone. Mike just released a chapter...


Here's a related download.


2) A Quick And Easy Way To Make Money From Google AdSense Using Readily Available Private Label Rights Products" is the name of this free rebrandable report. It's your turn to make it viral!


3) The Freeload Page: We have added in some 15 new downloads in the latest update so download to your heart's content!


Fresh Picks


How To Set And Achieve A Goal

Public Domain And Private Label Rights Blowout

AdWordAccelerator 2.0



How To Set And Achieve A Goal


Arina Nikitina has just informed us she has fixed the order link, so her 3-stage goal-setting program is ready for your access. How To Set And Achieve A Goal contains 8 specific techniques just for 'preparing for success', 7 steps to 'setting a goal', and 7 methods to 'staying on track' + worksheets for you to follow through the process. It has high usability value because you can use it again in 2006, 2007 etc. and at any time of the year.


Well, if you still feel further clarity is needed to sort out your personal direction, we recommend you get this wonderful product for a great headstart this year!



AdWordAccelerator 2.0


Attention AdWords advertisers, AdWordAccelerator 2.0 helps you break into more markets than any other tool at a fraction of the price. It contains 7 keyword power tools that will identify low-competitive keywords and phrases with high click-throughs for publishing ads that give you the best ROI possible. You can turn yourself into an AdWords expert overnight!


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Authentic Communication: Dealing With Moose-On-The-Table by Jim Clemmer



Authentic Communication: Dealing With Moose-On-The-Table by Jim Clemmer


When you keep sensing that communication in the workplace is just not right, the atmosphere is not welcoming, colleagues are even in denial, and you almost thought it is a feng shui problem...well, there could be a moose standing around the room.


Your Personal Mastery


How To Be Responsible And Answerable To Yourself And To Others



How To Be Responsible And Answerable To Yourself And To Others


Tradition has it that we wish one another "Happy New Year!", but barely 4 days gone by in January an old friend called once again to lament about her job. I'm surprised I listened to her same old gripe patiently just over a year. But more sadly, looking back, I thought I failed in my role as a friend to lift her up from her current level of thinking and behavior. It was on 4th January I finally snapped back...not so much in anger as in a certain new realization.


The specific gripe this time is that her boss commanded (that's his style) her to do something that is outside her realm of previous work/life experience. I'm sure some of you had this against-the-wall feeling when you are asked to do something you've never done before. Knowing that her company is very small and in fact, it is a sole proprietorship, she should have the understanding that Boss depends very much on her to help him in order to move the company on and bring the income in. While it is true she sometimes failed to grasp the big picture of looking at the company as a system, it seems Boss is also quite an incorrigible fella who, in her eyes, has failed to live up in his own leadership role.


Back in October, our pastor said an interesting parable, "Students, have faith in your exams. Your teachers don't want to fail you, because a failure in the class means they have to type an additional report to answer to the principal, who in turn has to answer to the education ministry."


While I do believe there's additional work for accountability, definitely, as far as I can remember back in those days, yes, teachers are ready to get you pass the mark as long as you appeal for it, because they themselves also want to "escape the gauntlet", and everyone wants to be happy during the school holidays for sure.


Very well then, if none of these cases of failure should take place in life; if no one wants to be answerable for failure, then who in the world is answerable for success?


Dr. Conwell put it brilliantly in Acres Of Diamonds, "I do not believe there is one in ten of you that is going to make a million of dollars because you are here tonight; but it is not my fault, it is yours. I say that sincerely. What is the use of my talking if people never do what I advise them to do?


If you don't do what the corporation ask of you, how can you expect not to be laid off?

If the boss drives his subordinates into work slavery, how can he expect them to be around next year?

You are munching pretzels watching some reality show in your apartment when a plane suddenly crashes right in your face...whose responsibility is it?


Someone cries for help on the street. Several people ignore him. You are the first person to stare at him for a full 10 seconds. It's about time to ask: whose responsibility is it?



You have tons of e-books and software with Master Resell Rights and you did nothing to sell them, or work their content out. Whose responsibility is it to become rich?


You get the idea. Hopefully, this piece can get you out of inertia. May 2006 be happy and prosperous too. – Nelson



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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