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The List Machine's $10,000 Referral Drive Contest Has Started!

The Next Trend Beyond VoIP Is...VoIP

How To Eat, Sleep And Breathe Like An Internet Marketing Genius by Derek Gehl

Press Release - The 5 WHs Of The Writing Process

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The List Machine's $10,000 Referral Drive Contest Has Started!


One of Gary Ambrose's wildly successful list-building program, The List Machine (TLM), has already launched a referral drive contest with a money pot worth a grand total $10,000 in awards to be given away! 1st-place award is $750.00 + Diamond Upgrade + 4 Months "Machine" Ads for 500 referrals. 20 awards are waiting to be given to top 20 winners. Contest ends once someone hits 500.


TLM is NOT your traditional pyramid structure where the later you sign in, the lower you are at the bottom of the heap. With creative imagination and technological breakthroughs, Gary has programmed something that re-creates a "mirror image" of the size of your network, so it goes both ways. In short, you are neither top or bottom, you exponentially increase the size of the network even further for every person you refer, and you still don't get any more mails than is capped by TLM per week (at most 20). TLM's built-in mass mailer sends out your message randomly to ensure that different people OUTSIDE your direct referral network receives it at every occasion.


Login and check the contest details to add on to all the best ad messages you can create and publish free/paid ads on every ad directories you can find and to your own list too. You can also find out the top 50 contestants with the most referrals. This is a program you DON'T want to miss, and it's absolutely free to become a member. Here's a great moment to build a list, and we DO wish you get 500 referrals faster than us! All the best.



The Next Trend Beyond VoIP Is...VoIP


2005 is a year that not only belongs to Google, it also belongs to Skype and a year in which Voice-over-IP becomes affordable at mainstream level: FREE, that is. An old friend, Bill Birkbeck from Perth, told me on Monday, "Nobody's going to pay when Skype, Google, Yahoo are offering Internet calls for free."


For the first time since we know each other through a self-development program 3 years ago, we met face-to-face when Bill flew down to Singapore. Prior to that we were calling and mailing, but this time Bill is prepared to travel all over Europe, India and possibly China too within the next 7, 8 months. "What about your family?" I asked. It seems like the wife is quite happy there's one mouth less around Perth, after all Bill is 67, and "he can take care of himself" haha.


So with that remark about free Internet calls, he showed me something of high interest and value, especially for broadband users. Bill is someone who found his passion in playing around with online communication tools: webcams, headsets, iConference, HotConference, you name it. Of course, he's not wasting time flying all the way down here to tell me, "MyVideoTalk (Bill's link) is better than anything I've seen."


Truth be told, me and Justin are currently looking at developing an online masterminding platform. Online collaboration is naturally one step ahead of online communication, with all the art and science of it. MyVideoTalk is compelling in its promotion of video for multiple purposes and environments, whether it's for business or leisure.


Among many things you can do, you can:


1) Communicate one-to-one, or as a group, over the Internet or the local area network.

2) High video compression and streaming rate without much compromise on quality.

3) Share presentations, documents, desktops and other applications as if you are sitting around the same table. NetMeeting at its best.

4) Record a short video mail and send to your friends or broadcast to the MyVideoTalk community. Chinese New Year's just round the corner. You can send a clip of well-wishes to a loved one overseas.


Check MyVideoTalk for demonstations or take a test drive. It's utterly compelling. It's a MLM opportunity, and apparently it has taken off in UK very well. If this is something that can maximize your personal or corporate efficiency and effectiveness, e-mail Bill Birkbeck at bilbec@tpg.com.au or bill@videocomm.ws.
Tell him you came to know about this opportunity from "money mastery graduate Nelson Tan". Ask for his phone number. Unfortunately I dropped it somewhere. He should be on his way to Kuala Lumpur looking for business builders.


2006 might just belong to Video-over-IP. Can you ride the wave? – Nelson



How To Eat, Sleep And Breathe Like An Internet Marketing Genius by Derek Gehl


If there is a list of Top 10 Internet Marketing stories of 2005, one of them surely is the passing of Corey Rudl. Derek Gehl, the new president of Internet Marketing Center, recounts the 5 biggest lessons he has ever learnt from the guru in all his 8 years with him.



Press Release - The 5 WHs Of The Writing Process


I was talking with a journalist friend about my press release course and she asked, "Are you going to start with the basics, like the 5 Ws?"

If you don't write press releases for a living, odds are you have no idea what I'm talking about. That's okay, because I'm going to teach you exactly what you need to know.

The 5 Ws, or what I refer to as 5 WHs in fact, are the basic elements of a press release.

They are, in order, who, what, when, where, why and how. These are the things you need to cover in your press release.

When you talk about "who", try to focus on who the press release is aimed at. Not "ABC Corporation has launched a software package to reduce spyware infections." Rather, "Internet users can reduce spyware infections on their computers."

Let's get "what" in there. "...reduce spyware infections on their computers with a software program from ABC Corporation."

Better. Now "where" and "when." "...with a new software program available from ABC Corporation's web site, http://www.abc.com."

Now why. "This software will remove 'spyware': programs that report a computer user's actions to a sponsoring company; removing these programs improves a computer's performance."

Now how. "SpyEliminator detects and removes currently installed spyware programs and prevents future installations of spyware programs through matching spyware profiles to its vast database, updated weekly."

These are the 5WHs. If you know how to write an effective 5WH, you're well on your way to writing a great press release.


3 Free Downloads


1) Setting Goals: Here's your 15-page, quick and easy way to set the right direction for your life and business.


2) The Power Of Persuasive Ad Copy: Jonathan Mizel's interview with NLP expert Kenrick Cleveland on simple changes you can make to your copywriting to get more visitors to buy!


3) Order Button Triggers: Another exclusive report by Michael Nicholas gives you the skills to explode your online sales by tapping on the right buyer's psychology.


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AudioMotivation: The Ultimate Success And Self-Learning Vault

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AudioMotivation: The Ultimate Success And Self-Learning Vault

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AdSense Secrets


If you haven't seen, heard or smell the biggest success story in AdSense history, you should find out how Joel Comm made $25,983.02 on April 2005 just from visitors clicking his ads alone! We're not talking about Joel doubling his AdSense commissions from $30 to $60 a day...but more like a
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Website Creator Pro


The Website Creator Pro System is a PHP program designed to be installed as a web-based HTML editor for creating content sites optimized to draw highly targeted traffic and rank prominently in all of the major search engines without more hard work involved. There's no longer any need for you to hand-code all of your websites, spending hour after hour producing one page at a time, when you can now produce empire after empire in a matter of a few very short hours!


The Human Inter-dependency Dynamics


Joint Ventures For Increased Profits by Douglas Titchmarsh



Joint Ventures For Increased Profits by Douglas Titchmarsh


Ever heard of the saying, "The more you give (or share), the more you get"? Or "Divide and conquer"? Douglas just had a revelation, and here it is.


Your Personal Mastery


Reflections And Resolutions by Rev. David Ault



Reflections And Resolutions by Rev. David Ault


Did I express love this year, real love? The kind of love that doesn't announce itself in flashy circumstances or structured conditions, but an authentic, quiet, internal love? The kind of love that bubbles to the surface when I gaze at another with understanding, a love that places me in their shoes, granting freedom from judgment and deepening my compassion? A philanthropic love that expresses because it simply feels compelled to, because it knows there is more than enough and everyone can benefit. If not, then I resolve to be and do better in my authentic loving.

Did I forgive this year, really forgive? The kind of forgiveness that cracks open my heart, peeling away one more layer of righteous indignation, thus allowing my soul to breathe? The kind of forgiveness that loosens my clinched fists held high at a situation so that I don't enter into the next one with guarded mistrust? The kind of forgiveness that comprehends there is a difference between understanding a behavioral choice and condoning it? If not, then I resolve to be and do better in my forgiving.

Did I stop this year, really stop? The kind of stopping that can't help but make me vulnerable by becoming more familiar with who I am without distraction, smoke screens, excuses or self-imposed numbing? The kind of stopping that turns me, naked, towards my feelings, giving them permission to express? No right or wrong—a stopping that simply lets me hear what I need to hear so that I can live more effectively? If not, then I resolve to be and do better in allowing myself to stop.

Did I seek adventure this year, real adventure? The kind of adventure that requires me to not only take a leap of faith off my cliff of familiarity but actually sends me back to get a running start? The kind of adventure that shakes the dust off my capable but underused wings and gives them an opportunity to catch the gorgeous wind of change? The kind of adventure that knows there is no outside safety net in this physical world, only an internal one? The kind of adventure that shouts, "I choose to live fully!" If not, then I resolve to be and do better in seeking adventure.

Did I seek wellness this year, real wellness? The kind of wellness that requires me to be fully conscious of what I put in my body—the kind of wellness that requires me to practice what I preach when it comes to self-love while understanding that the power to dissolve poor habits starts by simply choosing to change? Wellness that says, "This is the only body you've got. Treat me with respect, praise me daily and honor me as the holy temple that I am?" If not, then I resolve to be and do better in allowing wellness in my life.

Did I play this year, really play? The kind of play that gives value to the heavenly activity of fun, knowing that fun is sacred, that play is the equivalent of work and that during play, renewal and relaxation usher in the newest ideas and the clearest choices for better manifestations? Did I view play as a necessary life function and not a debatable luxury? If not, then I resolve to be and do better in my relationship to playing.

Did I set a goal and see it to completion this year, really complete it? The kind of completion that lets the vibration of satisfaction and confidence in my abilities heal any opposing ideas of not being good enough? Did I honor my life and its sacred purpose by utilizing my time with forward thinking and letting my mistakes be motivators not antagonists? Did I dissolve my insecurities and procrastination by understanding that my untapped genius has but one mode of expression and that is through idea, thought, word and action? If not, then I resolve to be and do better in setting and completing my goals.

Did I open myself up to learn this year, really learn? The kind of learning that entices me to enroll in being a student of life with thirst and enthusiasm? Did I set an intention for uncovering more of my potential, letting divine intellect eat from my plate and stepping deeper into the waters of wisdom? Did I open a book, take a class, study a language, learn an instrument, write a poem, visit another culture? Did I learn to surprise and thrill myself with the infinite capacity I have to master more than I thought I could? If not, then I resolve to be and do better on my personal path of learning.

Did I clean up my relationships this year, really clean them up? The kind of cleaning that requires me to break open the lock, pull back the curtain, throw open the window and start removing the dust of harsh words, grudges, false accusations and misguided choices that have layered my heart? Did I make amends for the fearful ways that disheartened another, for neglecting to honor their point of view? With careful examination, did I communicate my truth, understanding that sometimes all we may be able to do is agree to disagree and to do so without judgement or malice? If not, then I resolve to be and do better on cleaning up my relationships.

Did I share my good this year, really share? The kind of sharing that comes from the pure joy of seeing another succeed, not from what I think they can or will do for me in return? Did I tithe back to where I was spiritually fed, transformed and inspired? Did I practice random acts of kindness and give of my time, talent, and treasure realizing that my good is a part of a never-ending wellspring that cannot run dry, whose source is and always will be the infinite wellspring of the Divine? Did I commit to walking the altruistic path, remembering that every step brings healing and enlightenment to the world? If not, then I resolve to be and do better in my sharing.

Did I pray this year, really pray? The kind of prayer that is spoken not to God but AS God—prayers that affirm rather than beseech, are pregnant with knowing rather than bloated with doubt? Did I make my everyday activities a prayer, realizing that every thought I think carries with it the responsibility of an effect on the world? Did I remember how truly powerful my own prayer actually is and that by simply devoting myself to the practice of it, I become the change? Did I remember that my prayer takes what I seek and introduces it to me, the seeker? If not, then I resolve to be and do better with praying.

Did I do all these things because deep down inside I fully understand how precious I am and that these activities will help me to see that I am held in the light as a perfect idea? Did I remember that I have been perfectly conceived and am always held in the perfect mind of God as perfect being? Did I know that there is nothing that I can ever say, nothing I can ever do that will separate me from the love of God? If for any reason, I forgot my divinity this year, then I resolve to be and do better in my knowing of it, to fully understand and embody the truth that it is done unto me as I believe. And I believe in the power of Good, for me, for you, for all.



To Your Virtual Success,


Nelson Tan


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